My Golden Girl

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The first time I saw her was at a company drinks event. She worked as a video editor and I was with the video retail company hosting the event.

It had been the usual sort of company ‘do’, with vaguely drunk men making vaguely flirtatious conversation with women whom they only vaguely fancied. Of course, being a typical male, I was among that number. I forget who exactly it was that introduced us but the moment was fleeting. A hurried, “David, have you met Rachel? She’s with BoxClever Post Production”.

I looked at ‘Rachel’ and I was hers. She was wearing a knee length black skirt and a crisp white blouse, with a beautiful azure brooch attached to the collar. I wish I could remember more but the introduction was brief and all my attention had been captured by her beautiful face.

Rachel had short blonde hair cut in wispy layers and the sunlight behind her lit up her hair and face, so that she appeared to be embraced in a golden glow, at the heart of which I saw her deep blue eyes and her perfect ‘Cupid’s Bow’ lips. A trace of laughter lines at her eyes simply added to her allure. Though such things are usually the provenance of much younger men than I, I was smitten.

As I recall, Rachel and I did the usual half-mumbled socially necessary exchange of greeting (could I really have said ‘Jubly to beed shoo Rayshel”?) and went our separate way – I remember now, it was Francine who introduced us and I thinks she had plans of her own for Rachel, the saucy minx.

Yes, I did look at her rear as she walked away, and yes, I did like what I saw – though that black skirt didn’t allow for much definition of buttock detail.

Our paths crossed every now and then during the next few months because my company was doing a big product launch for one of the new video features being edited through BoxClever and I think I caught a hint of reciprocation of my interest in Rachel. Of course, business is business and we were never alone long enough for me to turn on the old ‘Chambers charm’ and have a good old flirt with her.

However, one particular meeting at my company overran and a lunch was laid on for the BoxClever folk. We adjourned to Zilli’s in Soho and had a lovely, leisurely lunch on company expenses. I had been seated next to Rachel and as the lunch progressed we began the age-old ritual of flirting.

She would reach over to grab something from my side of the table and I would make witty banter (such a smooth talker!), she would brush a lock hair from her face and I would move to help her – You know the score. Lots of quick touches and batting of eyelids, brief gaze clinches and sideways glances. Of course it helped a great deal that Rachel was dressed for the glorious sunshine. Rachel was wearing a beautiful spaghetti strapped pale summer dress embroidered with small flowers, which tended to fall forward whenever she reached across my place at the table and allowed me occasional glimpses of her breasts. Her bra was a simple white affair and loose enough that I even got a glimpse of nipple now and then (though that could have been my imagination working overtime).

Inevitably, I was soon developing a hard-on. The moment that clinched it was when she took a sip of her cold drink and her fine upper lip gleamed with the sparkle of the liquid. At that moment Rachel was so kissable that I’m not sure how I resisted the temptation to throw my arms around her. Mind you, I canlı bahis would have had to stand up to do so properly and that would have left her (and the others around the table) with a clear sight of the erection tenting the front of my Chinos.

To my eyes, Rachel was golden and delicious. Her skin was flushed pink, her blue eyes sparkled and her lips – they were a well of longing to me.

The lunch eventually came to an end and as our lunch party broke up for the somewhat drunken stagger back to our respective offices. Fortunately, my erection had subsided by the time I found myself walking beside Rachel along the busy street. What we chatted about as we walked, I couldn’t tell you, but we did do an awful lot of flirting and touching. She laughed at my one-liners and I laughed at her anecdotes. She would have the occasional sly glance at me and I at her. Now and then our hands would brush together and once or twice I even put a guiding hand to her delectable hip.

We eventually came to the point at which we would have to pat and she gave me a fleeting kiss on the cheek (which I returned!) as she made her way across Oxford Street. Once again, the sun lit her up and this time gave me the gift of making her dress translucent enough for me to make out the skimpy panties she was wearing and the soft round jiggliness of her broad and perfectly curved buttocks. Oh to be that lucky strip of cloth!

At the sight of her rear, my cock, which had been behaving itself, reared its ugly head once more, and I was compelled to grab a brochure from a mobile phone store just to have something which to cover my embarrassment.

I rushed back to my office and sat alone in my room. I couldn’t get my cock to soften and was contemplating having to have a quick wank in the men’s room when I had a far better idea. I picked up my phone and dialled Rachel’s company. She was on the phone in mere moments and her first words were “I knew it would be you …”

My heart caught in my mouth as she paused … before adding, “We’ll have to be careful. I don’t wan to get the reputation of being a workplace slut, chasing drunkenly after guys at business lunches”.

Of course, Rachel was being careful, but all I could do was silently jump for joy. This beautiful golden girl was suggesting that we could be together, with sex on the menu too. After all, one doesn’t risk being a slut without sex on the menu, does one?

“Of course, Rachel. Of course. Are you sure though? I mean, I do really like you but don’t want get you caught up in something you later regret; all because of some flirting over a business lunch.” What was I saying? I had given her a way to change her mind.

I could almost hear Rachel frowning and smiling at once.

“Silly boy. I’m not as tipsy as you might think. And anyway, don’t you want us to take thing further?”

“Yes, of course” said I. “I just want it to what you want too.” I was behaving like a brain addled teenager even though Rachel was still saying ‘Yes’.

“Of course I want to David” – She said my name! – “We just need to take it easy. Can you handle that?”

“Sure. Sure. I can handle it Rachel. When can we meet?”

“Well, I’m afraid I’m away on a BoxClever business trip for the next week but how about I give you a call when I get back?”

“Great! The week can’t pass quickly enough!”

“Don’t wish your life away, silly boy. And don’t bahis siteleri worry. I may have seemed cool and aloof during our meetings but I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, as I suspect you have too, and I think we could have a lot of fun together. Now, I have to get back to work and I’m off on this trip tomorrow but think about me tonight and, if you like, you can give me a quick call in the morning to wish me luck for the trip!” With that, she put the phone down and was gone.

I sat back in my seat and took stock of my good luck. The most gorgeous girl I’d seen in ages, one with a brain and a sense of humour to boot, was interested in me. And she was bloody fit too!

Then I began to wonder what she meant when she told me to think about her that night. Could she be thinking what I would be thinking? Time would tell.

That night, I couldn’t sleep for thinking about Rachel and all my thoughts of her were dirty. I felt a little guilty, as I really liked her too. It wasn’t only lust that drove my interest in her.

Still, my lustful thoughts about Rachel gave me another bloody great hard on and lust had its way with me. That first really filthy fantasising about Rachel led to a really wonderful wank.

I got out of bed, grabbed my vibrator (yes, some guys do use them!) and some lube and stripped off for a good time.

I began slowly, with some gentle rubbing of my cock just to set the mood and my cock responded quickly to my strokes, its warm firmness in my hand both comforting and deliriously fucking wonderful. I lay back and fantasized about Rachel in her summer dress.

I imagined her with me, bending over me as I fucked my cock with my hand. Her mouth open slightly as she leaned down, to kiss me. I could almost feel her warm breath on my face and smell the sweetness of the G&T she had been drinking that afternoon. I imagined her licking round the edge of my lips before inserting that wonderful slender tongue of hers deep into my mouth – a fuck for me. A mouth fuck with the most delectable tongue in the world fucking me, loving me.

My cock was so hard now. I brought my vibrator into play and rand it along the upper tip of my cock – a really wonderful thrill! My cock jumped and twitched as it responded to the delicious stimulation I was providing and I let out a moan of pleasure.

Putting the vibrator down I lubed one hand and began long and leisurely pumping of my firm dick. The Rachel of my fantasy slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and allowed her dress to fall forward. Her braless breasts tumbled out and I imagined myself kissing her soft globes before gently sucking one nipple into my mouth – pressing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and rolling against my palate. In my mind, Rachel moaned with pleasure.

Rachel pulled the dress off her body, exposing her torso – breasts dusted with a fine cloud of freckles and her lithe belly winding and grinding as she wended her way along my body until her panty clad crotch bumped against my chin.

In my fantasy Rachel loved what I love and what I love is to eat pussy. I grasped Rachel’s broad butt cheeks with my hands and pulled her pussy onto my mouth, then sniffed and licked and munched at her crotch, grazing her aroused cunt lips through the fine silk of her panties; my tongue slipping and sliding along the indentation of her pussy slit as I licked her and tasted bahis şirketleri her tangy wetness. “Put your tongue in me David. Fuck me” said Rachel, in my fantasy, as my hand pistoned furiously on my cock.

I was so fucking hard. I pushed my cock towards my legs, enjoying the tension in my shaft as I did so, and ran the vibrator along the edge of my glans, along and around that little strip of flesh holding the foreskin to the rest of my penis. How I wished that I could suck my own cock and licked my lips in anticipation of the cum to come.

In my fantasy, Rachel kneeled down beside me, stroking her pussy slit and I imagined licking her from behind – from her asshole to your clit, nibbling and slurping at her protruding and swollen labia and occasionally thrusting my tongue into her cunt hole, feeling her juices coat my tongue each time I withdrew.

I wanked faster and faster – my breathing became shallower and more rapid. I panted with excitement as I furiously wanked my cock; my fist a blurred piston pumping up and down my cock shaft. I imagined Rachel writhing in pleasure, moaning and fucking her arse against my face as I licked her and sucked her and fucked her.

As I imagined making love with Rachel, I could almost hear the slurping and squishing sounds we made as I fucked her with tongue and she ground her cunt against my mouth and chin; wet and swollen pussy lips slipping and sliding against my mouth as she and rocked and ground faster against me. I swear I could almost smell the scent of Rachel’s sweet pussy.

My cock began a familiar twitching and throbbing as my cum approach and I stretched out my legs and tired to target my face with my cock – all the better to squirt cum right into my mouth. Yes folks, I am no stranger to the salty goodness of spunk!

I began to cum, and imagined Rachel’s screams of delight as she too hit that delicious moment of orgasm and screamed “David, I’m cumming!!!”

Raising my knees, I squeezed my legs together as my cock jumped in my hand and spurted wads of cum all up my chest and along one cheek – it was heavenly. I let out a huge sigh as my body spasmed and sparked with the electricity of orgasm. In my mind, Rachel too was no quietly mewing as she came and came. How wonderful to share this moment with the girl of my dreams.

I rubbed the cum into my belly and the splash of semen on my cheek I scooped up and ate – yum! Then I rolled over and fell fast asleep, to dreams of my darling golden girl Rachel.

The next morning I did indeed ring Rachel and we had a short but fun conversation, talking about our plans for when she returned to London and we could get on with seeing one another. Then, she surprised me by asking. “So, did you think of me last night?”

I felt a tinge of embarrassment as I thought about my fantasy fuelled wank session and tried to avoid answering her. However, she came to my rescue when she added, “Oh you are silly bear, aren’t you David. I don’t mind if you have saucy thoughts about me, after all, you’re only human and I’m not one of those women who freak out at the thought of the man in my life having fantasies about me. What’s more David my sweet, when I get back, I might tell you what I dreamed about last night. Now, I’ve got to go, but remember to have happy thoughts while I’m away!”

With that, she was gone. The click of the phone brought me back to reality and I stared at the handset as my mind negotiated the information that not only was Rachel physically the girl of my dreams, but she was also very probably as sexually open minded as I.

How would I manage to get through the week ahead?

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