Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 04

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A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment. New for me, that is. There were other residents already there and slowly I met them all except one. I was told that she was rather reclusive, lived alone and was not very talkative; but seemed to have a good job in the City [of London, that is.] That means she must work in the financial sector or import-export or shipping or airlines. I also work in the City as actuary with a well-known insurance group, and so hoped we would meet before long.

Actually, it was a few weeks before I first saw this neighbour as she left the building to walk [dash] down to the nearby railway station. She was [is] blonde; and looked nice in her summery business outfit of pleated lightweight skirt and long blouse, with cream high-heels. I saw her only from behind, but she moved well as she walked briskly down our footpath to the station. Her shoulders were steady as she carried the obvious weight of her case; and her hips swivelled very attractively with each stride. I determined to meet her as soon as possible; as a nice neighbourly gesture, of course. Actually, her moving figure attracted me from that moment.

By coincidence, later in the day as she returned home, I saw her coming out of the footpath and dashed myself down to the next floor, where her apartment was located. We met a she came to the top of the stairs and I spoke,

“Hello, I’m Leo. I moved into number 24. It’s good to meet the neighbours, do you agree?”

“Hello, I’m Saskia, at number 16” she replied confidently and held out her hand for a shake, “when did you move in?” she continued.

I told her the date and then lied a little, “I’ve been meeting all the neighbours [not strictly true] so are you free to come round for little drink and a bite to eat?” I noticed that her blonde hair fell down to her waist, although I couldn’t see her waist because of the long blouse. Her face was slim but not haggard, and her breasts held out the blouse in an alluring way although well-hidden.

“Well, this evening is busy. I’m writing a report for work tomorrow. But tomorrow is Friday, and that would be nice,” she looked me straight in the eyes.

“Great. Can you come round about 7-o’clock?” I asked, already thinking of the reception I should give her. And so it was fixed.


Next evening, I prepared two bottles of white wine; sweetish Sauternes and drier Pinot Grigio, hoping to meet her preference. Also, some tacos-chips and a range of dips. She rang my doorbell at 6.58, so it seemed she was into punctuality. I like that; it fits my style also.

Saskia was dressed casually in dark blue loose denim trousers and a paler blue tight-fitting top down to a cuff waist. This outfit showed her figure clearly and I liked it immediately. Her breasts were not big but seemed firm and pointed, and her waist looked to be 10 inches or more less than her hips. She looked wonderful and I told her, “You look lovely. Thanks for coming.”

She smiled and followed me to my sitting area, and sat at one end of the sofa. I sat at the other, where the low table was set out with glasses and plates. I got out the bottles from the fridge and she pointed at the Sauternes; so I poured two glasses.

“Saskia? That’s a continental name, isn’t it? Please tell me something about yourself,” I prompted her.

“My family was Dutch. Mum and dad came to London in the late 1970s. They ran some flower shops around the city. I was born in 1985 and I work with Emirates airline in Docklands. I’m an accountant really!” and she giggled as if that information was comical in some way, or paradoxical. Already, I’d worked out that she was in her early thirties and probably earned a good salary.

“And where do your parents live now?” I enquired and was shocked by her reaction. Her eyes filled with tears and she sobbed so strongly that her shoulders hunched briefly.

“They both passed away last year. Just a few months ago. I’m sorry; haven’t got over it yet. kartal escort They were lovely people and gave me the best they could.”

I held out a hand with a tissue to comfort her and she took it and also held the hand as I apologised, “I’m sorry, too. Didn’t know. Relax now, have a drink and tell me about your work.”

For the next few minutes, she told me about her university and then her professional training and now her job at Emirates. But there was no mention of a boyfriend, certainly not a marriage. I decided to probe a little.

“You’re here alone, yes? No brothers or sisters; no boyfriend?” I realised this was probably too pointed but she seemed willing to speak about herself. Her reaction shocked me again: more tears and shaking of shoulders.

“No. No one else. And no man has wanted me,” she managed a weak smile as if to make fun of herself.

I got bold, “Saskia, you’re a lovely person and a very pretty woman. What’s wrong with the men you meet?” and I laughed as if the idea was ridiculous.

Her face dropped again and she put her face in her hands as the sobbing returned. I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her shoulders , attempting to comfort her somehow.

She spoke through her tears, “I’ve never told anyone this before in this detail but you seem a nice man. I’ve had boyfriends but they all left me when they discovered something about me – my body.”

“Saskia, I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but you’re lovely and attractive, with a good body. What possible complaint could those men have against you?” I probed a little more.

“Shall I tell you. Are you ready for a big shock?” she looked up and straight into my eyes again.

“If it helps you, do tell me. I think you’re wonderful. What is it?” I asked, hoping I would be able to cope with this intimate knowledge

“My vagina is malformed. It never closes. It’s wide open all the time and I need to keep it plugged up to prevent infection. No man can get any sex-pleasure from me. Does that make sense? I hope I haven’t shocked you.”

Her tears had dried and she was speaking matter-of-fact, as if to a medical doctor.

“But you should be able to take pleasure from your body, am I right?” I was pushing to hard again.

“When I was young, I could but now it’s all become too much for me – my disappointment and the anger of men friends I’ve had. One of them actually said to me It’s like fucking into an empty jam-jar. Can you imagine how it makes me feel?” she was on the verge of more sobbing.

I wondered what I could say or do but she continued telling me her anatomical problems, “And my bottom muscle – you know my anal sphincter – is also unformed and I’m wide open. I have to keep that plugged up all the time to prevent accidents, you know – poop? No man is ever going to make a commitment to me. I’m just a physical wreck and I’m still young,” she controlled her sobbing and looked me in the eyes once again.

I asked, “But can’t the NHS do something to help you. Rebuild your muscles or something?”

“No,” she replied, “I’ve been told there is no way to build muscles where there is no tissue. All I’ve been offered is hysterectomy so that I don’t need a vagina; and a colostomy to make visits to the toilet unnecessary.”

A plan began to form in my mind – and in my groin! I assumed that Saskia had a clitoris and responsive breasts. If so, I felt sure I could give her some pleasure and also excite myself with new experiences. I took the bull by the horns, “Saskia, please spend some time with me, alone, in bed, and I’ll do all I can to give you some pleasure.”

“Dear Leo, That’s very sweet of you but you’ll be disappointed with me. I know it, and don’t want to hurt you,” she reached out and took my hand again.

I had been kneeling on the carpet all this time but now raised myself to sit close next to her. I put an arm round her and pulled her gently kaynarca escort towards me. Our faces came close and I kissed her hair, then her cheek and she turned to face me and we kissed properly. Slowly and gently I lifted my other hand and cupped one of her breasts. She let me do it with no sign of objection, and I held her breast firmly and felt at the firmness inside an underwired and structured bra. Then I moved to the other breasts and did the same. Finally, I rested my hand on her torso, below her bra-line.

“Come now to my bedroom and let me please you by any means you want. Anything you want,” I urged her and she didn’t resist my standing up; she let me guide her down the short corridor and into my bedroom.

We held each other again and kissed and I started to undress her, by lifting her tight top. Within two minutes, she had undressed down to her panties and bra; and I had got naked. Saskia looked down at my growing erection and giggled. She put out a hand and held me under my scrotum.

“Let me take out my plugs,” she said, “so you’ll see what I mean.” The panties came off.

She reached down between her legs and from her vagina removed a flesh-coloured rubber, or other soft material, pear-shaped object with a plastic cord to pull it. It was over 3 inches across at its widest deep inside he; and she handed it to me, as if you show me. I laid it gently on my pile of clothes on the chair.

Saskia then asked for the bathroom and I led her to my little en-suite. With one foot on the toilet seat, she took a wodge of tissue and reached round to her bottom. Slowly she pulled on a t-bar handle and extracted another plug; catching it on the tissue. It also was over 3 inches across at its widest and must have been over 2 inches in her opening.

I saw that it was clean; no sign of shit. Just a smear of white lubricant. She laid it on the mirror-shelf and covered it with more tissue.

She washed her hands, dried them and then turned to me, “See what I mean?”

I led her to lie down and kissed her a lot; face, breasts, tummy, groin and her hairy mound. She smelled sweet and clean, and I guessed she’d got ready for this meeting by completing all her ablutions. I wondered what that meant about her motives; or did she do this every evening after coming home from work?

Saskia opened her legs a little and my tongue found her clitoris. It was perfectly formed and larger than I’d known before. I licked rhythmically and sucked on her clit and around the big swollen labia. Amazingly, within two minutes she put her hand on my head and pushed me down to encourage me further. She began to moan and I felt that her spine and throat were being tensed. She was on the threshold of an orgasm and it came explosively. Her whole body shook and she uttered “Mmmm.” She squeezed her legs together; forcing my face away from further stimulation.

She relaxed and held my head which by then was on her stomach. Her torso was pulsing and I realised she was sobbing again. I lifted my head and, sure enough, tears were running down her cheeks. She spoke through the sobs.

“Leo. Thank you. No one has shown me such kindness. It’s been years since I got such a pleasure. Thank you, you lovely man.” Then she seemed to wander off into a calm, almost sleepy, quietness.

I let her be quiet for a few minutes and raised myself to lie alongside her. I curled a hand round her body to hold her waist and the other hand on her shoulder nearest to me. She nestled against me until her “recovery” was complete, shall we say.

I asked, “What else can I do to give you pleasure, dear Saskia?”

She was silent for a few seconds and then said, “I’m afraid to ask you for more. You may not want to do it.”

“I said anything for you and I mean anything. Just tell me,” I spoke quietly.

She took my left hand and kissed it, and then licked it all over with copious spittle. Then kozyatağı escort she raised herself into a doggy position.

“Please put it into my bottom. There is already a lot of lubrication. Please see if you can fit into me, and then I’ll tell you more I like,” she instructed me.

Kneeling at her right side, I did as she asked with my left hand and it slipped through her opening with little resistance. Just a little stretching of the circular opening itself and then I was inside her up to my wrist.

“Clench your fist, please,” she said and I did that. I could feel the tube of her rectum stretching against my knuckles and my thumb.

“Push further in like that, please,” she instructed more, and I did so; feeling resistance as my penetration got up towards my elbow.

“Enough now, wait there,” and she reached down with one hand, still on all-fours, and began to massage her own labia and clitoris, until she told me, “Start push-pulling in me. Just a little.”

I did as she said; pulsing my fist and arm back and forth in her entrails by just an inch or so. The effect was amazing. She came to another massive orgasm and collapsed forward onto the bed, with my arm still inside her. She opened her legs and reached round to hold my arm, and began to urge me out of her. Slowly I undid my fist and pulled my arm out of her.

This time, there was a little shit on the edge of my knuckles. When my hand was completely free, I left her lying in her trance, and went to the en-suite; and washed my arm and especially my hand.

When I got back to the bed, Saskia looked towards me and said, “That was wonderful, Thank you. Now you know the sort of things I like. You can take me if you want but I’m worried you’ll be disappointed.”

Before I could say anything, she lifted her legs up towards her chest, so that her feet were up in the air, pointing to the ceiling, “Both ready now,” she spoke and giggled.

My erection had waned earlier but now was returning. I masturbated for a moment and decided to get into her vagina, such as it was. To be honest, it really was a disappointment. There was no sensation of friction or stretching on my erection. Ejaculation was impossible and I gave up after a few minutes, pulling out her slowly.

Saskia sensed what was happening and let her legs down and began to turn away from me, to show her self-disgust. I pulled her back to me and held her tightly, kissing her face and mouth. Tongue into her mouth and her throat. I noticed that she did not gag and planned to shag her there if she would agree. But I underestimated her and she knew what I was thinking.

“Fuck my throat if you would like. It’s the best I can do for you,” she seemed apologetic.

Without my urging her in any way, she lay across the bed with her head hanging over the edge of the mattress and her throat stretched out; and her mouth wide open. I stood at the edge of the bed, with her head between my thighs and entered her mouth. She used her tongue on me for a few seconds and then lifted her head to pull my erection into the back of her throat. I did not hesitate and slowly pushed forward until I was deep into her throat and my testicles were resting on her lips.

She held my thighs and pushed me back and forth to encourage my shagging. Within a short time, my climax began to build and she grabbed me deep into her throat as my juices flooded out of me. I could feel her swallowing at every pulse of my ejaculation, until my load was finished and my erection began to subside.

I left her throat but she held me in her mouth for a few moments longer, to tongue me and hold my corona in her teeth gently. Then we parted and lay down again. By this time, it was almost midnight and we slept together under my summer-weight duvet. I knew that I’d found a most unusual young woman and that there would be exciting days ahead.

Later in the night, Saskia asked me to fist her vagina also and we talked about double fisting in back and front openings. That happened a few day later still and she was insatiable. She wanted to be filled and pulsated deep inside her abdomen, while playing on her own clitoris and labia. And I learned even more how to bring her to climax with my mouth and tongue. All she could do for me was the deep throat. That needs another chapter at a later time.

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