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The pretty co-ed dropped her books onto the desk and kicked off her shoes. She just knew she screwed up her English Lit test, even with all that studying. It would be at least an hour before her roommate got out of class so she started her computer.

“Well,” she spoke to the screen, “maybe I can find a little comfort in you.”

While the machine booted up she stripped off her street clothes and bra and slipped into her favorite undershirt and a pair of running shorts. Her light, rich mane was tied up in a ponytail that she wore high on the back of her head. It made her look even younger than twenty.

But she was in a sensuous mood and she loved the way her wavy hair tickled the base of her neck and shoulders. With a tug on the Scrunchie and a subtle headshake her locks tumbled free. She placed her reading glasses on her nose and transformed her face from fresh student to sophisticated young lady.

Once on-line, Barbara logged into her account and scanned through the private messages until she found the one she had hoped would be there.

Hi, it began simply.

I saw the latest pictures you posted. They’re fantastic! So beautiful and erotic without being too graphic or “trashy.” You found just the right balance. And I have to tell you that I had a very difficult time getting you off of my mind. In fact, I didn’t sleep well at all…

“Mmmm,” Barb whispered to herself. “If you’re gonna be awake anyway… Yum!”

So I thought you might enjoy what kept me—up….

“Oh, yesss,” she sighed, her violet eyes flying across the lines of text. A small vein in her neck pulsed a bit faster.

I adore the photos of your mouth. Your lips a so full and perfectly shaped, they invite long kisses of gentle, wet timelessness. I have gotten lost in those lips so often, longing to taste their sweetness, revel in the soft ripeness of their yielding wet heat.

And the pictures of your full, round bosom in the revealing tops were very, er, ‘effective.’ I lost myself in daydreams of them, too.

Her left hand manipulated the keyboard while the right stroked her full, round bosom, slowly shifting focus onto her budding nipples. She sighed a little more often as the story continued to unfold.

I dream of kissing you, long to get so lost in the taste of your sensual lips, the paragon of erotic form and beauty. To hear you sigh in pleasure, to feel you mold your body to mine in surrender as our mouths pleasure and explore each other, that would be incredible, wonderful—pure bliss.

But when I got to the latest two—the one of your bare breasts with large, pink nipples, and the one where you are delicately holding the swell of your breast with that gorgeous mouth as a backdrop—well, I was glad to be sitting down.

I better get comfy, too, she thought. She moved herself onto the bed, pulled the computer next to her, and slid the shorts off her shapely legs. She knew they weren’t perfect legs. They had a little cellulite around the backs of her thighs and she thought her ankles were a bit thick, but she got looks and comments. She accepted that her body had imperfections, just as she was proud of many area she considered truly beautiful. More importantly, she liked them all. They were hers.

As she resumed reading, Barbara suffered a momentary flash of recollection. She was so nearly caught once. At the time she worried over how her roommate might have reacted. She worried about the embarrassment and shame of Shelly finding her thrashing through a self-induced orgasm. But now…?

The tale continued. All I could think of was how perfect that picture was. It revealed only a little of your naked beauty, and hinted, promised so much more. The way your hand is caressing your smooth orb, so close to its swollen tip. I could easily envision you playing. I could see your fingers fondling, pinching, twisting and pulling on the hardened pink flesh. I could imagine flashes of tiny electrical bolts coursing from your nipple through your body to burst quietly within your awakening clitty.

“Oooo,” she breathed. Her breasts felt warm and full, and her nubs stood proudly beneath the thin material of her shirt. She had been lightly fingering them until she read the word, “clitty.” Her hand went to her vee and she gave herself a small, quick pet just to preview what she wanted. Her fingertips dampened instantly. She shivered, surprised at how fast she was responding.

“Mmmm, this is going to be such a good cum,” she gasped. Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it glided over her heated folds. She finally, reluctantly, pulled away to stay within the story.

I thought of watching you raising your breast to your beautiful lips until they surrounded your needy tip. I’d love to watch you sip the puckered flesh of your nipple and areola into that hot mouth. You’d moan at the contact, smacking and slurping as your passion rose.

Barb wet her fingers in her mouth, masaj porno catching the scent and flavor of her feminine arousal. It heightened her need, and she quickly burrowed her hand under her shirt to stroke her burning nipple. Her eyes fluttered closed and she envisioned her nipple being sucked by a lover with long, blonde hair. The image lasted only a moment. Then she darted her attention back to the text.

From the angle of the photo, I thought there was only one place I could be…

“Ohhh, Goddd,” she groaned in anticipation.

…With my face nestled between your thighs, watching you as your mouth made sweet love to your swollen breast—as my mouth made hungry love to your steaming sex.

“Ohhhh,” she whimpered. Barb kept one hand under her shirt to play back and forth with her breasts. The other hand trailed down her body and slithered into her clinging panties. The fabric pulled away from her sodden labia with a delicate, wonderful sensation. Her pleasure flared under the caressing strokes of her knowledgeable fingers.

My tongue would trace up and down your length, parting your sweet petals and tasting your dripping nectar, drinking you up like a hummingbird with a tropical flower.

She enacted the fantasy with her fingertips as she took one of her straining nipples, some of its surrounding flesh, and her shirt into her mouth.

Each time I reached the bottom of your slit my tongue would delve into you, tasting you, touching you.

She slid two fingers into her depths. The wet, cloth-covered tit and the hard nub that danced on her tongue muffled her moans of joy. Barb tried to balance scrolling the text with touching herself, but it was becoming quite a juggling act.

And each time I got to the top of your pussy…

“Mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm,” she breathed through her flared nostrils, mouth full and hands busy, encouraging her fantasy lover.

…I’d take your clit, hood, and all that glorious girl flesh deep into my mouth where my tongue could swirl over it until you quivered.

Her position was a little awkward. She let herself drift for a moment and when her eyes closed this time that full head of thick blonde hair was happily busy between her trembling thighs. “Mmmmph…” she sighed. She continued to stimulate herself and resumed reading.

I can practically taste your cream now, a light, clean sweetness. But as you grow more impassioned, as you suckle both of your breasts and nip at their swollen tips, as my fingers slip into you and my mouth continues to devour you, I’d notice a change in your flavor. You would exude a thicker honey in a greater flow. And I would lap it up like a puppy dying of thirst.

Her fingers slipped deeper, closer to her molten core. Pushing the hood aside, her thumb circled the soaked and erect clit. She sucked harder on her second nipple while the cool, wet, now-transparent fabric clung to her first stiffened nubbin.

As I kept sucking and tonguing your throbbing clitoris, the two thick fingers inside you would play, scissor and stroke your pulsing walls. Every demanding nerve ending would be satisfied as you and I pleasured your body’s most sensitive spots. Then I’d turn my fingers and run the pads over your g-spot like two tiny feet on a magical treadmill.

“Mmmm…mmmm,” she mewed in time to her stroking and suckling. They were small, desperate calls of desire as she drew closer to completion. She rotated her wrist and again suited actions to her fantasy lover’s printed words.

By now you’d be soaking every inch of tender space between your quivering thighs. Your mouth-watering juices would be running freely from the top of your pussy down between your flexing buns. And my free hand would take advantage…

“Mmmph-mmmph-mmmph…” she whimpered, losing herself in fiery stimulation. She let her breast slide from her mouth and gasped several times to catch her breath. It became difficult to keep reading—she wanted to fall back into the pillows, close her eyes and let the huge orgasm rip through her body. But she just had to know what was going to happen next.

I’d look up at you, up to your beautiful face and succulent breasts. I’d look up from my intoxicating task of mouthing your cunny. I’d watch your perfect lips surround and suckle your stiff nipples that glowed intensely with excitement. I’d look at your bright, angelic face lost in passion and lust as we drove you closer and closer to ecstasy.

By now her body was more than ready to let go, to find release that would leave her trembling and helpless in the throes of sexual joy. A light sheen of sweat covered her chest and her upper lip. Her pupils flared wide, as did her nostrils. Her fingers blurred in her crotch and pinched the swollen, aching tips of her breasts.

I’m lost in the experience of you; drinking your nectar and hearing you voice your pleasure. My fingers are drenched as they öğretmen porno trigger more wonderful surges of electric sensations deep inside your shuddering tunnel of love. My incessant tongue swirls and prods at your erect clit, causing your tummy to flutter and colors to burst beneath your eyelids.

I know you’re so close to that heavenly fulfillment, and I want to hold you there on the edge of the precipice. I soften my clitoral sucking and slow my fingers, crossing them within you and twisting lazily. I smile as a small growl of frustration escapes your lips. I chance another look at you and our eyes lock. There’s a cauldron bubbling behind your irises, and I have to turn up the heat until it boils over.

Barb clamped her right nipple between her lips and her fingers wriggled against her g-spot. The thumb that circled her raw, fat clit pushed her to the edge. She fervently hoped the next paragraph or two would take her where she longed to go…

I’d increase the pressure on your clitty, sucking hood and all hard into my mouth where I’d ravish the sweet nubbin with a thrashing tongue. Your fingertips twist and pluck your swollen nipples. The tips are so red with excitement and the pale areolas are crinkled with need. I’d close my eyes as my fingers resume their run on the nerve-rich pad of your g.

But the coup de grace comes when I slip my finger between the flexing, tight globes of your softly thrusting bottom.

“Oooo—GAAAWD!” Barb cried. Her nipples had never been so hard and just the clingy fabric of her wet top sent shivers through her flesh. Goose bumps rose on the smooth skin of her lovely breasts. Her keyboard hand scrolled down to the end of the story before reaching behind her and…

What I find is just what I expected—a soaked and slickened cleft hiding your tiny rosebud. I caress it and you instantly quiver in response. Your running torrent has made all of you so exquisitely wet and slippery, and I play small circles around your sensitive, private opening.

She felt the burning start of her release…

My thumbs stroke up and down that sweet, flooded expanse of skin between your pussy and your pucker. I suckle hard on your exploding clit as your pinch your nipples with exquisite force. The pleasure/pain you create rockets down to meet the fireworks in your pelvis and your body goes beautifully rigid as you launch into an all-consuming climax.

Lying on her bed, that is exactly what Barbara did. Her fingers felt the devouring clutch of her vagina and anus as spasms wracked her. Violet eyes rolled back behind her lenses, unable to read any longer as the tidal wave swept over and through her. Her hips bucked as she drove both hands deeper. The two fingers clenched between her petals caught heavy gushes of boiling girl cream. Her index fingertip slipped into her tiny, squeezing rosette.

She was only half aware of rhythmically shrieking and growling her satisfaction in time with the unabashed thrusting of her lush hips and muscular thighs. She didn’t notice how her cum drenched her hands, her panties, her sheets. All she knew was that she had never enjoyed such a total-body orgasm.

As the tidal surge began to wane she turned to the screen and began rereading from the top of the visible page. When she again reached the part where her bottom was tickled another cum crushed her body in its delicious grip. While it was neither as sharp nor hard as the first, it seemed to last much longer. Barb kept her climax alive as long as she possibly could, uncertain if it drew out lusciously or if she glided from one to another…to several more. She finally lay back in a satisfied and warm afterglow.

She brought her right hand up and stroked her breasts, liking their hard tips and flushed hues. When she saw her fingers she had a sudden impulse. Barb held her fingertips to her face and inhaled deeply. Her scent wafted into her nose and she found it pleasantly exciting. Her tongue snaked out from between her throbbing lips and she tasted herself. Again, her excitement increased and she licked and sucked first one finger, then another, then her palm, and finally her entire hand until the clean skin tingled.

With a sigh, she removed her glasses and lay back in the soft bed. Her breathing had almost returned to normal though her heart still beat a bit more quickly than usual. Her shirt had ridden up to expose the slight roundness of her tummy, and her panties encircled her lower thighs, baring her sodden triangle of curls and her parted lips. The cool air of the room offered an interesting contrast to the residual heat emanating from between her rubbery legs. She let herself drift in a gossamer trance.

* * * * *

Barb awoke suddenly as a key grated in the lock. The sound jolted her back to the here-and-now in a shocked instant. She barely had time to pull the sheet up and preserve her modesty before Barb’s roommate oral porno threw open the door and stormed into their room.

“God, I HATE ‘Orgasmic’ Chemistry!” Shelly always called it that as a term of derision. Her thick hair flew and her flower-print top molded nicely to her torso with her theatric entrance. The jeans were a little loose around her hips, but fit closely to her lower thighs and calves. Shelly paused as she recognized the fragrance of female arousal permeating the closed space.

“What was it this time?” Barb asked, hoping to hide her blush at so nearly being caught—again. But for an instant she wondered what being caught would feel like…

“It just SUCKS!” Shelly’s pulse had already begun to beat as she puzzled over the situation.

“Sorry,” Barb was saying.

“Oh, shit, it’ll be okay,” Shelly admitted, leaving her class behind as her mind raced. “Sorry, Babs. How’d your test go?” And do you know how amazing you smell? she thought, her mouth already watering.

“Oh, God, I think I totally fucked it up. And I studied for weeks…” she wailed plaintively.

Shelly dropped her backpack and flopped into her desk chair. Her shoes came off, revealing bright red toenails and trim feet. “I know you did, sweetie.” She had thought about ditching the second half of class to come back early. Now she wished that she had. “But maybe it’s like when you think you did shitty and when your grades come back they’re, like, sooo much better than you thought they’d be…?”

“Maybe…” Barb’s mind had shifted, too. Her smoldering need began to re-exert itself in a quite unexpected manifestation. She remembered Shelly’s furtive glances as Barb would head for the shower, or change for a date, or climb into bed in her panties and a t-shirt. It could have been awkward, but instead Barb secretly felt pretty, desired. Now she found herself gazing at the grace of Shelly’s neck and collar bones, at the swell of her breasts and… Oh, damn, Barb thought as her eyes rested briefly on Shelly’s stiffening nipples.

Suddenly all those thoughts gelled. As she had read the private message Barb wondered how good it would feel to be nibbled and licked and kissed and sucked there; what it would be like to be so intimately devoured. Now she openly wondered what it would be like with a woman suckling her nipples or between her legs, with someone who could appreciate how a woman likes to be touched. And she knew that the thick blonde hair cascading over her hips in her earlier fantasy belonged to Shelly.

Barbara realized that over the last several weeks she, too, had been sneaking little glances. In that moment she accepted the fact that she wanted her roommate. She wanted to kiss her, to feel her breast-to-breast, to stroke her skin. She wanted to compare her own sweetness with the nectar from the curvy blonde. And she felt fairly sure Shelly wanted the same things, too.

She looked directly into Shelly’s coffee-brown eyes and asked, “You wanna read this really cool ‘p-m’ I got from one of my chat guys?”

“Sure—I guess…”

Barb shifted the computer. The sheet slipped. For just an instant Shelly caught a flash of Barb’s chest. She immediately noticed the near transparent fabric glued to her roommate’s shapely breast and taut tip. Her heart pounded as she stood and walked towards Barb’s bed.

“It’s kinda hot. But, you know, kinda like graphic, too…”

“You mean like, ‘sexy,’ graphic?”

“Yeah, um, really graphic.” Barb giggled. Then, “Is that okay?”

‘Yeah, cool. Can I sit with you while we read it?”

Barb scooted a little to one side, making room for Shelly on the edge of her bed. “Sure,” she answered.

Shelly wondered if Barb knew she had momentarily exposed herself. If it was an accident, mentioning it might ruin the mood. If it was on purpose, well, Shelly decided to let it play out a little longer.

After all, she thought, this could be the opening I’ve been hoping for…

Shelly began reading then almost immediately asked, “Pictures? What pictures?”

Barb admitted, “I posted a couple of phone photos…” Her cheeks went hot.

“Really? Can I see them?”

“Oh, God, Shelly, really? I’d be embarrassed.”

“Wait a minute—you’d be embarrassed if I saw them, but you posted them on the Internet? Where anyone can see them? Where pervy old guys are probably whacking off to them right now?”

“I know—it sounds weird. But I don’t know those people. I live with you.”

“Oh, puh-lease. It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before, you know.”

“I know…”

“C’mon. It’ll help me get into the story.”

“Well…okay.” Barb turned the computer and worked the keyboard for several seconds. Then she turned it back towards the blonde.

“Just scroll down. There’s about six or eight of ’em.”

Shelly clicked through the photos. Barb’s lips were so luscious and her cleavage was quite provocative. She gasped, however, when she saw her roommate’s bared breasts. It was not that she had posted naked photos of herself that jolted Shelly—after all, her face was obscured in each one. It was the fact that Barb had a truly magnificent chest with pert, flushed nipples. Shelly wanted her so badly.

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