pink boy ass lovers

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pink boy ass lovers
its something they have been doing together after a night of cursing about them ex wife and Mike admitted loving to fuck young white twink

both older guy looking at me playing billard ass up bend on the table , with my friends

”you had a white boy before?”

”yes no one knows about this, but i have done it”

”was he tight? i love how they sound when i get all in hitting that boy pussy spot”

”yes he was , i had to let him sit on it, was so cute geting himself fuck on me i let him use my cock like his toy he had at home”

”fuck nice, i wish i had a regular mine came back twice but ghosted me”

”i would love to see him swallow my cock, he is cute”

”yeah me too”

the night went on

i was getting drunk and missed all my shots

i said by to my friends

went out and walk home not far from the bar

they ask me if i had fire

both walking out if the bar putting on their coat , outside was icy and cold, typicall canada

i give the black tall guy my lighter and he hand me over a smoke

”where you going i can give you a lift”

”nah its fine i live a couple block away”

”its ok dude its so cold my car right here”

they drive me home

”dude you smoke weed? we bought some and not really smoke since our college year, i forgot to buy papper you have some?”

”yeah sure no problem i smoke weed to”

we got in and i rolled weed for 2 older black random dude that were nice and just kind of chill or ….something

”you are a cool boy, you live alone here?”

”yes i do”

”nice tv ”

”thanks i can put it on”

setting it on to some music channel

the room filled with smoke

boith at my side on the couch

sharing 2 spliff i rolled for them

i was stone and a bit drunk feeling warm

we finished the joints i look right Mike pulling me on him

”hey what you doing”

postiotionning me between his legs holding me agaisnt him

kissing my neck

”ohhhh what the fuck….”

his big hands on my small cock getting hard under my pants

”please güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri omg ”

his friend up getting his pants down

in white stretch boxer a really dark fat cock bulge help in my face the smooth fabric and hard cock sliding on my face

”you like his big cock dont you, you gonna suck on it for me”

”omg i never did this guys ….”

his boxer help down

my eyes lock on the fat cock , black full of veins pulsing infront of me

”open your mouth, taste him, you will like it”

whispering in my ear, holding me down on him . rubbing my crotch

my mouth open on its own

the fat cock sliding in

”good boy, suck the big cock, its so good and hard, all hard for you , yesss please the cock thats a good boy”

whispering in my ear kissing my neck making me love to lay down on him , sucking cock in his arm

”you like this, relax suck him boy”

my jeans got removed , my boxer too

naked in his arm , listening to him call me a good boy .

he lift me and i got carried to my bed

”please please guy be gentle i never been fuck by real cock”

”oh you said real didnt he mike”

”yes i think he has something to show us in his room”

getting in , drop on my bed and forced to say where it was

naked infront of two older daddy black guy

holding my cute pink vibrator up and lube

”ohhh naughty little boy look at that, you like getting this up that cute hole in secret ”

the bottle opened , help ass up face betwee the legs of his friend , heling me suck on his cock , grabbing my head , controlling the pace of it going up and dpwn

my ass lubed and the sound of my vibrator ready to go in

i moan on the cock my pink hole toyed up carefully

”he is so cute , i bet he use this toy often, training his hole into a pussy for real cock”

”dont be shy, its ok, we gonna please your cute pink hole tonight”

i felt him get it out and in and out, lubing mu ass up more and it wasnt the toy

i felt my ass pop up, his big güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hands holding my hipse pulling me down ass up , pounding in just he head, in and out

the popping feeling making me moan and try to move away just to be sucking deeper the other cock

the sound of his belt and the feeling of it on my bneck made me look at the other guy in distress

”mike you make him scarred. , dont be scarred , your just a cute pet , we wont hurt our new sexy pet ”

Mike pounding in and out deeper and deeper steetching me with more lube each time

until i felt his big buts on my ass , moaning on the cock in my mouth , little pounding making me swing on both cock

my spot punch on by his big head

i lost control of everything

weak and moaning loudly ass fuck hard and deep , a cock rubbed on my face moaning and called a slut by both horny black daddy , having their way with me

sucking more until i was release only to be help rotate like a doll positionned ass up face down, sharing me like a raggdoll, moaning my boy cunt lube and fuck so good

loosing sught of time

help on my back looking at them fuck me
controlling all of me like they want

pounding cocks in my mouth and ass in turm

they made love to me

not too hard not too fast, just sweat big cock making love to my now happy wet holes

”he loves this , look at him smilling when i hit his spot”

both looking at me smile like a happy white fag boy

pumped up by them and smilling happy to be fuck by such nice daddy

”you love this baby boy”

”yes daddy”

”oh so cute look at him, he need a daddy”

”you have 2 now , you can be our boy ”

pounded good moaning feeling him get bigger

”hoooo daddddyyyyyyy my lil ass full of cummmmm”

feeling him pour so much down i nme

grunting emptying himself in my cute bubble butt pussy

”dude quick quick get out”

one cock made a slurp and i was pull on the 2nd instantly feeling him cum in me

”’ahhhhhh yesssss wooowww güvenilir bahis şirketleri omggggg”

sqealing moaning pounded full of a second load

pulled by the belt on my neck

getting all of the cum in me

they left and i tought i was never going to see them again

a week had passed and after been very shy about it i fucked my dildo and realised how real cocks was so much better

i was asleep when my front door open, i wasnt locking it since the incident, wanting to be visited so bad

i woke up a big cock in my mouth

getting help ass up on my bed side

”hello baby boy, we are back”

smilling at mike

”hi daddy i miss you so much”

sucking back on his cock and moaning

his cock already all wet getting behind me

”ohh boy i need thiss”

”ohhh fuck yess daddy me too, fuck my ass , omg yes fuck me i love your big cock ”

lound moan of joy looking back at him slamming in me

”ahhh ahhhh ohhhh yeaaaahhhhh ”

”fuck i need to get here more often”

”yes yes daddyy”’

he cum so quick i wanted more

he left telling me he dont have more time

i wanted more
i needed more

i went out and walk in the night , looking around like a desperate cock slut

i was cruising when i saw a worker walking out of the bus

he was black and very large

i stop my car and wave at him

he smile not sure what to think

he walk to me and i got on my back seat , ass up my pants down

”holy fuck you little boy slut need some cock?”

closing my door looking around


”yes daddy, i need to be fuck ”

”holy shit , boy, i love this”

getting a condom on the backseat then pushing in my cunt

”ohhh fuck you are so wet”

”ahhhh ohhh i love your cock its ice ahhhhh”

”damn your sexy, take it slut”

a stranger black older guy having fun pounding me , i loved it , how he talk , how happy he was to fuck my cute ass

i moan like a slut in my own car in a quiet neighbor, i love how slutty i felt

how easy i was ass up getting what i needed

the cool black guy really giving my ass a nice time

he cum and i felt so proud

he told me i was the best thing to happen in the last year to him

i love him , i wanted more , i kissed him and gave him my number saying i love him fat cock in me

i went home happy and sleep like a doll

smilling my little ass gaping , fucked up so good

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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