Sam Comes to Stay

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Samantha–or Sam as she preferred to be called– was 18 when she came to live with Kate and I. It was the summer before her freshman year and we happened to live in the same town where Sam would be attending college, so it made sense for her stay with us and get a feel for her new town. My wife’s sister was about ten years younger but they shared a lot of the same features. Sam had essentially followed in Kate’s footsteps; both were competitive swimmers in high school and have toned, athletic bodies. Both are blonde and have big brown eyes. Sam is about 3 inches taller (and actually about the same height as me at 5’9″) and had a smaller bust and a more powerfully built lower body.

It seemed like a great arrangement for everyone involved. Kate’s summers as a non-profit organization’s fundraiser are busy and since I teach high school math, I have a lot of time to hang around. Unfortunately I’m not known for my domestic skills so instead of paying rent, that is where Sam helped us out. She waited tables a few days a week, but the other days she would cook dinner or do a load of laundry and was otherwise free to hang out. While Kate is always on the go, Sam is more like me and can kill a whole summer afternoon at the poolside with a good book and a cold drink.

It was one such afternoon that we had a conversation that changed our relationship forever. She was about half way into Madame Bovary (required summer reading for her lit class) when she looked up and asked me point blank if I’d ever cheated on her sister.

“No–of course not!” I replied.

“You’re a good guy, so I kind of figured that, David. But have you ever come close?” asked Sam.

I paused for a bit and had to think. I don’t think I had ever really planned to go through with it, but there was one drunk night where I was propositioned by a female friend from college and had given it some thought. She was an entirely different kind of girl than Kate or Sam–loud, very curvaceous and sexually aggressive–but I ultimately decided against it. I’m not sure why I chose to confess this to Sam, but as soon as I did, she promised not to tell my wife. “Your secret’s safe with me.”

Feeling both relieved and a little bit exposed, I asked if she had ever cheated on her past boyfriends. Sam paused for a second, looked down and then right into my eyes.

“No….actually, I’m still a virgin.” she said in a soft tone,. She was definitely embarrassed. Sensing this, I reassured her that she would eventually find the right guy. She smiled a bit awkwardly and rolled over onto her stomach. A few seconds later she unhooked her bikini top to even out her back tan.


Later that night, after dinner and watching a movie in the living room, Sam went off to her bedroom to catch some sleep. Finally alone with Kate I mentioned what I had found out about her sister earlier that day but left out the part about me confessing to have almost hooked up with an old college friend.

“I’m not surprised,” started Kate, “she has bursa eve gelen eskort bayan always been a bit awkward around boys. I’m not sure if you knew this, but years ago she used to be so jealous of our relationship. It was actually a problem–I could never talk about spending time with you without her getting upset.”

In my mind I wondered if it was just the relationship she was jealous over, or me in particular, but I didn’t mention that. And awkward or not it was surprising that a girl as pretty as Sam hadn’t been more popular with the guys. Instead, since I could tell that the talk had puffed Kate up with a bit of pride, I escorted her back to the bedroom. We made love passionately and also a little louder than usual. I guess I had a bit of pent up sexual energy and so I focused it on making Kate orgasm hard. Looking back, maybe some part of me wanted Sam to hear. Laying there afterwards sweaty, tired and a bit dehydrated, Kate said something that surprised me: “I really hope Sam gets laid this summer. She doesn’t have enough confidence; college will be easier if she has a little experience.” I heard the words, but they didn’t really register in my post-coital bliss. We kissed goodnight and I was off to sleep.


When I awoke the next morning it was to a beam of sunshine coming in through the blinds and the sound of rustling in what I thought was the next room. Barely awake, I pulled the covers off and swung my legs over to the side of the bed. I stood up, vaguely aware that Kate had gone off to work hours ago and headed towards the bathroom. I slept naked after our romp and since our master bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom are all behind a door off of the upstairs hallway, I didn’t think twice. I should have. I was stark naked in the middle of the room when Sam emerged from the closet with a basket of dirty clothes.

“Oh-my-God!” Sam dropped the basket. I was quick to cover myself with my hands but there was no mistaking what she had seen. “David, I’m so sorry, I was just getting the laundry…I…I’m sorry!”

She ran out of the room, leaving a pile of dirty clothes and an upside down basket. My eighteen year old sister-in-law just saw me completely naked. The thought washed over me while my still half-asleep brain struggled to comprehend. What made the matter worse was how embarrassed she seemed.

I decided shower first and then do some damage control. Clean and fresh in a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt I headed out to the kitchen. Sam was sitting at the table drinking her coffee, still wearing her usual PJs of cotton sleep shorts and tank top with her hair back in a ponytail. She looked a year or two younger than she really was. As soon as she saw me she began to blush. Her eyes met mine briefly but she immediately looked away.

“Sam, it’s not a big deal….” I started.

“Kate will kill me. No way I’ll be able to stay here the rest of the summer.” Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes bursa eskort bayanlar a bit moist in the corners.

I wondered if she was right about that. Probably not, but then again I wasn’t completely sure.

“Well then, we won’t mention it. Like I said, it’s not a big deal.”

“You would do that for me? Thank you David. I really can’t afford my own place…”

“Of course. You didn’t see that much or for that long anyway…”

“Um, I kind of did. I saw what my sister was making all that noise about last night.”

I was taken completely aback. My eighteen year old sister-in-law had just complemented me. At that point I think I was turning a bit red but I also felt a jolt of excitement deep in my gut.

“So you heard us? Sorry about that…”

Sam looked down and looked up with a serious expression. “I’m happy for you guys, I am. To be honest, I like hearing you two at night….it’s just that it makes me feel lonely.”

My stomach churned. I didn’t know what to say, so I changed the subject: “It’s going to be another nice day. Let’s go hang out at the pool.” She nodded, but I could tell she was still feeling embarrassed and insecure.

I put my board shorts on in my room and the whole time my mind was racing. I was thinking back to what Kate had said last night. I felt the uneasiness in my gut grow more acute.


When I knocked on Sam’s bedroom door I had already been waiting outside quite awhile. She opened it fairly quickly and with her sullen look I realized she had been staring at herself in the mirror. She looked beautiful in her pink floral bikini but I knew at once that she had been staring with a self-critical eye. Suddenly the butterflies in my stomach went away and I looked her plainly in the eyes.

“I have a proposal for you.” She looked stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“Sam, you saw me naked this morning. I think I should get the same courtesy.”

“Really David? You want to see me naked? I thought you said it was no big deal!” Her eyes searched mine, trying to decide if I was serious.

“Well I changed my mind.” I said this with a bit of a playful smile but she still looked unnerved. “In fact, if you won’t, I’ll tell Kate you walked in one me!” It was a bit of blackmail, but I could tell the interest was exciting her. A flicker of a smirk appeared on Sam’s face. “Ok, you’re right, it’s only fair.”

With that I had a seat on the edge of her bed. She turned to me and slowly untied the back of her bikini top. When she pulled it above her head, small pert breasts sprang free. They may be a B-cup, I’m not sure, but they are at least a size smaller than Kate’s and were topped by the pinkest, most symmetrical nipples. She smiled as recognized the look of awe on my face. She turned around towards the mirror as she began to slowly drop the bikini bottoms, and our eyes met for a second in the reflection. As the bottoms hit the floor I admired her round firm behind görükle escort bayanlar and could help but to reach up and stroke where the tan line crossed one cheek. With my hand cupping her butt, she turned around and revealed that she was completely shaven.

“You’re absolutely beautiful…” Her face lit up.

I kissed her belly as she stood in front of me and she ran her fingers through my hair. I stood up, looked her in the eyes and tossed her down on the bed playfully. She laughed, with more than a hint of nervousness. Laying down on top of her, my lips pressed against hers and felt them part to allow my tongue. She took my tongue and lightly sucked on it as her hands roamed on my neck and shoulders. I dropped my head down to her chest and took each hard nub of a nipple in my mouth in turn. She was breathless. By the time my hand found her pussy it was sopping wet. I parted her labia and ran my index finger lengthwise, using more force as I approached her clitoris. I felt nails dig into my back as she called my name.

I kissed down from her breasts to the top of her pubic area, breathing in her scent. I kissed the inside of her thighs as my middle finger found its way inside her, but I did not kiss her clit. I paused for a second, and went back up to kiss her lips. She thrust her tongue in my mouth. Her pubic bone ground into mine through the course fabric of my board shorts.

I pulled back for a moment and looked her in her eyes. “I don’t suppose you’re on birth control?” I asked hopefully. She shook her head no. Since Kate is, I knew there were no condoms to be had in the house. “I guess we should wait?” I offered.

“No. Now.” She was almost pleading. I stood up and took off my board shorts. As she watched me with her full attention I motioned for her to flip over. With her on her belly and my cock finally free, I climbed on her. I reached down and placed my cock under her, and she immediately began grinding on it.

“Wait…easy Sam,” I said. I drew my cock back so it was at her soaking entrance but, paused for a moment. I knew I would not last long inside her, it would not be worth the risk today. I reached to her bedside table and took pump of body lotion. With one hand I stroked her clit from above and with the other I rubbed the lotion onto the length of my shaft. I could see her small rosebud and it was there that I placed the head of my cock. As I made circles around her clit with the fingers of one hand I felt her push against my cock. There was a good bit of resistance but she continued to push and soon the head of my cock was in her beautiful plump ass.

The rosebud slowly stretched around the fat head of my penis. Her sounds deepened in tone, but she continued to push against my cock until more than half of my seven inches were in. Soon I was able to rock slowly back and forth, back and forth, a little more each time. It was then that she had a loud and breathless orgasm. Kate rarely let me put a finger in her ass –let alone more than half my cock–and I was blown away by the sensation. I could feel her pussy spasming uncontrollably on the other side. I kept my hand gently but steadily rubbing Sam’s clit and working my way deeper until I was buried to the hilt. By her second orgasm I let myself go. After coming for what seemed like half an eternity, I collapsed on top of her, nearly suffocating in her long blonde hair.

To be continued…

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