Sex craving Hyde Ch. 01

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As my first ever literary endeavor this was a real challenge and labor of love. I truly hope you enjoy it.

I am 40 years old, single, 6 ft. tall, and am considered handsome with an attractive masculine physique. By profession I’m a CPA and I hold a position as head of the accounting department of a large nationwide distributor of office and school supplies.

Never having found the right lifetime partner with whom to settle down, all I have on my mind are sex and the company books, in that order.

Any adult female that passes before my eyes is immediately considered for a romp in the hay. I’m not really adamant about the hay, just as long as I can find and give pleasure.

As this story unfolds, desires of mine, of which I was not previously aware, will become evident.

I have 8 accountants and bookkeepers in my department, 2 men and the rest are women. Some of the women are very attractive and I would really love to play around with them, but fraternizing with a staff member is a guaranteed formula for trouble.

I have plenty of short term affairs and random sex outside the office, so it isn’t all that difficult to control myself at work.


All that changed one day when a replacement arrived for a staffer who married and moved to another city.

Stepping into my office and handing me a copy of her C.V., she said:

“Excuse me for interrupting. I’m Annie. I was told by HR to come right up.”

“No problem, please have a seat. I’m Kyle.”

From the very first second that Annie stepped into my office I was a goner. I stood no chance of resistance or of attempting to activate any kind of cool and analytical thought process. I was captivated.

I lowered my head trying to concentrate on her C.V. and all I managed to grasp was: Married, Age 39, one child.

Forcing myself to lower my adrenalin level, I found the courage to look up at this beautiful creature.

“Tell me a little about yourself.” covering up my inability to concentrate on the page in my hand.

I managed to get through the interview and the niceties, and then took her out to meet the rest of the staff. I asked one of the ladies to show Annie to her cubicle and give her the tour.

Returning to my desk in the office, I flopped into my large-cushioned chair and felt completely shell-shocked.

‘How in the hell am I supposed to concentrate on my work now?’

It’s impossible to exaggerate when describing Annie’s beauty. Her exquisitely sculptured face, her perfectly lovely unblemished fair skin, her sea-blue eyes, those full and inviting lips, her natural blonde, pixie hairstyle emphasizing her beautiful neck, that sensual walk, and an enticing figure accentuated by a tight blouse and knee length ass-hugging skirt, were all wrapped in an amazingly demure posture.

My firm resolution of never fraternizing with employees had just ‘Gone with the Wind’.


The next two weeks went by ever so slowly for me, as I found myself stuck in dreamland. At work or at home, driving or jogging, eating or drinking, all I could think about was how to connect with Annie, every which way, while at the same time keeping it discreet.

To see the looks on the guys’ faces every time she passed by, the looks on the faces of the ladies in the office, not to mention those of whom I suspected to be Bi or Lez, only served to justify my conviction that Annie was truly a breathtaking beauty.

I didn’t really need the unintended feedback from my staffers. Every single time I saw her, my cock would instantly let me know that he’s the one in control of my mental and physical sustenance.

From the little I recalled of the initial interview, she said that she was happily married and had a loving family. So if fortune will allow me to become intimate with her, discretion would be of the utmost importance.

At long last, I got a chance to connect with her at the close of a midweek day.

On a regular basis, everyone on our floor, Ulus Escort including myself, closes up shop sharply at five, unless of course there’s a deadline to meet on various reports. I had a problem on my desk that required rather urgent attention and assistance from a staffer would be helpful, though not essential. I stepped out of my office and called out for a volunteer. Everyone looked at each other but said nothing.

Luckily, Annie offered,

“I’d be happy to help.”

‘Bingo’, I thought.

“Thank you.” I responded.

All the rest let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly gathered their stuff to leave.

She said she’d just be a moment or two and would be right in, as I saw her pick up her mobile and make a call.

I was sitting when she came in.

Pointing to the chair opposite, I offered,

“Have a seat, Annie.”

I got up, closed the door and the blinds facing the open space. She seemed not to notice.

I sat back down and looked at her.

“I’m really happy your here.”

She smiled;

“I’m happy too. I really like working here and my colleagues are very nice and easy to get along with.”

I smiled back and thought, ‘she hasn’t been anything but professional in her behavior towards me or anyone else.’

‘Hell, I just can’t take this anymore.’ I decided to dive in head first and pray that the pool hasn’t been drained.

I got up the nerve and blurted out like a college freshman;

“Annie, what I mean to say is that from the moment I laid eyes on you I’ve wanted you. I can’t stop thinking about you, day and night.”

She seemed to blush and be taken aback by my candor, and I thought,

‘Damn! I’m up shit creek!’

She took a deep breath, looked me straight in the eye and then gave me a knowing smile;

“This may sound strange coming from someone who is happily married, but being intimate with you, Kyle, has crossed my mind more than once.”

She said it in such a matter-of-fact way that I was in disbelief and wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t in dreamland again.

I only had to look into her gorgeous eyes to realize that this was real.

I got up, went around the desk and stood behind her. I placed my hand under her cheek, gently raised her head up and back slightly towards me. She didn’t resist. I bent down to her full sensual lips. She surrendered her mouth to me and our tongues passionately entwined. Slowly I caressed her beautiful neck. I opened the top buttons of her blouse. My hands slid in underneath her bra and I slowly began massaging her ample breasts.

Gently pinching her nipples, She began moaning and kissing me even deeper, begging for more. I pinched her nipples harder and it excited her even more.

Suddenly she stopped, turned towards me and grabbed me by the belt. She pulled me forward and positioned me in front of her. She opened my belt and unzipped my pants, all the while looking up at me with a wanton hungry look. A look, that in all my years of sexual encounters, I had never seen before.

‘Could this woman be the prim and proper Annie the office staff and I had gotten to know?!’

She pulled down my pants and shorts and took hold of my good-sized cock. She held it before her, barely an inch from her waiting lips, as if looking at a gourmet dish to be devoured. Things were moving so fast that I was now in frozen anticipation. I was afraid to move so as not to end the erotic picture before me.

Gazing into my eyes, she said,

“I love clean shaven.”

She wet her lips and began to circle the crown of my cock with her tongue. Ever so slowly her sensual lips enveloped my rod and I could feel every pore rejoice in the tingling sensation as it disappeared into her hot, wet mouth.

I could see and feel the cock sucking experience this woman had.

It was deliciously excruciating. With one hand holding the base of my stiff rod, her hot lips and tongue began massaging the underside of my shaft, from my balls Üniversiteli Escort to the head and back again. With her other hand she ever so gently stroked my balls.

I screamed out to myself, ‘SO WET, SO WARM and OOOH SO FUCKIN’ HEAVEN!’

This was a thousand times better than anything I conjured up in ‘dreamland’.

Keeping my voice low,

“Aaah shit! Annie, that feels so fucking good!”

Her only response was,


While she continued her cock-sucking onslaught, I hastily removed my shirt. Fighting the urge to stay put and just let her finish me off and cum in her mouth, I brought her to a standing position, but not before she managed to lick clean the first drops discharged from my rock-hard member.

We kissed hungrily while I opened the remaining buttons of her blouse and slid it off her lovely defined shoulders. She released her bra and threw it aside. Her ample breasts stood erect and for a short moment I froze as I ogled their hard protruding nipples. For a 39 year-old woman with a child, Annie had an amazingly youthful figure.

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall while I removed the rest of my clothes.

I grabbed her close, guiding her arms on to my shoulders we kissed deeply while feeling each other’s body heat. My hands roamed down her beautifully arched back and down under her panties to cup her ass cheeks while my stiff cock pressed up against the thin wet fabric covering her slit. Then I moved my left hand around to the front and Annie gave out a short squeal as I found her wet opening and slowly began to finger fuck her. First one finger and then two while massaging her clit with the palm of my hand, faster and faster, as we continued to kiss passionately. I felt an urgency to see and feel her orgasm.

My fingers zeroed in on her clit as she cried out in ecstasy,

“Oh fuck, Kyle! I’m coming!”


Reaching her peak, she shuddered uncontrollably and held on to me for dear life. Our mouths clung together.

Her wetness and hunger drove me mad.

Reluctantly I released her from my arms, pulled down her panties and lifted her onto my desk.

As she slowly lay back, I bent over and began to caress both breasts. I lowered my mouth to suck and tenderly bite her right nipple while simultaneously gently pinching her left.

She whispered in my ear,

“Oh, Kyle, I need your hard cock in me real bad. Now, Please!”

‘Jeez!’ I thought. ‘How can a seemingly reserved and modest lady, turn out to be such a wanton, uninhibited creature?!’

I immediately responded,

“Oh, Annie, you can have me and my cock anywhere, anytime and anyhow you please.”

Again thinking: ‘She’s like two totally different people, Mrs. Jekyll and Sex Craving Hyde!’

“I’ve never met a woman as hot, sexy and enticingly beautiful as you, Annie.”

She bent her knees and raised her legs as far back as she could towards her shoulders, as if making an offering to the gods.

“Fuck me, Kyle, NOW! I want to feel you cum deep inside me!”

Every blood vessel in my body, from head to toe, devoured that majestically erotic view of her exquisite form. Legs open wide, totally clean shaven, and her pinkish pussy emitting endless droplets of desire begging for my manhood. Before guiding my cock into paradise, I had to get my lips on that beautiful, hot and wet pussy. I kneeled down and brought my mouth to within an inch of her pussy lips and for a moment just feasted my eyes on the luscious view. Annie moaned and her juices were flowing freely as my tongue began to lick her. Then I switched targets and began to tongue fuck her anal opening until she begged for mercy.

“Baby! Fuck my wet cunt already! Please!”

Still feeling the need, I returned my attention to her waiting pussy and my hungry tongue entered her as deep as possible and lapped up as much juice as I could. Annie was so engrossed in the pleasure of my tongue fucking her that Yenimahalle Escort she didn’t realize the strength she used to hold on to the back of my head with both her hands.

Finally I managed to get back up and I guided my stiff rod to her opening and wet its head. Our eyes met yet again as I slowly entered her and we both simultaneously let out a sigh of pleasure.

I began to fuck Annie like there was no tomorrow. My balls slapped against her ass cheeks with every thrust. We were both delirious and animalistic in our sounds of pleasure.

Without warning Annie came a second time, and her flowing juices encompassing my shaft caused me to lose control. With one last thrust I exploded and jet streamed into her inner being.

Totally emptied, I leaned over and kissed her deeply.

“You are Heaven on Earth, Annie. You really are.”

As we got up, Annie turned to me and told me to lie down on the desk.

While doing as told, I wondered what she had in mind.

Annie got on the desk, and straddled me on her knees at face level. Looking down at me, she said,

“Kyle Baby, make me cum while you swallow our mixed juices from my cunt.”

For a split second it crossed my mind that for all my sexual experience in life, I had never done such a thing, other than the first time I masturbated as a youth and out of curiosity I tasted my own cum. I recalled how at the time I concluded that ice-cream tasted better.

Lying on my back, I looked up at a heavenly sight. Her glistening womanhood with my cum slowly oozing out, her perfectly flat belly, the underside of her breasts and protruding nipples, topped off with that beautiful face looking down at me, were all I needed. I began licking her pussy and slurping up her juices mixed with my own cum. It was an unexpected and deliciously erotic turn on. Annie had both hands on my head as she rode my open mouth and tongue. My arms were wrapped around both her legs and my fingers grasped at her pussy lips to keep them apart so I could get as much love juice out of her as possible.

Holding on for dear life, Annie rode my tongue and mouth faster and faster until she abruptly stopped for a split second and then immediately let out a deep groan as her body began to shake uncontrollably.

This time, Annie didn’t orgasm in a tirade of sexual expletives. She just groaned and kept on groaning intensely until every fiber in her body had joyfully taken part in an exquisite sexual release.

She repositioned, came to rest on top of me and passionately kissed me so she could taste our combined juices.

As our mouths separated, she whispered,

“Oh, Baby! That was delicious.”

“Without a doubt, Annie, it was amazingly delicious. You’re amazingly delicious.”

We cleaned up, dressed, and again hugged and kissed. I told her that I’d finish off the paperwork myself and that she should go on home. She gave me a sensual and knowing smile and left.

I wondered, ‘Was she aware that I had sort of planned this encounter?’

Annie took the elevator to the ground floor, exited the building, and got into the front seat of a waiting parked car.


“Hi Honey”, she said, as she slid real close and kissed her husband.

Jack looked her straight in the eyes,

“You’re still wet, aren’t you?”

“Hell, yes! My instincts tell me that he’s exactly what we were looking for, Baby.”

Jack drove off with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on Annie’s upper thigh. Annie guided his hand until he touched her sopping wet pussy lips.

“Baby, please finger fuck me!”

“You know I can’t refuse you, Honey,” As he shoved two fingers into her wet hole.

Jack had a hard time concentrating on the road as he felt Annie’s juices flow. He felt her shudder in orgasm until she slowly stopped moving. He removed his fingers from her and licked them both clean. He looked at Annie and smiled lovingly, realizing she’d fallen into a slumber with a contented look on her face.

For the rest of the ride home, Jack had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand massaged his crotch. He needed relief as he conjured up wild sex scenes and new experiences that may very well become reality in their foreseeable future.

(To be continued…)

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