Sexual Awakening of Claudia

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On the night of her 40th birthday, Claudia committed adultery for the first time, succumbing to temptation at last. A couple of times over the years she’d come perilously close to falling prey to a smooth-talking guy with everything else in place, ready for her to yield and forsake her marriage vows.

Earlier in the night close friend Brigit Stevens had told her Eva Mackey seemed to be eyeing up Joey, Claudia’s husband.

“People are becoming drunk so anything could happen,” said Brigit, who was hosting the party.

“What on earth would Joey see in her?”

“Big tits darling, the same as most men.”

“But they hang like melons.”

“I know but apparently some guys like getting into the melon patch. Just watch them, that’s all I’m saying.

Two hours later, swaying where she was standing to cool down in the night air, Claudia was joined by Jim Mackey.

“Hi, I’ve come out looking for Eva.”

“Haven’t seen her,” Claudia said, who had not noticed Joey around. “Are you going to give me a birthday kiss?”

“Yeah sure honey, I did that earlier but with you one is not nearly enough.”

Jim kissed her and placing a hand over a breast kissed her again.

Claudia placed her hand over his to keep it there.

“Are you sure you don’t mind.”

“No of course not Jim. What about a quickie?”

Jim leant back to look at her in the dim light.

“Are you kidding?”

“No. It’s my birthday. Take me to the side porch.”

Claudia hoped they wouldn’t find Eva and Joey there but it was clear.

“How do you want it?”

“Inside me.”

“No I mean… oh it doesn’t matter.”

They kissed messily, neither of them sober and then he said, “Lift your skirt up as high as your hips.”

Jim then lifted her without too much effort and instructed, “Pull your panties to the side and then steer it in. Bend your back and I’ll push you gently against the wall but hold your hips out so I get a good angle. May I shoot inside you?”

“Oooh, yes please.”

They struggled away inelegantly and then it was time. She came first followed very closely by Jim when she squeezed him repeatedly with her vaginal muscles.

Jim put her down and said, “Christ Claudia, you should be working at sex professionally. Even since I’ve know you I’ve yearned to sink one inside knew and thought you’d be good, but not that good.”

Claudia was stunned. Here was someone claiming she was good at sex whereas her husband proclaimed the opposite, telling her she was taking too long, not moving her ass and not banging back at him hard enough.

The truth about that hit her. She had no idea how good or bad she really was, having only the one yardstick until now when the second authority had complimented her. And was Joey good, bad or average? If she had a few other men she could sort that out.

She imagined Joey attempting to fuck her standing up. He wouldn’t be as strong as Jim so they would be staggering all over the place until he thudded her against the wall and then would he have managed to hold her while pumping? Perhaps but she thought no way would he have been as stable and as smoothly pumping Ordu Escort as Jim. Christ, what a time to be thinking about sorting this out, eighteen years after their marriage and two kids later! Stop thinking about it girl.

Claudia had to drive home because Joey claimed he was too drunk. He also stank of sex.

“I’m shot,” he said deceptively without saying what had eroded his strength.

She decided not to ask directly had he been fucking Eva. “I noticed Eva eyeing you a number of times, quite intently in fact.”


“Eva Mackey.”

“Oh her.”

“Well you two went missing around the same time.”

There was a pause and then Joey said carefully, “We decided to go out for fresh air.”

Well that was as good as admitting they’d fucked. “Oh that was a good idea, it became so stifling inside with so many people. But it was a very good evening don’t you think.”

“Yeah a great birthday party. Look we got a couple away this morning for your birthday. Do you mind if we miss tonight. I said I feel shot.”

“Sure, good idea. I can’t see myself being much interested. I feel as if I’ve been fucked into tomorrow.”

“Excuse me… what do you mean?”

Claudia drove on without answering, thinking of celebrating her birthday with her first standing fuck. Then she said, “Traffic is orderly tonight.” Joey didn’t reply and when she looked across saw he was asleep, mouth open. She drove on wondering had Eva sprayed into that mouth. She made Joey go out and clean his teeth next morning before they had sex.

* * *

A specialist in Family Law, Claudia hadn’t meant it to happen, but it did. She began thinking about having sex with other men, just lightly at first but she became aware her interest was deepening. She had the choice of deciding what to do: if she brooded about it long enough it would finally fade away or she could engage and deal with the risks and exposures as they arose, if they arose.

Claudia set up her first affair — she’d decided against one-night stands as being of no consequence — during late Friday afternoon drinks with senior office personnel. She propositioned Guy Anderson in Traffic and Accident. She knew Guy was forty-nine and on his second marriage and taught law at a night college.

“May I buy you a drink Guy?”

“No, I’ll buy them — two scotches?”

“Only one for me,” she laughed, making him grin.

“What’s on your mind Claudia?” he asked after they clinked glasses and sipped.

“Do you have affairs?”

Guy looked around nervously and pushed her away from the group, saying senior partners might overhear.

“Why do you ask?”

“I was wondering.”

“What, you and me?”

When Claudia nodded Guy licked his lips.

They met every Wednesday afternoon for the next five weeks. On that last occasion he pulled the plug, saying his wife had found lipstick on his shirt collar.

“And you said?”

“A rambunctious female student was celebrating getting a good mark in the lecture room.”


“I was told in no uncertain terms not to allow it to happen again.”

“So that was our finale.”


“That’s Ordu Escort Bayan good because I feel the longer we continue the more chance there is of being detected. I needed a break-out and you gave it to me.”

Guy said sadly he was sorry to have to let Claudia go. “To my surprise you are sexier and more effective than my wife who is only twenty-eight.”

“If that good?”

“Oh very good. On the last couple of occasions you drained me practically dry. You are so enthusiastic.”

Claudia went home well pleased.

Three months later Claudia went to a regional law convention covering several states. Usually she chirped away at the opening cocktail party with unaccompanied women, being eyed by mainly unaccompanied men. But on this occasion being on the prowl she joined a group of attorneys with partners and several guys unaccompanied. She knew several of them from past conventions so had no problem merging in.

It happened most unexpectedly; the blond guy Harry Chisholm came up beside her and casually ran a hand over her ass.

She smiled and whispered, “Is that proper behavior in this room Harry?”

“Do I need to apologize?”

“Certainly not. After this we can have dinner in my suite if you wish.”

“A suite? Yes please.”

They left when most people were moving off to dinner. As soon as the room door closed behind them they launched into an amorous getting-to-know-you routine of kisses and hot petting, breaking off to order dinner and then Harry tossed Claudia on to the bed and they went at it lustily. They received a call that dinner was fifteen minutes away so had showered and dressed and were drinking wine when their dinner trolley arrived.

To her astonishment, Claudia was able to rate Harry as not being very good. Only a few months ago she would have had no idea. He was thick and fairly short and it kept popping out because he was in too much of a hurry. He simply lacked finesse, being completely without style of having a concept of taking Claudia to the summit each time they engaged.

Because of marking him down on performance, Claudia sent him away at 10:00 and said she had a partner for next night’s dinner dance, which was untrue. But in fact she had that partner by engaging in predatory conversation during pre-lunch drinks that day. The guy was good looking in a rugged way and very hairy and never once during the next twenty-four hours came before she did. His technique when he wanted her to come was to slap her ass and then part her ass cheeks and being fearful he was about to finger her up the butt made Claudia come. She’d never had a guy so totally in control. No way was she going to take his big one up the ass.

* * *

As arrange Claudia took a cab home, arriving at 7:00, the agreement being Joey would have fed the two children and would have the remains of the roast ready for them.

Joey had performed well living alone with the children he said but it was clear he was sporting a black eye and cut lip.

“Daddy had a car accident,” Milly said.

When the kids were in bed and Claudia returned to the kitchen Escort Ordu Joey sat her down and handed a glass of wine.

“I’ve been a bad, bad boy.”

“I’d wondered about that. They look more like fist marks and anyway your steering wheel airbag would have inflated.”

“I have betrayed you Claudia.”

“Oh yes, lovely wine. I allowed a guy to fuck me at the convention so we’re even.”

Joey looked shocked as if amazed someone would want to fuck his wife.

“Serve and then tell me all Joey.”

“It was a surprisingly good meal, the roast followed by peach pie almost as good as Claudia made.

“I have been having an affair with Eva Mackey.”

“Brigit had warned me something might happen between you two.”

“That bitch!”

“Stop it Joey, she’s one of my best friends.”

“Two afternoons ago Jim arrived home and caught us at it. He went crazy and beat us both up.”

“Oh god.”

“He only slapped Eva around.”

“Thank god.”

“Forgive me Claudia.”

Claudia took time to reply, allowing him to squirm. “Yeah okay. This is a lovely dinner darling.”


The skilled lawyer was manipulating her husband. “Yes how can I be angry with you when I know I’m sexually inadequate for you?”


“You obviously think I’m not good enough in bed for you and you’re now running off to get off with women you desire before it’s too late and you can’t get an erection any longer.”

“What? When will that happen?”

Joey would not have looked any more concerned had she shot him.

“Your body will let you know.”

“Oh Claudia, don’t let that happen to me. I’ve no desire to become so old I’ll be too stiffed-jointed to perform.”

“Okay darling.”

“You promise?”

“Yes of course darling. You have been a wonderful husband and father to our children. What have I to complain about but insufficient sex?”

It amused Claudia to virtually watch her husband’s mind ticking. “Darling, I’ve noticed how more flexible and responsive you’ve been in bed since your fortieth.”

“That’s because the clock is ticking for me Joey. I might only have a limited number left in me, but then again…”

Joey looked at her affectionately and obviously relieved to have been let off the hook.

Claudia went two years before her final breakout, her ultimate in sexual liaisons.

Nowadays she and Joey are banging away in generally delightful encounters. Joey has told her repeatedly he is having the best sex of his life with her since their marriage. He’s happy to be friends again with Jim and that Jim has the confidence to leave Joey and Eva in the same room alone.

Claudia even trusts herself to be left in the same room alone with Jim. Her last and truly great sexual liaison was ten weeks with Jim. She began it saying, “I didn’t believe you when you told me that time I fuck better than Eva.”

Jim admitted later he couldn’t recall having ever said that to Claudia but suggested they ought to test out the theory.

They put everything into it each time they stole time together and had mostly nape-hair raising bangs over those ten weeks until they agreed they’d reached the top of their game and should end their affair before they were discovered.

“Except on birthday nights,” said Jim.

Claudia smiled at him wickedly, not seeking clarification about whose birthdays did he mean.


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