Sluts – Rachel Ch. 03-05

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Hello Readers – I’ve combined chapters 3, 4 and 5 for this posting.

Chapter – 3 Guys Like It Shaved

Katie held the razor and shaving cream in her hands while Rachel paced the room. A bowl of warm water had been drawn, towels and other necessities were at the ready. Rachel, on the other hand, wasn’t yet convinced.

“Why do I need to do this?” Rachel asked.

“Cause, guys like shaved pussy, that’s why!” Katie said.

“I haven’t even decided for sure that I want to have sex. And, what if I cut myself shaving down there? Why not shave when I do decide to do it?”

“First off, you have decided to have sex, you just haven’t decided who the lucky guy will be. You need to shave now and keep it clean for when the occasion arises, plus it’ll probably be a bit irritated for a while, remember the first time you shaved your legs… so you might not want to shave and bang for the first time on the same day. And I will take care not to cut you.”

“What, no…”

“Relax, you fingered me last week, now it’s my turn to return the favour.”

“I never…”

“Ingrown hair… remember?”

“I pulled a pube, I didn’t finger you,” Rachel laughed.

“Oh yes you did!” Katie insisted. “And you took your sweet time pulling that hair. I’m not complaining… you could have taken an hour if you liked, just stop denying that you weren’t copping a feel.”

Rachel recalled the pubic hair pulling procedure. It was the day of her actual birthday. Katie had come over after school, as usual, and the pair spent a while having a snack and chatting about anything and everything. Katie complained about the pimple that had formed on her mound where the hair had become ingrown. It was painful and irritated so she asked Rachel for some assistance.

Katie dropped her panties and hopped onto the bed with her legs spread. Rachel moved in closer with a measure of hesitation to hide the slight eagerness she had to get up close and personal with her friend’s sensitive bits? As she recalled the process of releasing the infection and pulling out the hair, she had to admit to herself that she did let her fingers wander a little and she took extra time to enjoy it a little, herself. She hadn’t realize it was that obvious.

“Okay, fine… I MAY have accidently touched your… naughty parts, but I was taking my time so I wouldn’t, ahhh, hurt you.”

“Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, but just so you know, I’m up for it if you ever want to play doctor with my cunt again,” Katie said. “Enough about my pussy, drop your pants and spread ’em!”

“I wasn’t playing…” Rachel protested as she hesitantly popped open the button on her jeans and Katie laid a towel on her bed.

Katie soaked a washcloth in the large bowl of warm water she had placed on a chair beside the bed.

“So, why are we doing this in my room and not in the bathroom?”

“You’ll enjoy this so much more in here.”


“Quiet. Panties off. Hell, get naked if you want, then on the bed.”

Rachel slipped off her panties and crawled onto the bed. She may have put on a front about sex, but Katie knew her friend had a freaky side that was trying to bust free.

“Spread! And, close your eyes.”

Rachel spread her legs and closed her eyes then mumbled, “I’m almost afraid of what you you’re going to do next.”

“Relax,” Katie said as she let warm drops of water fall from the washcloth onto her friend’s exposed mound.

After a few droplets wet her skin, Rachel moaned slightly. Katie placed the cloth over Rachel’s genitals then shook the can of shaving cream and popped off the cap.

“Keep your eyes closed,” Katie said when she saw Rachel peeking.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this. Remind me why.”

“Guys like shaved cunts. And you are letting me do it ’cause, deep down, you’re a slut. A kinky sex freak slut, just like me, and you want someone else’s hands doing the job.”

“Oh… I’m a virgin and a slut… not sure how that works but whatever. Are you going to spray that on like whipped cream on a cupcake? Like you did in Home-Ec class?”

“Haha. It was a muffin that looked like a cunt, I couldn’t resist. Nope, I’ll be spreading it over your muffin with a cock!”

Rachel opened her eyes suddenly, “A what?”

“Brownie’s cock,” Katie said as she wiggled her finger. “Oh, that gives me an idea.”

Rachel closed her eyes until she felt the bed move. She opened her eyes again and saw Katie grabbing Brownie.

“What the fuck?”

Katie held the can of shaving cream at Brownie’s crotch then placed the bear between Rachel’s legs. She moved the bear’s hips in a humping motion then made a grunting sound as her finger pressed the button on the top of the can. A stream of white cream sprayed from between her bear’s legs and washed wildly over Rachel’s abdomen and pubic mound.

“Oh my, all that pent up cum!” Katie laughed.

Rachel laughed as the mound of cream built up on her body.

“Brownie, bursa escort you’re coming home with me tonight,” Katie said as she gazed at the bear. “Okay, close your eyes. Brownie’s gonna make you feel right…”

Rachel felt her friend’s fingers moving the cream over her pubic area. She had enjoyed masturbation many times but hadn’t ever let anyone else touch her private areas before then and she hadn’t ever brought herself to climax, either. She felt herself relax as Katie’s fingers slipped between folds of flesh, clearly doing more than prepping her for a shave.

Katie’s eyes were fixed on her Rachel’s body and moved northward to the lips that let a soft moan escape. She saw hands clenched in fist full of bed sheets before she turned her gaze to the mound of fluffy white shaving cream. Her finger was buried deep within the foamy mess, no longer moving it around as intended. She felt her friend’s flesh under her fingertip, the firm nub of a clitoris responding to her gentle touch.

While Katie’s fingers moved through the lather, sparking arousal within her mound, Rachel’s mind started to fill with sin fueled imagery. A memory flashed on the back of her eyelids for a millisecond then transformed into a fantasy. For a moment, while gentle touch stimulated her clitoris, she let the scene build in her mind until two words brought it to a crashing end, “Oh, daddy.” Katie stopped, then retracted her finger and went back to the original task, but Rachel wasn’t certain if she had actually vocalized those words or not. There was no sign on Katie’s face, no smirk or raised eyebrow. Surely, if she had said them aloud something would be said.

“I know what I’m going to get you as a late birthday gift. The adult toy store has a dildo; it’s got these attachments, so it can be a strap on, or a base so you can, like, bounce on it. It even has a leg strap, so you can shove it up inside you then it moves in and out while you walk. You can even buy a fuck machine for it, and if you get a second one you can take it up both holes at the same time.”

Katie moved the razor over Rachel’s skin then dipped it into the warm water to clean the hair and cream from the head. She continued until Rachel’s pubic hairs and the shaving cream had been completely removed. She then pumped a small amount of soothing gel into her hand from a tube she had pulled from her purse. She heard Rachel moan a little as she rubbed the lotion over the freshly shaven skin.

The fantasy of Dean’s fingers on her sex hadn’t reformulated, but it was still top of mind.

“You like that?” Katie asked as she started to focus the movement of her finger on Rachel’s clit. “How about—”

Rachel gazed at her friend for a moment, her lower lip clenched between her teeth, trying to erase the incestuous thoughts, until she heard noises echo from the front door.

“Shit, my parents are home!” Rachel said as she scrambled from her bed.

Katie grabbed the bowl of water and carefully carried it to the bathroom to dump its contents in the toilet. She had hoped Rachel’s father had come home alone but the disappointing sound of Trudy’s shrill voice echoing up the stairwell made her body shrink.

“Rachel!” Trudy bellowed as she peered up the staircase. “Oh, Katie, isn’t it time you went home?”

“Oh, ahhh, yeah, I was just about to leave,” Katie replied before she headed back to Rachel’s room.

“Hi, mom!” Rachel shouted as she buttoned and zipped her jeans closed. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Sorry, but your mom’s a bitch,” Katie said as she grabbed her backpack.

Rachel rolled her eyes and nodded before she led Katie out of her room and down the stairs. Katie waved then slipped out the front door.

“What are you doing?” Rachel said as she watched her mother sift through a desk drawer in the den.

“It’s none of your business,” Trudy replied as she pulled her passport from the drawer.

“What are we having for dinner?” Rachel asked.

Trudy ignored her daughter and left the den.

“I was thinking I could make stuff for tacos,” Rachel added. “Or, not…”

Trudy spent an hour moving in and out of her bedroom, packing clothing in a suitcase she had carried up from the basement. Rachel grabbed a two-litre bottle of Fanta Orange and a bag of potato chips then shut herself in her bedroom. After a while, when she heard her father enter the house, she moved to her door to listen in on their conversation.

Her parents’ voices were faint and hard to hear at times. She heard words like Italy and leaving but couldn’t hear any of the ones about divorce. When she stepped out of her bedroom after hearing the front door slam shut, Rachel found her father alone in the kitchen staring blankly into the refrigerator.

“Hi, daddy.”

“Hi,” he replied in a soft tone.

“I was thinking of making tacos, but—”

“Your mom is going to Italy.”

“Oh, okay. Well, tacos might take too long, how about pizza.”

Dean looked at his daughter for a moment, surprised slightly by bursa escort bayan her lack of concern about Trudy’s sudden departure. He then closed the fridge and nodded as he pulled open the freezer drawer.

“There aren’t any frozen pizzas. Can we get delivery?”

Dean nodded as he grabbed the cordless phone from the counter beside the refrigerator and dialed. He ordered take out from a place down the street and explained, “I’ll drive down and pick it up. I want to grab a case of beer while I’m out.”

“Okay, I’ll put on my pjs and figure out which movies we can watch.”

“Sounds good. No homework, then?”

“Nope! So it’s just you and me and the movie channel!”

Chapter – 4 Sinful Thoughts

An empty pizza box sat on the coffee table beside a couple empty beer bottles and a two-liter Fanta bottle with only an inch of orange soda in the bottom. The movie credits had finished rolling and gave way to the pay-per-view movie menu. Dean’s head was propped up by he left hand while Rachel lay sleeping across the sofa with her head on his lap, facing the television.

Rachel moved slightly, turning her body onto her right side, and settling back with her head on his lap. A moment later her eyes fluttered open. She felt slightly disoriented for a few seconds then glanced up at her sleeping father. Her eyes shifted rapidly then focused on the mound that filled out the crotch of his pajama pants. She starred at it and bit her lower lip. A memory came back as clear as the original vision. It was a memory that came to mind when Katie and the sluts spoke about her father’s DILF status. It was the seed that started the fantasy that filled her mind while Katie spread the shaving cream over her mound.

Two years earlier, Dean’s car was in the shop overnight, so he had jogged home from work early and had taken a shower. Rachel arrived home to what seemed to be an empty house and climbed the stairs towards her bedroom. She dropped her bag at the door of her room then opened the bathroom door across the hall. Trudy had taken the original locking doorknob from the second-floor bathroom and exchanged it with the knob from the door to the den for her own privacy while she “worked.” So, no security device prevented Rachel from flinging the door open. The ensuite of the master bedroom was being renovated, leaving only Rachel’s bathroom available for Dean to grab his shower. All of this lead up to the moment Rachel had suppressed until Katie and The Sluts spoke about his fuckability.

Dean stood with a towel over his head, drying his hair, when Rachel burst through the door. He pushed the towel back, away from his eyes, and noticed his daughter standing in the bathroom doorway. He froze. She Froze. Her eyes were fixated on his naked body and for a fraction of a second that seemed like minutes, neither moved. Finally, Dean dropped the towel and covered himself just as Rachel turned and rushed out the door. Neither spoke about the incident and the doorknob on the bathroom was changed the next day.

Rachel lay with her head on his lap, her eyes were fixed on the front of her father’s pajamas and her mind was fixed on the mass of flesh that lurked behind the thin fabric, drawing on that memory. The cock she visited in her mind slept just a few inches from her eyes, her mouth, her tongue. She hardly realized her hand had slipped into her pajama pants and had started to play with her tingling clitoris as she drifted off to sleep.


Dean awoke softly and noticed Rachel was still asleep with her head on his lap. Her forehead was pressed against the crotch of his pajama pants. Only thin layers of fabric separated his daughter’s face from his manhood. His cock instantly began to swell as the intimacy of the situation got his mind racing with thoughts a father should not have about his own daughter. It didn’t matter how wrong those thoughts were, his cock was under their spell. As it grew firm and large, the thoughts grew, unrestrained and more sinful.

He couldn’t wake her without causing unspeakable embarrassment for both of them. The small part of his brain that wasn’t swimming in the euphoria of an incestuous fantasy, searched for a way out of the situation. He needed to slip out from under her and replace his swelling cock… err lap… with something… a cushion. His eyes scanned the chair to the left, but it was too far to reach the throw pillow wedged in the corner. To his right, he might have seen a cushion had it not been for Rachel’s body taking his eyes captive.

Through the opening of the collar and the small spaces between the buttons of her pajama top, hints of flesh teased his gaze. While mostly hidden within fabric shadows, hints of her right breast could be seen if he focused his vision long enough. But he couldn’t hold his sight on her chest for long, not with the view of her hand down the front of her pajama pants only a foot and a half further down her body. Those sinful thoughts continued to grow.

Without thinking, escort bursa his fingers tangled in Rachel’s hair, but he didn’t control the small twitches her head made as she slept. Those movements massaged his cock through a few layers of fabric, and it was all he could do to suppress a primal groan. Within seconds he was fully erect, his cock completely engorged and pushing out towards the source of its pleasure, his daughter. He felt control slipping away from him when a quiet moan escaped her lips. He was ready to burst right then.

After a few torturous minutes, something changed in Rachel’s movements. She stirred and appeared to be waking up. Not wanting to be caught enjoying his daughter in this sinful way, he closed his eyes and let his mouth drop open to let his breath sounds feign a restful slumber. Perhaps she might not notice the raging hard-on.

As she awoke, that mass of flesh she had been dreaming of was caressing her face through tented pajama pants. She froze for a moment before casting her eyes upward to her father’s face. He seemed to be sleeping.

Holy shit! What the hell is happening? What do I do? Rachel wondered.

She had fallen asleep on the sofa with her father many times before. Sometimes with her feet stretched out over his lap, sometimes she slept with her head on his lap. The night after her birthday they had stayed up late watching a movie and fell asleep in a similar position, but perhaps not as intimate as this occasion. She began to wonder if she had provoked such a reaction that night and hadn’t known.

Rachel didn’t want to wake her father in his state of arousal and cause him any embarrassment. She wrestled with the idea of not moving at all, and settling back with her face pressed against his cock filled pajamas. What the fuck? Why would I do that? Katie can’t find out about this! She let his sheathed erection brush against her face a little while longer while she pondered, feeling an arousal building within her core. For a moment she entertained the ideas Katie had suggested. For a moment she felt control slipping away. Then a soft groan escaped her father’s lips and brought those ideas to an abrupt halt.

She decided it would be best if she just turned onto her other side and give her dad a few minutes to… go limp. She moved slowly to turn, hoping she wouldn’t wake him. Or worse yet, cause his release! She would fake sleeping if he did wake up. A perfect plan to ride out this awkward situation. Dean continued to fake his own sleep, feeling a mix of disappointment and relief when Rachel face was no longer pressed against his swollen member.


Sunlight broke through the living room window. Dean had left Rachel sleeping on the sofa when he felt the beers from the night before begging to get out. He woke her in time for her to get ready for school, then cleared the pizza box and bottles from the coffee table. He poured a bowl of cereal for himself and one for his daughter.

Both dawned their best poker face, hiding the night’s activity from each other, unaware the other was awake through the awkward moments they shared.

“Daddy, when is mom coming back?” Rachel asked.

Oh how hearing her call him Daddy stirred some sinful thoughts. She had called him Daddy a million times before but after that night, it would feel different. The innocence of that title was gone.

“I’m not sure,” Dean replied. “We are—”

The doorbell rang. Both Rachel and Dean looked towards the door and waited briefly before responding.

“That’s probably Katie,” Rachel said as she stepped out of the kitchen.

Seconds later, Katie sat and chatted while Rachel and Dean finished their breakfast. She eyed the father and daughter with a smirk on her face until they had finished their meal. Something seemed off. Before she could put much thought to it, she followed Rachel up the stairs to the bedroom and went right to the closet to pick out something for her friend to wear.

“Have I ever told you—” Katie started.

“Yes, I know, my dad’s a DILF,” Rachel said as she rolled her eyes.

“True, but I was going to say that you need some new sexy stuff to wear.”

“Oh… Yeah. Maybe we can hit the mall on Saturday.”

“Serious, you’re going to let me find you some slut worthy skirts and tops?”

“Maybe… We never did get around to the banana and cucumber, yesterday,” Rachel said and immediately questioned why she had.

Katie pondered for a moment. There was definitely something different. Something about the silence between Rachel and Dean that raised suspicions, but she thought better of asking. “Right, we’ll have to work on that after school. Hopefully, your mother doesn’t interrupt us again.”

“She’s gone. Some work thing in Italy,” Rachel said as she hooked her bra around her body.

Katie nodded with a smile as she tossed a light coloured, skin-tight shirt towards Rachel and said, “Good. We’ll start with blow jobs.”

“This shirt is white… I’m wearing a black bra.”

“Exactly the look I was going for. I would suggest going braless, but Dee tried that last week and got sent home before class even started.”

“You guys are so bad!” Rachel said as she slipped on a pair of jeans.

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