The Argument

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I woke up with a headache and grumpy. Why was I grumpy? What the hell happened last night. We’d been drinking, we were having fun with some friends. Oh that’s right somebody made a joke about blow jobs and I commented about how I didn’t know what that was anymore. She got very upset over this comment. My wife feels jokes about marriage stereotypes are not funny. Well I don’t find it funny that there are probably celibate nuns that put out more than her.

I looked over at her still sleeping, I felt torn. Part of me wanted to apologise. Part of me

wanted to keep arguing. Sex was a sore subject for me. The joke had been a cheap shot, but the argument was a long time coming.

The funny thing about arguing with my wife is even if you feel you’ve won, you probably still lost. Despite this, I loved her more then anything. She was smart, determined, beautiful. She has a smile that lights up a room, and one of those laughs that is so genuine you can’t helping being happy when you hear it. I don’t like arguing with her, I don’t like seeing her upset. I just want her to be happy, which is why I try my darndest to make her happy all the time.

Which is why I am so unhappy about our lack of a sex life. Yes we have sex, but on average once a month. She feels that’s plenty. I feel it’s one step above a sexless marriage.

Anyway the argument went for a while until I told her our relationship was unbalanced and I was tired of giving up everything but still giving her everything. She didn’t like that, and for good reason, it was hyperbolic and inaccurate, but it made my point. The balance of intimacy in our relationship was very skewed toward her.

The day went by and we barely spoke. She was to mad at me, and I was holding my ground sancaktepe escort for once. The next day went through a similar vein though we were a little more cordial, that night she kissed me good night at least. On the third day things seemed to have cooled off. I woke up to her making breakfast smoothies. Pineapple and other fruits. Not my favorite thing in the world but she and the kids love them. We normally don’t make a big breakfast for everyone so this was very nice.

Later for lunch I offered to cook as a thank you. I made burgers and she stepped in to cut up fresh fruit. Berries pineapple melon etc. It was delightful.

All day long she made a point of brushing up against me, kissing me on the cheek and generally being affectionate, I was happy to do the same. It was perfect. I began to think the argument had been worth it.

Finally that night the kids were asleep, we settled for the night too. I went to go watch something on my tab, when she snuggled up to me sliding her hand across my belly. She began rubbing it softly, something I have always enjoyed but very rarely did she do it. I leaned back and said “I love you”. She smiled and leaned into my ear whispering “I love you too.”

Her hand began to slide lower to the waistband of my boxers. I let out a soft moan as it teasingly moved back and forth sliding inch by inch under the fabric.

My mind began to race and I fought to suppress all the desires I’d been building up for years, I told myself to just enjoy what was about to happen.

Her hand slid around my cock and she stroked my balls, I felt them constricting with pleasure as the teasing continued. I want more, but I also wanted to drag this ümraniye escort out as long as possible. Finally she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, instantly growing erect in her grip. She stroked gently drawing out sharp breaths from me with each motion.

Then she leaned into my ear again and whispered “I want to suck you.”

My mind exploded. I could barely stammer and acknowledgement while she brought her head down and began kissing my now strained cock. She kissed up and down the shaft ignoring the head for a bit.

I was so turned on I almost lost it there, for the briefest moment a flash of fantasy passed through my mind, me losing control and my load of cum shooting out all over the most beautiful face in the world. It was a fantasy I’d had on countless occasions but quickly pushed away before I lost it. I wanted this to keep going for as long as possible.

Suddenly she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth, moaning as she drew in the whole shaft to the back of her throat. The sensation was intense, magical even, I was transported. The previous fantasy was kicked aside for the here and now as she worked the shaft in and out brushing her tongue across the head of my cock with each stroke.

This went on for a few minutes, she began gently stroking my balls. Then she pulled her mouth off and started jerking me off. I felt a twang of disappointment as she pulled away but I told myself this how it is, her eyes met mine and she smiled. I love that smile. She asked me “does that feel good?” I assured her it felt incredible. “Do you want more?” I smiled “yes please.” She grinned and went down again.

This went on for another 5 minutes, occasionally pulling tuzla escort off for a break to kiss me, stroking my cock the whole time. This kind of attention was rare, I kept waiting for her to stop and move on to sex but she never did. Finally she pulled her mouth off me and asked “are you going to cum for me baby?” I let out a breathy “sure.” And she went down and attacked my cock with her tongue again.

Now I had been told a while ago by my wife that she no longer wanted me to cum in her mouth. She decided she didn’t like it along with a lot of other things that I enjoy, and would no longer do them. Me knowing this I asked her “do you want me to get a towel.” So you can imagine my shock and joy when she looked up and with a completely straight face said “why do you think I had you eat all that pineapple today?”

I was shocked. I blurted “are you serious?” The smouldering look she gave me would have made my knees give out had I been standing. She just bit her lower lip and breathily ordered me to “cum in my mouth baby, I want to taste your cum.”

She again engulfed the head of my cock and began moaning hard, the vibration began sending me to the brink. I gently gripped the back of her head as my orgasm began to build within me.

I was still a little unsure so I gave one last pitiful “are you sure?” She never lifted her head up just moaned an affirmative, the vibration of that last moan did it. I lost all control and exploded into my wife’s mouth. The first shot sent rockets of pleasure through my body. As her mouth filled with cum my wife let out a soft squeak of surprise as more came out she held her mouth at the tip and took in every last drop. My body pulsed and shook with pleasure.

She pulled her mouth off her lips were shut tight. There was a moment of hesitation then she tilted her head back and swallowed the whole thing. She smiled at me. “Was that good?” I leaned in and kissed her with all the passion of our first kiss. She smiled “My turn?” I grinned and whispered in her ear “I want lick you till your cum is running down my face.” She grinned and let me go to town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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