The Early College Years Pt. 01

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My Da came into my room to wake me, but I was already awake. I had been for some time. It was just a little past 5am and hardly light.

“Come on, Tess. Time to get up.”

“OK, Da. I’m awake.”

I got out of bed and went next door to the bathroom. When I had finished I went back to my room taking my toothbrush with me and packing it in my small bag. It was time, the day had finally arrived. I took one last look around my room. The room I had shared with my younger sister for most of my life. She had moved upstairs a few months ago when the last of our older brothers had left home and freeing up an upstairs room. I had opted to stay down here in my room. It was cold in the winters but it was next to our only bathroom. And it was the room that one night a few years ago, Bryn, my first lover had sneaked into through the window. Happy memories. I closed the door and walked into the kitchen.

Mam was there already, making bacon sandwiches and a big pot of tea. I looked around at our kitchen, at the table where I had had breakfast, lunch and dinner since … well as long as I could remember. I thought about the family meals we had shared around that table. Mam, Da, my three brothers and my little sister. The Christmases, the Easters, the highs and the lows. The baking Mam and I had done, not to mention the years of homework. The history held within the grain of the wood. The stories told by the stains, the chips and gouges. My sister came sleepily into the kitchen and we stood there hugging each other. It was then the tears started. She was crying, I was crying. Mam just rolled her eyes at us and carried on frying bacon.

I had been so excited the past few weeks. Getting my things sorted and packed. It was finally here, time to go, time to say goodbye to the house, the only house, I had ever known. Small, cold and damp though it was, it was still home and I was leaving. Not permanently, just for now. I was going to college. No one back then ever called it university, or uni. It was college. Mine was in London. Not only a long way from the hills and moors of west Wales in terms of distance, but also in every other measure. Life here was rural and slow. I had had a wonderful childhood here on our farm. I had lived (and recently loved) here forever.

I had worked hard at school to get the grades I needed to go to college and study for a degree. I was to study Spanish and Latin American Studies. I had been accepted. I was delighted, ecstatic in fact and so excited. The past couple of months had be a very long wait. But now, as it was time to set off, the sadness overtook me. Da had put all my bags and boxes into the back of the family car. Mam had wrapped some sandwiches and filled a thermos flask with tea. It was after all a very long way to London. I stood by the car taking one last look at the hills, the barns, the stables and Mam. She gave me a big hug and slipped £100 pounds into my hand and said,

“Here, just in case. Don’t tell your Da!”

I felt the tears well up again as I looked into her face, her tired face. She was looking more than her age lately. Dad started the engine and urged me to hurry up. I got in and we pulled away. I looked back to see Mam and my sister waving, and I’m sure Mam had something in her eye as she was wiping away at them. Would never be a tear surely?

The journey was a long one. We stopped to get more fuel just before the Motorway. It would take 5 to 6 hours to get to the house in London I was to share with some other students. But first we had to go to the Accommodation Office at the college to sign some papers and be given a couple of keys. They also gave me a map to show where it was, which was not very far. This was going to be the tricky bit. I had opted on my form for mixed accommodation rather than single sex. A fact that until then my parents were unaware of.

We pulled up outside a big old Victorian, three storey house, set in a street of identical terraces. I walked up to the door and was about to put my key into the lock when it swung open. I was met by a pretty, young blonde woman of my own age.

“Oh Hi!” She greeted me. “You must be the last housemate. I’m Lydia.”

“Hi, yes I’m to live here too. I’m Tessa, or just Tess.”

Lydia led Da and me into the hall. It was very bland, not at all homely and seemed to be mostly used as a bicycle park. The walls were covered in woodchip wallpaper which was painted a rather horrid flesh colour.

“The others are all out at the minute, so it’s fairly quiet. I’ll show you both around.”

Da said something to me in Welsh, the language we always spoke at home. Lydia looked rather puzzled at us. I told her we were Welsh, and reminded my Da to speak English. She showed us the kitchen, the dining room and the sitting room. All of it furnished in a very institutional manner. It looked more like a factory canteen than a home. Not that I would have known what a factory looked like back then. She then lead the way upstairs and opened a bedroom sancaktepe escort door at the rear of the house.

“This is your room. I know mine is a bit bigger, but that’s what happens if you are the last one to arrive, sorry. And across the landing there is our bathroom, and that’s my room there. And that is Sarah’s room there. But she is out with the rest of them. Upstairs again are two more rooms and another bathroom.”

My room was much bigger than I had expected! It was certainly bigger than my room back at home. And it had a radiator! Central heating was a luxury unknown to me. There was also a single bed that seemed rather small in such a big room. A small desk with a reading light and a couple of drawers. Beside that was the wardrobe and chest of drawers. The carpet was exactly the same as in the rest of the house. It would have looked not out of place in an office. My Da went down stairs to start unloading the car. I took the chance to ask Lydia about the other two tenants. She told me their names. There was Simon (Si), an English guy and Alexandre (Sandy) who was a Scot. They were both out at the minute, but would be back later. The lads had rooms on the top floor. I asked her not to mention to my Da that there were guys living here too. She just nodded in an understanding way, bless her.

Da and I began to ferry up my bags and boxes. I told him I would take my time unpacking. One box however, we did unpack straight away. The food that Mam had sent with us. After a quick lunch Da was keen to be away. He had a very long drive back and would be tired by the time he got home. Just as he was about to leave my room and giving me a tight hug he slipped some money into my hand and said,

“Here, Tess, take this. It’s not much but it might come in useful. But don’t tell your Mam!”

I sat on the polythene covered mattress and surveyed my new world. Lydia knocked on my door to let me know she was going out too, and that the others should be back soon as the pubs were now closing!

I made up my bed. The familiar sheets and blankets smelling of Mam’s washing and the feel of something so close to home caused me to feel a little homesick already. I pulled myself together and told myself that I was over 18 now and an adult. I unpacked my clothes, I had brought every single item of clothing that I owned. There was not very much, but why I had brought my farming clothes I had no idea! I was unlikely to be doing any shearing or lambing now! I slowly unpacked my books and the few photographs I had brought with me. I took a long look at the photograph of the boyfriend and lover I had left behind. He was about to go off to college in Bangor in north Wales. I heard the front door open and close with a loud slam and voices downstairs. I thought I had better go down and say hello.

Following the sound of the voices I had no trouble finding the two guys in the kitchen. I just said,

“Hi, I’m Tess.”

“Oh yeah, hi, I’m Simon, just call me Si.” Said one of them. He was really tall. He must have been six feet five or six inches tall. Dark, wavy shoulder length hair, very dark eyes. He was rather narrow in build, not at all broad like the young men I had known back in Wales.

“And I’m Alexandre, AKA Sandy. Nice to meet you. Welcome.” His accent was so obviously Scots. He was very different to Si. He was shorter but very much broader than Si. And he had the most amazing hair I had ever seen. It was very ginger, something I was familiar with from some of my friends back home, but I had never seen anyone with their hair in dreadlocks before. He asked,

“You settled in OK?”. I replied that I was doing just that, but thought I’d come and say hello. They had been to a pub just down the road for a “bevy or two.” Said Sandy.

“Look, we are just grabbing a sandwich, you fancy one?” I said that I was fine. They then said that they had just rented a video and I was welcome to come and watch it with them if I wanted to. It seemed like a good way of breaking the ice so I said yes.

The three of us sat on the sofa and began to watch the film. It was Cocoon, with Steve Guttenburg. Si reached down to a carrier bag on the floor by his feet and pulled out four cans of lager. One he tossed to Sandy, one he opened and put in my hand, and took one for himself.

“Cheers!” he said.

“Slange!” was Sandy’s reply. I just smiled and nudged my can on theirs in turn, and said thanks. Here I was, Sunday afternoon, watching a video, drinking lager. Yep! I had begun my student life! We had a couple more drinks during the film, and after it had ended we sat there chatting.

Over the next week I got to know my housemates, got to know where the shops were. Enrolled formally at college and received my timetable of lectures, seminars and loads of other stuff, ready for college starting in earnest the week after. All was well in the house, we got on together and had a few laughs. Maybe ümraniye escort the only thing that rankled a little was the sound of Sarah and Lydia coming home rather late with their boyfriends. That in itself was not so bad, but the sound of them having prolonged sex coming through the walls was a bit more difficult to handle. But hey! That’s students for you!

A couple of weeks later Si and Sandy said that they were going off to have a kick about in a park with some other lads, and did I want to come along?

“Oh yes please, I love to watch rugby!”

“Rugby, no Tess, football, we are playing football.” Sandy told me in his wonderfully strong Scots accent. “I like rugby too, but it’s no rugby, it’s footy, OK?”

I said no thanks, I’ll just stay here and do my washing. They changed into sports gear and went off with their boots over their shoulders. I watched them leave, looking at the pair of them and thinking how very different they were. One was very tall and narrow, the other very broad and rather muscular. One dark haired, the other a true Celt with red hair and blue eyes. Si was happy-go-lucky and Sandy was very earnest and serious, especially about politics.

About an hour later I heard the door slam, so I knew it was the guys. I was in the sitting room reading. Not hearing the loud gabble that usually came along with the pair of them I got up to see what was happening. Sandy was stood in the hall in his football gear, his boots now on the floor. He was alone. I saw that he was holding a load of tissues against his thigh. He was obviously bleeding.

“Oh my God!, Sandy, what’s happened?”

“Ah, it’s nothing, just a wee scratch. Got studded that’s all. It’s ok, just smarts a wee bit.”

“Let me see.”

“Nah, honestly it’ll be fine in a wee while, don’t fret yourself, Hen.”

“Don’t be silly, get in here and let me see, now!”

He limped into the sitting room and sat heavily onto the sofa. I took away the tissues and saw four red welts down his thigh. One of which had been bleeding where the skin had been broken.

“OK, stay here, I’m going to clean that up.”

“No, Tess, honestly it’ll be fine.”

“Sandy, it won’t be fine until it is cleaned! Look there is mud streaks all around it! I’ve seen enough of these from the rugby games my brothers played in. Now shut up, while I go and get some thing for it.”

I returned shortly after with some warm water, cotton wool, antiseptic and a bandage. Thankful to my Mam! As Sandy sat on the sofa I knelt in front of him and began to bathe the dirt from his thigh. I was only then, for the first time aware of just how muscular he was. As I bathed and wiped his thighs I also became aware of the covering of tiny red hairs on those strong thighs, and how white his skin was. He kept leaning forwards as I wiped him.

“Sit back, I can’t see properly with you sitting forwards.” I said as I pushed him back.

“No, honestly, Tess. It’s fine now.” He replied, once again sitting forward.

I pushed him back again and admonished him for being a baby! He then took hold of a cushion that was by his side and quickly covered his groin area with it.

“What are you doing? Just let me sort this will you!”

“Tess, NO! Stop it, stop it now!”

I pulled the cushion away and tossed it aside. He very quickly covered his groin with both of his hands. It was then that I realised that he was trying to cover the growing bulge in the front of his shorts.

“Ah. Sorry, Sandy. I’m sorry. But I really do need to clean this. Honestly.”

“Aye, I know, but I can do it.”

“I’ll do it, properly. Just relax.”

He threw his head back and stared at the ceiling, his face bright red and his hands clenched firmly, but unsuccessfully over his obvious bulge.

In a way I felt rather flattered that even through his discomfort he was still finding this arousing. I knew nothing of his previous life really, and I did wonder if this was the closest and most intimate he had ever been with a woman.

“There you go, all clean now.”

“Thanks Tess, appreciate it. And … urrrrrr sorry.” He said very sheepishly, still rather red in the face and not looking me in the eye.

I held out my hand to help him up and told him to get those shorts off so they didn’t dirty the wound again.

“Aye, OK, I’ll away to ma room and errrrr…”

With that he limped his way up the stairs to his room. Rather crest-fallen.

I took my washing from the machine and put it in the tumble dryer. I then thought about Sandy’s muddy football kit. I wondered if he had any other washing to make up another full load.

I went up to the top floor where his room was and without thinking, or knocking walked in and began to ask if he had any washing. I was greeted by the sight of his naked body stood in front of the mirror, as he examined his wound.

“Fuck! Shite! Tess!” he cried out as he quickly covered his groin tuzla escort again.

The very quick glimpse I had was enough to let me know that he was no lightweight in any respect. In fact he looked rather gorgeous standing there, naked, muscular and so pale skinned. I began to feel the familiar, empty yearning I used to get when I had been with boyfriends back home. I walked over to him, I rested one hand on his firm chest and the other I laid against the side of his face. I heard him take in a sharp breath. He looked into my eyes with what I can only think of as utter confusion. I stood close to him and reached up on my tip toes and kissed his mouth. I kissed him softly and in a hushed voice said that it was all OK. He leaned down to kiss me, still with both of his hands clasped in front of him. I broke off the kiss and took his hands in mine and pulled them away from his groin. There I saw an ever stiffening cock. Sweet red hair surrounded the base. I looked back up into his eyes and smiled. He released his hands from my hold and put his arms around me and pulled us together with some force. We began to kiss harder, with passion. I grabbed hold of his dreadlocked head and pulled him harder onto my mouth as I pressed my tongue inside his mouth. He was by now breathing heavily as he caressed one of my breasts in one hand and reached down to grasp my ass with the other.

I was starting to feel that urgent need, the urgent need to be fucked. We both rapidly divested my body of its clothes until we were both naked and kissing like rabid lovers who had been parted for years. Slowly we staggered and limped over to his bed. We fell onto the bed in a writhing mass of naked bodies. All thoughts he may have had about his injured thigh had gone. We were body to body, nakedness on nakedness. Our hands clasping at each other, our mouths pressed together with such passion. I could feel his erect cock trapped between our bodies. I was getting very wet and needing his attention between my legs. He showed no sign at all of exploring my body any further than my mouth and my neck. I reach out and took his hand. Slowly I guided it down towards my very willing pussy. I could hear his gasps as his fingers made contact with the opening of my labia. He began to firmly bite my neck as he thrust his fingers inside me. I cried out as he forced them into me.

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” he said as he withdrew them. I realised then that he was new to this. I had had a couple of boyfriends for whom it had been a new experience before. I took hold of his fingers again and guided them to my clit. I kissed his neck and slowly circled his fingers around my clit. Once he got the hang of it he was fine. He teased my throbbing clit with such gentleness and we again kissed. I whispered in his ear that what he was doing was so nice. He then lowered his mouth onto my erect nipple and began to suck it with sweet rhythm. As I guided his body on top of mine and opening my legs wider for him, giving him the encouragement to enter me, he stopped and reached over to the drawer beside his bed. I wondered what he was doing, looking for an instruction book? No, he scrabbled around and produced a pack of condoms. He fumbled with them, scattering them on the floor. He started to reach down to pick one up.

“No! Leave them, let’s just fuck!” I gasped.

“Is that OK? Are you OK?”

“Yes! Yes! Just fuck me, it’s OK, fuck me!”

He then took a couple of blind stabs with his rather large, thick cock. To no avail. I felt him miss the opening to my pussy. I reached down again and took his hard shaft in my hand and slowly began to guide the tip of it to my waiting pussy. I felt the tip prise apart the very opening. I whispered,

“Slowly, slowly big boy! Yessss that’s it nice and slowly.” I gasped as he eased himself further into my wet, willing pussy. It felt so good as he pushed inside me further and further. I moaned with delight as he penetrated me fully. He was quite thick, much thicker than my last lover. It felt amazing as the sensations ran through my body. He had taken his weight on his knees and elbows, that at least had come naturally to him. Slowly he pulled back and again eased himself into me again.

“Oh yessss! Yes. Fuck me, fuck me, Sandy!”

We were now in a steady rhythm of wonderful fucking. His cock felt so good in me. Feeling him thrust a little harder, a little deeper. I raised my legs and wrapped them around him and pulled him into me as he raised and thrust with his buttocks. Our mouths were engaged in a frantic tussle of passion as thrust after fantastic thrust of his wonderful cock brought me closer to my orgasm. I had not realised just how much I had needed to feel a man do this to me again. It felt so good as he thrust even faster. I heard him start to give a whine that I knew meat that he was about to shoot his hot, thick, creamy load into me. He gave three or four really hard deep thrusts and cried out as he fell over the edge of his orgasm.

“Don’t stop!” I cried, “Don’t stop!”

He continued to thrust into me for those much needed extra cock length thrusts I needed. As my orgasm broke over me I pulled him down onto me with my legs that were still crossed around his body. I bucked my hips towards him as the full orgasm surged through me. We were breathless. We still kissed. We smiled at each other.

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