The Employee’s Mother and Wife

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Thanks also to ED for his invaluable assistance in helping me with the editing.


This was the second time the head accountant complained against the new employee, Sikandar.

“Your behavior is not good so you should go and clear your desk and leave the office now,” I said. Sikandar had been newly appointed as assistant of the accounting branch just a few weeks before.

“No! Sir, that kind of behavior will never happen again. Please, sir, don’t do this. I really need this job.”

“Sorry, Mister! This is a big organization and we can’t afford persons like you. I have already given you a chance. You can go now because you have been fired.”

He pleaded but I asked him to get out of my office.

When I came from the office to my home, I saw a mature woman with a servant in the gate. When I parked the car, the woman came and said me, “Sir, I’m the mother of Sikandar and I request that you would meet me for a while.”

I looked at her from head to toe. She was still a vision of beauty and sensuality at that age. She was a little short heightwise, voluptuous, tanned and had curves in all the right places. Her body was slightly rounded, a little plump. She had a very beautiful and exotic face. If her face gave her beauty, it was her body that gave her sensuality. She had wide hips and a perfect ass. Her upper body was blessed with a pair of magnificent breasts, which, despite her age, showed no hint of sag.

I said, “I’m sorry, Sikandar’s chapter has been closed.”

“But, sir, please, I request you please listen to me.”

I refused and asked her to leave and, entering the house left her behind me.

When I took a shower and came to the lounge, Karim came and said to me, “Sir, may I make a request?”

“What’s that?”

“Please, sir, meet with Rani once.”

“Who’s Rani?”

“Sikandar’s mother. She’s still standing there and pleading with me to ask you for a meeting.”

“Okay, send her in.”

She came in after a few minutes and sat on the floor but I told her, “No, please sit on the sofa.”

She sat on the sofa and I asked her, “Why do you want to meet with me?”

“I want to talk to you about Sikandar, my son.”

I gazed at her. She appeared to be in her mid-forties, had a really juicy body, and even possessed a youthful look. She was beautiful, simply gorgeous. Elegant figure, which displayed all the right curves and mounds even under her crumpled baggy qameez (long shirt) and shilwar (baggy trouser). Her supple breasts were full and heavy, which looked really sexy on her curved belly. She had beautiful dark eyes and full-lips. She looked like a perfect, sexy woman.

I noted that she’d spotted my eyes on her so she was eyeing me closely now and smiling seductively. Suddenly she got down from the sofa, knelt at my feet and then kissed my feet.

“Don’t do that. Stand up, please,” I said as she kissed my feet.

“No, sir! Let me touch and kiss your feet.”

“Are you bribing me?”

“No, sir! I don’t want to bribe you. I want to show you respect. My deep gratitude is just for you,” she said staring at me, as I was in a trance. She said, “I will do anything for my son’s job, sir. You don’t know sir! We need it and we have no other source of living except this job.”

I was stunned! I didn’t know what to do!

“If I ask you to sleep with someone, would you sleep with him?”

She had even surprised herself and asked, “What? You want to fuck me?”

I recovered very quickly and replied, “You know that I do. So are you ready to sleep with me?”

“I’m ready, sir. If it is a sin, I will commit it for my son’s job,” Rani answered boldly looking into my eyes.

“Sure, I would like to sleep with you, Rani. Today will you be with me?”

“As you like, sir! I’m ready to do whatever you like,” she said and stood up.

She waited silently just staring at me, then she walked to the door and made sure that the door was locked, saying, “We can’t have your servant seeing us like this.”

“Don’t worry about it. He is an old servant and is a man of confidence.”

“Anyway he shouldn’t see us like this.”

“He has seen dozens of women of high class and noble families.”

“Come, let’s go to the bedroom,” I said. “Get out of our clothes.”

When she took off her qameez, I was stunned because she wasn’t wearing a bra but that I hadn’t noticed even though I had examined her thoroughly. She had breasts that didn’t look her age. They didn’t have the sag that older girls have. Her nipples were hard.

She wasn’t wearing any panties. She had a hairy cunt. There was no way I was going to eat her because she had a hairy cunt.

I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her. She had the softest body I’d ever felt although she looked like she had an athletic body. Our lips met and we had a very long kiss. My hands roamed all over her body and stayed on her breasts and massaged them both. I couldn’t control myself and my mouth went to her nipples. I was gentle with my tongue and mouth on her nipples but at times rough with my hands on her breasts. sex hikayeleri I was in no hurry and neither did she look to be in a hurry.

Her hands felt my cock and she reached down and undid my pajamas and set my cock free.

“Oh, sir! You are so big! This is the biggest cock I have ever seen. Can a woman handle such a cock?” she asked as she sat watching me intently.

“It depends.”

“I was just kidding. I’m a mature a woman. There are no cocks I can’t handle. Let me see it now, sir,” she snapped.

She held my tool in her soft hands and started a spiraling motion along its tremendous length, in order to stiffen the beast into action.

She kneeled down and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked on it and I put my hands on her head and held her as I fucked her mouth. I stopped her by saying, “Rani, I want to fuck you now.”

“Come on, sir, fuck me,” she said.

Finally I rolled her over. “Rani, are you ready?”

She moaned and looked at me in anticipation, then spread her thighs wider and said; “Take me, sir. I’m waiting and ready.”

” You look so horny, Rani.”

“Yes, I am horny from not having any cock in too long. I need your cock in me, sir. Yes, sir, that’s it, shove it into me, sir.”

I knelt down between her thighs, picked up her legs and put them on my shoulders, holding my penis. With my fingers I gently stroked and pulled at the hair on her pussy.

She lifted her pussy up to me. “Here, take it all, sir!” she seemed to be saying. Now I touched the tip of my cock to her cunt. She froze, waiting. She reached down and got my cock in her hand and inserted it into her. I slowly inserted the tip of my thick cock at the lips of her cunt and then slowly, very slowly started to push it inside.

Rani’s body was shaking with lust and desire. I slowly withdrew my cock from her cunt and then with one plunge I had my long cock buried all the way in Rani’s cunt. She emitted a long moan of simply unbearable pleasure. Then I really started to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me and fucked me back with every stroke.

“Fuck me, sir. My pussy is hungry for cock,” she said.

“Don’t worry. I’ll fuck you. You’ll remember it the rest of your life.”

“Yes, sir, I want it to be remembered for the rest of my life.”

I caught hold of her shoulders to balance myself and started to move my cock back and forth, back and forth, the bed creaking with my motion.

“Uff…ahh…uff,” Sikandar’s mother moaned.

I could tell that she loved to fuck. Every time that I went in she would let out a moan.

“Take me. Fuck me. Fuck me as no one fucked me before. Sir, your cock feels good in me! If you stroke me like this, I know it won’t be long before I come. You re hitting the right spot.” She was moaning very loudly.”

She was moaning and almost screaming as I continued the onslaught on her hot, wet cunt.

“Yes, sir! That’s right. Fuck me like that, fuck me hard.. I want it, I need it” she cried and grabbed me and moaned.

I was pounding her then. She was very lubricated and soon she began to fuck me back. I fucked her harder each time that I went back in.

I had the ability to go a long time before cumming and she seemed to be in no hurry for me to cum.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to me and buried my cock deeper into her. I continued to thrust my cock into her. She was moaning loudly and that made me go faster and faster.

I was moving like a pumping machine, banging my cock over and over at the same place, hitting her pleasure spot and making her shriek. She dug her nails deep into my hips.

She screamed and moaned about how good it felt for her to reach her climax. Now at least I was at the verge of it and with a loud yell I unloaded my seed into Sikandar’s mother, Rani – jet after jet. She had another orgasm as I filled her cunt with my semen. We both clung to each other, laying motionless for minutes.

She lay on the grand double bed relaxed and looking at me with half-shut eyes.

“Rani, you’re wonderful,” I said.

Rani smiled.

“Thank you, sir, it was a great experience,” she told me.

“You are welcome, Rani. I sure needed your cunt.”

I withdrew my cock and she took tissues from the table and cleaned my cock and her dripping cunt.

She was getting dressed and preparing to leave. Fucking Rani had been one of the better fucks in my life although I had fucked dozens of women. So I asked her, “Rani, would you let me to fuck you again?”

“This will be my honor, sir, to lay under you. I will give it to you anytime you want and need my pussy, let me say, sir! You are the only one in my life who knows how to fuck and please a woman,” she replied shyly.

“All right,” I said. “What about next week?”

“When do you want me, sir?”

“I’ll wait for you on Sunday morning.”

“I’ll be here on Sunday morning, sir.”

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Okay, sir, and what is the plan for Sikandar?”

“Oh! Sikandar. Who can ask more from him when he has a mother like you?” I stated. “Ask porno hikayeleri him to come to the office tomorrow with a letter of apology.”

“Thank you, sir, you are really a great man.”

“No, Rani, I’m not a great man . I’m a man, just a human. No mother will do what you have done for your son,” I said. “Rani. Shave your pussy and always keep it shaved.”

“Yes, sir, as you like. I will be shaved before our next meeting.”

The next day, Sikandar came with an apology so I recommended that we restore him to his job conditionally. The entire staff in the office was wondering but did not know why I suddenly changed my decision, since I never changed my decisions like that.

After that, Rani came every Sunday morning. She was really a hot, loving, expert, and skillful lover who gave me the best pleasure and in return I increased Sikandar’s salary and gave him more facilities than he was not deserved but his mother did.

Rani was very obliging of me. Once after a hot, passionate love session when Rani and I were laying in bed, I asked her, “Rani? I want to taste some fresh ripe fruits.”

“Why not, sir! I have some fresh ripe fruits for you. I’ll bring some soon.”

The next Sunday, Rani did not come alone but was accompanied by a young woman.

Rani introduce her to me, saying, “This is my daughter-in-law, Neloofar, wife of Sikandar. She is also obliged to you and wanted to meet you and tell you how much she appreciated your being nice to her husband,” and winked me.

“Oh! You’re welcome, Neloofar.”

“Thank you, sir!” She hardly spoke, as she looked too nervous.

Her age was not more than twenty-five.

“Be a bold woman, Neloofar. There is no need to shy like this. Did you’re mother-in-law tell you that this is her own house?” I stroked the cheek of Neloofar lovingly.

“Oh! Sir, she’s told me,” she laughed. I saw her teeth and they were white like pearls and looked like white snow in her red rose lips.

“Please sit, Neloofar, and you too, Rani,” I asked them and they sat on the sofa.

As she walked with Rani, lust instantaneously filled the air. I examined her from head to toe and stood speechless admiring her form for a few moments.

I was impressed immediately by her charming looks. She had a luscious body. Neloofar was a slightly heavier type but looked perfect to me. She had black long hair down to her hips. Her hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a flimsy red qameez through which I could see her black lacy bra clearly. She also wore a black shilwar and black duppata (big scarf) around her head and chest.

Neloofar’s hardened nipples were clearly visible, poking at the stretched fabric, and the tight material showed every curve of her massive bosoms.

I was staring at Neloofar and when she noticed my gaze travelling downwards, she turned around and I caught sight of her perfectly shaped thighs.

“Sikandar is really a lucky man to have a beautiful wife like you,” I said looking straight into Neloofar’s eyes. Neloofar became ashamed and looked down.

“Where did you find so beautiful a girl for your son?”

“May I search for a bride like Neloofar for you?”

“I’m not lucky like Sikandar, Rani,” and we all laughed.

“You like her?”

“What can I say? She’s stunning.”

Neloofar was blushing, while she was playing with her fingers nervously.

I was getting desperate with this talk. I wanted to lead Neloofar to the bed.

“I’m dying to fuck Neloofar, I can’t wait any more,” I whispered in Rani’s ear.

Rani just laughed wickedly with a twinkle in her eyes. “You shouldn’t wait, sir. She’s come to please you.”

Then Rani said to Neloofar,” Neloofar, you have to touch sir’s feet and you should do that before anything else happens.”

“No! What you are saying, Rani, is not right and there is no need for this.”

“No, sir! This is the way for her to show her respect to you.”

Neloofar got up and walked toward me. When she bowed to touch my feet, I grabbed her arm and said, “No, please, don’t do this.”

Rani got up and walked to the kitchen, saying that she was going to make tea. I pulled Neloofar to my lap and said, “No, Neloofar, your place is not at my feet but on my lap.”

She sat shyly in my lap. I placed my hands on her shoulder, pressing her downward. I was sure she could feel the beginnings of my hard-on as she put her arms around my shoulders. I could certainly feel her tit pressed against my chest. After few seconds, my hand slipped from her shoulder and strayed over her breast. I brought my lips to her lips. We were soon kissing deeply and Neloofar was responding with great zeal.

Neloofar was breathing heavily. Then we heard the sound of Rani coming back from the kitchen with a tray in her hands. Rani smiled as she entered and Neloofar got up quickly from my lap and sat near me. Neloofar looked very embarrassed.

Rani said, “Well now, Neloofar, I hope you are ready to pay your respects to sir. Please go into the bedroom and check to see if there is anything that needs to be freshened seks hikayeleri up!” She sounded the last words lasciviously.

Neloofar looked sheepishly up at her from under her curls and replied quietly, “Yes, mother. I’m sorry, I didn’t do that before you asked. I’ll have to go but I don’t know which is the bedroom!”

“Let’s go. I will show it to you,” and she led her to my bedroom. The last thing I saw before the door shut was Neloofar’s ass quivering and clenching nervously in its tight clothing as Rani’s hand roved over it. Neloofar slipped off her shoes and left them by the door and entered the room. I waited in silence.

After just a few minutes, Rani came back and said to me,”Go, sir! Neloofar is waiting for you, go and fuck her hard like you fucked me,” she kissed my cheek and pulled me up.

I went to the room where Neloofar was waiting for me. I closed the door after me. Neloofar stood like a nervous deer in the middle of the room. I walked towards her and without a word took her in my arms.

“Rani said you would be quite obedient.”

“Well, yes, sir. Why not?” she replied.

“I never imagined Rani would give me a gift like you. I was just thinking you would be young but you are more than beautiful,” I told her in one breath.

“Do you really like me, sir? Do you?” she asked me, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Yes, why lie when you’re in my arms?” I said.

“Well, you’re going to have to be nice to me then, aren’t you?” she said.

“Yes, I will, Neloofar, and you’ll be nice with me and do everything I say?” she was looking up at me as I kissed her lips lightly for the first time in that room.

“I will do everything you want to do with me.”

I removed her qameez and pulled the string of her shilwar that went to her feet. Then she undid the front clasp of her bra and pulled it off, revealing her most beautiful breasts with pierced nipples.

I looked at her naked body. I couldn’t be sure of what I was seeing. It was really sexy. She really had a nice set of tits, smooth, tanned stomach and smooth, shaved pussy.

Her firm, white milky breasts and erect brown nipples stood up excited, exposed themselves in all their glory.

“Ah, what a divine sight,” I gasped and swooped down on them, clutching one with my hand and sticking the other in my mouth. I sucked one hard as a thirsty man drinking from the pond of life. I was massaging the other.

Neloofar was groaning with pleasure, while I was enjoying every inch of her body.

Neloofar matched my every action, skillfully licking me, kissing me, biting me, and shoving her nails in my back and hips. She helped me remove my clothes and pulled down my underwear and my cock sprung up.

She was shocked to see the size of my cock. It was hard like steel and stood tall and proud. She stood stunned with a finger in her mouth.

“Magnificent,” Neloofar said stroking my cock gently. “The longest and the fattest cock I have seen or imagined in my life. I’m wondering how I can take it inside me. It is so big. I would love to take it inside me,” she said.

She sat on her knees on the floor and took my cock in both her hands, then began stroking it slowly. She slid her hand up and down my cock.

“May I kiss it, sir?” she asked, smiling as she kissed the tip of my cock without waiting for my answer.

“You may kiss it, Neloofar” I smiled. I couldn’t do anything but enjoy it as her tongue started to lick the tip of my cock.

She held the base of my cock with one hand while her mouth slid all the way up and down it. Her other hand was pulling on my balls. She kissed and licked my cock from the knob to the base and she also kissed my balls.

I gripped her wrists with my hands. “Stand up! That’s for later,” I told her and she obeyed, standing motionless but disappointed.

“I can’t wait, Neloofar. I want you so badly and want to fuck you right now.”

Then I made her lay on her back on the bed, where I’d made love to her mother-in-law along with dozens of beautiful young and mature women.

“Fuck me, please, sir, fuck me now,” she said panting hard.

My cock was very hard and almost touching my belly. “Yes, baby, I’m going to fuck your lovely pussy now. I’ll fill it with my cock,” I said, then climbed up onto the bed and knelt between her legs.

With one hand, I stroked my cock and with the other, I rubbed her breast, occasionally pulling on the nipple. She was staring right at me, biting her lower lip in her teeth. Neloofar opened her legs as wide as possible, then I slapped her slit with my cock a couple of times and slowly started pushing my cock inside her.

“Oh, my. It is so big. It is so huge. It is hurting me. Ahhh,” she said grinding her teeth. Slowly I pushed my cock fully inside her and she was moaned loudly. The muscles of Neloofar’s cunt gripped my cock very tightly.

“Oh, it hurts, sir, but it also feels good. My cunt muscles have never been stretched that much. I’m feeling like it is the first time a cock is de-flowering my pussy.”

Neloofar was shaking amid low moans, while I lay still with my organ fully buried inside her pussy. Then I started to move pulling and pushing my cock slowly. Her cunt was dripping. Neloofar matched every blow with the equally powerful push of her hips. I enjoyed the vigor of this young woman.

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