The Heat

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Big Tits

The sun had baked the land all day. The white sand, the cobblestones and even the trees. Their leaves were crying from the heat, giving the air a misty fog that hung on every exposed surface. This included her thigh; it glistened as it moved. It spread and returned with the music. The dull melody and muffled beat was an after thought. Like the mist outside it only hid and exaggerated things. Her yellow short dress. He black curls. He brown eyes set in white pools. She was out of his league. He knew this. Could feel it. He had no business even looking at her. The straps of her dress so loose her breasts almost coming free with every grind and movement she made. He had no right to be staring. Any other time he’d looked away in shame. Any other night he’d never make her gaze. But this wasn’t any night. Or just any place. The close built houses and inns were packed with people. The brightly colored lights of the open streets weren’t glowing here. In this places it was all about shadows and mist. Heat. It was all about the heat.

She saw him.

The Ataşehir Escort half smile she gave him was as bad as any slap. As mean as any curse. He was a joke. He had nothing to offer. Her dark skin called him. The night’s damp hotness made his mind race and his feet move. He had no plan. He had no great lines, or clever moves. He had nothing to offer. But for one night. For this one place and for this one woman he wouldn’t back down.

He was sweaty. Fat. His glasses constantly fogging from the humidity. He didn’t know the song. Didn’t know how to move his feet. But he did find when he wrapped his hand around her hip that he knew how to hold a woman. Something had awaken in him. Maybe it was the moon. The stars. The heat… something dark was moving his fingers and his hands. Something selfish, something powerful but mean. Something was taking what it wanted and wasn’t making any apologies.

That smile slipped from her face but she didn’t move away. If anything she moved closer. Egging this nobody on. Kadıköy Escort They dueled on the dance floor. Her years of wrapping me around her high maintenance fingers against this strangeness that had possessed him. It was losing. He could feel her hands on his sides. He could almost smell her hunger. To be perused and taken. Every thought he had was telling him to back away. To think for just a second. To remember he was overweight and sweaty. To remember who he was and stop this madness. But this feeling was too good. Her ass rubbing against him felt too good. She wasn’t smiling at all. She wouldn’t meet his eyes and her hands were like iron on his back. She wanted him. Needed him.

He let his fingers drift where they liked. Across lips. Down shoulders. Over that ass men half his weight and twice his checking account would work for months just to touch. He felt the slickness of her thighs. Then went higher. Higher. He let them go all the way to the top, then they went farther. He heard her gasp in his ear. “Please Bostancı Escort Papi…” She was out of breathe. That seemed odd to him. It was hot and they were both sweaty but his breathing was level. The please wasn’t a begging for him to stop. On the contrary her hips moved more, almost as if she were willing his fingers to move again. She looked at him then. Their eyes meeting. His other hand moved from her back to her neck pulling her close. He whispered a command in her ear and moved away from her. The magic was broken for an instant. In that moment hey were just two strangers again and her eyes drifted around the crowded room. She looked at him again, she pulled her short skirt down a bit and then against all odds reached out for his hand. He squeezed it hard and followed her.

She looked back again her eyes flashing in the darkness. There was no smile, no joy, no happiness, no love. There was just the hunger. Whatever had taken control of him, whatever devil had been running through the night was in her now, he had passed it on, shared it. He could see it in her eyes that he had something only he could give. Control. She wanted it so bad she was running with a stranger’s hand in hers just to get a taste. He knew then and there… in that moment and for the rest of the night… he owned her.

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