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Big Tits

It started as a day like any other, unremarkable in every sense of the word. I got up, ate a bit, showered, packed my bag and headed into town for a yoga session. When I got there the only one there except me was the instructor, we exchanged a few pleasantries (something I’ve never felt good at) and then I prepared for the session by getting changed and taking out a mat and placing it on the floor and then lying down on it to relax and get the outside world off of my mind. After a few minutes other people began arriving, I’d shown up almost fifteen minutes before we were supposed to start so I had some time to relax. Lying there with my eyes closed and letting my mind wander as I overheard the instructor talking to the new arrivals. Feeling like the odd man out as usual.

The session started on time, by then three more people had arrived, all female. Two out of three quite attractive too, tall and slender and definitely my type, but despite the fact that I only started with yoga in the first place to meet women I had yet to get to know any of the women I had seen or even briefly talked to there any better. Still, having an attractive blonde to my left and an attractive brunette to my right didn’t exactly sink my mood. That would usually come later as I pondered having failed to get closer to either of them. But then and there my mind was more on the exercise at hand then why I sometimes see myself as nothing more than one enormous failure.

The instructor talked a bit first before starting with chanting the opening mantra, something I don’t participate in due to a fundamental religious allergy, i.e. I’m allergic to religion in any form. That doesn’t mean I disrespect all religion I just don’t participate in order to avoid feeling like a complete hypocrite. We began with the usual warming up exercises, the so called sun greetings. The instructor leading some while letting us do the rest on our own. Having gone there a number of months more and more of the exercises had stuck to my mind and I needed little instruction on them. Doing them mostly on my own as I felt my flow got better that way.

After a few exercises the instructor went to help one of the others, during that time the blonde asked me for a little help with one position and I could hardly decline her. Having helped her she thanked me but it’s what she did next that left a memory which still makes me sigh and shiver. She quickly kissed me, leaving me flabbergasted. While I was still reeling and just before the instructor returned her attention to the whole group she asked me to follow her home afterwards. I nodded my approval as quickly as I could before getting back to what I was supposed to be doing which was yoga.

I must admit I had some difficulties concentrating after that event and I let myself be led through the other exercises as my mind was now somewhere completely different. The blonde met my every glance in her direction with a smile that went straight into my heart. As we laid down to start some ten minutes of relaxation after the exercises had ended I felt especially nervous knowing she was lying right next to me, hoping she would use those ten minutes where everyone was just supposed to take it easy for something else. We laid down and while I did manage to relax my body my mind was feverish with thoughts, wishes and desires. The instructor made her usual rounds to see that we relaxed properly before leaving the room completely. My heart leaped when I felt the blonde beside me reach out her hand and take mine. We held hands for what seemed to be an eternity before the door started opening again and like two guilty school children we quickly hid what we had been doing.

After the finishing mantra I hurried to change clothes and dry some of the sweat off my body before joining the blonde. I hoped and wished with all my heart that she wouldn’t get impatient but when I re-entered the yoga room and saw that I was the last to go besides from the instructor my heart sank like a stone. I wonder if the instructor even noticed that I almost left without Kartal Escort even murmuring a goodbye?

Walking out of the building feeling like I’d just blown the chance, the opportunity, the blessing of a lifetime I was surprised to have two hands cover my eyes from behind as a woman’s voice asked me “guess who?”. I felt like I had been reborn, filled with life once again, as I turned around to see the blonde smiling at me. We shared a brief kiss before walking back to her home hand in hand. A walk that took probably between five and ten minutes but that could have lasted all day for all I cared.

We were in the hallway of her apartment when she with a smile let the first piece of her clothing fall to the floor. Soon more followed and I hastened to follow her. Kissing and naked we entered her shower. Taking some shower gel in her hand and with a fiendish grin on her lips she started to wash me, starting with my torso and making me delirious with joy. As her hands reached my waist I knew I wanted to, had to, reciprocate and I was soon washing her. Covering her upper body, her shoulders, neck, arms and bosom with foam from the shower gel. As I started washing them my hands soon fell in love with her bosom and it became almost impossible for me to stop caressing her breasts. As the soap rinsed off and my hands proceeded downwards I just had to kiss her twin beauties. Licking them to her great amusement. I went further downwards, cleaning her buttocks, legs, feet. As I finally watched the last bit of soap wash away from her fussy bush I knew what I had to do. My head was already level with it and I knew that even if it postponed loosing my complete virginity I just had to try it. So I reached forward and kissed her there, kissing her lower lips, her orchid, that piece of the female anatomy that had haunted my imagination since puberty first began.

She moaned, as I licked and explored her wondrous slit, her other mouth and glorious cunt starting to salivate as I made my first attempts ever of pleasing one of it’s kind. My tongue found her clitoris, that mysterious button I had read so many times about and fantasised about pushing so many times more. Finding it swollen I followed the advice I had read and started to gently suckle it. Waiting for her reaction before sucking on it just a little harder. I licked her and sucked her. With her back against the wall I licked her, with one of her legs up on my shoulder and her hand in my hair I suckled her until she came, shuddering and moaning. It was a revelation to for once in my life see a woman in lust with my own eyes and know that it was I who brought here there. That it was I who gave her pleasure, who gave her release.

Raising myself up I didn’t know if she would want to kiss me so soon after I had licked her but she did and did so deeply. With even more fervour and passion than before. Pushing me up against the wall she had so recently rested against, with her one thigh pushing against my growing member. For what was probably the first time in many years, possibly as much as two decades, I didn’t think. There was not one thought, not one hint of analysis floating through my mind. I just lived.

She started cleaning me off again. Teasing me into becoming more and more crazed with desire. As she finished my legs her hands soon settled on one particular target, even after the gel in her hands had long washed away and all of me was clean. Kneeling before me she smiled up at me as her hands went wandering all around my hips, my bum and groin. When she kissed my sack I felt surprised, but not as surprised as when she started licking the tip of my now fully revealed spear. Licking around and around the knob she was driving me insane, with her hands playing around the root and sack making me unable to regain any balance of mind. When she swallowed the tip I just gulped, when she started moving me in and out of her mouth I could feel it in my whole body. No act of self pleasuring had ever felt as good, as overwhelming. She continued playing with my sack for a while Yakacık Escort but as my internal pressure grew she placed her hands on my buttocks, taking a firm hold and pulling me in and out of her faster and faster until I could take it no longer. In a way I had wanted to hold it in a little in preparation for later games but right then I just lost my mind and exploded. Erupting into her mouth. Feeling as if each nerve in my body including all of my spine had turned into lava and been ejaculated out of me in some sort of volcanic eruption. I shuddered still as I gazed down upon her.

She smiled at me. Swallowed and then smiling back at me again, opening her mouth to show it empty as if my orgasm had never happened. While my sense of hygiene refused I just knew I had to kiss her when she arose back up, such an effort deserved a reward even greater than I then felt able to give her. Holding her sweet head in my hands I kissed her and for a long while we remained embraced and kissing as the warm water poured all over us. Our bodies huddled so close together that we could each feel each others’ nipples against our skin.

Slowly we drifted out of the shower, taking our time to dry off and to dry each other off. Kneeling down to dry off her feet I couldn’t help but to kiss them, feeling at that time that I wanted to worship each and every part of her with my lips. I must admit that she was probably a bit rougher than what was warranted when she dried off my groin and it’s equipment but all I felt just then was a certain part of my anatomy signalling it’s willingness to go at it again. With our arms around each others’ waists we went into her small kitchen for some water before slowly gliding into her bedroom and collapsing next to one another.

Lying there smiling and kissing, with me on my back and her with half of her body on top of or against mine. Her right leg between mine and her right thigh pressing against my growing if a little sore member. Her right hand drawing little patterns on my chest in between kisses. My right hand playing upon her back.

“Ready to go again?” She asked me after a while, her hand straying closer and closer to my member.

“Sure.” I said, smiling. But as she quickly moved to get up on top of me, taking a hold of my firm staff presumably to guide it in, I knew there was something I needed to tell her.

“Ehm, there’s something I feel I have to tell you.” I started, as she looked up at me with a surprised look from what she’d been doing I continued the small speech I had hastily prepared in my mind. “I’m not that experienced. As a matter of fact this is the first time I’ve ever been this intimate with a woman. The first time I’ve ever even been close to being intimate with a woman.” She looked up silently at me for a while as all the old anxieties I’d had started playing inside my head. Fearing that as intimate as we were things would rapidly change now that I had told her my most intimate and shameful secret.

“Don’t worry.” She said, smiling at me and reaching out to caress my cheek. “I’ll guide you.” She smiled so reassuringly at me I just had to reach out and bring her closer so we could kiss. After our lips had met she was still close for a while and talked again:

“So that thing in the shower was just beginner’s luck.” She asked, smiling still.

“Well, I have read quite a bit but.. well, I guess so…” I said, suddenly unsure.

“Well let’s hope you’ve got a lot of it because I intend to educate you fully.” She said grinning at me like a wolf.

She started grinding her crotch against my member, a sweet and teasing torture that made it once more assume its full length. With my hands on her hips I supported her. Raising herself up she gripped my staff and aimed it at herself. But before letting me enter she tortured us both by letting my tip glide against her blood-filled lower lips. Sliding it around and around until the whole knob glistened with her juices. Then she slowly lowered herself unto me, taking me in millimetre by millimetre. Kadıköy Escort Stopping every now and then as if to fully digest or adapt to that part of me she had expropriated. Each time she started moving again I had to close my eyes and just sink into the wonderful sensation of it all, of being dissolved and devoured by her hungry cunt. It was only a few seconds after she had taken all of me in that we again emerged into the real world and I once more found myself the recipient of her wolf-like grin. After that I found myself the recipient of her sweet and passionate kisses. We stayed like that for a while, our hips barely moving at all as we kissed.

When we finally stopped kissing she started riding me. Slowly at first, grinding our groins together, then more rapidly as our passion and lust grew. Feeling her and doing my utmost to move with her body was a new experience that I will forever be grateful for. Now and then she leaned down to share a kiss or two, slowing her pace without ending it. At those moments I just wanted to hold her close and wished for the moment never to end. Feeling her bosom brush against my chest. My hands moving over her hips and buttocks. The soreness in my member completely ignored in favour of raging passion. Time became irrelevant as each second was an infinity of bliss and rapture. After some time she leaned backwards instead of forwards, making me have to take a more active part with my counter-thrust as well as exposing that wondrous knob of hers to both my eyes and my quickly moistened fingers.

She moaned as I touched it, one of the most gratifying moans I have ever had the pleasure of receiving from her. After a while she leaned forward again, called me a naughty boy as she captured my head in her hands and then kissed me. This time she pulled me back up with her and we sat there for a while, holding each other upright and kissing deeply. Before she pushed me back down and told me to re-apply my fingers. Having her lean back like that made my member feel like it was about to break off but the intense pleasure from her riding me made me ignore such ideas. Biting the inside of my lip as I again started caressing her clit it felt like I would soon loose my mind completely to this woman of desire. With each tendon in my body getting tense I fought on to keep the pleasure coming. Her moans of pleasure were becoming more guttural and her lower mouth seemed to start sucking on my member.

Leaning forward again she forbade me to move my hand all the while telling me she wanted me to come inside of her. It felt impossible to do it but also impossible not to. My body demanded it even as the road there felt increasingly difficult. Feeling like a steam engine with too much pressure, in short like I was about to blow or rip myself apart with all the excess energy stored within. Her eyes became more and more glowing as we feverishly hunted for pleasure and it’s ultimate release. Making the bed shake as if in an earthquake of some high magnitude. As more and more pressure built up I could feel my inner dam about to give way, knowing that it’s ultimate collapse was just a little bit further ahead. Pushing onwards with my eager female rider I soon exploded again, this time detonating my charge in her cave of delights. As my head went backwards and speech eluded my by pleasure destroyed mind my shaking fingers brought my lover up and over. Her loudest and most guttural moan came as I pumped out my first stroke and we rode the waves of pleasure together for a while. Our bodies torn apart and re-assembled by each passing wave. As I panted and gulped for air she moved like sea-weed in the waves on top of me before finally landing like a ship-wrecked mariner on the shore of my chest. We didn’t have to speak to recognise that what we had shared had been overwhelming for both of us. For some time afterwards we just lied there, small flickers of pleasure coming now and then. Only after we had stopped panting did we kiss and it was after a long kiss she finally spoke again:

“Not bad, but you’ve got a lot to learn.” She said, smiling at me. “I think I’m going to enjoy teaching you…” She continued, silencing all my objections to her understatement of what had just happened with a long and deep kiss. I was pretty sure I would enjoy having her future lessons as well…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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