A Little Taste of Honey Pt. 01

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She knew he’d been looking. She’d had a look herself and could understand his fascination. It was the tiny little arse and the tits that although tiny, were pert and perfectly formed. She wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she was jealous.

“Just ask her.”

“Ask who what?” He turned towards her, a glint in his eye. He knew how to make her squirm, and not just in the bedroom.

She lowered her sunglasses and looked him straight in the eye. “Ask the little thing to ride you. To fuck you and to make you cum – hard.”

She’d taken him by surprise. She normally wasn’t so forthright, but there was something about that girl, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She’d gone to the room for a lie down and was woken with his soft fingers circling her nipples. She kept her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation. The air con had cooled her but his touch was enough to start the heat rising in her body. His fingers trailed over her skin, making their way slowly, painfully slowly to the top of her legs. She tried to stay still, enjoying the feeling of his fingers on her, but she needed to feel him inside her. She opened her eyes, he smiled at her.

“You’re up to something.” She smiled back, stretching her hands up to his face. He was too quick for her and grabbed both her wrists, holding them tight against the pillows.

“I am.” He pulled the sheet away from the rest of her body, letting his free hand roam over her skin, knowing all her favourite places to be touched. His fingers rested on the sparkly anklet she’d bought for the trip.


“Thank you, I bought it especially. I know you like pretty things.”

His hand began to inch up her leg. Getting closer to where she really wanted it. He moved slowly up her thigh. She squirmed, trying to get his hand to her pussy quicker.

“Naughty, naughty, you’ll get what you deserve, when I say you do.”

She laughed, but the look on his face made her stop. She shivered with anticipation, not knowing what was next, his mood had changed.

“Sorry Sir.” She bowed her head, hoping to placate him. He lifted her chin so she was forced to look him in the eye.

“You will be. Wait there and do not move.”

She did as she was told, knowing not to push him. She looked around the room, glad they’d upgraded. She loved being on the top floor with the view over the island.

He returned with his tie. So that’s how he’s playing it she thought, secretly delighted at the thought of being tied up and ravished by him, he certainly seemed in that kind of mood. She held her wrists out to him.

“Good girl. Are you ready for some fun slut?”

“Yes Sir, please.”

“Good. Pull your knees up to your chest and sit forward.”

She did as she was told, unsure what he was up to but not really caring. Her pussy was wet already, she was sure he could tell. He hooked one arm under her knees and the other under her back, lifting her up.

They were off to the bathroom! She loved it when he took her in the shower. She closed her eyes, remembering the last hatay escort time… the hot water cascading over them, the pounding he gave her pussy, her hands splayed against the wet tiles, he grabbing her tits again and again, his hands in her hair, pulling it tight as she screamed into the hot steamy water, cumming hard, again and again, feeling his cum shooting up inside her. That had been so good.

She felt the warmth against her skin and opened her eyes, expecting to be in the bathroom that took up half of their suite. But they weren’t, they were on the balcony.

“What are you doing? Take me back in! I’ve no clothes on, people will see.”

“You know I’m not going to do that.” he said coolly, lowering her onto the edge of the table facing him.

She hated that he was so calm about it, but then that was the nature of their relationship. He was forever pushing her boundaries, making her go that little bit further, making her do things she didn’t think she wanted to do, but did it to please him, her duty was to please him.

“We’re on the top floor, no-one can see us and I’m going to eat my little slut’s pussy on this balcony.”

“No! No, please Sir it’s not okay, you can’t!”

He produced another tie, placing it round her

neck before lowering it over her body.

“I can, and I will, and you will enjoy it. I’m doing this for you slut, and I’m not asking anything in return, isn’t that nice of Sir?”

“Yes, very nice. Thank you Sir.”

Her eyes darted everywhere, sure that someone could see them. But it appeared he was right. They were on the top floor, it was the middle of the day and everyone was off doing things. There weren’t even many people around the swimming pool below. She relaxed a little. Until she felt a tugging at her knee. She looked down, he’d tied her leg to the table.

“Please Sir, no.”

But as she said it, he pushed his finger inside her. She gasped and her nipples instantly hardened again.

“You say no, but your body deceives you, it wants this, is my little slut sure she doesn’t? If not she only has to tell Sir and we’ll go inside and forget the whole thing.” He untied the tie round her wrists.

She looked at him. She didn’t know if he was serious. If she said no, she knew he’d carry on anyway. Or did she…usually he would, her no never really meant no, but now…

He stood the tie in his hands, perfectly still.

She couldn’t read him.

“Do I go on?”


She defiantly pushed her other leg towards the table for him to tie, arching her back so it pushed her tits out, inviting him.

She sat perched on the table, her pussy on full display for Sir, legs tied, nipples rock hard and the sun caressing her naked body, glinting off the crystal chain around her ankle.

Sir stood looking, just looking. The swell in his shorts was showing and he wanted to stick his cock in her, listen to her moans, watch her body writhe with pleasure and he would, but not yet. He moved between her legs, felt her hands in his hair and began harshatayota.com to encircle her enlarged bud with his tongue.

This was divine. He knew exactly how to turn her on. He sucked at her clit, humming softly, probing with his tongue, lapping at her, then delving his tongue into her, swirling it around. She moaned and gasped loving him being between her legs, loving her.

She took her nipples between her fingers and squeezed. Softly at first, enjoying the sensation, then a little harder. Her breath caught in the back of her throat. He raised his head.

” Are you pleasuring yourself? Is this not good enough for you?”

“No Sir. Yes, it’s wonderful, please go on.”

“Oh, but if the little slut isn’t happy maybe she should go ahead herself.”

“I am happy Sir, please, keep going.” s

Se knew it was pointless, his mind was made up.

He stood over her, watching her.

“Cum. Make yourself cum for me you little slut.”

She reached her hand down between her legs. He’d already made her so wet she was on the edge of orgasm, she closed her eyes and gripped the table with her other hand.

He bit down hard on her nipple, forcing the orgasm out of her. Her quiet moans of pleasure disguised just how good she felt as her juices pooled on the table beneath her.

“Up.” He pulled at her arm, making her sit up and then undid the ties on her legs. She rubbed at them tentatively as he moved to the chair in the corner of the balcony and sat down.

“Come here slut.”

It took a few moments after she’d put her feet on the ground to regain the feeling in her legs, but he wasn’t waiting.

“Now!” he barked at her. She moved towards him.

“What do I want? ” he asked her.

“Sir wants his slut to serve him. He wants her here,” she pointed to the ground between his legs “and he wants her mouth round his cock. Sucking him, caressing him, showing him she’s his and his alone.”

She knelt between his legs, easing them apart as his erect cock sprang up. She loved that cock and he knew it. She took him in her mouth and began to suck him gently. She slowly dragged her tongue up and down his shaft, lavishing attention on his cock, licking, nibbling, sucking. She looked up at him every now and again but his face gave nothing away.

Suddenly his hands tangled in her long hair and he forced her head deeper so she could take more of him. He pushed and pulled but she didn’t care. If he got what he wanted that was what was important to her. His pace quickened and she licked and sucked with every tug of his hand in her hair.

He let out a soft moan as his cum shot down her throat and his grip loosened in her hair.

She was still for a moment before swallowing and licking Sir’s cock clean.

“Oh. Aren’t you a good girl.”

She stood and straddled him in the chair, her previous worries if being seen long since gone. He became hard again under her as he nipped and grazed at her tits with his tongue.

“Fuck me. Here, now. I want my little slut to make me cum again. Then if, and only if, I give permission, she’ll cum too.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice. It was her duty to serve him. She moved her hips slowly up and down, feeling his length within her. He took her nipples between his fingers, rubbing them, nipping, pinching and never taking his eyes off her. He knew what turned her on and he was testing her. She put her hands on his shoulders, leant towards him, her tits inches from his face and quickened her pace. Having him play with her tits was her downfall, but she knew it was his too. Within seconds his mouth was on them and he was thrusting hard into her.

“Sir, cum, you need to.” she whispered in his ear, raking her nails across his back. He grabbed her tight by the waist then, arched his back and thrust once, twice before he came inside her, lining her pussy with his cum.

She started to rock back and forth then, rubbing her clit on his still engorged cock. Delighted she’d managed to hold on and let him cum first.

“Stop!” he barked “what are you doing?”

“Sir, I’m so sorry, I…”

“You will be” he said and in one swift movement picked her up and lay her across his lap, delivering blow upon blow to her arse with one hand, gripping her hair and neck tightly with the other.

She lay perfectly still, she loved this. She loved the pain, the blows raining down and the knowledge that he would stop after 20. But not this time, he kept going, 25, 30, 35…she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. Yet she could feel the orgasm building between her legs, she was wet, he must be able to feel it too.

She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath until he stopped. Forty.

Then his fingers were in her pussy, three strokes was all it took. She screamed with the intense pleasure he was giving her, the pain in her arse all but forgotten. She didn’t think she’d ever cum so intensely. He rubbed her arse.

“She wouldn’t upset Sir like you did.”

She didn’t need to ask who he was talking about.

“No Sir, she wouldn’t have. I’m sorry.”

He pulled the other chair over for her and ordered her to sit.

They looked out over the cliffs to the sea beyond.

“The pool bar looks busy.” he said, looking down.

“Mmhhm.” she murmured her agreement.

“She’s down there, look, on the end, away from everyone else.”

Her eyes flew open and she sat forward to get a closer look.

The girl in the bikini waved up at them.

She turned to him, furious now.

“You said no-one could see.”

“Calm down. That seat is the only place in the whole resort that you can see this balcony from.”

“Then why did she have to be sitting in it?”

“Because I asked her to. Now, you know your duty is to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, of course.” She was curious as to what was coming next.

“It would please me greatly if you could show her a thing or to on how to please a man. On how to become a good girl for Sir.”

“I don’t…I’m not…I can’t…” she stumbled over her words.

“You will, because I’m telling you too.”

“I can’t.” she said, looking down, “Anyway, she’s not there any more.”

“That’s because she’s a good little slut and is already on her way up here.”

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