First Appointment with James

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I checked tomorrow’s schedule, and found I had a full day of appointments. The last one was at 5 pm, and there was a capital ‘R’ next to it. The ‘R’ denotes that the client had requested you specifically. Next to it was the name James.

My stomach fluttered at the thought of my last appointment with James. His doctor recommended he get weekly massages along with physical therapy for at least three months for a back problem, and then she would check his progress. I was up by the front desk talking to one of the girls about a scheduling conflict when he walked in. The majority of our clients are Korean, and I had noticed I had someone named James on my schedule. Sure, James could have been Korean, but it wasn’t likely. I heard him give his name to check in and looked up to see a cute white man. He was a bit taller than me, which is to be expected because Korean girls are generally short, and I was no exception. He was holding his jacket over his arm, and I saw his strong, broad shoulders along with some relatively large biceps. He looked nervous, and I could tell this was his first time at a Korean spa. I found myself staring at him, but quickly told one of the girls to take him to a private room past the communal massage tables.

I had been adopted by white parents in America, and while they have given me an incredible life, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn too much about Korean culture. We lived in the Midwest, where many people are Scandinavian or German. I learned a lot about Norwegian and German heritage, but I still longed to know more about where I came from. I ended up going to massage therapy school with a friend, and when she wanted to move out to California, I went with her. Shortly after living there, I found a job at a massage parlor. It was okay, but nothing special. However, the pay was good, and I ended up staying there for almost 10 years. I heard of a new Korean Spa called Jjimjilbang that was opening nearby. I applied for a masseuse position and was hired. I was extremely excited because I wanted to learn more about the Korean language and culture.

Along with growing up in the Midwest with white parents, I was raised Catholic and went to private, Catholic school until I graduated high school. Along with school was church twice a week. Neither my parents nor school taught me anything about sexuality other than abstaining from sex until marriage. Of course, I was curious, but I only had one boyfriend in high school and was terrified of getting pregnant, so I never slept with him. I didn’t even have my first orgasm until I was 21. Most of our sexual experiences together was him dry humping me until he came in his pants. It wasn’t until after I went to college that I realized that wasn’t typical and he was just a selfish prick.

In college I had a boyfriend for a bit, but for the most part, I focused on school. He was the first and only person I had slept with. Sex was okay, but I never really got anything out of it. I mean it felt good, but after he came, he would fall asleep. I started watching porn and became as horny as ever. I found myself staying up late and would watch porn for hours. I was intrigued by pussy licking and creampies, neither of which I had experienced. I sucked my boyfriend off enough, but he never once ate my pussy.

I had been working at the spa for about six months by the time I had my first appointment with James. The dress code at work gave us different options. We could wear black pants or a knee length skirt with a polo or oxford shirt with the company logo. I often wore a skirt because it seemed like I would get better tips, even though the skirt wasn’t revealing at all. I know that probably urfa escort sounds slutty, but hey, if a guy wants to tip me more because I’m in a skirt, I’ll take it.

The day James came in for the first time I was in a skirt. When I saw him standing there, my pussy instantly got wet. Both of my previous boyfriends were white men, but average to slim build. James was everything they weren’t. Wide shoulders and hips, strong shoulders and arms, and a muscular chest. I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to remove my panties before going back to the room. My mind played one of my favorite porn scenes. A strong white man, a delicate Asian woman. They 69 before he pounds her pussy into an oblivion and he shoots his load deep inside her pussy. I found myself imaging it was James fucking my pussy, wondering if it would be finally my time to be pleasured. Suddenly, I heard my manager’s voice, and I snapped out of it. He reminded me I had a schedule to keep.

The massage started off well, and James seemed very receptive to me. When he was laying on his back I couldn’t help but let out little gasps as I was rubbing his chest and arms. He was so sexy, and I was getting extremely turned on. I was torn on if I should try to make a move. The company treated me, and the other employees very well, and we offered professional services in a professional, upscale setting. Doing anything inappropriate with a client was strictly prohibited and was grounds for immediate dismissal. I not only needed the job, but I loved working there and respected the owner. However, I was hornier than I could ever remember, and this man on my table was making my pussy throb and he didn’t even know it. It would be a risk if I tried anything. What if he wasn’t interested at all? Surely, I would lose my job. What if he was interested and someone heard us? Another scenario where I would lose my job.

I had dated a bit since moving to California almost 10 years ago, but they were all duds. I had thought about sleeping with a few of them just to get laid, but for some reason, that little conservative, Catholic voice in the back of my head always stopped me. So, I resorted to porn and my trusty dildo. After all, no guy had ever given me an orgasm, and I knew my body better than anyone. I knew what I liked and how to get it, and most of the time, it was easier than having to deal with some idiot guy that only wanted pleasure for himself.

I thought maybe my lack of luck with the guys was due to my body type. I wasn’t your typical Asian. Most Asian girls I know are very slender, with small hips, breasts, and butt. I was quite the opposite. I had wide hips, a plump ass, and 36D breasts. I wasn’t skinny by any means, but I had few extra pounds. The years of bad luck took its toll my on self-esteem. It seemed the only thing I had in common with other Asian girls was skin tone, hair color, and eye shape.

So here I was giving a massage to an incredibly sexy man and hadn’t had sex in close to 10 years. I was so turned on my pussy ached. It needed to be filled so bad, it literally hurt. I was working my way down his left arm when I noticed a wedding ring. My heart sank. Of course, this guy was already taken. I’m sure his wife fucks him day and night. I know I would if I was married to him. A wave of jealously washed over me, and I started to think what may have been.

As I moved to work on one of his thighs, my forearm brushed against something. That unmistakable feeling of a hard cock. James had requested a towel and had his underwear on, so his excitement was hidden. I started moving my hands up and down on his thigh, intentionally letting balıkesir escort my arm hit his cock. He started letting out a sigh each time it happened. Hesitantly, I removed the towel, and traced my finger along the line where his boxers met his stomach. I gave him a tiny nod, unsure of what he would do next. He took his boxers off faster than I could blink, and I knew I had him. Thoughts of possibly losing my job left my mind. I had one goal: to have this white stud fuck me and give me his seed. It’s what I wanted from the moment I saw him, but my good little Catholic school girl mindset had tried to push it out of my head.

I ended up slowly jacking him, watching him squirm. He tried to fuck my hand, but I stopped and slightly shook my head no, and he froze. I had him exactly where I wanted him. He was going to do whatever I told him to do. I felt a little pre-cum on my thumb, and I licked it off. I never really liked the taste of cum, but his was sweet, but salty, and I wanted more. I started gently sucking his hard cock and he brought his hands to my head, running his fingers through my hair. It turns me on to no end to hear a guy moan, and feel the passion come through his fingers on my head while I’m sucking his dick. His strong hands held my head in one place while he slowly fucked upwards to meet my mouth. I was in heaven having this strong stud use me for his pleasure. I’m not sure why it felt different with James. When all the guys in the past used me, it made me feel worthless. Something about James was unusual, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt his cock swell and harden even more, and before I knew it, he was cumming in my mouth. It caught me a little off guard, but I greedily swallowed as much as I could.

I was desperate to have my pussy licked for the first time, and I figured why not try to get James to do it. Since I was wearing a skirt and had already removed my underwear before the appointment, it would be easy access. I didn’t even ask him, I just hopped up on the table and forced my hairy pussy onto his face while was still recovering from his orgasm. To my surprise, he eagerly ate my snatch and tongued my button. I never knew something like this could feel so good. His large hands gripped my ass and seemed to try to pull me down on his face even more. I squirmed with delight, and I was slowly moving my hips forward and backwards so that my clit rubbed on his nose. My orgasm came out of nowhere. I’m used to being in control with my dildo and fingers and know when it’s coming. But with this new sensation of James licking my pussy and my button rubbing on his face, it hit me like a freight train. I raised my forearm to my face and bit down to try to stifle my screams. I felt my juices rush onto his face. He continued to lick and play with my pussy which prolonged my orgasm.

I was reeling from the events that had occurred when my mind went back to my favorite porn scene with the couple in the 69 position. I figured there’d be no better time to try that than now! Without saying a word, I spun around on his face and took his cock back into my mouth. I wasn’t sure if I’d get anywhere considering he already came, but I was up for the challenge. He was still eagerly tonguing my hole, and I moaned around his cock with satisfaction. That seemed to jump start his cock, and it started growing in my mouth. I loved feeling his flaccid cock reach hardness with my lips around it. I felt proud that I was the reason he was so turned on.

I lifted myself up and turned around, so I was crouched over his legs looking back up at him. I wrapped my hand around his cock, and he bucked his trabzon escort hips upwards to fuck my hand. I knew I needed to have this hot stud fuck me with his cock that was hard for me. James must have sensed this and told me with despair that he didn’t have a condom. At that point, I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. I was on the pill, and my mind told me that was good enough, so I told James I was on birth control. He had this look of worry on his face, and I thought I might be losing him. And that’s when I blurted it out.

“I have never had a creampie from a white man, and I want you to be the first.”

I don’t know what came over me. It was the only thing I could think of fast enough that I thought would keep him there. It wasn’t a lie, I had never had a creampie ever, and I did want him to be the first. But by adding in “white man”, I was hoping that would really stroke his ego and he’d agree.

James just looked at me with his mouth hanging open, so I took that as a yes. Before he could change his mind, I positioned myself over his cock and used my hand to guide it in. I slowly sank down, savoring every inch he was giving to me. I stared at him, wanting to see his reaction. I could see the desire in his eyes, that he wanted this as much as I did. I sighed with content when I reached the bottom, and paused for a moment, relishing the feeling of that first penetration. I decided to show him I meant business and how I wanted to be fucked. Without warning, I lifted myself almost all the way off his cock and slammed back down. His eyes flew open with excitement and he groaned each time I took his length all the way back inside me. It was only a few minutes before he used his strength to lift me off his cock. In an instant, he had me on my back on the table. I tried to push him off as I wanted to regain control and ride his beautiful body, feeling his strong chest under my hands, but he had other ideas. He grabbed my hands with force and held them over my head. I could feel the passion he had for me and how much he wanted me, and it caused me to moan his name and buck my hips.

Without letting go of my hands, his cock nestled against my slit and he pushed in to the hilt with one swift movement. My back arched at the feeling of being joined with him again, and his mouth instantly found one of my nipples while he began thrusting in and out. James let go of my hands, so he could get better leverage holding on to the table. I snaked my arms around his neck and grabbed at his hair while I wrapped my legs around his butt. I was going to use all my strength to keep him where I wanted him. I pulled his head down to mine and told him I wanted him to cum inside me and fulfill my wishes. He responded by breathing heavily in my ear and fucking me harder. I could tell he wanted to give me his cum, that he wanted to be the first white man to cum in my pussy. I started pushing my hips off the table to meet him and smacked his ass. I told him again I needed his cum, and he started bucking uncontrollably, gasping for breath. I could feel him spurting deep inside me and I told him so. This seemed to drive his orgasm even further, and he moaned loudly into my neck.

James laid on top of me for quite some time while we caught our breath. He held me with his strong arms with his cock still inside me. After a while, he propped himself onto his elbows and gazed down at me, not saying anything. I felt his eyes piercing into my soul, and I knew this would not be the last time our bodies would be joined together. He kissed me softly and rolled off to get dressed. While I had the idea in my head to use this sexy white man for my pleasure, it turns out he gave me more than I could have ever dreamed. I was mesmerized by him, and I wanted to please him to no end.

I snapped out of reminiscing about our last visit and looked at the schedule one more time to make sure he was still there. I went home with the biggest smile on my face and couldn’t wait for our appointment the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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