A Missionary Trip

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Nature had spread its scent all throughout the forest, and it was unavoidable. The sun’s rays were beaming down on the white reflective design on Daisy’s shoes. Her youth pastor was trailing along behind her, cautious with every step. “Isn’t it beautiful out here?” He asked.

“I know, it’s so amazing.” Daisy looked over her shoulders at him as she was speaking. She was enjoying herself, but she was admittedly getting a little drained. Every summer was a harsh summer for her. Whenever she got hot, she got tired.

The smell of smoke intermingled between the trees, and she started thinking about the rest of the group. It was June, and they had spoken about having a barbecue once they all got settled up in their cabin. “Do you smell that, Pastor Olvarez?” She pointed her pink painted nails towards the direction of where she thought the smell was coming from. It definitely smelled like a barbecue.

“Mmmm, it smells good.” He rubbed his stomach, and looked around. Their minivan wasn’t too far from where they were. “Are you hungry?”

She had her eyes rested on his hand, watching him rub his stomach. All of a sudden her eyes were in his groin area. Immediately, she looked up at his face, rubbing the side of her arm. “I-Uh-” The voices in her head were giving her a bunch of disdainful comments. “Yeah, I’m a little hungry. ‘Why the hell did I just look there?’ She asked herself question after question in her head. The blush was seeping into her cheeks.

“Okay! Let’s go!” Pastor Olvarez was such an energetic guy. As people would like to say he was “on fire for the Lord.” Afterall, that was why he was out there on this voluntary missionary trip. He loved working with the teens at the youthgroup, and organizing events. When he looked at them he saw a little bit of himself in them sometimes.

As each year passed, he realized how much closer he was getting to reaching the big 4-0. Having kids of his own was merely a dream, and he fully accepted his fate. It had been years since he had a girlfriend, that just wasn’t a priority anymore. Spending time with his nephew and his niece was enough. He considered the kids at church to be his own as well.

The two of them walked side by side through the forest. Each step they took led them closer and closer to the minivan. “So how’s your summer been, Dayse?” Dayse… That was his nickname for her since he could never seem to fully say her name before she responded to him.

“Oh, you know… It’s going.” A nervous laugh erupted from her lips as she walked, bumping into his shoulder a little. There was an urge to reach up and pull the ‘butt floss’ from out of her ass, but she resisted. Her friends thought it was a good idea for her to try a thong, and she was instantly regretting it in that very moment.

Everything was so close, and tight. The wet fluid escaping from her pussy was only making things even more uncomfortable for her. Daisy hadn’t even been thinking about anything dirty lately, so she was perplexed by the moistness that was oozing between her thighs.

Admittedly, she had a crush on Pastor Olvarez for a long time, but she never wanted to make it obvious. Whenever they were at Bible study together, she could never fully focus. The scent of his cologne made her pussy clench up every time he walked by her, his well-trimmed beard, and that smile- ohhhh that smile just made her want to cum on the spot.

“Dayse, Dayse!” While Daisy had been fantasizing over Pastor Olvarez and his looks, she had completely zoned out of the conversation. “Are you okay?” He had stopped walking, and was rubbing her on the back. “Daisy!”

“Huh!” She placed her hand over her chest, and looked over to the side and saw the look of concern on his face. “Yeah, I’m okay.” A weak smile feigned from her lips. “Sorry, I was thinking about something.” As if she had been pushed by the wind, she immediately started walking again.

He hesitated, but he followed her lead. “What were you thinking about?”

“Oh, uh-” The Bible tracks she had in her free hand were beginning to get damp from her fingers. “Just school stuff.”

Pastor Olvarez wanted to pry some more, but he settled for her answer. “Ummm, okay.” He knew her so well, and something was definitely not right. “When you want to tell me the truth, I’m all ears… Okay?”

“Pastor Olvarez, I am telling you the truth” she retorted. All of a sudden she stopped dead in her tracks, realizing that they were in front of the minivan. She turned to him, waiting for him to unlock it.

He walked up to the back doors, and opened them for her. “Okay, if you say so.”

As she was in the back putting away the tracks, he went to the front to slip out of his rugged hiking boots. He pulled out a nice pair of canvas shoes, slipping his feet into them. Once they were all tied up, he went to the back once again. The side of the van was beaming escort taksim from the sun, the symbol of the cross was shining in all directions on the van. The church had just gotten a new paint job, and the decal looked awesome. He stopped admiring the artwork, and continued walking, around the van. When he approached her his heart nearly stopped.

There she was, bent over and basically bare. His eyes were fixated on the baby blue thong that was practically riding up her asscrack. He looked left and right, and all he saw were trees and dirt. There was literally nothing else to even pretend to look at. God, he could truly see it all. Everything. Bare. As his eyes ran up and down her nicely toned brown legs, he nearly lost his control right then and there. ‘Where the hell did she even get her hands on something like that,’ he wondered to himself. He knew her family, and he knew them very well. There was no way they would let her wear something like that. Truthfully, he thought they checked her belongings, her social media accounts, and even her phone. But maybe he was wrong.

All at once, his heart rate quickened, and that sensitive spot underneath his pants started to rise. ‘Maybe she has a boyfriend back at college,’ he thought to himself. He could just taste her fresh young pussy from a few feet away. It looked good as all hell. The more he looked closer at it, the more he realized something… There was a wet spot that was staining her panties. He wanted her right then and there.

Instantly, he tried to calm himself down. Deep down he knew it was all wrong. Sure, Daisy was legal, but he couldn’t fuck her… Never. He knew her dad, and he would kill him. For crying out loud, he was her youth pastor. Besides, he figured Daisy wouldn’t be interested in an older gentleman like himself. He knew he kept himself up well, stayed in shape, and looked pretty young for his age, but he still knew that his fun days were over.

“Pastor Olvarez-” Daisy had turned around fast enough to see her youth pastor staring at her round little ass. She sprang up from the back of the van, pulling down her denim skirt, desperately trying to cover up. “Oh my God!” She yelped.

Between the two of them, they both looked like ghosts. “I’m so sorry, Daisy!” He cried out like a little helpless dog. Damn, he knew for sure that she would want nothing to do with him after this. “I- I was thinking about my ex girlfriend.” Sin after sin, he lied straight through his teeth. “It’s been a while, I’m so sorry.” That was the only part that was the truth.

Daisy couldn’t believe it. She sat back down on the ledge of the van, looking directly at him. She was astonished that he even found her sexually attractive. Everyone called her “cute,” but she had never been looked at this way. Maybe it was her tiny figure, or her quaint voice, but she was never seen as ‘sexy.’ “I need to tell you something…” The wetness between her legs was so hot and sticky. It was beginning to feel like she had a puddle between her legs.

“Uhh, what?” There he was, stumbling and fumbling all over his words, all because of Daisy. A hot 19 year old girl from church. He knew he was fucked.

Daisy looked down at the ground. Never in her life had she taken a chance like this. “I find you very attractive.”

The sounds of those words was like a lick from a fresh tongue on his now throbbing cock. He tried to shake those lustful thoughts out of his mind. “Dayse, that’s natural, okay?” It took a moment, but then he sat next to her. “We’re adults. It happens sometimes, but we can’t sin. I’m really sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry, Pastor Olvarez.” She moved in closer towards him, slowly parting her legs. “It kind of turned me on…” Her voice lingered in the sticky air. She started touching him on the shoulder, trying to make him relax. “Most guys think I’m too much of a nice girl.”

The touch of her soft fingertips just made everything worse. He was so tense. “Well, you are a nice girl.” With an attempt to create more distance between the two of them, he moved to the other side. “If a guy doesn’t like that, then something is wrong with him.”

An awkward silence sat between the two of them. Pastor Olvarez was looking off to the side when Daisy asked him, “Do you really mean that?”

He thought about what to say, and decided to keep it short. “Yeah.”

“Oh-” She looked down between her legs, then back at him. “I know it’s wrong, but I want you so badly right now.”

As much as he wanted to pretend he hadn’t heard what she had just said, his cock wouldn’t let him. “Me too,” he admitted. He looked over at her, moved in closer, and before he knew it his lips were all over her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned like a newborn kitten. Her head was brushing up against the cold hard metal walls of the van. She felt his hand slide up her shirt, and the wetness from beşiktaş escort his tongue on her neck. “Ooooo, I never knew you could be like this.” She giggled, watching him as their eyes met when he was making his way down to her breasts.

He grabbed onto her, forcing her body into his cold hard chest, then pulled her back away again. She was gasping for air, and he slipped her shirt over her head. Even though it looked like she didn’t have big breasts, he was taken back when he saw them in her bra. Like a mold, his hand formed a perfect shape around them. They had to be at least a C cup. The zipper on his pants was practically coming undone from all the tightness in his pants. His hands finally slipped under her bra, and he pulled it up towards her clavicle. ‘Fuck! They’re so plump!’ He thought to himself.

They went at it for a while, kissing touching, licking, sucking. Before Daisy realized it, she was on her back getting her brown titties sucked on. “Oooo, fuck!” The wet spot on her pants was getting wetter as she bucked her hips up against his throbbing cock. She slipped her fingers between his brown hair, and he lowered his face right below her pussy.

“Let me take these off.” There was a slight scratch on her skin as he yanked her panties off. There was no pause in between, he just latched onto her soaking wet pussy, paying extra special attention to her clit. Her juices ran off into his mouth, and he slid his fingers in. All he could think about was pleasing her. He was convinced that she had the best pussy he had ever felt. It was so fucking tight, and wet, nearly sucking onto his fingers as he pumped them in and out of her little sweet hole.

“Mmmmm.” He reached up and grabbed her tits, making sure to keep her nipples nice and hard. “You taste so good.”

She arched her back, still moaning as soft as ever. “Pastor- uhhhh, fuck!” She rolled her head to the side, tightening her grip around his hair strands. “Ohhhh!”

He couldn’t believe it. There he was eating her sweet little pussy out, wide open for everyone to see. More juices erupted into his mouth as she climaxed. Her pussy wouldn’t let him go, clenching onto his fingers in a spasmatic frenzy. He eased up, fingering her more slowly before slipping his wet fingers out of her. “We should close the door.” All of the juices on his fingers ended up in his mouth as he sucked them clean.

Daisy was still enjoying the bliss of her orgasm when he got up and fiddled with the door. She started rubbing all of her juices around her vulva, but she stopped once Pastor Olvarez directed his attention back to her. A blush coated her cheeks like fresh paint. She felt such a rush.

“I want you to suck my dick so bad.” He unzipped his pants, and pulled them down to his knees, sitting beside her. “Your body is fucking amazing.” His hand was wrapped around his cock, and he was stroking it up and down.

“Ummm,” She grew a little apprehensive as he inched in closer towards her; his pants wrapped around his ankles. “I’ve never done that before.”

He shrugged. “It’s okay, trust me.” The corners of his eyes scrunched up as he let out a groan, continuing to stroke his dick. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything. I’ll just be happy to get a blowjob.” All of the fast strokes he was making slowed down, and eventually stopped. He leaned into her ear, and whispered “Especially from a gorgeous girl like you.”

Even though Daisy giggled, she was still nervous as all hell. The only thing she could focus on was his big, hard cock. Tentatively, she put her hand out, approaching it slowly. He smelled insanely good, and his cock was so thick. It wasn’t the longest, but it was a thick piece of meat. Her hand finally reached his cock, and she repeated the motions she had seen him do to himself.

“Uhhh-” He was right at the edge of his seat in excitement.

The wetness of her tongue against her lips was like a catalyst. She put her head straight down, and took him into her mouth. “Mmmm,” she said while adjusting her lips around his fat cock. It tasted so good to her, and she started sucking immediately. There was a slight salty tang of pre-cum that reached her tastebuds, but she savored every drop of it.

“Oh, yeah!” His hands were entangled between her jet black, curly hair. Every ringlet was becoming frizzed as he rubbed it all around, grabbing it and moving her head up and down. “Fuck, Dayse!”

A mumbled, jumbled mess of words came from her mouth that was now full of hard cock. Daisy may have seemed like an innocent girl, but she clearly learned a lot from watching pornos. Her technique was smooth and graceful, yet sloppy. Spit was dripping down to his balls, and she came up, keeping her eyes on him before going back down and sucking on his hot sticky balls. The outline of her mouth was covered with her drool.

All of a sudden his eyes rolled şişli escort back. She was bringing him right back to his glory days as a horny teenager. “Dayse!” His knees started to buckle, and he moved his dick away from her, holding onto her soft hair. “That’s enough!” He was panting, and sweating as he rubbed her back.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment before they embraced each other again. Hot trails of kisses were all over Daisy’s perky, round tits. Pastor Olvarez gently lifted her, pushing the gospel tracks and spare Bibles out of the way, laying her on her back again. “Can I put it in your pussy?” He looked her dead in the eyes, his hot breath trailing beneath her neck as he kissed her again.

Daisy felt the wetness between her thighs. She was all sticky, and coated with her own cum. “I want to but-” She looked down at his thick cock, imagining it inside of her tight cunt. “You know I’m still a virgin, right?”

“It’s okay,” he reassured her; rubbing his fingers over her stomach. “I promise I’ll go slow, okay?” He waited for her response, but she didn’t give him one. Just to be safe, he kissed her lips, and went in for a French kiss. To his surprise, she reciprocated. “It’s okay if you don’t want to-” He said as he pulled away slowly.

Out of all of the things Daisy had to worry about, she knew that fucking her youth pastor wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t like he was out every night screwing a bunch of women. Everything about sex just nerved her a little. She thought long and hard, but then her pussy started tingling, and aching for pleasure. Did her first time really have to be ‘romantic,’ or ‘magical?’ Did she really have to wait for marriage? “I want it.”

“Are you sure?” He was in disbelief, and truly concerned. “Daisy, I really care about you. If you don’t want this, I respect that… You know I’m not like that.” His fingers brushed up against her thighs as he tried to make her comfortable.

She nodded her head slowly. “I know, but I still want you to fuck me.”

That was all he needed to hear her say. He kissed her on the lips once more, and then burrowed his face in between her neck. As he fumbled around with his cock, he finally reached her wet slit, easing himself in as gently as he possibly could. “Nice and slow…” He whispered in her ear, and took a quick glance at her face. “You okay?”

Daisy’s nipples got hard as his chest brushed up against hers. He was easing in inch by inch, but he was just so thick. She felt her vagina stretching as he pushed in further and further. “Uhhhh.” Her teeth were clenching around her bottom lip. “Owwww!”

“You’re so tight, Dayse.” He was fighting between his groans of pleasure, and her comfort. “Want me to stop?”

“No!” She wrapped her legs around him, and ended up pushing him even further inside of her. It was so warm, and hard. Her pussy felt so full, and she loved every inch of it, even though there was some slight pain. “Fuck me. Please, just fuck me!”

It started off really slow and steady. In, and out of her tight, young twat. Her wetness felt so good on him. “Ohhhh, baby!” He picked up the pace, grabbing on to her tits so he wouldn’t fall over while he was on top of her. “Your pussy is so good, baby!” His voice frayed, and he was losing control.

“You’re a good fucker, Pastor Olvarez!” Her cute little titties were bouncing up and down between his hands as she looked down at his cock thrusting in and out of her. It all felt unreal.

Grunts and groans kept escaping from his mouth as he fucked her harder. “You like that, baby?” He moved his hands to the side, touching the bottom of the van. All of his balance was extra steady now, and he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy like he was in a race to the finish line. The upper part of his chest was tinted red, and sweat beads dripped all over him. His tongue grazed across his mouth as he looked down at her sweet little face. “You like getting fucked like this?”

“Ohhh, yes!” She was practically screaming from all of the pleasure. “I love your cock in me, pastor!” The insides of her pussy started to clench up and grab a hold onto his cock.

A gasp of air reached his lungs; he almost collapsed onto her. He wasn’t prepared for that motion, he had lost his strength and he tried to pull out, but her pussy was holding him in; her legs were wrapped around him. “Oh, fuck!” Loads of hot sticky cum erupted inside of her. “Shit!” He pumped in and out of her really slowly, holding her by her head, and pushing her into him even more. He was kept riding the wave nice and slow, until the eruption subsided. Eventually he let go of her head, resting it gently back onto the floor of the van. “That was great!” Like a kid in a candy store, he giggled.

The two of them kissed once again, ignoring everything around them. Cum was leaking out of Daisy’s pussy, and it ended up on one of the nearby gospel tracks in the van. Neither of them noticed it. Even though it was only the first day of their missionary trip, they both knew that the days to come would be fruitful. Many seeds would be planted, and they were going to fulfill that promise.

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