A Passion for the Game Pt. 05

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Part 6

A Day at the Beach

Ok the rest of the story. After a long week of practice, Carrie and Tanya decide to take some time off and relax at the beach. As the day unfolds, I’m not sure Carrie would agree with the relaxing part. There are four chapters to this story each building to an unbelievable climax. lol.

The girls head to the beach

The girls had a weekend off from volleyball and Lisa had planned to drive down from LA for a visit. Lisa and Tanya had planned to meet Carrie at her place and from there they planned a day at the beach. Carrie planned to relax and do some surfing but the always mischievous Tanya and Lisa has some ideas of her own.

Carrie was exhausted from a tough week and was still asleep when Tanya pulled up and rang the bell. Carrie pulled herself from her deep sleep and stumbled towards the door. She was half way there when she realized she was still naked. Not that this was unusual for her after the last several week but she thought better of answering the door in the nude so ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel as the doorbell rang a second time. She quickly wrapped herself in the short bath towel that barely reached from her breasts to her butt and hurried toward the door.

“Hi hot stuff.” Tanya yelled as she saw Carrie dressed in nothing more than a short towel.

“Hey, don’t dress up for me. You know I can’t get enough of that hot bod of yours.

“Stop it Tanya. You woke me up and I just grabbed this to answer the door.” Carrie answered.

“So when’s Lisa coming? I can’t wait to get to the beach. Tanya said

“Don’t you get enough of the beach. Between practice and tournaments I feel like I live at the beach.” Carrie told her as Tanya walked in.

“Got some coffee? I need my morning caffeine fix.” Tanya asked.

Carrie walked into her small kitchen to make some coffee followed by Tanya. As Carrie reached for the coffee maker Tanya reached over and tugged on the top of Carrie’s towel causing it to fall to the floor.

“Stop that you horny bitch. Don’t you get enough from those indecent poster you have of me?” Carrie yelled back as she bent down to retrieve the fallen towel but she wasn’t quick enough as Tanya scooped it up and teased her with it.

“You’re not getting your coffee unless you give it back.” Carrie said as she stood at the counter with naked back to Tanya.

She held the towel tucked under her arm as she walked up behind Carrie reached around her and grabbed Carries bare breasts just as Carrie picked up the coffee maker from the upper cabinet. Tanya continued to stoke them gently as Carrie tried to wiggle free without dropping the coffee maker.

“Come on Lisa will be here any moment. You don’t want to give her the wrong idea.”

“Oh come on Carrie, She’d probably enjoy it too. Tanya cooed.

Carrie turned quickly and grabbed the towel from Tanya and quickly wrapped it around herself once again. This time testing that it was nice and tight.

Carrie and Tanya sipped their coffee and chatted for a couple of minutes before the door bell rang again.

“Wow, I thought you guys would be all set to go by now.” Lisa said as she checked out Carrie who was still dressed in nothing more than a simple white towel.

“Sorry, we got talking and I lost track of the time.” Carrie explained as she invited Lisa in.

“Help yourself to some coffee while I take a quick shower and get dressed.”

“No need to get dressed on my account.” Tanya teased.

While Carried showered and got ready, Tanya and Lisa loaded their beach stuff which included two surf boards into Tanya’s SUV. They finished quickly and yelled for Carrie to hurry up.

She finished her shower dried quickly before scurrying back to her room to dress.

“Come on Carrie. You can wear your uniform” Lisa joked, echoing Tanya’s thoughts.

Both Lisa and Tanya has their suites on under their cloths but Carrie just threw on a pair of white shorts and a light tank top, grabbed her sunglasses and bag and headed to the door. Half way there she ran back and grabbed her bikini.

They all jumped in Tanya’s SUV and headed down to one of the girls favorite surfing beaches. It was about and hours drive but was worth the trip. Being a bit outside of the city it was never that crowded and the surf was usually good in the afternoon.

“How about we grab something to eat, I’m starving.” Lisa told Tanya and Carrie.

The girls pulled into a small breakfast place and sat down to order. As they waited the conversation moved to the girls new sponsor and the photo shoot. Tanya described the posters which seemed spark Lisa’s interest.

“So Carrie, you going to grace us with that hot body like when you play. It doesn’t look like you bothered with a bikini from the looks of it.” Both Tanya’s and Lisa’s bathing suits were obvious under their cloths but equally obvious was the lack of anything under her light tank top and when Carrie sat down Tanya confirmed that she nothing under Carries shorts either.

“Yea, you can’t be ruining that perfect tan. What would Sun Touch say.” Tanya continued.

“Don’t kütahya escort worry I have my 45 sun block and besides, I can’t just run around naked on a public beach.”

“Yea, but did you bring a bikini?” Lisa asked.

“Don’t be silly you two, Of course I brought a bikini.” Carrie said taking the opportunity to tease as she stood up and reached onto the pocket of her shorts.

“Sorry to disappoint you guys.” Carrie said as she pulled what constituted her entire swimsuit from the pocket of her tight shorts. Her hand emerged with what amounted to nothing more than a pile of string.

“Carrie …..” Was all Lisa could muster as she looked on in amazement. “Sure you’re not going nude.”

Even counting the sting, the bikini didn’t have nearly enough material to cover the napkin Carrie placed it on.

“Wow, that some bikini.” Tanya added as she picked up the tiny suit to inspect it. She then straightened it out confirming it was a thong.

“You’re never going to stay in that surfing.” Tanya added.

“It actually stays on better than you’d think. Carried explained

The bottom consisted of a single triangular patch with three think straps leading out form each corner. The one from the bottom split leading to two twin bows before connecting back with the tiny patch.

“It doesn’t look like there’s enough elastic in these straps to hold it on.” Tanya question.

“Yea. But if I adjust it right it cups my cheeks just right but I do have to tie it on pretty tight to keep it from sliding around.

“No room for slippage, that’s for sure.” Lisa added getting a little turned on at the thought of Carrie’s tall body in this tiny suit.

Tanya then inspected the top which consisted of two even smaller triangles connected by even more thin string.

“Carrie, I’m not even sure why you’re bothering.” Tanya mused as she played with the suite.

“I know you want me to go naked but I can’t just walk around like that on a public beach.” Carrie explained.

“Damn, girl. With this bikini it won’t be that much difference.” Tanya said also getting slightly aroused by the conversation.

“I’ve seen babies wear bigger bathing suits than that one. When did you get it.” Lisa asked.

“I’ve had it for a while but I’ve only worn it for tanning.”

It was just about then that their waitress arrived with their breakfast, immediately noticing the pile of string sitting on the table. A quick glance at the girls clued her in that it must be the blondes since she was the only one not already wearing a swim suit. She smiled as she pictured the tall blonde barely covered.

They finished their breakfast and before getting up, Tanya scooped up Carries bikini again and stuffed it in her bag.

“Oh come on Tanya. Don’t be playing games.” Carrie complained as they headed to the car.

“Tell you what. Give it a try and if people complain I’ll give it back to you.” Tanya told her.

“Come on Carrie. Give it a try, besides that suit doesn’t cover anything anyway. What’s the difference.” Lisa suggested.

“Getting arrested is the difference.”

“Yea, right, Who are you kidding. You’d be hard pressed to convince anyone that that bikini covers anything.” Tanya interjected.

“Maybe if you lay still and don’t move but there’s no way that things staying on in the water.”

“Well, then isn’t that what you want then.” I can’t just prance down to the beach naked and plop down on a blanked and say here I am.” Carrie yelled with a sense of anger in her voice.

They rode along without saying much until Tanya broke the silence with, “This is going to be a great break from practice. I was getting sick and tired of all that practice.”

The casual conversation resumed and it took Carries mind off the fact that she was headed for an afternoon at the beach she wasn’t sure if Tanya was going to give her bikini back.

“There’s more people here than I thought.” Carrie whispered with a tinge of nervousness in her voice.

Tanya was about to pull in and park next to a cluster of cars when Carrie suggested a spot further down.

“Only if you leave all your stuff in the car.” Tanya yelled with a laugh.

“Only if you give me my bikini.” Carrie answered.

“Ok, you get your bikini but everything else stays in the car and you have to let me apply your lotion.” Tanya insisted.

“Yea, you’d like that wouldn’t you.” Carrie teased.

“You bet.”

Tanya pulled down to the next entrance where only a couple of cars were parked. Once parked, Tanya began pulling the surf boards out of the back while Carried walked over to side of the car where Tanya was standing.

“Well? Carrie asked with her hands in her hips. Can I have my bikini back?”

Even as it was Carrie would have to change in the middle of the parking lot where a car could pull in at any moment, but that didn’t seem to bother her compared to the fact that Tanya was pulling another one of her tricks.

Lisa just stood back and took in the little battle of wills that seemed to be going on.

Without another word malatya escort being said, Carrie reached for the hem of her tank top and quickly pulled it over her head baring her breasts to Tanya who stop what she was doing.

“OK, have it your way but you’re not getting to put on my sun block.” Carrie said defiantly as she reached for the snap to her shorts.

Was she really going to go naked, Lisa wondered as tingle stirred in her sex. She had been friends with Carrie since they were roommates in college but she was now seeing Carrie in a new light. She had seen her naked plenty of times before but Wow, did she ever look good now.

Carrie quickly unsnapped her shorts and slid them past her tight butt and let gravity take them streaming down her long tan legs before stepping out of them and placing her hands on her hips in a show of defiance to Tanya.

Tanya didn’t say a thing as she took in the site in front of her. Lisa did the same from behind, mesmerized by Carries tight ass and total lack of any sign of a tan line.

“No bikini, not applying my sun block.” Carrie challenged Using her own nude body as leverage.

How could her friend be so bold as to stand that stark naked in the middle of the parking lot and use her nude body to challenge Tanya, Lisa thought, and would she actually go naked if Tanya refused to give her her bikini. Another surge of excitement passed though Lisa as she observed.

Similar thoughts were passing though Carries mind as she stood there. She honestly couldn’t believe she was actually doing this and god what would she do if Tanya refuses. Oh god, She just couldn’t go naked on a public beach and then what if she back down. What then? Carries nipples harden and her pussy swelled at the prospects yet she didn’t move or lower her stair.


Carrie was beginning to shake slightly as her heart felt like it was going to burst as she waited for Tanya’s answer.

She most have put on a pretty good act because after what seemed like an hour to Carrie, Tanya finally lowered her eye and relented.

“OK, ruin that tan if you want but wait till Sun Touch sees you.” Tanya said as she reached into her bag and pulled out Carries tiny bikini, tossing the pile of string to her.

Lisa was half disappointed and half relieved. She couldn’t believe Carrie would go to a public beach in the nude, but then she’s played volleyball in the nude so anything was possible. On the other hand, seeing Carrie standing there was bringing some strange feelings to the surface.

Carrie took the tangled pile of string and quickly straightened it out. As she did she couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of power as she now seemed to have something on Tanya. It made her feel proud that she had stood up to her usually dominate team mate but at the same time gave her an uneasy feeling about how she had done it. She has openly flaunted her body in front of her friend and actual used denying her the pleasure of spreading the sun block on her body as the leverage. She knew Tanya kind of got off on spreading the lotion all over her bare skin but this was the first time that denying her that had got her to change her behavior and all this was done right in front of Lisa. She must be thinking I’ve lost my mind.

Carrie finally straightened the bottom enough to pull it up her long legs just as a car pulled in to the lot. She quickly pulled it in place but not before the young couple in the car got a full look. As it was the suit barley made a difference. It was a Y back thong with a tiny 3 inch by maybe 5 inch patch of cloth in the front. Carrie adjusted it as best she could but it was so small there really wasn’t much she could do but strategically place it over her pussy. The back, well there was no back, just to tiny strings that exited her butt crack and split across the tops of her cheeks. In reality, it perfectly cupped each cheek before rounding her lower hips and meeting up with the small patch in the front.

Still standing there topless she started working on the top which was equally small. She looped the top over her head while she stretched the cups over her pert breasts. As it was they didn’t cover much more that her areolas and did nothing to conceal the fact that her nipples were solidly erect. Leaving gravity hold the tiny cops on her slightly upturned nipples she pulled her hair back and asked Lisa to tie her top.

“OK, now that’s better.” Carrie said with a sign of relief.

“Better, I’m not sure why you made such a fuss. It’s not like that bikini makes much of a difference.” You’re still damn near naked and probably going to ruin your perfect tan in the process.” Tanya said with a hint of discuss in her voice.

Lisa didn’t say a thing but could help by think Tanya was right. From the back Carrie was essentially naked and from the front, even though there were some strategically place pieces of cloth, they really hid none of Carrie’s anatomy. Even though the suit was dark and not see through, because it had no lining and was made of the clingiest thin material it left nothing to the imagination. You could tell she manisa escort was shaved clean due to the way it clung to her pussy forming a perfect camel toe. And with her slightly concave tummy, there was almost inch gap wide down her front which left anyone with the right angle a perfect view down her bottom.

The top was made of the same clingy unlined material so all it did was obscure your view of her hard nipples. In a strange sexy way, her erect nipples pressing hard against the edge of the thin material seemed help prevent the cups from slipping off her firm mounds. If they were to calmed down there’s no telling what would keep her top in place.

Now Carrie seemed to relax and actually started to tease Tanya.

“Well, maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll let you spread some lotion on me and keep me from striping up. She said.

“I’m still not sure how you’re going to stay in that thing surfing.” Tanya added.

“Well, who know, maybe just won’t wear it surfing. She teased.

Now that got both girls attention as they weren’t exactly sure if they heard Carrie right.

With renewed excitement in her voice Tanya grabbed Carrie’s clothes and tossed them in the car and locked it.

“Tanya, what are you doing?”

“Just keeping them for safe keeping.”

With that Tanya picked her bag and board and started walking down the trail towards the beach. Her tall blonde and almost naked teammate picked up the other one and hurried behind not wanting to be left behind as Lisa followed with the cooler. They emerged onto the beach with Carrie carrying the board on her hip looking like the perfect surfer babe.

There was only a couple people at their end of the beach and only a couple dozen or so people back at the main area several hundred yards up the beach.

Tanya dropped their stuff and turned to Carrie.

“Ok, time to lotion up. Can’t have your hot bod sporting a sun burn. What would Jeff think?”

“You enjoy this way too much.” Carrie said, putting her surfboard down.

Tanya squirted some of the lotion into her hand as Carrie continued her teasing now more with her body than her words. Tanya started with Carries back, saying she was saving the good stuff for last. She slowly worked her way down Carries back skipping her butt and picking up with Carrie’s legs.

“Hey, you missed a spot.” Carried said shaking her bare butt in Tanya’s face.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure I don’t miss anything. Trust me.”

Standing up again she picked up with the spots she passed on the way down.

“Damn, that is one tight butt.” She said as she made absolutely positive she didn’t miss anything.

“I don’t know about you two.” Lisa added with a tint of jealousy in her voice especially when Tanya added.

“I’m not used to this bikini being in the way. Why don’t you do us both a favor and just take it off.”

“You wish.” Carrie teased.

“Hey.” Carrie yelled as Tanya’s hands teased Carries nipples through her thin top. Then before Carrie could react, Tanya pure a generous amount of lotion in her hand and worked down Carrie’s tummy and in then one sift motion drove her hand down the gap left between Carries bikini bottom massaged Carrie’s pussy.

“Hey, stop that you horny bitch.” She yelled as Tanya’s hand cupped Carries pussy before being withdrawn.

“I tell you it would be a lot easier if you took this silly thing off.” She repeated.

Despite her protest the sensuous application was having its effect on Carrie as her hear rate and breathing both picked up. Tanya finished the fronts of Carries legs before standing with a look of lust in her eye as she looked Carrie in the eye. Then she smiled as she squired a generous amount of lotion across Carries upper chest running a separate line down between her breasts to near her belly button. Putting the bottle in her pocket she brought both hands up to Carries chest and slid her top up and off her hard nipples, momentarily catching them in the process.

Tanya used both hands to massage the lotion into Carries breasts, spending extra time teasing Carries nipples as Carrie let out her first moan. With one hand needing Carries breast, the other started its journey south caressing Carries tight tummy as it moved in sensuous circles.

“Hey you two. No fair unless you let me play too.” Lisa sighed taking in the action next to her. The comments were lost as Carrie was beginning to lose control and Tanya was too intent on her work to listen.

In one last gasp of will, Carrie pulled Tanya’s hands away saying “Come on Tanya, there are people watching us.”

Clearing her head, Carrie pulled her top back in place over her now even harder nipples and settled down onto her towel.

They all settled in as Carrie turned over on her tummy with her hands under her head. Even before she could get comfortable Tanya reached over to untie Carries top saying she couldn’t afford to get any tan lines. The real surprise can when Carrie arched her back to say something and Lisa grabbed her top and pulled it out from under her. She waved it in the air as Carrie tried to grab it baring her breasts in the process. Carrie almost had it when Tanya tossed it to Lisa and then back. Carrie started to protest but then just settled down and let the girls play their game. By the time they were done Tanya had tucked Carries top in her bag.

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