A Weekend of Teasing 01: Friday

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As I drove home from work on Friday, I could barely contain my excitement. My wife had suggested a special weekend away and all I could think about was a weekend filled with sex!

We had been married several years and had been talking about spicing things up a bit. And Beth had suggested we get a room in a nice hotel in town for the weekend and explore one of my fantasies. I had always talked about how much fun it would be to just have time to be teased really intensely as part of sex. So now I just had images of slow handjobs, sloppy blowjobs, and body massages before fucking our brains out.

When I walked in the door, Beth said she was all packed and ready. So I quickly threw a few random items into a bag without much thought. After all, I figured we would be spending most of the time in bed so who needed clothes?

I tossed our bags into the car and we took off.

The drive to the hotel was about an hour. Beth was wearing a light sundress and I could barely keep my eyes on the road. The fabric was light and thin. The dress was short and showed off her legs. And it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Damn, babe, you look hot!”

“Aw, thanks. You’re sweet to notice.”

“How could I help but notice? That dress shows you off just perfectly. You look awesome!”

Beth smiled as she leaned her seat back a bit, causing her dress to slide up her bare thigh even more.

“I bet I feel pretty awesome, too. Let’s find out.”

“What?” I said as I turned to look her way. “Beth. oh my god!”

I watched as much as I could without crashing as Beth slipped her hand under her dress and right up between her legs.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “I was smart not to wear any panties. That makes this so easy.”

“Oh fuck! Babe!

“Oh sweetie, you would love to fuck this. You wouldn’t…”, gasp, “believe how wet my pussy is right now.”

I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants as Trabzon Escort I listened to Beth moan and sigh as she played with her pussy.

“God, it’s so exciting to play like this with all these people around. If they only knew I had three fingers stuffed inside my pussy right now!”

“Oh Jesus, babe! You gotta stop! I can’t drive like this.”

“But sweetie, the whole purpose of this weekend is to tease you,” she said, giggling and breathing harder. She reached over with her free hand and fondled the front of my jeans. “Seems like it’s working.”

“Oh god,” I moaned, as I tried to squirm against her hand. “I won’t even make it to the hotel if you keep this up!”

“Oh well, we don’t want any little accidents,” she said, as she pulled her hand away. “Here, just a little something to keep you thinking about me the rest of the drive…”.

She pulled her hand from between her legs and quickly smeared her pussy juice all over my face. I licked my lips and sniffed hard as I took in her scent and taste. “Fuck! Babe, I’m can’t wait to get you in that room and fuck your brains out.”

“Oh, maybe you will. But maybe you won’t. I’m getting pretty hungry. I may want to get some dinner first. After all…it is about teasing, remember?” she said, with a big, teasing grin.

I groaned. It was useless. I could tell she had every intention of making me suffer. And part of me was loving it.

The rest of the drive was quick and uneventful and we got checked into our room right away. The moment we were in our room, I threw my bag on the floor and grabbed her and started to kiss her and run my hands over her body.

She pulled away after a moment. “Dinner, babe. I can’t spend the night fucking if I don’t have food. I need energy. I’m going to get dressed. I’ll be out in a minute.”

She headed into the bathroom. Get dressed? She was already dressed. Couldn’t we just go and get Trabzon Escort Bayan it over with and come back to the room?

I paced the room until I heard the bathroom door open. Beth came out wearing the shortest miniskirt I had ever seen her wear. It just barely covered her pussy. And her top was very low cut. She was definitely wearing a bra now and it was pushing her tits up and almost spilling them out of her top.

She grabbed my hand. “Let’s go. I’m starved.”

She pulled me into the hallway and off we went. As we approached the restaurant she leaned in close and whispered, “Still not wearing any panties.”

My cock instantly throbbed in my pants as we entered the restaurant and got seated.

All through dinner, Beth continued to verbally tease me with talk about sex. I was squirming in my chair and eating as fast as I could. I needed to get back to the room ASAP.

Of course, Beth wanted to order dessert. And as we waited for the waiter to bring it, I suddenly felt a prodding between my legs. I instantly squirmed and looked around the room.

“Beth! Someone will see. Stop it!”

Her foot pressed harder.

“Nonsense. No one is looking under our table. And even if they were, who cares? The women will just laugh and the men will be jealous. So rather than focus on them, you should be focused on me.”

“I’ve thought of nothing else all evening!”

“Good boy.”

When our dessert arrived, she removed her foot and we ate quickly and headed back to our room.

The moment our room door was closed we grabbed each other. Kissing, groping, and tearing our clothes off, we stumbled across the room and fell on the bed. Beth immediately grabbed my hard cock and slowly stroked it. She leaned closer and licked it. Kissed it. And slowly slipped it into her mouth.

“FUCK! Beth, that feels so amazing. I’ve been waiting all day for this!”

“I Escort Trabzon know, baby. It must feel so good after all the teasing. So enjoy every second of it.”

I relaxed on the bed, feeling her lips wrap around the head of my cock as she slowly took it deep inside her mouth and then let it slide back out.

“In fact,” she said, “enjoy a full minute of it. Because that’s all you’ll get tonight.”

“What?!?! No way! That’s not fair!” I shouted as I looked at her in shock.

“Time is ticking, sweetie, and I don’t think you are having much fun if you’re arguing with me about the time.”

“But Beth! Why just one minute???”

She slurped my cock again as it ached and throbbed.

“Why one minute?” She licked the tip of my cock. “Because you wanted to be teased. And I’m pretty sure this teases you.”

She smiled as she licked it again.

“You know that’s not what I meant when I said…

“Times up! My turn.”

She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top. Finally, I thought. Now we’re getting somewhere. She loved to ride my cock.

Instead, she moved up my body and dropped her soaking pussy right on my face.

“Now you lick me. And I get more than a minute. I’ll let you know when we’re done.”

I wanted to protest but her pussy was just too delicious. And it was soaking wet. Pussy juice dripped into my mouth as I started to eat her pussy. I figured the better I ate her pussy, the sooner we would get back to my cock.

Three orgasms later, she rolled away.

“That was amazing, baby. You’ve never eaten me that well before.”

“So how about my turn?” I said, as I nuzzled up against her and pushed my hard cock against her hip.

“Oh honey, I’m just too spent. I’ve got no energy left. Let’s save it for tomorrow when I can give you more attention.”

And before I could even protest, she rolled over to go to sleep.

I was left…hard…throbbing…aching…with no relief. Yes, I had fantasized about being teased. But in my fantasies, it lasted an hour or two. This had been non-stop for the last seven hours or so. And now I would have to wait till tomorrow!

I really hoped I would get some relief on Saturday.

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