Adventures of a Mailgirl Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — You Are Going to Unlock Me Aren’t You?

This is a revised version of Chapter 1. The original went to press to hastily and was in serious need of amendment.

All characters are 18 years of age or older. The story, all names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in this story are completely fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. This story is intended as entertainment only. Any legal, moral, or ethical considerations set forth herein are for entertainment purposes only and not for legal accuracy or political correctness. Nothing contained in this story should be construed that female employees would, should, or even legally could be treated as set forth herein.

This story was written for entertainment and to improve the writing skills of its author by practice, developing characters, syntax, word choice, dialogue, making fictional places, adding tension to a scene, pace, entertainment, etc. Feel free to comment. Saying nice things makes me feel better; constructive criticism makes me a better writer.


As Tekvelopment’s 27 year old CEO and dotcom billionaire, Jim Dillard, entered into the atrium style lobby Mananoto Industries in Japan, he couldn’t help but notice the centerpiece statuary in the palatial lobby, a nude woman standing stock-still on a pedestal. Alive and nearly as naked as the day she was born, the beautiful, Asian appeared to be approximately 30 in age and was posed facing the front door in the middle of the lobby near a fountain. Her only adornment was a cell phone like device worn as a bracelet on her left wrist. As Jim Dillard stopped to admire her, the woman neither flinched nor glanced downward.

“Gorgeous, isn’t she?” CEO of Mananoto, Mr. Yoshida said as he walked up.

“A work of art,” Dillard replied as the men shook hands. “Thanks for letting me come down and observe your mailgirl program.”

“The pleasure is all mine Jim. It gives me a chance to show off all that Mananoto has accomplished with its program.”

“Is that one of your mailgirls?”

“Yes, let me introduce you to Mailgirl 34.”

Although both men turned toward her, the statuesque young woman remained motionless, not even looking down.

“Hi, I’m Jim Dillard”

As he awaited a response, Dillard examined the living statue closely. With a shaven pussy, immaculate grooming, and minimal makeup, she was striking in her appearance. Even though it was what he had come to see, viewing such an attractive young woman exhibited nude as artwork in her place of employment seemed stunning.

“When she’s assigned to art duty, a mailgirl is forbidden to speak or move,” Mr. Yoshida explained.

“I thought they delivered mail.”

“Delivering messages and special packages is their primary assignment but not their only task. Mailgirl 34 is assigned to art duty at the moment. We maintain a mailgirl statue as the centerpiece of our lobby artwork from seven o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock at night. Mailgirl 34 performs this duty twice a day in two hour shifts.”

Dillard inspected the mailgirl’s backside as he walked around the human statue. “Magnificent.”

Toned, but not overly muscular, the petite Japanese girl exhibited a slender figure with a demure but confident look. The number “34” was stenciled on the cheek of her right buttock. Curiously, the buttocks seemed a little more crimson than the rest of the statute’s body and had been brushed with a light covering of makeup. Except for breathing, the mailgirl was completely motionless.

“Do they ever move?” Dillard asked.

“They are allowed to change poses every half hour. Other than that, they are to be as stationary as the guards at Buckingham Palace.”

“She seems to be enjoying herself.”

“She is. Being chosen for artwork duty is an honor. Mailgirl 34 achieved this by being exemplary in her work, her attitude, and her physique. By exhibiting her on that pedestal, we are not only displaying mailgirl 34’s body as art, we are informing everyone that she is one of the chosen.”

Dillard took out his cell phone and glanced at Mr. Yoshida. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all. After all, mailgirl 34 is on display to be admired.”

As he was taking photos, Mr. Dillard inquired, “How long has she been a mailgirl.”

“Here at Mananoto, mailgirls sign a four year contract. Thirty-four is in her fifth month of her second contract.”

“She reenlisted?”

“Yes, she’s been one of our more dedicated mailgirls and has expressed a desire to be the mailgirl supervisor one day.”

Finishing his photography, Dillard said, “She’s extraordinary.”

For a moment, it almost seemed as if the statue started to smile. Surprised, Dillard turned to Mr. Yoshida for an explanation.

“Thirty-four is fluent English. We train many of our mailgirls in foreign languages as we often have international visitors.”

Leaving altyazılı porno the naked mailgirl to be displayed in the lobby, as the men began to walk to the elevators, another nude young woman jogged by carrying a tube attached to her right wrist with a handcuff. College aged, barefooted, athletic, and wearing only a mailgirl device on her wrist, the young woman stopped only long enough to bow deferentially to Mr. Yoshida before she hurried off. As Dillard turned to watch the new mailgirl trot off, he noticed the number “58” painted on her ass cheek. Amidst the sound of the muffled thumps of the mailgirl’s bare feet, the cute Asian girl took a serpentine route through the furniture and people before turning to corner and leaving Dillard’s sight.

“Do they ever wear any clothes?”


“Not even during winter.”

“No, not even during winter. For four years the only thing a mailgirl will wear is her pager.”

“That’s the device on her wrist.”

“Yes, it is how we summons and keep track of the mailgirls.”

Dillard nodded in understanding.

“So you say that TRG is interested in developing a mailgirl program,” Mr. Yoshida said as the men boarded the elevator.

“Yes, that’s why I came here, to see it for myself.”

“And what do you think so far?”

Mr. Yoshida hit the button for the top floor.

“I’m very impressed.”

Mr. Yoshida smiled. “Not to sound immodest, but our program is one of the oldest and best run mailgirl programs in the world. We have a training program and discipline second to none.”

“It shows. I understand that part of your training and part of your discipline involves the use of physical correction.”

“That is correct. We demand a lot out of our mailgirls, so our training and discipline must be strict. Punishment is both immediate and painful. It instills in the mailgirls a dedication to excellence in their job well beyond what could be expected of normal discipline techniques.”

“And the women agree to this? What do they get out of this?”

“Besides a sizable bonus if she completes her four year contract, what the mailgirl receives is perfection.”

The men exit the elevator as they reach the top floor, Dillard found another mailgirl kneeling on a mat at the entrance to the executive suite. As soon as she saw that the elevator carried Mr. Yoshida, the comely Asian quickly scrambled to her feet. Naked, slender, with feet shoulder length apart, and hands behind her back, the demure mailgirl bowed immediately as Mr. Yoshida exited the elevator. Both her attitude and her posture reflected the girl’s complete subservience. After receiving a few brief commands from Mr. Yoshida, the mailgirl respectfully bowed again and ran for the stairs with a spring in her step and a litheness that is the privilege of youth.


“Yes. We call our mailgirls geisha and we train them to be the very embodiment of the perfect female both in physique and in manners. During their four years as a mailgirl, the women develop habits of hygiene, etiquette, confidence, self-discipline, punctuality, and physical fitness that makes them highly desirable, successful, and very beautiful. Our selection process it quite demanding and to be chosen as a mailgirl is an honor.”

As the men walked to Mr. Yoshida’s office, Dillard pointed to the stairway. “It seemed that the mailgirl that just left was waiting on you.”

“She was.”

“Do you always have a mailgirl stationed outside your door?”

“Yes. She is what we call an executive courier. As the CEO, I have at least one mailgirl assigned to my exclusive use at all times.”

Dillard looked envious. “I’ll have to remember that when I get my mailgirl program up and running.”

“You mentioned that you’d like me to refer you to a consultant.”

“Yes. I’d like to get TRG’s mailgirl program started as soon as possible and I plan to start the recruitment as soon as I fly back but I need some assistance. Since no one in my company has any experience with a mailgirl program, I’d like to find someone the help advise me.”

Mr. Dillard took a couple of minutes to explain what he had in mind.

Mr. Yoshida nodded his head in understanding and smiled. “I believe that I have just the person in mind.”


“She’s an employee here at Mananoto, and she has been working with the mailgirl program for over four years. When we got off the elevator, I sent my personal mailgirl to ask her to join us. She should be here at any moment.”

There was a knock on the door and Mr. Yoshida spoke a word in Japanese. As the door opened, mailgirl 34 hurried in, assumed a deferential pose, and bowed. As, mailgirl 34 stood before Mr. Yoshida with her hands behind her back, eyes downward in a subservient stance, Mr. Yoshida spoke to her for a minute before turning back to Dillard.

“You remember Number 34.”

“Of course, she was the girl in the lobby.”


“She’s the consultant?”

“That’s amatör porno correct. I think you’ll find that Number 34 is perfect for the job. As a bonus for our recent distribution partnership, I’m assigning the remaining time on her mailgirl contract to you.”


“Yes. Her mailgirl contract is fully assignable. I can sell, lease, or even give her to anyone else as I see fit.”

Dillard stared at the naked young woman in amazement. “You’re giving me a mailgirl?”

“For the next three and a half years, mailgirl 34 is yours. I think you’ll find that she is knowledgeable as to every aspect of our program.”

“Thanks.” Dillard seemed quite appreciative. “What’s her name?”

“Her birth name is Akako Hayashi but you can assign her any name you want.”

Another knock on Mr. Yoshida’s door could be heard and a couple of men entered carrying a large box with numerous baseball sized holes in the top. Number 34 reacted with a slight flinch as it was set beside her and gave the box a quick glance. About the size of a photocopier, the men carried it with such ease that the box appeared to be empty.

“What will her role be?”

“Whatever you assign her to. You may use her as a consultant, as a work of art, as a mailgirl, as your personal servant, or even as a custodian. You can use her as a footstool if you so desire. The choice is yours. You can even sell her contract if she displeases you. I know you have some Middle Eastern customers. There’s a very lucrative market for mailgirls in that part of the world.”

Mailgirl 34 looked concerned. Dillard moved in front of her, lifted her chin until they made eye contact, and smiled.

“I think we’ll use you as a consultant. I understand you’d like to be a mailgirl supervisor?”

Mailgirl 34 nodded affirmatively.

“Then that’s what you’ll be. You’re going to help me run the TRG Mailgirl Program.”

Fighting back a grin, Number 34 was obviously pleased with the revelation.

“You brought your own airplane I assume,” Mr. Yoshida asked.

“Yes, I flew here on one of TRG’s jets. Why?”

“Good. It’s less trouble than dealing with the airlines.” Mr. Yoshida spoke a few words to Akako Hayashi. The mailgirl bowed, climbed into the box, and sat down. Dillard looked on in amazement as the men began taping up the box.

“Because of their nudity, we can’t transport mailgirls in a normal fashion. We therefore use a box.”

“I thought she’d be flying back with me?” Dillard said.

“She will. But, she’ll be transported like any other mailgirl when their contract is assigned, she won’t fly first class and she won’t fly coach, she’ll fly as baggage.”

No sooner than the custodians had finished taping up Akako Hayashi in her box, they picked it up, carried it out of the room, sat the box on a dolly, and wheeled her off.

Mr. Yoshida gave a reassuring smile. “They’ll take her down to the loading dock. I’ve got a van waiting to take her to the airport. We’ll make she gets loaded onto the plane and she’ll be waiting for you in the luggage compartment of your airplane.”

Dillard looked astounded.

Mr. Yoshida seemed nonchalant. “You’ll never wait on a Mananoto mailgirl, she’s always punctual. There’s no need to worry that your return flight will be delayed by Number 34, by the time you get to the airport, she’ll already be on the plane, sitting in her little box with the rest of the cargo.”

Taking some papers off his desk, Mr. Yoshida sat them on a conference table and motioned for Dillard to take a seat.

“While I’ve got you here, I’d like to take a few minutes to go over some of the details of our partnership and then I’d like to take you on a tour and show you more of our mailgirl program.”

Dillard smiled. “I’d like that.”


A couple of days later, back in the United States, two of TRG’s employees were enjoying an eventful morning before work. As the last of Karen’s pelvic contractions dwindled, as her pulse began to return to normal, and as her moaning and guttural utterances gradually ceased, Karen’s orgasm slowly faded away. Exhausted, flushed in her face and upper body, naked, covered in sweat, and still breathing heavily, Karen turned to her girlfriend and smiled.

“Girl, you have the most amazing tongue. That was incredible,” Karen said.

Giving Karen a passionate hug, a kiss on her twat, Jamie rolled out of bed.

“Thanks. I really enjoyed it too.” Jamie said as she headed to the bathroom to freshen up her face.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Karen said as she rattled the handcuffs that fastened both of her wrists to Jamie’s steel bedposts.

Jamie finished drying her face and started brushing her hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

“I don’t think so.”

Karen laughed. “I was talking about the handcuffs.”

Jamie touched up her makeup and applied some lipstick. “Oh, is that what you’re referring to.”

“As much as I know you’d anal porno like to, you can’t just keep me chained to your bed all day.”

Jamie picked out some panties from a chest of drawers and began getting dressed. “Why not?”

“What do you mean why not? I’ve got things to do. Besides, I need to pee.”

Jamie strapped on a bra. “But you took comp time today. You don’t have to go to work; so you can stay right here all day and we can take up right where I left off when I get back.”

“Seriously, where’d you put the key?”

Jamie buttoned up her blouse. “On the dresser, where you’ll never reach it.”

Karen began to look a little concerned. “Really, I need to pee.”

Jamie slipped into some slacks, walked over, and kissed Karen passionately, the way lovers kiss. “You don’t actually think that I would just let go something so ravishingly beautiful and so precious to me as you.”

Jamie adjusted a pair of sandals on her feet and gave herself one last inspection in the mirror, smiled, and picked up the handcuff key.

Karen looked genuinely worried for a moment but looked greatly relieved when Jamie picked up the key. “You really had me going there for a second. For a moment I really thought you were serious. I really thought you were going to leave me like this.”

Walking over to her bed, Jamie teased Karen with the key for a few seconds, stuffed the key in the pocket of her pants, caressed Karen’s left breast, ran her hand down Karen’s stomach, and then teasingly continued her exploration of Karen’s body across her twat and down the inside of her right thigh.

“I am,” Jamie said as she began to tickle Karen.

Karen squirmed and giggled as she became ticklish at Jamie’s hand but Jamie only tickled her more. “Oh, no, no, stop,” Karen pleaded. “I need to pee. I’ll ruin the mattress. Stop.”

Defenseless against Jamie’s nimble fingers, Karen thrashed about the mattress and turned red in the face as Jamie tickled her armpits. Giggling manically, Jamie even employed her tongue in the most devilish of ways to further magnify Karen’s ticklish plight.

“No, no, no, I can’t hold it,” Karen pleaded as she frantically writhed as Jamie’s tickling only intensified.

After about a minute of tickling Karen, Jamie relented.

“You are going to unlock me aren’t you?” Karen said as she caught her breath.


As Karen tested the handcuffs and fecklessly tried to squeeze her hands from their clasp, Jamie took out a cell phone and snapped a photo. “Just something to remember you by today until I get back,” Jamie said.

Panicked and flustered, Karen stammered, “but, but, you can’t just leave me like this.”

Jamie looked at the photo. “Oh my God, you’re so cute. Wanna see.” Jamie showed Karen her photo. Finding escape to be hopeless and suddenly realizing the full extent of her predicament, Karen looked at the photo in horror and then back at Jamie.

“Seriously, you can’t just leave me handcuffed naked to your bed. I’m begging you.”

“Oh alright,” Jamie seemed resigned, “I won’t just leave you handcuffed naked to my bed.”

As Karen breathed a huge sigh of relief, Jamie picked up Karen’s panties off the floor, slipped them over Karen’s feet, and ran the underpants up Karen’s legs and buttocks until her panties were properly fitted.

Karen looked troubled. “What are you doing?”

“There, you see, I’m not going to leave you handcuffed to my bed naked; now you’re no longer naked.” Jamie said.

“Shit. Jamie, please, you can’t just leave me chained up like this.” Karen’s voice was desperate. “I really need to pee.”

“I’ve got big plans for you at lunchtime, really big.” Jamie smiled and cocked an eyebrow. “We’re gonna have the most mind-blowing sex ever. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.”

“Please, Jamie, this isn’t funny.”

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back at lunch,” Jamie said as she was walking out of the bedroom.

“No, no, no, Jamie wait, stop. Damnit. JAMIE! JAMIE!”

“I love you,” Jamie said as she was leaving the apartment.

Jamie shut the front door behind her, locked it, glanced at her photo, and giggled. The panicked look on Karen’s face as she lay there chained to the bed, naked and helpless, was priceless; the picture was definitely a keeper; a photo that Jamie would be sure to add it to her collection.

At her desk by 7:55 and working on her first cup of coffee, Jamie checked her emails. As a recruiter and Human Services Specialist for the multibillion dollar conglomerate, Tekvelopment Research Group (TRG), Jamie found it difficult to concentrate on anything but what she was going to eat for lunch, namely Karen.

Fantasizing of what Karen looked like at that moment, Jamie imagined her beautiful lover fidgeting naked, exposed, and vulnerable while chained to her bed. Although she’d be a little bent out of shape by noon, Karen found bondage to be highly arousing and, despite everything, Jamie knew that by lunchtime, Karen would be smoldering with sexual desire.

Sneaking another peak at her photo only served to further distract Jamie. Already decidedly sexually aroused, Jamie could hardly wait for lunch. She didn’t know which woman would be more sexually frustrated by the lunchtime, her or Karen. Regardless, it would be a lunch to be remembered.

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