The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 4

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This is yet another installment of the pure pornography that I love to call “The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K.” So far, people have been loving my over the top sex romps, and I hope you fair fans love this one too. If you are not legally permitted to read this work in your legal jurisdiction, please do not read this. Also, I retain all commercial and non-electronic rights to this work. If you want to use this work, just ask. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

* * * * *

Miss K reached in her racing jacket and fished out the card key to her motel room, fast food in hand. She wore a pair of track pants as a deference partially to modesty and partially to the cold. When she opened the door, she saw Tracy sitting up in her bed, nightshirt keeping her modest, pulling on the dildo in her mouth by the set of fake balls at the end. Miss K’s eyes remained fixed on her traveling buddy as she set down the food on the table, wishing that big, brown thing passing between Tracy’s lips was her dick.

“I see you’re practicing on your little dildo there, huh, Trace?”

Tracy pulled the dildo out of her mouth with a loud pop, then said, “Yeah. After all, when you went out to get something to eat, I’d figure I’d get some practice in.”

“Good, hun,” Miss K said, sitting down, pulling the Egg McMuffin sandwich out of the bag and laying it out across from her with a cup of coffee. “That’s what I got it for. That, and the rare occasion that you need a BIG piece of me, and I can’t be of service,” she went on, emphasizing it by rolling her shoulders a bit.

“Like that’ll ever happen,” Tracy said as she got out of bed. “Wanna see how much progress I’ve made, my wonderful Miss K?”

“Sure, babe. Come show me whatcha got?”

Tracy sashayed over to Miss K, exaggerating the roll in her hips before lifting up the dildo to Miss K’s eyes and pointing to a spot where the saliva coating ended 3/4ths of the way down from the tip. “See, I’ve made it that far?”

“Impressive,” Miss K said with a nod, a few strands of her curly blonde hair falling over her face. “An inch of progress with only a day’s practice.”

“Hey, what can I say?” Tracy said as she sat across from Miss K. “I’m a hard worker you know.” As she took a sip from her coffee, Miss K slipped off her sneaker and ran her bare foot up and down Tracy’s leg, stopping just short of her pussy and making Tracy spit out some coffee in surprise.

“Hey! Don’t you ever calm down?”

Miss K looked at Tracy with a cocky smile, nodding her head a bit, and said, “No.”

“Are you that insatiable?” Tracy said as she tried to wipe up the coffee with the few napkins she had. “Men!”

“Uh, Tracy, take a good look,” Miss K said before unzipping her jacket, showing off her huge breasts. “Do I look like a man?”

“No, but you’re acting like one!” Tracy said, snickering between sips of coffee. “Plus, you DEFINITELY a man between those legs of yours!” she said before sliding down in her seat and sticking her small, soft foot up in Miss K’s crotch, rubbing the big dick wit her sole and toes through the nylon pants and getting it to stir. “It feels like someone’s being a bad girl today, wearing no panties out, huh?” Tracy said with a pout.

“Yeah, yeah. I was just running to get some food at a couple of drive-thrus.”

“I bet you got hard there, huh?” Tracy said as she kept rubbing Miss K with her foot.

“A little bit,” Miss K said before yanking Tracy’s foot away from her dick. “Though you’re doing a good job of hoisting my sail yourself.”

“So what are the plans for the day, my fair transgendered horn dog.”

“Thanks for being PC,” Miss K said with a chuckle. “Anyway, while you were sleeping, I was up looking for a couple things not too far from here: a gym and a hair salon.”

“Really? Why?”

“Well, I’m a workout junkie. I haven’t lifted in a couple days, and it’s getting me stir crazy.”

“I’ll say! Look at your crotch!”

“That’s enough from you, young lady!” Miss K said, chuckling between bites of her French toast sticks. “Anyway, then I wanna get this hair style changed. After all, since we’re now in the heartland, maybe I’ll go for something more all-American and less ghetto fab.”

“I feel that. But how…” Tracy said before realizing how much money her friend had. “OH! I see.”

“Yep. Flash some cash in front of some people, and doors seem to magically open.”

“True. Maybe I’ll get the same style you’ll go for. But what are you gonna wear to the gym, with your hookeresque clothes?”

“Watch,” Miss K said. She walked over to her briefcase and pulled out a t-shirt. She pulled her jacket off, looking at Tracy and showing off her big store-bought boobies by bouncing them a bit, then pulled the t-shirt over her head. When Tracy saw what the snugly fitting shirt read, she fell back in her chair laughing.

“Trojan Magnum condoms?! With your big ass titties?”

“Yeah, but with what I’m packing, I should have gotten this shirt in an endorsement deal!”

The Bahis Sitesi two got a good chuckle out of that, then went back to their food, knowing they had a long day ahead of them.


“Damn, this is far! How come you didn’t tell me where this place was at?”

“Because this is a road trip, silly Tracy. Besides, you think it’s easy to find a place that allows guests to pop in on short notice?”

“True,” Tracy said as the black SUV turned into the parking lot and Miss K hunted for a parking space. The fitness club was fairly packed, replete with the BMWs and Lexuses that symbolized that they were in definitely in a tony suburb. After Miss K killed the ignition, along with the Li’l Bow Wow CD pumping through the stereo, Miss K and Tracy climbed out the SUV and grabbed their gym bags. The two walked into the 2 story stucco building and looked for the front desk so they could get their guest passes, noting the lack of melanin among the club’s patrons.

“Yo!” Tracy said before tugging on Miss K’s arm and whispering, “There exactly ain’t a lot of Black people around here!”

“Relax. We’re here to work out, not move in,” Miss K replied before almost running into the front desk.

“Well, you’re right K.”

After stating her name and giving the staff a few bucks, Miss K got the passes, some towels and directions to the locker room. The two walked into the locker room, searched for and took lockers right next to each other. Miss K split up when Tracy needed to change and walked over to the main weight room, which was suitably spacious and appointed with the necessary free weights and machines. Steeling herself and arming herself with an icy stare, she walked through the crowd of testosterone-addled men and went through her routine for free weights. As she looked at the mirrors surrounding the free weights, she could feel the sets of eyes bore through her clothes as they began to soak up sweat. Though she wish she were back in her old apartment, working out in the nude, the fact that she couldn’t do that, nor avoid the stares of the men around her got her through the workout with a force she never knew she had.

Eventually, she got over to the nautilus machine and started doing some work on the bench press machine. While she was straining to get that weight up and down, she got a good look and the balcony that encircles the main weight room. As the runners circled past doing their laps, rows of treadmills, stationary bikes and stair masters peered over the main floor. Miss K looked up when she saw Tracy waving at her from the front row of treadmills. Miss K set her weight her weight, sat up on the bench and waved back. When Tracy gestured for her to come up, Miss K looked up in bewilderment.

“Just come on!” Tracy screamed, motioning for Miss K to come on up.

Miss K got up from the weight machine, then made her way to the staircase for the balcony. After a little bit of searching, she found Tracy, glowing from her effort on the stair master.

“Hey there, Kayla! I saw you working out down there. How did you manage to keep the guys from harassing you, working with those weights down there.”

“Well,” Miss K said with a tone of false intellect. “I gave them what is colloquially called an ‘icy stare’, and protestations of homophobia were heard when I passed by.”

“You mean…”

“Yep! Anyway, why did you call me up here?”

“Well, I have someone up here you might wanna play with. Meanwhile, I’m going to hit the showers and have some fun, if it’s OK with YOU!” Tracy then shot a gaze to a girl with cropped blonde hair several machines down, partially swallowed by her t-shirt, flashing a bright smile

“Yeah, yeah, Tracy. Have your fun.”

“Thank you, mommy!”


As Tracy walked away, Miss K took her position on the now-empty stairmaster in front of her, programmed in the settings she wanted and started working out. She went on working out on the machine, almost forgetting that she was here in part to meet someone when that someone made their presence known.

“Hi! So you’re that tall friend Tracy was talking about?”

“Hi. Uh, What’s your name?”

Miss K looked over to check out the body of her neighbor, and found something pretty decent. While her face gave away that she was old enough to be a soccer mom, her body belong on her daughter, or at least her older sister. The thong workout leotard fit perfectly to a nicely sized and shaped pair of breasts, a firm tummy and a spandex-covered ass that was no stranger to some hard intense workouts. Her make-up free face was ‘glowing’ with sweat and her dirty blonde hair was plastered down with sweat and held up with a scrunchie.

“Carol. And yours?”

“Kayla. What brings you here?”

“Well, I’m just doing my usual, working out here after I drop the kids off at school. And you?”

“I’m just passing through town, actually. I missed my workout fix, and I decided to swing by.”

“Really? Those guess passes aren’t cheap.”

“I Bahis Siteleri know.”

“Listen, did you get a chance to really check out the club?”

“Not really, Carol. Why do you ask?”

“You just HAVE to check out the saunas. They’re so relaxing. That steam does feel nice after a workout.”

“Hmmm…maybe I’ll give that a shot.”

“Good,” Carol said before stepping off of the stairmaster and shaking her limbs out a bit. “Ah, that felt nice. Hey, do you wanna come with?”

“Well…” Miss K said as her legs pumped away on her machine. “Gimme 5 minutes. I want to get my time then.”

“No problem, Kayla. Just follow the signs down to the sauna when you’re ready. I already have
reserved for the next 45 minutes.”

“OK,” Miss K said as she saw Carol walk off to the staircase. “See you there!”

Miss K kept working out on the stairmaster for a couple more minutes, giving her new-found friend time to get into the sauna. “This is going to be fun,” Miss K thought to herself as a grin crept across her face. “I’ve never seduced a soccer mom before. I gotta thank Tracy for this one.”

After giving Carol enough of a head start into the sauna, Miss K went into the locker room, took off her t-shirt, took her towel out and it around her breasts, making sure it hung low enough to cover her crotch. She pulled a condom, quickly wrote her cell phone number on it and tucked it in by her armpit, just in case, then reached under her towel and pulled off her pants and panties. After tossing her clothes into her locker and locking it back up, she made her way over to the saunas. Once she found door
, she nonchalantly opened it and walked in.

“Hi! How’s it going?”

Miss K turned around and saw Carol laying back in the sauna naked as the day she was born. Her body glowed with the moisture, her breasts sat up high on her chest, looking firm as the rest of her body, and her pubic hair was shaved to a small spot just above her labia. “Damn, I wanna eat her out! She looks pretty nice there. I’d show her what’s up,” Miss K thought to herself.

“Stop staring! We’re all women here. Ain’t like you’ve never seen a naked woman before.”

“True,” Miss K said as she sat down stiffly in the sauna, caught off guard by Carol’s remark.

“Come on,” Carol said as she sat up a bit, letting her thighs drift open. “You can’t relax right all covered up.”


Miss K tugged on her towel under her underarms, hiding her condom in one of her clenched fists, and let the towel drift down around her ass. She then pulled her towel off of her crossed legs, hiding the condom in its folds, and laid back in the sauna.

“Gee, those are some big breasts you have there,” Carol said. “Are they yours?”

“Yeah, hun. I paid for them!” Miss K said with a chuckle.

“I hear that. How big are they?”

“40DDD,” Miss K replied, hefting her breasts in her hands and playfully tweaking her nipples.

“Wow! I was thinking if they make your back hurt, but you are a big girl. What are you? 6’4″? 6’6″?”

“6’5″, ma’am,” Miss K said, jiggling her boobs for her friend’s eyes.

“Damn, you’re a big girl then. My husband wants me to give them a shot, but I don’t know. How did they work for you?”

“Well, I didn’t have too many problems with them, and it’s been over a year,” Miss K said, her gaze looking at Carol’s breasts. “But you don’t look like you need them. Heck, if I had a dick, I’d be all over you right now.”

“Oh really!” Carol said with a laugh. “But could you check them out and let me know what you think?”

“Sure,” Miss K replied as Carol walked over to her. She looked at Carol’s breasts as she looked down at Miss K, her small, dusky areolas crinkled up with some excitement. Miss K hefted the breasts in her hands and gave them a firm squeeze, running her fingers over her skin. She then ran her thumbs over Carol’s nipples, then pushed down on them to see them bounced back easily. “God do I wanna suck those tits,” Miss K thought to herself.

“Hey, your breasts feel so firm, and they aren’t a bad size either. I think you don’t need them.”

“Well thanks hun,” Carol said as she sat back down, laid back and let the steam of the sauna overwhelm her skin. “It’s nice to hear from another woman, you know?”

“Y-yeah, I got you,” Miss K said as she looked around the room.

“Hey, hun! Don’t be so nervous. I see you got your legs crossed there. Why haven’t you uncrossed them?”

“Well,” Miss K said with fake shyness. “C-can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure, hun. What is it?”

“You ever seen on TV those men who look like women?”

“Yeah, but you don’t mean, I mean you don’t say. I mean, you look feminine enough to me, tall as you are.”

Miss K calmly uncrossed her legs, then spread them open, letting her long, limp dick hang between her thighs. She looked up into Carol’s eyes as the shock registered in her face and her breath shortened.

“Yes I am. I am a man, at least where Canlı Bahis Sitesi it counts.”

Carol took a moment to catch her breath, then said “I can’t believe it! I mean, you look, so, well, but you’re bigger than my husband down there.”

Miss K, worried about her new-found friend asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yeah. It’s just unusual, that’s all. I guess it’s OK, if you live as a woman. I know lesbians you know. But one question. How did you get to look like that and still have…that?”

“Plastic surgery, my fair friend? Plastic surgery.”

“Wow,” Carol said as she got up and walked over to Miss K, her eyes glues to Miss K’s dick. “I guess what they say about Black men even goes for the ones that look like women.”

“Thanks,” Carol said as she got on her knees. “May I touch it?”


Carol slid her hand around Miss K’s dick and slowly caressed it in her hands, feeling it stir in her palm. She took the twitching as an invitation to stroke it more, feeling it grow thicker and longer in her hands. She heard Miss K purr as she ran her thumb across the tip and looked up to see Miss K breathing heavily, her nipples hard as pebbles as she hefted a breast in one hand and squeezed it. Too nervous to look down into her hand, she reached down with her other hand and started stroking that semi-hard dick, letting the moisture from the steam and a little bit of dripping pre-cum lubricate her motions. As she kept stroking, she saw the woman’s huge tits heaving, her head laid back as she was panting and her hair brushing against her back. It was then she realized how far her hands were going as the stroked back and forth. The dick felt hotter than the air around them, thick as a Coke can and full of blood. It was then she looked down.

If she didn’t see it in her own hands, Carol wouldn’t have believed it herself. The shaft was thicker than her wrist, and was longer than both of her hands put together. She felt her pussy cream as she thought of what that big thing could do between her legs. “Damn, that dick’s big,” she said to herself, her hands still slowly stroking that dick. “I only thought that kind of dick was reserved for porno movies.”

“Kayla?” Carol called out, trying to lure Miss K out of her reverie. She then reached up to squeeze one of Miss K’s huge breasts, hoping the touch would get her attention. She squeezed the huge breast, squeezing the hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, that feels so good, Carol! Don’t stop!”

“I won’t,” Carol said with some authority. Then, with a meeker voice, she continued, “I was just trying to get your attention. Can I suck your dick? You know, I’ve never seen anything so big, and I’m just kind of curious…”

“Go ahead!” Miss K said, reaching up and squeezing her hand around the one Carol had on her breast. “Suck my big dick!”

Carol lifted and steadied the huge shaft with her free hand, then bent own her head to take the tip into her mouth. She was shocked as she felt her lips stretch around the spongy head almost impossibly far and let her tongue swab around it, hearing Miss K moan in appreciation. Short of breath, Carol pulled her mouth off of Miss K’s dick and looked up over her huge, heaving tits into Miss K’s dark eyes.

“Man, you’re a big girl!” Carol panted out. “How big are you?”

“12 inches long, 3 inches across, NOW SUCK ME!!” Miss K said, pulling Carol’s head to the base of her dick.

Miss K felt Carol pull her head up as she licked her way up her dick, taking her hand with her, then plant a few soft kisses on her tip, taking a bit of pre-cum on her lips. After licking it up, she was her open her mouth as wide as she could, then took a deep breath before swallowing the huge head. She felt her suck as hard as she could, working her tongue around the huge tip and hitting every nerve as she felt the stimulation. She felt the woman’s lips work up and down on her dick, she lips sliding down a couple inches on her shaft before sliding back up, Carol’s panting making her shiver. She felt the moisture from the sauna coat her body, tickling her senses even more, shooting through her skin down to her dick and back up to her head. She bit her lip and squeezed her breasts hard when she felt Carol suck hard on her dick, bucking her hips up uncontrollably as she felt those soft lips twist around her shaft. She felt those soft lips pull away, catching and tugging on her head, then a few kittenish licks in that furrow on the bottom of her head. Then she left those lips open up, take the bottom of her tip into her mouth and suck it, licking her tongue against the sucked-up flesh.

“Stop, honey!”

“W-what?” Carol said, looking up as she pulled away.

“That’s enough for now. But first, I wanna get that pussy ready for my cock. Wouldn’t you like to feel how big this is?”

“Well, I am curious, but I dunno…”

Miss K dug in her towel and pulled out the condom she hid in there. “I kinda anticipated this might happen, so I brought this, just in case.”

“Huh?” Carol said, realizing what was going on. “How did you…I mean…”

“You’re a challenge. A challenge with a nice ass to boot.”

“Why, thank you!” Carol smiled back, looking back down at that hard, glistening dick. “That is a big thing you got there, but I don’t know.”

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