Aisha , Paul Ch. 02

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Aisha sat in the middle of the pick-up next to Paul. She placed her head on his shoulder and they drove back to Aisha’s house. Once in front of her house, the two shared a long passionate kiss. Paul could not resist the urge to touch her soft brown body again. As they kissed, he slid his hand up her dress. He massaged a hand full of her warm thigh.

Paul moved his hand higher between her legs and found her clit. He rubbed her clit and then inserted two fingers into her. Sliding his hand in and out, he liked how he could feel her juices starting to flow. He extended his two fingers outward to give her pussy one last stretch. “oh!” Aisha moaned. She pulled his hand from under her dress and placed his two moistened fingers in her mouth. She licked his fingers clean. Paul’s mouth dropped as his cock swelled. Where did he find such a sexual creature?

Aisha smiled at her friends reaction. “You better go. Call me, OK?” she jumped out of the truck like a school girl. Her feet landed on the soft manicured grass outside of her estate. She ran across the lawn towards her front porch.

Paul watched her run and placed his hand on his crotch. He wished that he did not have anywhere to be, but he did. When he was satisfied that she was close enough to the door. He pulled off. He was already a little late going to pick up his wife.

Aisha reached the brick stairs of her house. “Oh my god!” Aisha realized that she did not have her shoes on. She had left her sandals in Paul’s truck and he was on his way to get his wife. ‘Shit!’, she thought. His wife cleans his truck out on Sunday mornings. Paul had told Aisha that he had an affair before and that his wife found out about. His wife threaten to divorce him and sell the shop if he were unfaithful again. There was no way for her to contact him. He did not have a cell phone and he was not going to stop by the shop first.

Aisha took a shower and thought about what Paul would tell his wife about the shoes. She knew that they must have been under the seat because she did not see them when she got out. He could easily explain that he had just given her a ride and she accidentally left her shoes behind. However, that does not seem likely that someone like Aisha would have forgotten her shoes. Unless she was distracted by a finger fuck, of course.

That night Aisha kept thinking about her shoes. She could not sleep. She knew that if Paul’s wife found them, it would mean trouble for him. In an instant, she decided what she had to do. She had to go and get the shoes…tonight. Aisha got in her car and drove to Paul’s house. She parked her car a few blocks away so that they would not see the headlights. She walked up the driveway and saw that the garage door was not closed all the way.

Aisha bent down and went underneath the door. It was dark inside but she could clearly see the truck. The entire garage was junky from top to bottom. She stood in one spot a minute so that she could map her route to the truck without kicking anything. Once at the truck, Aisha opened the door and felt around for her shoes. Just as she grabbed one from under the passenger seat, a light switched on. Startled, Aisha turned around and was face to face with an older white woman. Her heart started racing.

“what are you doing?”, the woman asked with her arms folded.

“I was just…I needed to…I…these are my shoes”, Aisha said holding the shoe up.

“what is it doing in my husbands truck?”

Just then, Paul came into the garage. He turned pale white when he saw Aisha. He looked at her with his mouth open.

“I left my car at his body shop today… and my shoes were on the back seat… And Paul took them and placed them in his truck so that no one would steal them.” Aisha said, satisfied that she had thought of a good excuse on the spot.

The older woman glared at Aisha. “you are not in the city anymore, Mrs. Alexander. People don’t steal in this town. That is why we leave our garage doors open.” Realizing that she had messed up, Aisha dropped her shoulders and looked at Paul. He looked very disappointed in her. The older woman clinched her mouth together and gave Aisha one last disapproving stare. The woman turned to look at Paul and then disappeared into the house.

Paul walked over to the garage door and walked out. Aisha followed him into the street and around the brush.

“I am sorry…I am so sor…” Aisha started

“What are you doing?” Paul interrupted. He was speaking to her in an angry, low voice so that his wife could not hear.

“I was trying to not get you in trouble.”

“By coming to my house!”

“I was trying to get my shoes. I told her that you were fixing my car”

“My shop does not fix foreign cars! She knows that and I told YOU that!

“Don’t yell at me. I said that I was sorry” Aisha was starting to tear up. The last thing bedava porno that she wanted to do was to hurt Paul.

Paul looked at Aisha’s big sad brown eyes. He knew that she was trying to do something good by coming there. It was just the wrong thing to do. He couldn’t look at her with tears in her eyes. “I gotta go”

Paul disappeared around the brush and Aisha was left on the dirt road alone. She turned and walked back to her car with tears streaming down her cheeks. She knew that she had messed up.

The next couple of weeks, Paul did not call Aisha. Once again, she was alone in the town. Her husband was only home sporadically for about 8 days out of the month. His job had him overseas a lot. And when he was home, he was working on the computer. .Aisha walked to the store every other day hoping to see Paul. She spotted his truck one day when she was driving back from the city. It was parked outside of the local bakery. She got of the car and went inside. While she was looking around, she saw the older white woman that was at Paul’s house. Aisha ducked down an aisle to avoid being seen.

“are you finished?”, a man said from aisles over. It was Paul.

Aisha thought that she had did something stupid again by going in so she went to the back of the store and waited for them to leave. She looked out the window as they left. Paul’s wife got right into the truck. Paul swung the bag over the bed of his truck and caught a glimpse of her car across the street. He looked around to see if he saw her and then drove away.

A terrible storm was passing through. It was hurricane season and it had rained constantly. Aisha had not gone outside in a few days. She didn’t really see a need to now that it had been two months since she had seen Paul. She showered and settled in the family room to listen to music.

Aisha heard a thumping on her back door. She ignored it because she thought that it was just an animal or something.


“geez!’ She got up and looked out of the kitchen window. It was too dark for her to see all of the patio so she went to the back door. She cracked it open to looked out. Paul was standing in the grass away from the patio.

He was soaking wet from head to toe and holding her other shoe in his hand. He was silent. Aisha opened the door wider and let the light from the kitchen trace his silhouette in the dark country night. He walked up the stairs towards her and her heart started racing. She was not sure if he were still mad at her. Paul reached the door way and dropped the shoe. Not knowing what to expect, Aisha stepped back away from him.

He grabbed her by the sash on her robe and pulled her out onto the patio, in the rain. She immediately placed her hands over her hair as most black women don’t like to get their hair wet. Paul grabbed her hands and held them behind her back He pulled her toward him and forced his tongue into her mouth. Parting her lips, he inhaled the essence of her as he kissed her deeply. He missed her and did not know what or how to say why he had been away for so long. He just decided to kiss her and allow her to react.

To his delight, Aisha returned the passion of the kiss. She could not believe that her lover came back to her. Paul held her hands behind her back with one of his hands. He used the other to untie her robe and release it off of her shoulders. Then his hand met her breast. He squeezed her nipple until the mahogany seed was fully erect. Paul leaned down and flicked her nipple with his tongue. Aisha moaned into the night air and stood on her tip toes to allow Paul to devour her entire breast. She held her head back and for the first time, allowed rain to wash over her face.

They continued kissing and holding each other in the rain. Their clothes were drenched but there were completely oblivious to that as they had reunited their passion for each other.

“lets go inside.” Aisha suggested.

Paul followed her into her laundry room. “take your clothes off so that I can dry them”

“You? working a dryer?” Paul teased.

“very funny.” she said sarcastically back. “the maid only comes on weekends”

Aisha took her robe off and placed it in the dryer. She kept the satin bodysuit on that she had underneath. Paul undressed and was not at all embarrassed about the hard on that bounced out of his jeans. Aisha grabbed his cock and massaged it with her hand. “did you miss me?” she asked.

“baby you have no idea”

“I am so sorry about coming to your house”

“it’s OK. Well, it’s not OK but I think it will pass. She doesn’t really think that you and I are seeing each other. She was just uncomfortable with you being there.”

“oh. OK”

Aisha told Paul to take a shower in the guest room downstairs. She went into the master bathroom to get freshened zenci porno up. Paul was walking around down stairs in a towel when he looked up at the second level. Aisha was standing there in nothing except a thong made entirely of pearls. He had never seen her like this. Before when he saw her, she was laying in the grass. Now she was standing there, her brown skin beautifully illuminated by the chandelier that was above her head. Her hair was pinned up in a bun. Her breast were round and full and lifted away from her body. Her chocolate nipples were an erotic contrast to her skin tone. The pearls draped around her pussy were an immediate stimulant for his cock.

Aisha looked at Paul and then walked to a guess room that was upstairs. Paul started up the stairs. She walked slow to allow him enough time to see where she was going . He eyed her fleshy ass the entire way. He was completely turn on at how round and firm it was. He remembered how he bounced off of her ass when he fucked her from behind at the lake. His cock became extremely hard and that familiar ache came back. Arriving at the door, Aisha turned around to make sure that he was behind her.

Paul came into the room. He noticed the huge cherrywood canopy bed that was in the center of the room. The canopy had vintage lace drapery hanging down that pooled on the floor around the bed. Noticing that he was eyeing the room instead of her, Aisha grabbed his hand and pulled him to her. His hard cock pressed into her stomach. She extended herself up and instead of kissing him, she seductively licked his mouth and bite his lip.

She lead him over to the bed and pulled the lace aside for him to sit down. Aisha got down on her knees and placed her hands on his hips and allowed his cock to rest on her cheek.

” ah, baby” Paul said anticipating what was to come. Aisha leaned down between his legs. The smell made her hungry for him. She rubbed her mouth on his balls. Her tongue lapped at them until she took them into her mouth. Paul was shocked that she could hold both of them in her mouth at one time. His wife does not give blow jobs much less suck his balls.

“aaahhhh yeah, baby”, he moaned as he pulled the scrunchie out of her hair. He wanted to feel the texture of her hair on his thighs. He then moved it back away from her face so that he could still see the contrast of his purple cock against her honey brown skin.

Aisha rolled his balls around in her mouth, sucking ever so gently as to not hurt him. Then she pushed his legs up on the bed so that his feet were flat on the surface. She moved his ass cheeks out of the way and dove in with her tongue.

“aaawwww, shit. Wait!” Paul said trying to move her head with his hand. No one had ever touched his asshole before and frankly, he thought it was a bit gay.

Aisha refused to move. She knew that if she kept going, he would give in to her. Still holding his cheeks out of the way, she tongue kissed his tight hole. She licked around the taunt skin and darted at the opening until his ass began to respond to her. Paul relaxed and his hole loosened up. Aisha darted her tongue in and out of his forbidden opening. He opened his legs wider and pushed Aisha’s mouth deeper into his ass

“oooooowwww. oh god, girl! What are you doing to me?” Paul asked breathlessly. He closed his eyes while laying back on the bed and stated slowly rocking his hips back and forth to meet her hungry mouth.

Seeing how she made Paul give in made Aisha’s clit begin to throb. She took one hand and pulled the pearl thong off of her ass. The cool air meeting her wet pussy made her moan.

Once Paul’s ass was loose enough, Aisha came up for air. “Don’t stop!”, Paul pleaded. “ssshhhh”, she whispered. Aisha grabbed Paul’s legs and slid him to the edge of the bed so that his ass was slightly hanging off. He sat up and looked at her. She had a seductive look on her face. “Watch me”, she said. Aisha put one hand on Paul’s cock and guided it to her mouth. she licked around the head before letting Paul see it disappear in her mouth.


Aiaha was on her knees in front of Paul. She placed her body in between his legs and forced his feet apart with her knees. She slide her mouth up and down his shaft until her nose touched his hairs. She kept her entire cock in her mouth and let her tongue massage his shaft. Then she began sucking and slurping the entire length of his cock. All the while looking him directly in his eyes, daring him to look away.

This was all too much for Paul. The mere site of Aisha sucking him was enough to make him cum.

Aisha slipped her middle finger into her pussy. She slide her finger in and out until it was completely wet with her juices. She removed her finger and placed it at the opening of Paul’s ass. She gently rubbed his ass with her finger as she had brazzers porno did with her mouth earlier.

“Oh, God!”

Paul resisted and tried to close his legs. This is why Aisha had placed her knees at his ankles to keep him from stopping her. There is so much pleasure in a man’s ass and she wanted him to feel every bit of it. Aisha continued giving him a blow job concentrating on the head to fully stimulate him. After she was certain that his ass had been teased long enough, she gently inserted her finger into Paul’s eager hole. Sliding it in and out gave Paul the most amazing sexual feeling he had ever felt.

“aaaaaaahhhhh! Shit”

The feeling was all too confusing to Paul. What was this new sensation that he was feeling? His entire pelvic area was on fire. His cock and his ass were sending erotic shocks all over his body. His heart was pounding in his chest. He let go of all of his inhibitions and allowed his beautiful friend to take him to a place he had never been before.

Aisha was still hungrily slurping his cock. Her saliva mixed with his precum allowed her to easily examine his entire length with her mouth and probe his pee slit with her tongue. With the finger that was inserted inside of Paul, Aisha rotated it upward and began pressing on the mounds of rippled flesh inside his ass. Paul could no longer control himself. His stomach and groin muscles tightened and cum raced up his shaft to reward Aisha’s effort. The force of his cum caught her off guard as it shot to the back of her throat. She continued sucking hard and swallowing, assisting him in emptying out his balls.

Aisha knew what she wanted after this. Once Paul finished cumming, he sat up and looked down at her. She had not swallowed every drop. Aisha opened her mouth and pushed his cum out with her tongue. It oozed over Pauls cock. She smeared it all over his shaft with her hand. “Fuck my ass”

Paul had never had anal sex but was not going to turn down the offer. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to his mouth. He kissed her hard and stood her up. He put her in the center of the bed on all fours. Paul closed the opening of the lace and it fully encased the bed. Aisha arched her back and he had full view of her moist, fat pussy lips. He then rubbed his cock to make sure that it was lubricated enough. Paul placed his cock at the opening of her ass. He pushed his head in a little. It was incredibly tight. He tried to push again.

“no. don’t push.”, she said realizing that he may have never done this before.

A little of his head was already in. Aisha pushed back against his him. She rocked her ass back and forth. The tightness around his cock was unbelievable. Paul grabbed her hips and started plunging himself inside of her. Aisha stopped moving to allow him to get his own rhythm. The feeling was too incredible. He looked up at the ceiling because watching her ass swallow his cock was going to make him cum too soon. Aisha started talking to him.

“fuck my ass, baby…Thats it….You feel so good inside my ass”

That was it. Paul knew that he was not going to last long. The ass fuck was good to Aisha too. She was enjoying that feeling in her ass and had started moving her hips with Paul. Her moaning got louder and more intense and Paul decided that he was going to make her cum first.

Paul plunged deep inside her ass. He slowed his movements to save his own orgasm until later. He reached under and placed the pad of his thumb on her clit. His other fingers rested on her pubis mons. Paul lightly squeezed his hand together and started vibrating her clit with his thumb. The pressure on her mons and the thrill on her clit sent Aisha into an orgasmic fury.


Every muscle in the lower half of her body contracted at the same time. She momentarily stopped breathing as her contracted diaphragm would not allow her to inhale.

Paul continued to fuck in and out of her ass and vibrate her clit with his thumb. Aisha drowned in the orgasmic flood that had taken over her body. Her pussy muscles were so contracted and strained from the force of the multiple orgasms that pee, mixed with cum, leaked onto Pauls hand.

Aisha’s ass had tighten up as well. Paul could no longer hold it. He put both hands on her hips and banged her asshole. He knew that he probably should not be fucking her that hard but this was the ultimate pleasure for him. He vigorously fucked in and out of her ass until he reached his orgasmic peak. Paul flooded Aisha’s ass with cum. He continued pumping until he became too soft to stay in. Paul withdrew out of Aisha’s ass and watched his milky white cum seap out of her. Exhausted, he laid down next to her. Aisha turned on her side. He reached between her legs and rubbed the cum from her ass over her pussy. He stroked her until she fell asleep.

Paul went down stairs and got dressed. He returned back upstairs with a wet face cloth. He gently wiped Aisha’s lower body clean and then covered her with her robe that we had gotten out of the dryer. He kissed her on the forehead before leaving out the back door and disappearing into the night.

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