An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 New flatmates and party invites.

I rang Sam and Bryony the next morning and left a message on the answerphone asking if they would like to come for a drink tonight after work. Not a party, no need to dress to impress, although I was always prepared to be impressed but just to float an idea that they may find of interest. I thought about inviting Jim & Brenda but expecting Sam & Bryony to be the most likely to be interested, thought I would do them separately.

I did ring Gordon to tell him what I was doing and asked him not to mention it to the girls or Jim and Brenda if he happened to see them before I did. I thought that as we had all met together every time there was an implied obligation to let him know what I was doing. I also explained that I wasn’t sure that he would want to be put forward but that anytime they wanted to come over we would be delighted to see them. He laughed, thanked me, and agreed that at this stage in their lives undressing every night in front of cameras for a cheap flat was not exactly the plan. He did say how much they had enjoyed doing it once at our place and hoped that they would be invited to do it again. ‘Meeting you all has improved my sex life considerably,’ he said. ‘And with my lovely wife Elise, I am sure you realise that it wasn’t exactly bad before.’

I laughed and agreed that ours, similarly had taken off, like a rocket into the stratosphere, but then we had never lived together before so I had nothing really to compare it to. I agreed to call them in a few days and make arrangements to meet up.

Bryony rang and we agreed that they would come over at about six, and that I would get the pizza in. They duly arrived with a bottle of wine, turned down the offer of the facemasks and we sat down with the bottle and a couple of pizzas fresh from the oven. I started off by asking what they did for a living. Knowing that their friend Melissa was in the fashion business, well a lingerie shop, I asked whether they were too. Models perhaps.

‘Yeah right,’ said Sam. ‘I am five foot two. How many models do you know of that size.’

We all laughed as she explained that both she and Bryony worked at a local Gym, as trainers, lifeguards, receptionists, whatever was needed. Bryony was one of the assistant managers. They stayed close with Melissa because she was a member so they saw her two or three times a week.

I asked them what they thought about our lifestyle.

Bryony answered, ‘When you first invited us over and told us about your lifestyle, frankly we were horrified. We talked about nothing else for days, imagining exposing our bodies all the time. Not able to do anything, and I mean anything, without the cameras watching us. When we got here and put the masks on I felt odd, I couldn’t be myself. Later however you will have noticed I started enjoying myself, although I think the vodka had something to do with it.’

‘Yes,’ agreed Sam. ‘I felt the same. In fact, the whole evening was a little weird, especially keeping those masks on. It was not only hot, in both senses, but weird as well. Good weird.’

We all laughed again.

‘Good weird?’

‘Well you know what I mean. We all had a fantastic evening, the like of which we have never had before, but it was very surreal sitting with the masks on feeling like an extra in the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’ The amazing thing was, when we went home, how turned on we were by the cameras. We ended up having great sex. Whoops. Too much information I think.’

‘We did too,’ said Susan. ‘There is no need to lie. We all know that you like playing with each other as well as with guys and yourselves. We saw you with Melissa in Lace ‘n Easy. But we are the same. We not only have got used to them, we find they are a real turn-on mainly.’

‘I have to say,’ said Bryony. ‘Sitting here now that’s how I feel about them. They are not bothering me in a bad way and I find myself wanting to take my clothes off and expose myself.’

‘Don’t let us stop you,’ I said. ‘Susan, take your t-shirt off to make the girls feel at home.’

I had dressed her fairly conservatively in the long pink glittery t-shirt that she had bought herself a few days ago to wear to her parents, with just a pair of white bikini panties underneath.

We watched as Susan peeled off the t-shirt to sit back topless on the bean bag on the floor.

We automatically looked at Bryony for her reaction and seconds later she slipped off her jeans and t-shirt to sit in her bra and panties.

‘You buggers,’ she said. ‘You have got me horny already. I just want to wank myself silly.’

Sam laughed. ‘I know what you mean. That’s how I feel as well. I am going to have to join you.’ She joined in, her jeans and shirt being thrown randomly over the back of the sofa.

‘Well I am glad you are enjoying yourselves.’ I said. ‘I suppose it is only fair that I join you, unless that is you are all into being naked in front of fully clothed men.’

Nobody said that they were so I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans to sit there in my boxers.

‘What I wanted bağdatcaddesi escort to ask you girls, and it seems an appropriate moment, is whether you would fancy joining us in the lifestyle? When I say joining us, I don’t mean in the same flat. You would get your own flat here in the block. Like this one. On one of the other floors. The guy who recruited us is looking for new tenants and we naturally thought of you.’

Bryony and Sam looked at each other without speaking.

‘I think I can give you my answer without even speaking,’ said Bryony.

She reached behind her back and threw her bra behind the sofa. We all laughed and then looked at Sam who grinned and threw hers to join it.

I looked into a camera and said, ‘There you are Mark. There is your answer. I will ring you in the morning and arrange a meeting. The girl’s natural reactions was to cover their tits with their hands as they looked at the camera and then to laugh, expose and waggle them.

We got to chatting ourselves again and we reiterated to the girls how much we are enjoying living here and how little the cameras now discourage us from doing anything. If anything, the reverse was true, The cameras helped us to have good sexy time. I tried to point out the downsides that they probably wouldn’t want to invite their parents over and that they could not invite anybody with children. Neither of these seemed to be a problem.

As they picked up their clothes to leave early so that they could have a long chat about the principle, I told them that if they were still happy with the idea I would ring them in the morning and arrange a time they could meet Mark.

They left excitedly. I certainly felt the same. Having spent a couple of hours in the company of three topless girls, and with the possibility that I might get to know the two of them a lot better, I was a beast in bed. I rode her hard until we were both sore. We both loved it.

I fell asleep planning how I could best sell the principle to Brenda and Jim.

The next day I rang Bryony and asked whether having had the chance to talk about it together they were still interested.

‘Very much so,’ she said. What we would save on not having to rent our own flat we would be able to put away.’

‘I probably should have told you last night but there is also a chance that you may get cash bonuses from time to time if you get a lot of people paying to watch you. I thought it better for you not to get excited and rely upon it but Susan and I have had a couple so that up till now we have not needed to get a job. But there is no guarantee of that. Mark will probably explain. Shall I fix an evening when you meet up. Say six o’clock in Costa Coffee.

It was all agreed. I rang Mark to tell him and arranged the meet in a couple of days.

The next call was to invite Jim and Brenda round for a drink as well. As we had with the girls we produced some snacks and a couple of bottles and basically interrogated them. I knew they lived fairly close but hadn’t realised that they were living with his brother who had a good job in a Merchant Bank. He had recently followed him into the Bank but poor Jim was really struggling. As he put it, ‘Charlie had always been the one with the brains, I was always much stronger and physically bigger, played a bit of rugby and the girls liked me, eh Brenda. I reckon I got the better deal. But money will be a bit tough if I cannot keep this job. Bren here is a carer, works for an agency. They are always trying to get her to take live-in jobs. They do pay better but hell, we have only just got married. I don’t want her off nights, and we know she would miss my big cock. That’s another thing my brother didn’t get.’

‘Jim,’ she said. ‘You can’t go saying that, even if it is true.’

I could see why he was doubtful about keeping his job in the Bank. He was definitely John Blunt, I wondered whether he was the same at work.

‘Look I don’t know whether this would interest you, but I can do you a favour if it suits you, but only if you are sure,’ I said.

‘What are you talking about,’ Brenda said.

‘Look the guy who got us this flat, has another one. It comes free but you have to have these cameras on you all the time. Also, you will be under pressure to wear as little clothing as possible and have wild sex under lights in front of the camera. It is not for everybody. We were not sure at first. In fact, we got conned into it a little bit but now we love it. We also get cash bonuses from time to time if we do something special. For example, that evening we were all here and you took off your clothes, even though you were masked we got a good bonus because a lot of people watched us. In fairness we did not know that we would get a bonus when we invited you so it is not like we were trying to take advantage of you. I hope you are not upset that we are asking you. I know you enjoyed the times we have all got together so thought that you would be broadminded enough to enjoy living like this. There is no problem if you don’t like the idea.’

I beykoz escort was running out of things to say. Jim looked a bit stunned. He seemed to have lost the ability to speak.

‘I…I…We… Err…Err.’

‘We would love it.’ Said Brenda. ‘When we left you the other night after that lovely evening we had great sex in an alley just down the road. We have to be quiet having sex in the flat we live in because Charlie gets upset as he never gets any. We were never going to be quiet that night.’

We all laughed, except for Jim who still seemed paralysed, whether it was his tongue or his brain, I wasn’t sure.

‘You can give up that silly job and do some proper work perhaps painting, decorating or plumbing. You love all that sort of stuff. Perhaps even Janitor for the block of flats we would be in. And I could keep the agency happy by spending the odd night with clients if they need me. That will work for both of us. Can we have other jobs and still live there?’

‘I don’t see why not, but you will have to discuss that with Mark the guy who organises us. Shall I fix up an appointment for you to meet him?’

We agreed a venue and time and I agreed to confirm it with them and Mark.

They left in a bubble of euphoria. I was pretty happy as well. I couldn’t see them being as aggressively sexy as we were, which meant in turn that they probably wouldn’t earn as much as us, but still seven and a half percent of not much is still worth having.

To cut a long story short I introduced the two pairs to Mark, not together but one night after the other. They obviously got along well because the next thing I heard was that both pairs were getting their own flat.

We invited them round Saturday night to celebrate. They both had to wait another week before they could move in.

I had three surprises that evening, firstly a couple of phone calls.

‘Hello, is that Alex?’

‘Yes that’s me. Who’s this?’

‘Oh hi. You may not remember me, my name is Tracy. We met in the …’

‘Of course I remember you Tracy. How could I forget such a fun morning. How is your dad, Stan wasn’t it.’

‘Yes that’s right. Stan, fancy you remembering. It is funny. He is like a new man, or actually the very opposite of new man, nowadays. He is very non-pc and making decisions around the home, he has overridden my mother about what I can and cannot wear and even changed my curfew time to two o’clock. Frankly that was a compromise and I can get away with whatever I like from him now. He is really fun to live with. Like he is a young man again. I have even heard him and my mother having sex again, although I am not sure quite how keen she was.’

‘I am delighted. He did have a bit of a twinkle in his eye when he left. He had obviously enjoyed himself.’

‘I’ll say. In fact, he still is. When I leave my panties in the washing basket every day I keep an eye on them now. They are always moved by the evening and usually been cum over.’

‘Good man him. I guess you are ringing so that we can invite you over for a drink or even… I have an idea. Firstly, we have some friends coming over Saturday evening and would love to have you join us. Secondly, I might invite a few more people and turn it into a bit more of a party. Either way Saturday night if you are free?’

‘Are you sure? That would be lovely. I am free so just tell me where you are and what time you want me. After the last meeting I guess I had better know if there is a dress code?’

I gave her the address and time and said, ‘As for the dress code, you know the sort of thing that I like girls to wear, and anyway it doesn’t matter too much because hopefully you will not be wearing it for long. Actually thinking about it, it would not be such a bad idea to have a dress code. Dress or skirt and stockings.’

‘Ooohhh,’ she said. ‘It’s going to be that sort of party.’

‘You know it is and you wouldn’t have thought about inviting yourself over if it hadn’t been. By the way you can bring your boyfriend, if you like, providing he is broadminded. You can imagine the sort of party it might be.’

‘I don’t have one at the moment. I broke up with the last one last week. He was boring, nagging me about wearing the wrong sort of clothes He always wanted me to cover up and act as if I was forty.’

‘Quite right, you can do better than him. I know bring your Dad if you like.’

She burst out laughing, ‘Are you serious, and even if you were, Mum would never let him out on his own, let alone with me, on a Saturday night. He is not that much in control yet. Actually, thinking about it, Mum is away at her sister’s this weekend. So I will have the opportunity to tell dad exactly what he missed. That will be fun.’

‘I am serious, but you can decide. If he will get in your way of having a good time then fine, but otherwise he can come along, have a few drinks and be a bit of a perve. There is one thing I must tell you. Susan and I live an unusual life. We are participants in a soft-porn type show that means we are surrounded by cameras twenty-four caddebostan escort seven. People buy into the right to watch us. So the party will be going out live on the internet. There will be at least one couple who will probably stay masked all evening.’

‘Wow you certainly have the ability to keep shocking me. Sounds like fun. I will sound out my dad and make that decision later, Is that alright?’

‘Sure, just turn up with, or without him. We might be a bit short on men. There will be at least two girls on their own. See you Saturday.’

The next surprise was another phone call, this time from Joanne.

‘Hiii big boy,’

‘Joanne, how are you. You sound perky. Is that a gin and tonic I smell?’

She laughed. ‘No Prosecco again. Every time I drink it I am reminded of you.’

‘Ooohh Bad girl. And I bet you are drinking a lot of it.’

‘You’ve got that right. Now when are we going shopping? Pete here is itching to get me into some new clothes. Actually, he is itching to get me out of some new clothes is more like.’

We both laughed.

‘How about Friday and then while I am thinking about it we are having a party on Saturday night to celebrate a couple of friends of ours joining the flat scheme that we are all in. That way we can buy you some new clothes and show them to Pete on Saturday. By the way Saturday night dress code is dress or skirt and stockings. You that is, not Pete.’

‘That would be lovely, Friday and Saturday. Shall I come over about two and we will go out from there.’

‘Make it one if you can. It might be a long afternoon, trying clothes on. After all Fridays will be busy and there will be a lot of people standing around in the changing rooms.’

‘Oh no. I cannot do that. I will only stay in the proper changing rooms. You won’t get me marching around the shop showing off.’

I was a bit surprised to hear her shout. ‘Yes, I am talking to him now. Yes ok. Pete says Hi.’

She then whispered, ‘That was only for Pete’s benefit. He was listening.’

‘Oh fine. See you Friday then.’ I hoped that the whispering was about the changing rooms, not the ‘Says Hi.’

I then had to make a call to Gordon and invite them. We must all be sad people because no-one had any other arrangements for the Saturday. Unless of course any other engagement would have been boring by comparison.

My next call was to Bryony to ask them to invite Melissa. ‘Great idea, said Bryony. ‘Hold on you can invite her yourself.’

‘Melissa hi. What are you doing round there?’

‘Hi Alex. I came over to hear their great news. A new apartment next door to you. That sounds like trouble to me. And as for all those cameras, why a girl won’t feel safe from being spied upon.’

I laughed. ‘Quite the contrary Melissa, on Saturday night at our party you can feel safe that you will be being spied on. You will be watched at every moment. Not only that, but everyone watching will be cheering me on to take your clothes off you.’

‘You naughty boy, just thinking about it.’

‘I heard a lot of noise from the background and Sam came on the line.

‘Alex what were you talking about? Why has she put her fingers down her panties and started playing with herself?’

‘You had better ask her that. A gentleman never tells. By the way the dress code for Saturday is a dress or skirt and stockings.’

‘Surprise surprise. I wonder who thought of that as a dress code. Some pervert no doubt. See you Saturday then. Xxx.’

I then had to tell Susan what I had done. She came out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her carrying a glass of water. I told her how I had transformed a quiet evening in, into a raving orgy, I wished, in just three or four phone calls. I also told her that we were out Friday afternoon with Joanne.

The last surprise of the night came a few moments later.

Susan walked by me towards the kitchen and tripped as she went past, flinging the water in my face.

‘I am so sorry.’ She said, but didn’t really sound it. There was the glint in her eye that I needed.

‘You will be,’ I was quick to pick up upon her mood.

‘You have just got yourself a hand-smacking in the bedroom. Get yourself ready girl.’

She got to her knees, ‘No Alex, please don’t spank me,’ she said in a good impersonation of Brer Rabbit.

I jumped to my feet, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her, firmly towards the bedroom, hands lowered so that she had to crawl on her hands and knees. Her towel got caught beneath her and was immediately pulled off and left on the floor of the lounge.

‘Oh don’t expose me, I am naked, please don’t smack me. I have just had a hot bath and I am very soft-bottomed at the moment.’

I hauled her onto the bed took some rope from a side drawer and tied her hands together. She was laying flat, her hands in front of her above her head and her legs clasped tightly together. Her lovely round bottom became the target fixed in my brain. Not hard at first, I started tapping her cheeks at irregular intervals. Left, right, left, left, right, left, left, right, right, right. They were getting slightly harder now and just occasionally I would rub my finger along her crack, softly probing her anus before slipping through her lips and onto her clit. Now as I tapped her harder and harder a little grunt sounded with each tap.

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