Audition Ch. 05: Nanette

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“Audition 05: Nanette” by CraigOOL

BDSM — A wanton virgin spy in the house of love

[Author’s notes: Warning! This is a BDSM sex story. There are strong Dominance and Submission themes in this story. There are some interracial themes in this story. This story has substantial male/female, female/female, MFM, FFM and group sex sexual contact. This hopefully will be hot enough to be a whack off story for the people who like these themes, as it does have a lot of sex in it. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Civil and constructive comments about writing are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.]

I’m a spy

In the house of love

I know the dream

That you’re dreamin’ of

I know the word

That you long to hear

I know your deepest secret fear

“The Spy” — The Doors, 1970

On Saturday morning, there is a terrible mess to clean up. Not just the massive fuckfest of the night before, with all those partiers who did not have anyone to drive them home. Most slept on the wonderful mattresses of the Group Grope Grotto. A bunch of horny fuckers woke up and tried to start the party all over again. Some succeeded.

No, the real disaster is the massive mess I had just made of my life, adding three new slaves to an already overfull house. We meet in the kitchen, eating cold pizza, and trying to drink cokes or tea or anything but THC infused alcohol. It is the hair of the dog, it has bitten us and it is in our mouths. Or at least it feels like I have dog hair in my mouth.

Tina, Tessa, Deidre, Betsy, Lucy, Rachel, Lisa, Joy, and Gretchen gather with Dustin, Carol, and I to try to sort it out. Lucy offers to give up her bedroom in the Manor to Gretchen, provided she could have the master bedroom in the Four Hills house. Lisa offers to bunk with her to make things easier. Tina, Tessa, Deidre, and Betsy would stay where they were for now.

“Sir, did my service please you last night?” Rachel wants to know.

“You were beyond the standard you set. Flawless. So the question is on the table. What do you want, Rachel?” I offer, as if I do not already know.

“I want to come back. I need to come back. Are there any terms under which you could accept me back? Could I train with Lucy, to learn how to do that flawless switch between Domme and slave, so that I could be yours again?” she begs, nearly in tears.

“Silly girl. You never stopped being mine. You just stopped obeying me, which is unacceptable. Did I just throw you out on the street? No, I gave you a comfortable place to live and time to mature. Looks like that investment paid off. You would have to accept a dis-commendation at our next party, and start your training over. If those terms are acceptable, we need to move you out of your condo.” I offer to shrieks of joy and bouncing up and down by Rachel.

“Yes, Yes, YES! Move me Sir, Move me today!” Rachel exclaims as she goes running upstairs to look at the bedrooms.

Joy asks “If I may sir, offering to ease your logistics, I’d be happy to bunk with Rachel.”

Tina speaks up “Master, with two houses and an already overburdened schedule, you can’t realistically double the number of slaves, even if you can find bedrooms for all of them. Submissives crave attention, and while Deidre has been soaking up yours while I’ve been taking care of Tessa, Betsy needs seeing to, Master.”

Deidre quips “I thought Jordan gives her a good seeing-to several times a week!”, to which everybody, including Betsy, laughs.

“Yes, he certainly does that. Hoo-boy! Does he do that!” Betsy quips.

“Where do I order up my in-call stud service?” Lucy quips.

“That’s the problem after the damn virus, there just isn’t enough good dick to go around.” Carol observes.

“Says the woman with her own personal stud muffin and dominant.” observes Joy.

“So what if we give Dustin and Carol what they want, what they have been begging me for? Dustin trains to be a fully functional dominant, Carol trains to be a fully submissive hotwife? Win-Win!” I propose.

“My hours are horrendous. That would interfere with everybody, the training schedule, and I would lose my stud muffin to all you hot nubile tight young women.” Carol objects.

“Betsy’s not that tight. Especially after being with Jordan!’ Deidre teases and everybody laughs.

“I resemble that remark.” Betsy teases back as she blushes.

“I think you meant resent.” Carol offers.

“No, I meant resemble, as in ‘looks just like’. Let me know how much you resemble it after having spent so much time last night at Fuck Station Zebra with Jordan’s massive cock practically sloshing around in your loose cooze. How tight are you today, Dr. Carol? If I took a mini coke out of the fridge, could you still hold onto it with your twat?” Betsy went after her for correcting her in front of everyone, but kayseri escort everyone still laughs.

“What happens in Four Hills, stays in Four Hills.” Carol jokes it off.

Dustin says “Look, I’ve been trying to get him to give us terms we can live with for months, so out pops this offer, and I’m going to accept it. Carol and I move into the last bedroom closest to the stairs that lead down to the east end of the garage, instead of the ones on the other side that lead down to the kitchen. We can put our house up for sale or rent, whichever makes more sense in the topsy-turvy real estate market. Lucy can train me like his Domme trained him, and there will be at least one dick per house.”

“I still want to see if she can hold a mini coke after last night.” Deidre laughs.

“C-Cunt, entrance position, naked and kneeling.” I order.

“Yes Sir, at once.”, Carol responds immediately stripping off her lingerie, which is all she wore to the party in the first place. She assumes the position, her hands in her muff, spreading it open for us, as her thumbs rub her clit. Silence hangs in the air like a dark cloud.

“Aren’t you going to order her to do something?” Lisa probes.

“Give the gal a moment or two. She probably likes being submissively displayed in front of all of us. Let her natural lubrication take over.” I suggest, as everybody closes in to catch every detail.

Carol’s breathing is deepening, being watched so intensely is turning her on like gangbusters. Her nipples stiffen, as does her clit. This is mandatory public masturbation without a time limit, despite the fact she’s already had sex with most of the people watching.

“That’s enough. C-Cunt, inspection position, Now. Betsy, hand a fresh mini coke can to Dustin.” I order.

“Yes Sir, at once.” Carol responds, standing with her legs spread shoulder width, hands behind her head, fingers interlaced, back slightly arched to thrust out her breasts.

“Yes Sir, at once” Betsy responds, handing Dustin the can.

“This should be fun.” Dustin says as he moves up behind Carol, centering the can in her pussy, flat on his hand, pushing until his hand is flat against her pubic bone.

“Oh FUCK that’s cold!” Carol exclaims as her nipples stiffen further.

You can see the exertion on Carol’s face as she tries to keep the can inside her, but due to her own lube and a long night of being flogged and fucked by Jordan’s Big Black Cock (and Russ’s Big White Cock, and Tony’s Big White Cock, and Cole’s Big White Cock), she simply can’t. The can oozes out, then drops to the floor with a resounding ‘thunk’.

Insane laughter breaks out, to a beet red faced Carol unable to move, cover her face, or otherwise try to hide her shame.

“She CAN’t!” Betsy cries out as she howls in peals of laughter.

People are crying and laughing and crying from laughing so hard.

When things settle down, Gretchen approaches me and asks “Where do I sleep, Sir? In chains in the basement would be fine.” in a completely neutral tone.

“I don’t have a basement. But I remember you saying on a rug at the foot of my bed would be fine. There is a blue Turkish rug there if you want it.” I suggest, for some reason my subconscious tells me I should keep that last bedroom open.

“A place of honor in your bedroom, as befits our long relationship. I accept with gratitude, Sir.” Gretchen says as she moves away, then breaks into a huge smile.

* * * * *

It took us most of the day to clean up after the party, then make arrangements to get Rachel moved into the Four Hills house.

When I get back to the house, I know what I want, some quality time with Deidre. I didn’t get to be with her or even watch her be with anyone else last night. There has to be something we can do, some hobby, some activity — so that I can deepen my bond with her. Then it hit me.

“Tina, get me the easels, canvases and brushes. I’ll get the projector and the tripod. Plus I need Deidre naked and kneeling at the foot of my bed.” I bark out the orders before Tessa has even started the tour for Gretchen to show her the house.

The afternoon light in my bedroom is just right if you don’t catch it too late. Time is burning and I have to get everything set up. I dig the Nikon out of the closet, set up the tripod, then remember I needed a step stool from the hall closet last time. I go to the office and get the projector, my laptop, then come back for the stool.

Tina arrives with the art materials, Deidre close behind, then she is quickly in the entrance position at the foot of my bed. I yank down the covers, positioning Deidre on the bed. I then use the quick disconnect cuffs permanently mounted to the bed to tie her down, spread eagle face up. Her bush has come in all thick and luxurious like her hair. I stop to fondle it for a minute, just because I can’t resist it’s allure.

I position the camera tripod at the middle of the left side of the bed, the step stool behind it. I crank the tripod up to its full height, kayseri escort bayan while tilting the camera down, so I am looking down at the bed from almost up at the height of the top rail, but back several feet towards the armoires. Almost a forty five degree angle down, but I know from experience it perfectly frames the bed.

“Look at me and stick your tongue out, Deidre.” I say softly. I climb up the step stool, adjust some things, come down and get between her legs, licking her pussy. I’m waiting for the light to be just right. I only need one picture, but I keep taking them to burn some time. I come back down to lick her pussy, go back up to get another picture. Lick, pic. Lick, pic. They are all great pictures, and great tasty licks. Finally the light is just perfect, her excitement is just perfect, and this is the shot.

So I transfer the pictures to the laptop. Then the tripod has to be taken down so it can be used for the projector. I stop to put lube on a pair of vibrators and fill her cunt and ass. Her body spits them back out. I don’t have time for the belt, so I leave them grinding away at the bed frame. I go back to setting up the projector, starting to make small talk.

“Did you have fun last night?” I ask neutrally.

“Best.Night.Ever, except for the night at the warehouse, and the night you brought me home. In the top three I guess, Sir.” Deidre gushes.

“So what did you do?” I say as the projector finally comes alive and throws a picture onto the canvas.

“Well, I helped Tina, Tessa, and Betsy set up, then Betsy disappeared. So I had to do her stuff too. Then when guests started arriving, I got some THC Rum, some pre-rolled joints, and went out to catch a buzz. Then I got the munchies and went to scarf down some pizza. The I went to watch the big Tribunal stuff, but I’m so short I had to stand on a barstool to see over everybody. It was really sad what happened with Lucy and Tessa. I hope I never have to be punished like that, Sir.” Deidre says as if being tied to a bed and confessing your deepest fear is perfectly normal.

“I don’t think you ever will. But the important thing is to love people more than their mistakes.” I remind her.

“Fer sure. So then you went upstairs, and a gang of dudes carried Betsy back down. Then we gave Tessa her group grope and I felt like a ball of light is burning inside me from all the love. So I went to the Muff Diner, and did both sides, since there was a shortage of dudes. Betsy took away six dudes by herself at least, and that Dr. Carol chick snuck away with another three of them, ball hogs. That’s what they are, ball hogs. But then I saw who they were and what they were packing, and remembered they would have split my little pussy in two, so I wasn’t mad at them anymore, Sir.” Deidre said in a very conspiratorial tone before she continues her story of the night before.

“So I went upstairs and Tessa was still the center of this massive group grope, but I stuck to it, and got to lick her pussy again. Tina gets so possessive of her sometimes, its like Tessa is her bitch, not yours. So I get into her cunt every chance I get, just to give her a jailbreak for some strange. You know how that is, banging irish broads, then craving a little mexican taco, then some venus on a terminator chassis, then three asians so your dick won’t be hungry for a couple hours. Even after a deep dish dive into some hot chocolate. But gotta give you props, that dick can satisfy, even a whole harem of hotties, Sir.” Deidre says playfully.

By this point I have pretty faithfully sketched the outline of the scene on the canvas. It is so easy to do, all that is required is to trace the outlines of the objects projected on the canvas, working from left to right. I don’t really need all the brushes and paints right now, I’ll do that when I’m alone in my office. But I do get the flavored lubes out of the nightstand and several different sized brushes.

“Is that how you see yourself, a slave girl in a harem of hotties?” I say to keep the conversation moving.

“No Sir. I see myself as the Queen in a harem of hotties. Since Tina is taking care of Tessa so much, she isn’t really your Queen anymore, at least in a physical sense. I’m the one who is in your bed almost every night. But we all knew that would happen the first night you brought me home, Sir.” Deidre shares a novel perspective which I needed to learn from, about what is going on in my own house.

“Thank you for sharing that. So what did you do when you came back downstairs?” I ask with curiosity of what she would choose when left to her own devices.

“I went back to the Road to Glory, but it had turned into Geriatric city. I still did a couple geezers just to take one for the team, plus I was so starved for dick and you said we could do whoever we wanted and cum as much as we wanted. Lisa and Joy were having fun with Lucy and Rachel. So I went over to the Fuck Station Zebra, and Dustin was there. He gave me a nice righteous tuneup with the belt, plus enough dick escort kayseri to knock my cravings back for an hour or so. I smoked a couple of joints, I really miss doing that since there is no smoking in the house. I grabbed my THC Rum and a mini coke, chugged it, and got seriously fucked up. Nearly fell into the pool. The pit pythons scared me with their big dicks when they came after me and I ran the fuck out of there as fast as I could, Sir.” Deidre confesses.

“I’m glad you didn’t get your pussy all stretched out. I like it being so nice and tight.” I soothe as I pick up a set of brushes, and my ‘paints’ — the flavored lubes we keep in the nightstand.

“Yeah, don’t want coke cans falling out of my twat! What are you doing, Sir, if I may ask?” Deidre doesn’t understand what flavored lubricants have to do with painting.

“As I said when we started, I am painting you. I hope it will come out decent enough to be mounted. Neon Coyote Edge. Would you like to be mounted, Deidre?” I playfully tease.

“Oh God, Sir, that makes my nipples so rock hard, makes my pussy all full and throbbing and wet, my clit standing at attention. Thank you Sir! Yes, of course, I crave to be mounted by you, Sir.” Deidre says as she smiles at me.

“Don’t thank me yet. But continue with your story. You escaped the grasp of the pit pythons, but almost fell into the pool. What happened after that?” I object as I ask her to continue.

“The Group Grope Grotto was pretty much off limits because the pythons were writhing all over Betsy, and you know I’d have to give her some oral relief. That would lead to me being at the bottom of the pile while getting my cylinder overbored by the huge schlongs. The only reason I know that is they set up a voyeur station where you could watch with goggles, every five minutes a new point for charity. Heard we beat your projections by over fifty percent. Nothing quite like betting that people want to fuck.” Deidre teases as she wriggles. Just to cure her of that I take the household four inch wide paint brush and run it lightly down the sides of her ribcage to watch her shake her boobs at me. She’s very ticklish there.

“E-e-eeeee!” Deidre cries out.

“Now stop wriggling wiggle worm, or you will find out what being tickled to orgasm over and over feels like.” I promise.

“I got so turned on watching everybody getting it on together I was rubbing one out right in front of everybody. It was a big one too, I could tell it would be a squirter. So I put my hands behind my back, pretending I was cuffed, and walked away. I got some pizza, then heard some loud grunting, with cries of ‘Fuck Me Harder!’ from Fuck Station Zebra. So I went to investigate, Sir.” Deidre says as she tries to figure out what I am doing.

“So I check in, and Dr. Carol is just getting wailed on by Jordan with a belt, as he fucks her with that monster cock, like three mini coke cans stacked on each other with a plum on top and skin on the sides. I stood there watching him fuck her hard for over ten minutes, rubbing my pussy and cumming hard the whole time. She was cumming and squirting the entire time too. I made another THC rum and coke, got woozy, and decided to go upstairs to rest in one of the bedrooms. Not my brightest idea, but the best I had at the time, Sir.” Deidre says as I lay down on the bed and start licking her pussy, very lightly, mostly teasing her puffy dark pussy lips and the tip of her clit.

“Oh Thank you, Sir! I love when you lick my pussy! Your intimate kisses tell me I am worthy, I am loved. I crave it, Sir!” Deidre says in sheer joy.

“Both of those things are always true, a tautology. Please continue. I am eager to hear more.” I say softly, with licks in between words.

“So when I get to the couples room, it is crowded, and you would think it is the Seattle Fish market. Nothing but a sea of poon. But I’m a poon friendly kind of girl, So I grab a single woman waiting for a poon date, lay her down on the bed, and go to work on making her the happiest poon on Earth. By this time, all my experiences with Betsy, Tina, Rachel and Lucy — not to mention my long trysts with Tessa have made me like a poon licking goddess or something, Sir.” Deidre snickers.

“I ate her until she passed out. I did that three more times, with three different women. Finally the fourth one stayed awake, asking me if I would like some dick. I told her if it was Monster cock, I’m out of there. She tells me he’s just a little larger than normal guy she loves with all her heart, Sir. Like I love you, Sir.” Deidre gets a little emotional at the end.

“So we go back downstairs to find her guy, having a THC IPA beer and a slice of the deep dish pizza on the kitchen/den bar. His name is Jimmy. Older dude, maybe even older than you, still keeps himself up, classy. We all three rub and kiss on each other, as he lights up whenever he looks at her. I didn’t realize she had to be a good twenty years older than I am, like one of those trophy wives that never stops being able to play the part of a head cheerleader. Dark hair, good set of D cups. I don’t know if it was the THC rum talking, but I told him I could eat her sweet pussy forever. He laughs and says it isn’t my buzz. She is, and always has been, just that tasty. We three run hand in hand in hand up the stairs, almost colliding several times with people going the other way. A little reckless, Sir.” Deidre says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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