Bar Shots

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Beth needed to get out & take the edge off her anger. She had been working on a big project at work & really busting her ass to make it a success. Long hours seemed worth it … until today. Not only did her boss and his lackey take credit for the success of the project, her boss publicly belittled Beth’s contribution. Jackass!

All the way home Beth had stewed about it & fantasized about exacting revenge. She continued to remain fixated on the problem through dinner & into her favorite TV program. The program ran from 8pm – 9pm, and when it was half way finished without Beth hearing a word, she realized it wasn’t a good idea for her to remain at home alone.

The bar was within a block of her apartment. Not a dive, but not one of those places pumping out the music that you could feel through the pavement either. Beth had been here before with friends – it was casual and laid back, just what she needed at the moment.

Walking in Beth noticed that the place wasn’t too busy tonight. Some guys at the pool tables and two of the booths were taken. Beth headed for the bar. At the bar there was a young blonde woman that Beth wasn’t entirely sure was old enough to be here. Shrugging it off, Beth figured it wasn’t her problem & she already had enough of her own to deal with.

Signaling the bartender, Beth ordered 2 drinks. When they arrived, she downed the first one with a couple swallows plunking the glass back onto the bar. She would take her time with the second one, she thought as she could feel the first drink hit her stomach. Beth let her glance stray toward the young woman sitting two Pendik Escort stools away. She was staring towards the other end of the bar. As Beth followed her glance, she saw him. He was very striking – not really handsome, but with an intense aura of power that seemed to draw Beth to him.

Shaking her head, Beth looked back at her drink thinking she really must be losing it. He wasn’t even interested in her. Glancing back at the blonde, Beth realized that he must have affected the blonde as well as she was staring at him almost hypnotized. Beth’s gaze swung back to him as he began to move towards the young woman.

He sat down on one of the stools between the two women, next to the blonde. Beth can’t help watching as he begins to work on her. Beth sees him put his hand under the girl’s skirt and begin to caress her bum. As his hand circles, he begins talking to the girl. Beth can’t hear what he is saying, but she can see the shiver his voice causes in the girl.

Slowly he begins to move his hand across her butt, towards her hip closest to him. His hand moves to her outer thigh for a few strokes and then in towards her inner thigh. The girl’s legs fall open allowing him free access, as she remains entranced by him. Beth takes a quick look around and realizes no one is paying attention other than her – not the patrons, and not the bartender.

A small moan draws Beth’s attention back to the couple. Watching the movement of the girl’s hips, Beth can guess what his hands must be doing. Despite her shock, Beth can feel herself getting wet. As she watches, the man releases his Anadolu Yakası Escort cock from his pants. He moves off his stool removing his hand from the girl’s pussy, causing another moan. He spins her stool around, and with Beth’s intense gaze taking everything in, he brings his cock to the girl’s pussy lips and starts to fuck her.

Beth is almost envious of the girl. Beth looks up at the girl’s face – the girl seems dazed and in the back of her mind Beth wonders if she is high or something. Is that why she is letting a virtual stranger touch her & fuck her in a public place? A flurry of movement as the girls legs grip the man to her, tell Beth that the girl came. The man looks over at Beth and their eyes connect.

He pulls out of the girl and Beth sees he is still hard. He begins to approach Beth with his erect cock pointing the way. With every step he takes, Beth can feel herself getting more and more wet. When he reaches Beth, he pulls her off her stool, turning her to face the bar. She had worn a mini-skirt today, which he lifted up. He took a moment to run his hands over the globes of her ass before pressing his cock up against her. Beth’s body developed a will of it’s own and her hips rocked back to meet the pressure.

He makes a soft grunting sound and steps back enough to rip her panties off. He pushes her right up against the bar and nudges her legs apart a little. Beth doesn’t have long to wait and she can feel his prick entering her hole from behind. It feels wonderful and Beth rocks to the rhythm his body is creating within her. Then he began to talk İstanbul Escort softly to her. His deep sexy voice tells her how hot she is, how excited it made him that she watched him fuck the girl. Upon hearing this Beth cums.

Unlike the girl, though he stays in Beth and continues to slowly work his way in and out. His hands are on the bar next to hers and he continues to speak to her. He begins to tell her what he would like to do to her and she cums again. He encourages her, telling her how great it feels when she cums. How her muscles grab his cock like she wants to suck him inside. He is beginning to pump faster.

Beth is breathing hard, but she doesn’t want to stop. She then feels his hand reach under her skirt in front and begin to play with her clit. She moans and her head falls forward. That’s what he wants – complete surrender to his will. He lifts her body till she is standing on her tiptoes, and uses his hand on her clit to make sure her ass is sticking out towards him. Then his pace really picks up.

Beth hears him begin to grunt softly in her ear. She has felt the change he’s made in her body position and the increase in his tempo. The idea that he will soon cum in her is too much and she cums again. Seconds later she feels the warmth of his seed flowing into her. After a few seconds Beth feels him pull out.

He put his cock away before crouching down and kissing her engorged pussy. He lowered her skirt and picked up her soaked & torn panties, tucking them into his pocket. Turning Beth to face him, he stares into her face before asking for her name and phone number. Without thinking she gives it to him. Satisfied he heads for the exit.

Beth is dazed and begins looking around the bar. She realizes that no one has seen what she just did. That makes her wet again. As if he knows, he stopped at the door to turn back, look at her and smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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