Birth of an Exhibitionist

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This story took place when I was in college at about 19 years of age. I had come back to my home town for the summer to work and earn money for the next year. I decided one weekend to go back down to the college to look up a friend and have a fun weekend. Turned out he wasn’t there. I found out later that he had gone on a canoe trip. So I decided to call around and see who was home. I finally located a close and very cute female friend, Anna, who I liked. She invited me over for dinner.

Well, it didn’t stop with dinner. We ended up in bed and spent about 3 or 4 hours driving each other crazy. Right in the middle of the third or fourth time there was a knock on the door. Anna said to wait and she went to find out who it was. In a minute or two I recognized the voice of Chrissy another of our female friends. They talked for a few minutes and then the girl who came over said that she saw my car outside and asked if I was there. Anna admitted that I was and called to me to come out.

I really didn’t want to put all my clothes on (they had already been talking about what was going on anyway) so I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist, trying to tuck it very tightly so I would stay covered. I went out to say hello. Almost immediately, I felt like I was naked as Chrissy was looking right through my towel (if you know what I mean). It was a little embarrassing but it was also a little exciting knowing that I was naked underneath the towel and this hot girl was a friend who had never seen me naked. I sat down across the table from her because I was getting hard again. Remember, I was still at an age where I still got hard at the drop of a hat or virtually anything else.

Being seated didn’t really help the tent in my towel but at least I was covered by the table. We talked for a while and Anna kept teasing me by reaching up under the table and pretending to be pulling the towel off, which helped to keep me hard. After a few minutes Anna decided that she was thirsty and hadn’t offered anything to anybody else either. Everybody was thirsty and she asked me to get some sodas from the refrigerator. The table was against the wall and I had to go all the way around the table to get past both girls into the kitchen .

There was no way to hide the tent in the towel as I did that. Of course, it took half a second, or less, for both of them to notice and they immediately started teasing me a little with sexual comments of the type that I’m sure you have heard many times. And they both watched me all the way around the table and into the kitchen. The sodas were on the bottom shelf and so I bent over to get three of them and Chrissy gave a whistle and they both started laughing and saying “Boy, you really look happy” and “Yummy” and such. Seems the towel was not long enough when I bent over and I was showing a back view of the family jewels and got even harder balıkesir escort as I turned red for one of the few times in my life. I could feel my face burning and the heat spreading down my body.

I stood up rather quickly so as to preserve some dignity and shut the refrigerator door. I went to the counter, opened the three bottles and then picked them up to take them to the table. I had to use both hands to do this. Well, it seems that the sitting down and the bending over and walking around had loosened the tucked in portion of the towel and just as I got right next to Chrissy, I stepped on her foot and stumbled against the table trying to keep from falling and still maintain my grip on the bottles. At the same moment she reached out to steady me just as the towel dropped to the floor, leaving me completely naked, with a huge hard on inches from the face a girl who was just a friend. I made a move to turn a bit to preserve a little dignity, but her hand was at my left hip and open as she was reaching out steady me and I succeeded in turning my cock straight into her open hand.

I was turning redder by the second and still had both hands full of open soda bottles. Well, she wrapped her fingers around my cock and they both started laughing and teasing me again about being really happy to see them, etc. In turning away I had put the table behind me and with her holding on to my cock it was a little difficult to turn and put the bottles down. For a few seconds neither of them was about to help me out since they were enjoying my predicament. I finally twisted around just enough to reach the table with the bottles and set them down. I tried to crouch down to retrieve the towel. Not that I wasn’t enjoying the hand on my cock but it was extremely embarrassing since I had just lost my virginity that spring and was not really used to being naked around others. Anna got the towel before me and she was on the other side of the table. I started around the table to see if I could get the towel but she had moved to my chair and was sitting on the towel. She started asking “Why do you need it? Why not give us a thrill and stay naked.”

Both of them were working on me and without just throwing her off the chair I wasn’t going to get the towel and probably wouldn’t have gotten it easily even if I did that. And of course I would be naked anyway rolling and crawling around after her to get the towel.

I finally decided that it wasn’t worth it and even though I was still red as a beet and really nervous, I finally just stood up and got my soda and stood there with my cock sticking out and started drinking it as they both stared at my cock. As I sat down in the chair between them I could feel my cock getting harder and harder to the point it almost hurt as this was very exciting despite being embarrassing. They stopped balıkesir escort bayan me from pulling my chair toward the table by holding the legs with their feet so as not to allow me to spoil the view and I was forced to sit there naked as we talked for at least another hour. My cock stayed rock hard the whole time in part because it stayed exciting and both of them reached over every once in a while and touched some part of my naked body including Anna brushing my cock a couple of times.

Despite the way they were treating me I think that Chrissy was a little shy and more reserved than you would think, given the scenario. Finally she said, ” Can I ask you something?” She looked to both Anna and me as she waited for an answer. We said, “Yes, of course.” We were both a little shocked when she asked if she could touch my cock again(although I honestly think she used the term “thing”) and see it up close for a few minutes. I looked at Anna because I didn’t want to offend her and I wasn’t too sure about letting Chrissy do it anyway and thought Anna could give me an out if she objected. But no!!!! She said, with a little devilish smile on her face, “I don’t mind at all.”

I wasn’t really averse to this (I mean, what man in his right mind would object to a sexy young woman playing with his cock) but It was not originally part of the night’s plan. I thought for a minute and then said it would be OK. She asked If she could do it over on the couch so it would be more comfortable for both of us. So I moved over to the couch and sat down with a big pillow behind my back so I was kinda laying down with my legs out under the coffee table. She came and sat down beside me. Anna brought her chair over to sit right across the coffee table from me, leaning forward so she could watch the proceedings clearly.

Chrissy spent the next 10 minutes playing with my cock. She never really masturbated me even though she slid her hand up and down it a few times during the examination. She was really fascinated by my foreskin and she pulled it up until she had the head completely covered and she was holding my cock up by it. She slid it down and watched as it kinda rolled off the head. If it could be done in an examination of a cock, I think she did it. She spread the pee hole and held my cock in the fingers of both hands as she looked at the glans all the way around flipping the edge of it a little and kinda giggling when it did a tiny jiggle. She turned it every which way but loose, sometimes to get better light on the part she was examining and sometimes to see the range of motion (she turned it round like a crank on a churn and pulled it down between my legs. She did anything she could think to do. How I didn’t cum during this, I don’t know. But probably because I had already had sex three or four times, I was able to escort balıkesir hold off.

Anna was watching the whole thing intently and smiling really big at how much fun her friend was having. After a while I realized that I was getting close and was really struggling to hold on and not show it.

Well it turned out that there was one thing she hadn’t done yet. It was something that I wasn’t expecting since I had never had it done to me in my life. Without warning she leaned down over my cock, as she had done many times during the 10 minutes, to get closer looks, so I never saw it coming. I was expecting more of the same. Well, it wasn’t the same. She was holding my cock upright with her hand around the base and playing up and down a little with the loose skin. She proceeded straight down and didn’t stop a few inches away, like she had every time before, but she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking and swirling her tongue around like she was tasting it. I involuntarily jerked upward a little when she did this and went deeper into her hot little mouth. She groaned and I came right then. The first shot caught her as much by surprise as it did me. She gulped and pulled off my cock with a little pop since she was kinda sucking as she swallowed.

The next five shots went all over me and she started pumping me up and down like it was a reflex action and they both started laughing and giggling and Anna clapping her hands. I dribbled out a couple more shots and Chrissy totally surprised me by scooping up a tiny bit of my cum with her finger and tasting it. I guess she really didn’t “taste” the first shot since she had swallowed almost reflexively. They both started talking about how cool it was and Anna asked Chrissy, “What possessed you to do that? What did it feel like? Did it taste good?” And the whole time Chrissy kept rolling my cock in her fingers. I somehow stayed hard after my fourth cum of the night. I found out later that this wasn’t something that happened to every guy.

Anna went to get a warm wash cloth and they both spent a few minutes washing me clean. Chrissy thanked me profusely and talked about how it was the most amazing thing she had ever done. I figured out she had probably never been with or seen a guy in a sexual context.

Chrissy got up and quietly said that she should go so we could get back to our fun. I stood up and walked over to er and gave her what could have been her first hug from a naked guy with a hard on. And then I walked her to the door of the apartment and opened it for her. She blushed bright red again when she realized that I had just opened the outside door naked. She thanked me again, kissed me on the lips, hugged me close again and gently squeezed my cock. As she walked out the door I leaned a little bit out the door and looked both ways and saw nobody was about (it was about 2:30 AM or so) so I just stood there naked in the door way as she walked to the car, got in, and started the engine. I was fully illuminated when she turned on the headlights (Anna’s apartment was on the first floor) and I could see her mouth form into an O shape before she smiled and licked her lips.

All in all it was an exciting night.

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