Camilla Ch. 050

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“Oh, no!” still-naked Camilla said to ogling Dr. Singh. “So for sure, those tiny black oval things are swimming around in my blood and pee? What am I gonna do?”

“Don’t be alarmed,” he said as they walked over to a table. “It may not be as bad as you think.”

“Not as bad!” she said in increasing agitation. “Those black eggs are what killed Mr. Leroy, I just know it. I told you about him, remember?”

“We don’t know if they killed him,” he said when they sat down at a table near the stage, where Calina would soon do her first Luvlee’s floorshow. “I researched his case: it was food poisoning that killed him, plain and simple; his penchant for coprophagia and urophagia, particularly consuming the piss and shit of many unhealthy people, like the prostitutes he apparently often visited, could very well have been what killed him. Leroy’s food poisoning led to influenza, then pneumonia. Strangely, the complications developed unusually quickly. I suppose it’s possible those microscopic ovoid things in his blood caused his death, but we don’t know. In fact, we don’t even know what those ‘eggs’ are, or if they’re harmful, for that matter. They could, quite possibly, be beneficial.”

“How?” she asked with her jaw dropped all the way down.

“I have them in my blood,” he began to explain. “I, a doctor who specializes in STDs, should be the last person to have sex without a condom, as I did with you a few weeks ago. Since our encounter, I–worried about contracting something myself–examined my own blood, urine, and faeces, and found the ‘eggs’ in it. Also, a strange thing happened to me after our night together: on three occasions, I accidentally cut myself in the hand–two of them deep cuts–and look at my hand now; I healed with miraculous speed within a day or so each time.”

“Really?” She saw not the slightest mark on his hand.

“Really, and I’m a slow healer normally. All my life I’ve been slow to heal: not anymore. As a test, I deliberately cut myself deeply in the arm two days ago, and now look at my arm.” He showed it to her, and there was no wound at all.

“That’s incredible,” she said.

“What caused this phenomenon? Was it the black oval things? I don’t know; I can’t think of any other possible cause. In any case, those black things can only be described as alien: I’ve never seen anything like them, under a microscope, in my life. Nor has anyone else. They could be from outer space, for all we know.”

“Wow,” she said. “Speaking of no blood, I should’ve had my period last week, and I didn’t. I’m not complaining, of course, but it’s so weird. Thank you, little black eggs, if it’s you cancelling my menstruation.”

“Well, good or bad, more research is needed,” Singh said. “I know of scientists who are starting to look at Leroy’s blood samples for answers right now. They want to know what those black things are as much as we do.”

Candice, in her underwear, walked over and sat with them. “Look,” she said. “Calina’s doing her floorshow now, her first ever.” They all watched the Russian-Canadian brunette roam the stage in a red dress and high heels. Her first song was ‘Firestarter’, by the Prodigy. Camilla and Candice cheered especially loudly to encourage her. Calina moved effortlessly to the rhythm, swaying her hips and shaking her tits. By the end of the song, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Her second song was the Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’: she went over to the pole and held on to it with both hands as she moved her ass to the music. The men in the audience cheered as she unhooked her bra and started to take it off, but she was a tease and pulled her hands apart with the bra and back together, not yet letting her nipples be seen. Making sure she had all the men’s undivided attention, she finally pulled off her bra, shaking her exposed large breasts with joie de vivre.

“Look at those beauties!” a man shouted.

“Yeah!” screamed another. Many other cheers like those exploded from around the room.

As the song was coming to an end, she turned her back to the audience and pulled off her panties: again there were cheers for her pretty round behind, but she needed a moment to gather her courage to show everyone her hairy pussy; she knew it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. Finally, she turned around and let everyone see: there was a lot more enthusiasm for the sight than disapproval, if there was even any of that.

“Alright!” shouted a man.

“I wanna suck you off, girl!” yelled another. She looked at him and giggled. With the end of her second song, she took off her high heels: now she was completely naked.

Her third song was ‘Rock On’, by David Essex. She crawled around on the stage, smiling and proudly displaying her hairy vulva and anus for all the eager viewers to see. Her ass was pointed straight at Camilla and Candice, and she looked back at them with an inviting smile.

“That’s our cue,” Camilla said to Candice. “C’mon, let’s join adana escort her.” Always-naked Camilla went up first and, getting on all fours behind Calina, buried her face in the sexy Slav’s vulva. The men watching went wild.

Candice quickly took off her bra, panties, and high heels, and joined them, lying on her back in front of Calina, with her legs spread out so her ginger pussy could receive Calina’s tongue. Singh just sat back and enjoyed the show. Everyone else just screamed louder.

“Two dykes!” a man shouted. “Do I hear three dykes? Do I hear four?”

A black man, licking his lips at Calina, took out his cell-phone and called his friend, the plainclothes cop who had just left Luvlee’s with the mayor and chief of police. “Camilla’s back,” the black man said. “She’s on the stage, having lesbian sex with two other girls.” He hung up.

Soon, Candice got up and crawled around on all fours like the other two, and the three girls formed a triangle of cunnilingus and anilingus: each girl had another girl’s ass in her face for licking. Because each girl was tonguing another from a side angle, the cheering audience could see each girl’s cunt and asshole clearly, and also see precisely where each tongue was licking. As the girls licked each other, they slowly crawled in a rotating circle, so everyone watching could see every hole.

“A carousel of cunt-lapping!” a man shouted. “A merry-go-round of muff-diving!”

The girls were getting turned on not only by each other’s licking, but by the lecherous response they were getting, and their moans and screams were getting more and more audible over the music, to the delight of those watching at the tip rail. By the end of the song, Calina splashed her come in Camilla’s mouth: she caught most of it, though some dribbled down her chin. Camilla in turn came in Candice’s wide open mouth, which received every drop. Candice faced the audience and let them see the come in her mouth: when she swallowed it, the men applauded with enthusiasm. Calina stuck her tongue out so the drops of Candice’s come could be clearly seen. The girls got up and took a bow as everyone in the bar gave them a standing ovation.

When the girls got off the stage, the black man approached them, as did Francine from another side of the bar. Francine asked Candice for a lap-dance, and Candice led her dope connection into a private room. (Later, they would go to Francine’s home for more sex and drugs.)

“Can I have a lap-dance?” the black man asked Camilla.

“Sorry,” she said. Approaching Singh, she explained. “I’m giving him one.” She sat with him.

“I’m available,” Calina told the black man, giving him a lewd smile. “What’s your name?”

“Clarence,” he said. “Let’s go.” Calina led him into another private room.

It was about midnight. Camilla was facing the front door as she talked with Singh at their table; she noticed the mayor, the chief of police, and the plainclothes cop suddenly come back into the bar. They went over to the tip rail, hoping to see Camilla there. She used this chance to sneak away with Singh to avoid getting into trouble with the three men for her habitual public indecency.

“Ravinder, let’s go to your place,” she said to Singh. She got up and grabbed her purse.

“OK,” he said, getting up. “But why the hurry?”

“I’ll explain later,” she said. “C’mon, hurry. I’ll give you another foot job.” The Indian foot-fetishist smiled at hearing that.

“Anything you say,” he said. “But don’t you first want to get your clothes?”

“Is your car near the building?”

“Yes, parked right by the back door.”

“Great. Let’s go. I’ll go naked: I’m horny enough to.” They went out the back door, Camilla noting that the three men went over to the bar and hadn’t noticed them. Singh rushed the naked girl into his car, glad that no one was in the parking lot to see her.


Disappointed again at not finding Camilla, the mayor was cheered up to see the Asian stripper he’d gotten a lap-dance from earlier that night. She was sitting on a bar stool in a black dress, talking to her mom. “Hi Li-ping,” he said to the girl. “Remember me?”

“Mayor Wilson!” she said. “How are you? This is my mommy, Mrs. Chen. She is the owner.”

“Nice to meet you,” Mrs. Chen said. “You think my daughter is pretty?”

“Y-yes,” he said, slightly nervous that Mrs. Chen wouldn’t approve of him liking her daughter.

“She’s a nice girl, too,” Mrs. Chen said. “We have a respectable place here. If anything bad happen, if any girl do sex thing here, she get fired, I make sure of it. But my daughter won’t.”

“Yes,” he said. “She’s very sweet.”

“You want her?” Mrs. Chen asked, hoping her offer of her daughter to the mayor would gain his favour and protect her business. “I say it’s OK.”

“Really?” he said, surprised and delighted at Mrs. Chen’s boldness.

“Mommy,” Li-ping adana escort bayan said in a lowered tone, annoyed at her mother’s treatment of her.

“Be a good girl and please the man in bed,” her mother whispered to her in Chinese. “It will be good for my business. Don’t argue and do as you’re told.” She looked at her daughter with bullying eyes.

“OK,” Li-ping said resignedly, picking up her purse and getting up from her stool. “You want me, Mister Mayor? Let’s go.”

“Well,” he said, still shocked at her mother’s offer. “Come with me. Good night, boys,” he said to the other two men. “I’ll be occupied for the rest of the night.” The shy girl left with him, however reluctantly. She comforted herself knowing that Mayor Wilson, a handsome man in his late forties with light brown hair and blue eyes, had been a total gentleman with her in the private room. She hoped he would be as gentle with her in the bedroom.

The chief of police and the plainclothes cop walked away from the bar and looked around. The tiny Latina girl they’d seen onstage earlier that night was giving a man a table dance at a table between the bar and the stage. The chief of police walked closer to her. Naked, she was bent over, showing her client her pussy; her pretty asshole was also showing, and the chief of police was having fantasies of anal sex with the girl. He stood behind the man getting the table dance and ogled her until the table dance was over. She received her money from her client, picked up her purse and clothes, and started to walk away. The plainclothes cop tapped her on the shoulder, and she stopped to turn around.

“You want a table dance?” she asked him in her lilting Spanish accent.

“I’m Superintendent Lewis, Chief of Police,” he said. “I’m very influential here in Vancouver. How would you like to make a whole lot of money?”

Desperate to pay back a large debt her mother owed, she was willing to do anything for money. “Yes, I would. What do you want me to do?” The naked twenty-year-old looked up at the tall, blond, handsome, forty-something man with timid, yet hopeful eyes.

He pulled out a large roll of bills and gave it to her. “This is yours,” he said with a lewd smile. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Dora,” she said, grinning as she put the money in her purse.

“Put your clothes on,” he said. “Come with me.” She got dressed and left with him.

The plainclothes cop now wanted to find a girl for himself. Though he was really hoping to find Camilla, whom he’d enjoyed seeing nude in the park earlier that week, he happily settled for the skinny black stripper he’d gotten a lap-dance from. “Hi Jasmine,” he said as she walked up to him. “Remember that offer I made to you when you gave me the lap-dance?”

“Yeah, Hank,” she said. “I’ve thought about it, and I’m game. You’re cute, you know that?” She stroked his blond hair and looked deep in his brown eyes.

“Thank you,” Hank said. “You’re beautiful. Closing time is almost upon us. Wanna go?”

“Sure,” she said, and left with him.


In their private room, Calina was grinding on the huge cock hidden in Clarence’s pants. He was fondling her tits. Her pussy was as wet as it was hairy. “You want fuck me tonight?” she asked him in moans.

“Do I!” he grunted. “Why wait? Let’s go!”

She finished her lap-dance, put on her dress, and they went to his apartment.


Ravinder was nervous as he got naked Camilla out of his car in the underground parking lot of their apartment. They got in the elevator and went up to their floor, him worrying that someone else would come in and see her naked. He hugged her close to cover her up; his penis was as petrified with lust as he was in worry.

He got her into his apartment, and they lay on their backs on his wooden living room floor, facing each other. “Why were you so anxious to leave Luvlee’s, Camilla?” he asked as he pulled out his chocolate-coloured cock.

“Three men came into the bar,” she said as she took his cock between her feet, “and they were looking for me. They were cops. I think they wanted to arrest me for all the wild stuff I’ve been doing at Luvlee’s.” She fingered her already-hard clitoris as she moved the balls of her feet gently against the sides of his erection.

“Knowing how corrupt most…cops are, they probably just wanted…to fuck you,” he sighed as he stroked her lovely feet, with their pretty bright red toenail polish.

“Yeah, that could be,” she sighed, giggling as his phallus flip-flopped between her feet. “One of them…was Mayor Wilson. Oh!” Her vagina was oozing desire, and her labia were swollen with delight.

“The Mayor,” he groaned. “Definitely wanted…sex from you. Politicians are…all like that.”

She flipped his erection up, pointing it toward his head, and used her toes to caress his bulging corpus spongiosum, her big toes escort adana on either side of the protruding tube, gently stroking up and down its length.

“One of…the cops,” she moaned, “saw me…nude at…the park. Bob, my photographer, paid him…and some…other cops…Oh! To protect us…as I posed.”

“They probably don’t…want to…take you…to jail,” he sighed, always fondling the feet that fondled his cock. “They want…to fuck you. You’re safe, I think.”

She wrapped her toes around his shaft and massaged it with the ball of one foot while putting her other foot underneath, brushing his pubic hair. He moaned and sighed, gazing down in adoration at the divine feet he fetished.

As if through clairvoyance, she said, “Maybe the mayor and…cops have a…special sex…party planned…for me.”

“Could be,” he said. “Oh!” He showered his come all over her toes in several splashes. “Oh, how their beauty is heightened. Let me get some paper towels for your soon-to-come coming.”


Knowing his wife was probably in bed at home, The mayor got Li-ping into a hotel room. They sat on the bed, and he put his arm around her, trying to ease her fears of how he would handle her.

“I can’t believe your mom would offer you to me like that,” he said.

“I can,” she said, fighting back sobs. “She terrible. Even when I am a little girl, she treat me bad. She’s too traditional Chinese. Didn’t want me; she want a son. I grew up a sad girl in Taiwan; we came here two years ago, and I think life is better. Not with her as my mommy. She and my daddy always think only money is important. Daddy open Luvlee’s, knowing foreigners–I mean, Canada men–like seeing girls take off clothes. But he don’t want me to be a stripper, he love me too much for that. But he is die, and my mommy make me do stripper job, think I will make more money for Luvlee’s. Bitch! I hate her.” She started to cry.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t cry,” he said, putting her on his lap and rocking her back and forth. “I promise I won’t hurt you, OK? In fact, I have a proposition for you: if you do a special job for me, you’ll make so much money, you won’t need to work at Luvlee’s ever again.” He slowly unzipped her dress.

“Really?” she said. “But mommy want me to work for her. I can’t say no.”

“Honey, with the money you’ll be making, you’ll easily say no. Trust me.” He reached down to her feet and took off her high heels. She stood up and let him take off her dress. Then he pulled off her panties. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I had one back in Taiwan. Nice boy, treat me good. But my daddy/mommy make me come to Canada with them; I have to say bye-bye to him. I cry a lot.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” he said, reaching up to unhook her bra.

“No, don’t,” she said, shy about him seeing her tiny breasts.

“Sweetie, I already know what they look like. I like them; they’re beautiful.”

“But so small.”

“I like small,” he said, then she let him take off her bra. “There they are; beautiful. How old are you, baby?”

“Eighteen.” She got on the bed on all fours; she spread her legs open so expose her vulva. Her pretty black asshole was also showing, but she didn’t know he was lusting after it. “I’m scared.”

“Don’t be, sweetie.” He took off his shoes, pulled off his pants and underwear, and got on the bed with her. “I won’t hurt you.” First he licked her pussy; this got her excited in a new way, because her ex-boyfriend never did that with her. Then he started licking her asshole; this was also a new experience for her, and though she thought it was perverted, it turned her on. She squinted and sighed in a high falsetto voice. Then he lay her on her back and got on top of her in the missionary position. He pushed the tip of his cock against her vaginal opening; her sighs got louder. He slid it in a few inches, and her sighs turned into squeals of excitement. He kept pushing it in further: she was amazed at how big his cock was! She expected it to stop going in deeper, but it kept digging deeper and deeper. Finally, it went all the way in: at seven and a half inches, his thick cock was much bigger than her ex-boyfriend’s; she was surprised and thrilled, never imagining a dick could be so huge! She came in excess the second the tip of his cock touched her A-spot, but he was far from finished with her…

He continued poking his cock inside her, making her come every third or fourth time his knob kissed her A-spot. The tightness of her sweet little pussy delighted him, but he was at a plateau; so he pulled his cock out of her and had her kneel down beside the bed while he sat there with his legs on either side of her. He masturbated with his cock pointed at her face. He’d given her so much satisfaction that she was willing to do whatever he wanted. He splashed his come all over her eyes, lips, cheeks, and nose. Though she thought it was disgusting, she was glad to see the smile on his face. He’d pleased her, and she pleased him.

After a few moments to catch his breath, he asked, “So, shall I tell you about this thing I want you to do, starting tomorrow night?”

“Oh, yes,” she sighed, his come dripping off her cheeks and chin. “I’ll do anything you want, Mayor Wilson. Anything to get away from my mommy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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