Cuckold Wannabe to Accidental Bull

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Hello all… my first time writing on here, but I wanted to share this after all this time.

The following incredible experience is true and happened to me roughly 15 years ago.

I’m sharing this story as if I was sitting next to you at a bar discussing this amazing adventure that happened to me… a Cuckold Wannabe.

Background on me, I am an African American Male, grew up in a strict religious New York City household and developed both a Cuckold and Foot fetish that I kept hidden.

I got married young 3 years out of high school to my high school sweetie, a fine ass redbone half Caribbean half Puerto Rican dime piece, whom I will refer to as Kianna. We both grew up in the same religion, basically a bubble that rendered us very naïve and straight-laced. We were both virgins on our Wedding Night… can you imagine that!

I was extremely lucky to wind up with Kianna, as there was heaps of other cornball haters from both within our religious congregation and from guys she knew from work and school that wanted her. But I won and made sure my trophy was adorned with the most church approved sexy outfits I could find.

For the first 10 years of our marriage I would often fantasize about her succumbing to the advances of my old corny rivals, (whom by the way continue to this day try to get at her through Facebook and IG). I kept the dark desires of Cuckolding tucked deep in the bowels of my imagination. She would on occasion let me indulge in my Foot fetish with her… but she never let me get to them fresh out of her leather pumps… and I practically had to beg her to get her nails painted… she has beautiful size 9 feet… but she just didn’t seem to be into it…sigh.

After some time, we moved from NY to GA where we met and became very close friends with another African American couple through our Religion, whom I will refer to as Shane and Jemma. They were about 7 or so years younger than we were and married for around 5 years with no children.

Jemma was also of Redbone hue and had beautiful pale green eyes a stunning athletic shape with grapefruit sized perky breast and firm round ass. Shane and Jemma were just as naïve and gullible as we were. It wasn’t very long before we were always at each other’s homes every weekend, drinking and playing cards. We all got along and had tons in common. Shane and I even considered endeavoring on a business venture.

As the Weekends and Drinkends went by I began to notice Jemma’s gaze and attention was constantly on me, and she became more and more touchy grabby and chatty with me. Even resting her soft barefoot sole on my bare leg under their dining room table one night at their house…LIKE IT WAS NOTHING.

My buzz was instantly flushed from my system when she touched me as I was stricken with a jolt of fright, excitement, sweating, freezing and arousal all at the same time as I nervously looked around the table with my best poker face and fake chuckle at both Shane and Kianna whom apparently were unaware of the event unfolding under the table!!

That was my first time feeling the touch of another woman’s foot!

Jemma’s was still manisa escort staring dead at me slowly chewing a piece of cake and devilishly grinning at me as if the chocolate hue of my skin was actual chocolate… “yooooo Is this sista feeling me?”

The footsy game continued… I risked a glance at Jemma’s toes and was overwhelmed to see a beautiful set of plump juicy tan toes with a blood red pedicure… That triggered a level 3 erection reaction which I definitely didn’t need as I was wearing adidas suit pants… I quickly fumbled up a weak excuse for us to leave for fear my erection would progress to an embarrassingly raging boner.

On the drive home my head was swirling… I couldn’t believe that I… the cuckold wannabe was the recipient of some Alpha Male type flirtatiousness.

Within days of that evening Jemma went from group texting all of us to just solo texting me, and before long, she was calling me several times a day in addition to Texting, shooting the breeze about life in general, marital advice, never once bringing up what happened that evening!

She act like it never occurred!

I convinced myself that maybe she’s just Naively touchy and chatty and I just played it off.

Mind you my wife was paying the cellphone bill and noticed Jemma’s number showing up on the bill a whole hellava lot. She asked me about it and I said yeah she always calls to see either what we are doing or if I could help Shane with some home project… which was true!

My wife was low key not comfortable and took it upon herself, the very next night to invite Jemma over without Shane to have a private girl chat. My wife in a round about way explained to Jemma that its probably better to text the whole group otherwise one might think “something else” is going on … I walked in surprised on the tail end of what I could see was an awkward conversation but tone was cordial and it was seemingly resolved as they both clanged their wine glasses as if to a toast of new understandings! End of story, right?

The very next MORNING at work I receive a text at 7:45am from Jemma stating that she knows she shouldn’t be texting me but she can’t not talk to me!

Before I could text a reply she text… Meet me after work at 5:30 in the Mall Parking lot.

To which I almost too quickly replied… Ok!

The work day crawls to an end and I bolt outta there… I get to the Parking and I spot her green hooptie (as fine as she was, she drove a beat down green minivan). I pull up next to her and see her sitting in the back motioning me to come inside… At the time I was whippin a recent model Navigator… But hey its all good. I get out and climb in the back of her van.

Without so much as a courtesy hello or wassup she gets right to it and says… “I can’t stop talking to you… in my eyes you are a Man and I feel like I’m with a boy”.

I was at an utter lost for words and could only muster a “uh wow uhh… ummm… yikes… I don’t know what to say…”

And with an innocent Christian-ish school girl face she looked right at me and asked if she could see it? “I just wanna see it? … can kütahya escort I just see it?”

Somewhere hidden deep within me, the inner Alpha, but honest, Man spoke and touted that “I’m no porn star but is there a reason that…” and I promise before the last echo of those words bounced around the interior of the van and absorbed into the universe Jemma had not only undid the zipper of my jeans but proceeded to stroke and suck on my now blood engulfed PENIS!! (I didn’t cuss back then)

I couldn’t believe what was happening… my head was spinning… I was for lack of better words STIFF… I was stunned.

Jemma was SUCKING the LIVING LIFE ESSENCE out of me. (My wife rarely rarely rarely gives head…maybe 3 times in our now 30 years together)

My legs were involuntarily pushing against the floor and as if she could tell I was redlining she sat up and with a straight ass face said “Ok its late, I gotta go… Shane’s mom and dad are coming over tonight and I need to cook”. She quickly shuffled back up to the front seat and clicked the rear sliding door button and dead panned me as I stumbled out still in a daze and speechless and quickly sped off!

I stood there in the parking lot dazed and confused trying to figure out WTF just happened!

I was restless that whole night at home thinking at any moment I would receive a hostile visit or call or text from Shane… But nothing!

The very next morning at 7:45am sharp, Jemma texted, Meet me for lunch at Town Centre park (halfway between both our jobs). I replied “Hey, ok… I’m not sure what happened yesterday but I hope all is well” (I was fishing for any inclination of what she was thinking!)

She replied. “I got something funny to tell you about when you get there” (In my head I’m like does she even remember what HAPPENED?? … SHE IS SOO NONCHALANT… AND WHY COULDN’T SHE JUST EMAIL OR TEXT ME WHATEVER IT WAS)

But of course, I was for sure gonna go meet her during my lunch break!

I show up to the park not really knowing what to expect and once again find her in the back seat of Minivan… Within seconds of me sliding the door shut and crawling to the back seat she immediately unfastened my pants and went right back to it (I PROMISE YOU THIS IS ALL REAL)

My cognizance was phasing in and out reality as Jemma was seemingly sucking years off my life span… during which time my phone vibrated, and I could see on the screen it was a message from Shane telling me he saved me and Kianna a plate from Jemma’s dinner and they would bring it over later… It was INSANE, I felt a mixture of ecstasy, guilt and bewilderment as she continued sucking me and telling me about Shane’s friend (whom I will call Rollins).

In between sucking she was telling me that Rollins couldn’t STAND me and that Shane and I shouldn’t hang around you. She went on to say that she felt that Rollins is secretly jealous, that we are always with you guys and never with him and his wife.

She must’ve realized it was hard to hold a conversation while sucking so she sat up AND STRADDLED MEEEEE BAREBACK WHILE CONTINUING THE CONVERSATION! I KNOW IT malatya escort SOUNDS INSANE.

I instinctively remember looking around for the camera as THIS SIMPLY CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO ME.

While riding me she went on to mentioned that Rollins has been secretly making aggressive advances towards her but she told him she would not EVER have SEX with him or any other man.

Now bear in mind, this is just too much information for me to process as I’m befuddled at what is happening to me … The wife of my friend is sucking and riding me while telling me how she would never do EXACTLY WHAT she was doing at this very MOMENT!

I snapped out of my daze against my inner will and interrupted the blissfulness saying “hey hey Jemma… I don’t really have the words to say but as much as I am enjoying this, I can’t help but wonder what it is WE are doing, and if what we are doing is considered a little in-appropriate” ( I sugar coated the hell out of that answer).

She paused her bouncing to think to herself a moment, but stayed straddled and let her full weight settle down onto my SHAFT, unbeknowingly pushing me to the EDGE, and stated with the most genuinely inquisitive look. “I need this… and besides its not like we are having SEX or anything… Right? … so long as you haven’t ejaculated, we are just having fun right?”

It was in that very moment that I realized she was perhaps the most innocently naïve person to have ever walked the Earth and that it was my duty as a fellow human to answer her with all truth and sincerity.

I looked at her with what I imagined was my most honorable boy scout look and said… “You are correct, I haven’t ejaculated” (WHICH WAS TRUE!!)

To which she replied “see that’s what I was thinking… I gotta go, but what are you doing tomorrow for lunch?”

As unbelievable as this experience sounds, it happened exactly like that… and that was just the begging…I went from Cuckold Wannabe to a Lucky ass Bastard of an Accidental BULL and even managed to Friendzone Cuck poor Rollins. Little did Rollins or Shane now, I was envious of THEM… I wanted to be in their position experiencing a proper cucking!

The Jemma adventures continued for almost two years and expanded into spontaneous episodes in Department store Bathrooms, Cars, Vans, Parks and even Restaurant bathrooms. For a time, I was THAT GUY!

I eventually managed to tell her that what we’re engaging in was in fact SEX and that it didn’t matter if I ejaculated or not.

Thinking that would end it and low and behold her nonchalant reply was… “oh, okay, so you might as well release if you want to next time”.

I had no reply… all I could do was sit there and Blink dumbfoundedly.

It got to the point where even at my somewhat youthful age of 34 and fairly good physical condition… I simply could not keep up with both Kianna and Jemma and log onto XBOX to play again Shane. I told her I had to stop.

Wouldn’t you know She really really got upset and wound up telling her husband about the whole thing which led to me telling me wife (whom threatened to leave but decided to stay)

All that in turn ironically led to me getting my real wish and experiencing life as an ACTUAL CUCKOLD several times over as my wife wanted got revenge big time… but that’s a bar conversation for another day if you guys found this true experience entertaining!

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