Defiling Jaime Ch. 04

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Jaime sat on her balcony the following morning, looking at the mountains. The rising eastern sun shined down beautifully on the western range. A cup of hot cocoa in her hand, legs crossed under her, she pondered about her relationship with André. She was in love, she told herself. It didn’t matter she had only known him for 4 months. She intellectually knew that being so sheltered and inexperienced, never having had a real boyfriend like this, could potentially signal a naïve and unschooled love. I don’t care, she thought, I’m happy right now. I need to just go for it and risk it all. If the worst happens I will learn from it. Oh please God, let him be the one, but if he isn’t please give me the strength to get through it.

Jaime picked up her phone and dialed André.

“Hi, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about. I’ve been thinking a lot about us and where we could be heading. I want you to know that I’m not seeing anyone else but you right now. It’s not fair to ask the same of you but I hope it’s the same for you.”

“Wow, I’m glad you’re being open with me Jaime. Honestly I too have not been seeing anyone else.”

With a smile on her face she continued. “I want you to come over today.”

“I can come over this afternoon.”

“See you then handsome.”

After lunch Jaime took a shower and toweled herself dry. Naked in her bedroom she walked to her dresser. She opened one of her top drawers and looked at her panties.

Something nice today, she thought.

A black shiny and lacy pair of Victoria Secret panties was her choice, the mid-rise kind that only partially covered her ass cheeks. She had never worn them for anyone. From the same drawer she selected a pair of black sheer lace thigh highs and slipped them on her legs. Jaime then went to her walk-in closet and selected a satin and lace slip dress, black and pink. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt beautiful and sexy. She hoped André would think the same. Finally, she selected her dress, something very special. A couple of months ago he had told her that he had a thing for girls in Chinese dresses. Without telling him she had ordered online, from Hong Kong, a custom-made Cheongsam, tailored to her specific measurements. She slipped into the red dress with black embroidered flowers. It fit her perfectly, accentuating her hips and large 32-D breasts. She looked at herself one more time in the mirror, did her hair up in a bun, and put on light make-up, the way she knew André liked it best.

I’m about 15 minutes away, André texted.

Jaime quickly tidied up and lit some candles in the bedroom. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this now. I’m not going to be a virgin anymore,” she said out loud to herself.

The baddies west izle doorbell rang and she opened the door. André was about to say something but stopped completely. He just looked at her without moving or speaking. Jaime knew he wanted her more in that moment than at any other time previously.

“Are you just going to stand there?” she asked.

“Jaime, wow, you…you look incredible. Absolutely beautiful.”

“I wanted to make this special. After we told each other last night that we were in love I decided it was time. I want you to be my first.”

“I…I…are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, I want to make love to you, to give everything I have to you.”

André walked in quickly, shut the door, and embraced Jaime passionately. He kissed her deeply then pulled back and looked at her. He took it all in.

“You like the dress?”

“Like it? That would be an understatement. It’s perfect. When did you get one of these?”

I ordered one a couple of months ago. I thought it would be cool to own one, and you had told me you had a big thing for girls wearing these kind of dresses. So I said to myself what the heck, maybe I’ll wear it for him one day.”

“You’re amazing.”

Jaime took his hand and led him towards the bedroom. André looked down at her ass, perfectly molded by the dress, cheeks slightly moving up and down as she walked. He had wanted her, and he finally would have her now. His penis was fully erect already, he could feel wetness in his briefs, the pre-cum doing its work. Once in the bedroom she turned around to face him and, releasing his hand, she took three steps back. André stared at her. The flickering lights of the candles made Jaime look otherworldly. She took his breath away. Jaime smiled and said “What are you waiting for?”

He moved towards her and they kissed; their tongues searching each other’s mouths absolutely. Jaime’s heart rate increased as did her breathing. André was experiencing the same thing. She felt his hands searching her entire body as he continued to kiss her. He proceeded to carefully unbutton the Cheongsam dress at the neck and shoulder finding his way to the zipper on the side and unzipped it. As he slowly pulled the dress off, he noticed the black lingerie underneath and smiled. Jaime’s erect nipples showed through the satin chemise. She stepped out of the dress and kissed his neck. She breathed his scent in, feeling herself becoming wet. His hands moved from her breasts to her ass and he as he cupped her cheeks in his hands he let out a little laugh.

“These panties are only covering half your cheeks! I love it. Makes me so horny right now, I want you so bad.”

“Take me.”

André picked barbarians izle up Jaime and carried her to the bed and threw her down forcefully. She found herself loving this unexpected show of strength by her soon to be lover. She felt completely at his mercy and wished for him to be inside of her. Her hands quickly pulled his shirt above his head and she threw it down on the floor. His belt, pants and briefs soon followed.

“Suck my breasts,” she said.

He pulled her top off and beheld her beautiful tits. He knew them well by now but was still amazed every time he saw them. She felt his warm mouth on her left nipple as he played with her right one with his fingers. Waves of pleasure fueled by the anticipation of what was to come flowed through her. Completely out of instinct she grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face firmly down on her breast, adding more pressure to his sucking. André switched over to her right nipple and she pressed his head down as she had on her other breast. Jaime felt his hand touch her pussy over the panties. She was extremely wet and had soaked through. His fingers were covered by her juices immediately.

“I’m going to fuck you like you deserve,” André grunted as he pulled the blank panties off. “Let me grab a condom real quick and I’ll be right back babe.”

“Don’t bother with the condom, I’m on birth control. I’ve used a NuvaRing for years.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m one hundred percent sure. I want my first time to be this way. I want you to cum inside me.”

He kissed her deeply and didn’t ask again. Jaime was so wet that his cock slid inside of her with no resistance. Her eyes opened wide. She felt all of his 8 inch cock inside her. As André started to motion back and forth inside of her she felt nothing but pleasure. She had believed that she would have felt some type of discomfort when a man would finally take her virginity, but this was not the case. The feelings were of total comfort, two bodies fit for each other.

It feels like it belongs in me and God created man and woman to be like this, she thought to herself.

Her tits were now jiggling from the fucking motion. André was moaning at every other thrust into her. Jaime became aware of the tempo and pattern of his love making. She followed his lead and moved her hips and pubic area in tandem with his movements with a sort of grinding motion. This accentuated the pleasure she was experiencing. She could feel his weight on top of her, almost overwhelming her, and giving her a sense of being conquered.

André raised his body slightly by locking his arms up. He looked down at Jaime and saw her breasts moving back and forth to the rhythm. Her eyes were closed bay patrol izle and her mouth open. He kissed her and she looked at him. He had never had a girl look at him that way and it aroused him so much that he felt himself losing control. He started to slow down the fucking but Jaime protested.

“Keep going like you were!” she lamented emphatically.

Obeying her command he resumed his previous speed and told her “I’m going to cum soon.”

Her eyes were closed again and she moved her hips towards him to meet his every thrusts. She began to moan. She could feel herself getting close to orgasm.

“I think I might come too!” she yelled.

That was the last straw for André and with a loud grunt he felt himself cum. His last three thrusts were deep and violent, expelling every last drop he had. He let himself drop down fully on top of Jaime and panted heavily. Jaime’s hands caressed his back while he laid there with his cock still inside of her, slowly losing his erection. After a few seconds he looked at Jaime and kissed her.

“I can’t believe I’m not a virgin anymore,” Jaime said with a smile. “I’m so glad this happened.”

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t hold long enough for you to orgasm first. Let me make it up to you.”

André slid down and began performing oral sex on her. He could smell both her and himself. As he had done the night before he inserted his index finger in her ass. She had liked it and wanted this to be special for her. Forty-three seconds later Jaime let out her usual moan as her body tensed and shook like she always did when she reached climax, although this time the orgasm waves kept coming. She trembled now and again for close to 30 seconds.

“Oh my, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had” she said with a chuckle.

Jaime sat up on the bed and just looked at André, not saying a word, when all of a sudden her eyes opened wide and yelled out “Holy shit! Aaahhh! Your sperm is coming out of me!”

She frantically searched for the tissue box she kept on her night table. André had an amused smile on his face.

“Of course it’s going to come out. Gravity,” he said.

“I had just never thought about that,” a still surprised Jaime replied.

André watched her walk to the bathroom, cupping her pussy with her hand as to not let his sperm drop down on the carpet. He relished that view, which included her bare ass and her legs still in the black thigh highs. After a few minutes in the bathroom she walked back to the bed and sat down next to him. They kissed and softly touched each other for a minute. Jaime then put her panties and top back on and asked André to lay down with her on the bed.

“Spoon me please,” she asked.

“Anything you want.”

He spooned her as she wanted, his naked body pressed up against her. The soft satin lingerie felt wonderful to him. She couldn’t stop smiling. His powerful arm around her, hand cupping one of her breasts, she fell asleep.

One step closer to the remaining four grand, André thought.

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