Delta City: Rise of Chameleon

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Authors Note:

Hey everyone, I thought I would try a comic book/superhero type story with my usual type of sexy fun in it as I am a bit of a geek and I love graphic novels. I’m not sure if this will continue or if it’s a one off. But if enough requests come in to add to it, maybe I will add to it but no promises. It’s a bit long but I love it and I hope you do too.

* * *

He views the museum from afar on his night vision binoculars. It closed a few hours ago so only the night watchmen are working. He pulls down his binoculars and grabs his spear gun with the rope attached. From the building top he is on he can see the whole of Delta City, a shining metropolis riddled with crime and corruption. He can’t complain though, he is one of the most notorious criminals around. He was once a scientist, the best in his field on genetic experimentation; he was called Dr. Wayne Kyle. Until the accident, the lab explosion causing his DNA to fuse with the samples in his lab thanks also to the radiation. Now he can change his appearance at will, he uses his ability to commit crimes to continue his research. Due to his ability no one knows who he actually is. He never uses his actual appearance during crimes as that would be fucking stupid. He is anyone and everyone, a ninja, a bodybuilder, a Politician, anyone, in the crime world he is simply known as Shapeshifter.

He aims the spear gun across to the museum roof and fires, it flies through the air dragging the rope and it hits the mark, right on the fire escape door. He pulls the rope to test the strength, satisfied it won’t slack, he attaches a clip to it which is attached to a rope on his belt, then he kicks off of the roof and zip lines towards the museum. He enjoys the sensation of the wind hitting his new face as he reaches the roof of the museum. He unclips himself and lands feet first on the roof. He sees his reflection in a puddle on the floor on the roof and sees the face he has chosen for this crime. He has a scar running down his cheek and a military blond haircut. He smiles a grin with one tooth missing and walks to the door. He unzips his fanny pack and pulls out a syringe; he goes to the hinges of the door and injects the liquid into them. Soon a vapor comes off of them with a horrible burning smell and he pulls the door off easily. He shines a small flashlight down the stairs and heads down. He counts floors on his way down and he reaches the third floor, the precious gems exhibition. He opens the door and looks into the hall way, all clear. He walks for a bit when a security guard suddenly appears. “Hey, freeze!” He says pulling his gun, and then he looks shocked as Shapeshifter suddenly changes into an exact double of the guard.

While he looks shocked he punches him and knocks him out. He then drags the guard away. He wishes he could mimic clothing but he can’t, only the shape and look of the person. He takes the guards gun and takes his ID Card. After hiding the guard he continues down the corridor and finds the precious gems, and he sees the one he wants. A giant white Diamond the size of a fist, on loan from France, in French it’s called “Yeux de l’Ange”, translated as “Eye of the Angel”. It is considered one of the most valuable gems in the world and he already has a buyer lined up. He swipes the ID card into a nearby slot then he scans his eye into the scanner nearby and the security system shuts off. He then walks smugly towards the diamond. Before he can reach it he sees something in the corner of his eye as a fist collides with his face. As he hits the floor dazed, he curses himself for not being more careful. He turns and sees a man in black, a dark mask covering his eyes lone ranger style and a long red cape. He sees a red belt and the embroidered “I.M.” on his chest and laughs. “Well, Invincible Man, it’s a nice evening for a trip to the museum.”

“Shapeshifter, I have come to bring you in.” Invincible Man says. Not much is known about him, he appeared in Delta City a good three years ago and he has been fighting crime in the city ever since. They call him invincible as he is just that. Gun shots don’t penetrate his body armor; he has fallen from giant buildings and has never shown a scratch on his body from it and he is as strong as an ox. His fighting skills are unmatched as well, except against Shapeshifter as he can just become a better fighter with his abilities.

“Oh please. You have never beaten me Invincible Man, why is tonight going to be any different?” He says as he suddenly aims a karate kick into Invincible Man’s face who just blocks it and aims a strange gun device at him.

“With this.” He then presses a button as a high pitched whining noise comes from it penetrating Shapeshifter’s ears. He screams and holds his ears but he falls and wave after wave of the sound hitting his body, then he watches in horror as his ability seems to reverse, his appearance is changing. The appearance of the security guard is disappearing being replaced with a balding mardin escort hair cut, bad eye sight, smaller hands and his clothes seem to be slightly too big for him now. Soon Dr. Wayne Kyle is presented in his true form right in front of Invincible Man. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of glasses and puts them on. “Dr. Kyle, it’s been you the whole time?”

For the first time since becoming Shapeshifter, words fail him. Soon he is punched again and is unconscious.

* * *

The trial began with him being kept inside a cell of glass alone so he couldn’t change into someone else and blend in and run away. It lasted months, and then he was found guilty. As they didn’t have enough evidence to blame all the crimes on him (even though they were all him) he only got six months for theft. He got something special, a new cell was built for him at Pennyworth Prison, a cell where it would just be him, and he will get his own personal bathroom and exercise yard, just to stop him blending in with anyone else and escaping. He would be under constant confinement. All things considered that didn’t sound too bad to him as it meant other prisoners wouldn’t mess with him, yet he liked the idea of Shapeshifting into a bad ass.

So here he is sitting in a glass box being pulled towards his specially made cell. A guard was talking as the wheeled him in his orange prisoner uniform towards the cell. “Breakfast will be served at 0700, lunch at 1200, dinner at 1800. You will be allowed access to your exercise yard everyday between 1300 and 1600, two guards will watch over you from the 15 ft wall armed with shotguns. Any attempt to escape will result in you being shot. If you require any medical treatment, a doctor will be brought in to treat you under heavy armed guard and you will be strictly monitored. Any attempt to shape shift while being medically treated to attempt to escape you will be taken out with stun guns. You are here for the duration son and you are getting a decent deal, so stick out your sentence and we will make this easier for you. Any questions?”

Shapeshifter was in no mood to argue or to say anything smart, the guard was right, he may as well stick it out and get out once the sentence was done, six months was a easy stretch and he is wondering how the sentence wasn’t longer, even Invincible Man in the court room looked furious and confused. “No sir I have no questions.”


They reach a door as his box is perfectly lined up with the cell door and it opens with his box and he walks into his cell. As soon as the door closes and he is locked in he is momentarily confused. The room has two bunks and another prisoner inside; he was led to believe he would be alone. “So you must be Shapeshifter, imagine seeing you at last.” The man sits up and Shapeshifter sees a man with red goggles on and black hair gelled back.

Shapeshifter recognises him and smiles. “Hypno Lord? Why are you here?”

“Invincible Man caught me, and I have been sent to this prison cell with you. I’m too dangerous to be around guards as I could control them to my will. So I’m here for the duration with you.” He stands up from his cell and with his 6 foot 2 tall frame he towers over Shapeshifter who in his original height is only 5 ft 7.

“Well, to be honest it will be nice to have company rather than be on my own for six months.” A door on the wall opens and he looks outside to an exercise yard with a basketball hoop. They both go outside and talk about crimes and things. As he holds the basketball the guard threw him as he walked out, he looks at Hypno Lord. “So, how did you get your power?”

Hypno Lord smiles like he enjoys telling this story. “Well, in my youth I began experimenting with Hypnosis, I got an A grade from my teacher for homework I never did and got a great blow job at the end for extra credit.” Shapeshfter laughs. “So in college I continued with my experiments and I developed contact lenses that would give me the power hypnotize with just a gaze, but I messed up, they were supposed to be removable but they permanently attached themselves to my eyes. So I have to wear these goggles to stop me hypnotizing everyone I see and to keep my vision in check.” He says a little sadly.

Shapeshifter shoots the ball into the hoop. “What would be so bad about hypnotizing everyone?” He asks liking the idea of controlling people to his will.

“Good question. There is an unfortunate side effect from the lenses. If I did try to control everyone I would probably have a stroke or aneurysm. I found this out after I got a severe migraine after using them too much. The goggles control that and make my eyes as normal as possible. But I can take them off and hypnotize anyone I want. I just put the goggles back on afterwards. What about your powers? Anything you can’t do?” Hypno Lord asks with genuine interest.

Shapeshifter looks over confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well, have mardin escort bayan you ever turned yourself into a hot girl to seduce a man into…”

“No, oh god no.” Shapeshifter says and laughs. “I can see what you mean, a honey trap?”

“Exactly, not for sexual kinkiness but to get a set of keys or steal a wallet.” Hypno Lord says and throws the ball into the hoop.

“Well that is a weakness in my ability. I can’t shape shift into a woman. I think it has something to do with mimicking their sexual organs and adjusting from male to female, I just can’t do it. I tried once but I couldn’t do it. But, I have become a girl’s wet dream fantasy to get laid.” He holds up his hand for a high five which Hypno Lord returns with a smile. “I can’t mimic clothes either, so if I change into someone I will have to match their clothing or steal it after I copy them. That’s it for my weaknesses, what about you; could you for instance hypnotize the guards on the wall up there to let us go?” Shapeshifter enquires.

Hypno Lord shakes his head sadly. “No, they are too far away for me to do anything, they have to be closer for me to control them.”

“Pity, escape could be fun.” An alarm sounds and they make their way back into the cell. They talk for the rest of the evening and eat dinner until they are given books to read from a prison librarian though the same slot the food comes in. Shapeshifter starts to think this won’t be so bad here, not realizing Hypno Lord has other plans.

* * *

A week has passed and it’s laundry day, they put their clothes in bags and leave them in the cell while they go outside to the yard, the bags are picked up, the clothes are cleaned and the next day while in the yard the clothes are returned in the bags. So they re-enter the cells and they pick up their bags with their names on them. Hypno Lord is putting his underwear and socks away into a set of draws the cells are given for keeping clothing in and Shapeshifter opens his bag and his mouth drops open in shock. He seemed to have let out a moan. “Problem?” Hypno Lord asks with a smile.

“My clothes, these aren’t…how can they?” He says close to tears of frustration.

Hypno Lord walks over and looks in and he wolf whistles. “Oh very nice.”

Shapeshifter stares daggers at him as he pulls out a black silk thong. “What the fuck do you mean? What the hell am I going to do?” He tips the bag upside down and loads of lingerie spills out followed by perfume bottles, dildo’s and tubes of lube. “Wait, this isn’t right. This isn’t a mix up is it?”

He turns to Hypno Lord who is now not wearing his goggles and he looks into his pitch black eyes and feels his head spin. “No…stop…what…”

“Shh, be quiet and look into my eyes, feel them penetrate your mind, look deep into them and relax.”

Shapeshifter feels relaxed and looks deep into his eyes. “I…can’t…look…away.” He says as he stares ahead.

“You are in my control Shapeshifter, you will do as I say without hesitation, you are my slave. You will reply to my orders with ‘Yes my Lord’, do you understand?”

Shapeshifter tries to tell him to fuck himself, but that part of his mind is being pushed away as he says without his control. “Yes my Lord.” His mind screams at him while he says this.

Hypno Lord smiles and puts his goggles back on and Shapeshifter blinks a couple of times and seems to come back to reality. “You son of a bitch, you…”

“Quiet, now strip for me.” Hypno Lord orders.

“Yes my Lord.” Shapeshifter says as he takes off his orange prisoner uniform. He is trying to stop himself, even his face is straining as he undresses. “No, please don’t do this.”

“Look, I have heard all this shit before, why would I stop with you right now?” Shapeshifter doesn’t answer as he kicks off his orange uniform and is left in socks, a vest and white boxers, but soon they are off and on the floor. “Until I tell you otherwise, you cannot touch these male clothes, if you attempt to they will burn you, understand?”

“Yes my Lord. Damn it.” He says in frustrations as he stands there nude. Of course he reaches for the boxers and drops them in pain. Hypno Lord laughs as he does this.

“The orange uniform is fine, you can wear that. You also cannot harm me in anyway, if you do you will feel unbearable stomach pain.” Of course again he attempts to punch him but hunches over in pain, he breaths in deeply until the pain goes then gets back to his feet, Hypno Lord is just smiling. “Now, use your ability to remove all body hair except eye brows, lashes and hair on your head.”

“Yes my Lord.” Then Shapeshifter can feel his mind controlling his ability as his leg hair, arm pit hair, chest and all pubic hair vanishes. Soon he is smooth all over.

“Now, that silk thong you dropped, find it with the matching Garter and bra and put them on. Remember, a lady puts the garter on first.” Hypno Lord says mockingly escort mardin as he laughs.

“Yes my Lord.” He says and he starts to rummage through the pile of clothes finding the thong, garter and matching bra. “Why are you doing this to me? I’m a guy for Christ’s sake.” He says as he wraps the Garter belt around his waist.

“Well one, none of your business and two because I can. Don’t forget the stockings.” He says with a smile.

Shapeshifter now has the stockings on attached to the garter and he puts the Bra on by doing the straps at the front and spinning it around and putting his arms through the straps. Now the thong is in his hands and he fights and fights it mentally but his body won’t listen to him and he puts both legs in and the thong is pulled up his stocking clad legs until they are on and he feels the thong dig up his crack. “I’m so humiliated right now.”

Hypno Lord just smiles. “On the contrary, you are turned on so much, the feel of the thong travelling up your ass and the silkiness of the panties on you cock turns you on so much it’s unbearable, you want to cum so bad but you can’t.”

“Yes my Lord, ah you…son…of…a…” That’s as far as he got as his cock gets harder and harder, he pulls the panties to make room, he clamps them back down and his cock is sticking out of the top.

Hypno Lord tuts. “No, your cock is too big for them panties.”

“No! Please don’t” He pleads but Hypno Lord smiles.

“Make you cock smaller so they fit perfectly into your panties and I want you to retract your balls so they fir better there as well.”

“Yes my Lord.” He then looks in horror as his cock staying hard with arousal shrinks and shrinks until they are well below the panties elastic and he feels his balls contract and pull in making the panties fit better, tears of frustration are now running down his cheeks. “Why? Please stop.”

Hypno lord laughs. “Why, we are not done yet. I think part of you issue with shape shifting into a girl is difficult as it’s all mental. So we are going to start small and mimic small parts at a time and see where that gets us, shall we? So I want you to grow breasts until they fill that DD bra I got you. Don’t think you can’t, think you can and make some fantastic tits.”

“Yes my Lord.” He says this not thinking it’s going to work then he sees in horror his chest expanding into the bra. “Oh god no!” They grow and grow and grow until they completely fill the bra.

“Good, now retract the sides of your torso a little while expanding those hips of yours.”

“Yes my Lord.” He says again and he feels his body morphing and changing, he feels the panties being stretched and his body retracing in creating an hourglass figure. Hypno Lord tells him to stop after awhile. “Oh god, please stop this.”

“Oh this pleading is annoying me; plead for me to continue instead.”

“Yes my Lord. Wait, no make me sexier! Wait no I meant make me a hot girl. No…”

Hypno Lord laughs. “Well if you insist. I want you to have a sexy bubble butt.”

“Yes my Lord. I want that to.” He says and his butt starts to expand and get bigger, his mind is screaming for it to stop but he can’t verbally say that anymore. Again he is told to stop and feels hands groping his ass.

“Very nice, now I want you to make a more feminine face, you have seen girls, now do it, and make your eyes blue instead of brown and make your hair long and blond.” Hypno Lord finally demands.

“Yes my Lord.” Shapeshifter can feel the changes happening and can feel his face move and change and he can feel his head getting heavier and heavier as his hair grows. Soon it stops.

“Very nice, go to the mirror and check yourself out.” Hypno Lord says with a smile.

Shapeshifter goes to the bathroom and looking in the sheet of metal acting as a mirror in a prison and sees a hot babe, a really hot babe with long wavy blond hair, blue eyes, high cheek bones, thick cock sucking lips, everything to make a hot girl. He (well, she now) looks down at her small cock and feels sad despite being more turned on than ever. Hypno Lord walks in. “Now use your ability to put make-up on your face. When you are done come back into the cell.”

“Yes my Lord.”

“Oh yeah, your voice is not right, while in this form you find it impossible to talk in a manly voice, only a sexy high pitched voice.”

Shapeshifter coughs a couple of times as her vocals change.”Yes my Lord” She says in a really sexy high pitched voice. She looks frustrated as she looks in the mirror and lipstick starts to appear on her lips.

Hypno Lord decides to put his slave’s new clothes away while she spends time doing her make-up. He had planned this all along and he smiles knowing his plans are working better than he ever could have hoped. When the clothes are put away he turns and Shapeshifter has returned with eyeliner, lipstick, rouge and eye shadow on. “Wow, nice job. Are you still aroused?”

“Yes my Lord, I want to cum.” She says with a hint of frustration.

“Well, you can’t, there is only one way you can cum, that is through anal penetration. But you love that idea; it turns you on even more.”

“Yes my Lord.” Shapeshifter says while rubbing her breast through the bra. She can even feel a little pre-cum making the panties stick.

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