Dixie Saga Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Bob’s Work

Bob’s Office
November 5, 8:55 a.m.

Bob stepped off the elevator at exactly 8:55 a.m., just as he did every morning. His secretary smiled to herself. She could set her watch to him. He was a good-looking man, blonde with blue eyes. His body was firm, and he was obviously very dedicated to his work. ‘But,’ she thought, ‘there is something cold about him.’

“Good morning, Allison,” Bob said as he neared her desk. “Cancel my morning appointments, I don’t wish to be disturbed until after 11:00.” By the time he was finished speaking he was passed her desk and closing the door to his office.

Bob locked the door to his office. He then walked over to the bar. It was a fairly sophisticated bar with a mirrored back. The entire thing sat on a dais. Rather than pouring himself a drink, he reached up beside the bar to a hidden lever. The dais rotated all the way around until the bar settled behind the wall. On this half of the dais was an altar. Bob lit the red candles and began to chant.

“Omeca Ota Ema Eshcava.” From nowhere a breeze began to blow. Bob was concentrating to hard on the chant to marvel at the breeze in an enclosed office.

“Omeca Ota Ema Eschava.” The smoke from the candles began to thicken into a black, oily mist. The breeze carried the mist behind Bob where it began to coalesce into a form.

“OMECA OTA EMA ESCHAVA!” The form solidified and took on color. It was a woman with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Her bright red lipstick was the same color as the v-neck dress she wore. Not that the dress covered much more than what was necessary. What it did cover didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“What is it this time, Bob?” She said in a sultry voice. It was a voice that carried with it every man’s ideal voice for a woman. Bob reached up to the altar and removed a sword from it. The blade was 40 inches long with an 8-inch handle. It was a simple and functional sword.

“The price for your services,” Bob replied, holding the sword out, “according to the Leiberman Diary, is a sword crafted on a virgin forge and quenched in the blood of 6 male, 6 female, and 1 hermaphrodite virgin.” The woman took the blade out of Bob’s hands and hefted it.

“Was the blood that of humans?” She asked.

“Although the book did not specify human blood I thought it best to be safe.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will take the payment and not fulfill the contract?” The woman idly walked over cosmic love france izle to the couch and sat down, still toying with the sword.

“I have every confidence that you will. Because if you fail to, I will seal the conduit between your realm and this one.”

“Bob,” the woman said quietly. She placed the point of the blade on the plasteel table. “I just know you don’t mean to threaten me.” She plunged the blade through the table like a knife through hot butter. “Do you?”

“I believe that it is best that we both know where we stand.”

“Very well,” the woman said as she stood up, “let us both understand: 400 hundred years ago when the Leiberman Diary was written, that piece of crap would have been worthy of my time. But things change.”

“Veschca,” Bob said hesitantly, “what are you trying to pull?”

“Bob,” Veschca said striding over to the office door, “look around you. In times past the flow of energy was heavily constrained. In this age it flows freely. For example,” she said as she opened the door.

Allison walked through the door as though she had been waiting right outside of it. She stopped halfway between Veshca and Bob. Her deep blue eyes had a glazed look about them as though she was not seeing what was around her.

“Take Allison, here for example,” Veshca said. “She is filled with a longing that she knows is forbidden. That is what allows me into her most personnel being.” Veshca turned to Allison. “Would you like to undress, dear.”

“Oh, yes, Bob. Anything for you.” Allison began taking her clothes off.

“She called you Bob.”

“You still don’t get it, do you?” Veshca asked. “It’s you that she want’s Bob, a married man.”

“I see,” Bob replied thoughtfully.

“Yes, I imagine you finally do. Your mind is still closed to me so you still must reside on the straight and true. A rare thing in this age.” Allison had removed her last garter and stood between them naked. “Now fuck yourself,” Veshca said to her.

Allison’s hands immediately shot to her nice breasts. She began squeezing her nipples and handling her tits. Her breathing deepened and soon she was emitting low moans. A hand snaked down between her legs. Allison impaled herself on a finger, and then two. Her moans got louder as her hand moved faster.

“Have you ever lost track of time?” Veshca asked Bob, her eyes never leaving Allison. She licked her lips before going on. “Suddenly dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle realized that it is much later than it should be?”

“No,” Bob said after a moment of thought. Suddenly Allison collapsed to her knees. Her hand between her legs was a blur. Bob almost stepped forward to steady her, but before he could move he changed his mind.

“No?” Veshca asked. “That’s to bad. These are the moments my kind live in. The moments when your metal is tested. Your kind hardly ever remembers them. Or if they do, it’s remembered like a dream or half thought fantasy.

“But Terri is different.” Veshca went on. “She has so much potential. She could make the leap between your reality and mine. And you led me right to her.”

“Terri?” Bob asked. “She prefers to be called Dixie.” Allison rolled onto her back. Her knees were wide open. Her hips thrust into the air, pushing her hand deeper. Her other hand guided her own nipple to her mouth.

“She also prefers to hide from herself,” Veshca said. “But I’m not going to let that happen anymore.”

“Is this really necessary?” Bob asked. It disturbed him to see Allison abused in this manner. But he wasn’t quite sure why. He shelved the thought until later and walked over to where Veshca stood. “I understand what it is you want.”

“Do you?” Veshca asked.

“Yes,” Bob said as he took her hand and placed it against his hardness.

“My, my,” Veshca said. “You’re called the ‘big man’ around here for a lot of reasons, aren’t you?”

“Allison?” Bob said meaningfully.

“Very well, I will send her home. She will believe you sent her home after lunch. Satisfied?”

“Yes,” Bob said. Then he leaned down and kissed Veshca. “Ouch!” Bob said pulling back. “You bit me.” From the corner of his eye Bob saw movement. He caught Veshca’s hand as it started its arch towards his face. In that moment he understood. He stepped to one side of Veshca and placed his leg behind her. With his other hand he pushed her backwards, sending her sprawling onto the floor.

He pounced on her like a cat onto its prey. He straddled her body using the weight of his body to hold her down while he grabbed her wrists with his hands. He pinned her wrists with one hand. He pushed his face next to hers and forced his tongue into her mouth. His other hand brutally roamed over her breasts.

Bob reached into the damned saint izle V of her dress, and with a sudden downward yank exposed her bra-less tits. Making sure to that he kept a good hold on her wrists he fastened his lips around a hard nipple. He reached down between her legs and pulled her short dress up over her hips. He reached downward again only to find that Veshca wore no panties. So he inserted a finger into her, pushing it deep. He was satisfied to hear a moan escape Veshca’s lips. He pushed a second, and then a third finger into her, all the while moving his hand back and forth.

The fight went out of Veshca as she neared orgasm. Soon her hips were thrusting upward to meet Bob’s hand. Her legs instinctively closed around his hand trying to keep it in place. Just as she was about to climax Bob withdrew his hand leaving her frustrated. Bob reach up to his pants and undid hook and fly. Careful not to release Veshca he pushed his pants down over his hips.

With his first thrust into her Veshca moaned out loud. She could feel the energy building in her. It would be a shame. She sort of liked Bob. He picked up on what she had wanted well. He was also her first contractor in close to 300 years.

The tension between them continued to build. Veshca tried to deny what was happening. But in the end, she gave in, and wrapped her legs around him, meeting his thrusting hips with thrusts of her own. When she felt his first spasm it was enough to send her over the edge. She shook throughout her entire being with the orgasm. She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling coursing through her. She felt Bob slip away.

“I understand,” Bob said somewhat distantly.

Veshca’s eyes snapped open and she stared at Bob.

“You’re still alive,” she said utterly astonished.

“Yes,” Bob said. “There are some magic’s your kind has a hard time understanding.”

“You cannot be human.”

“I am getting closer,” Bob said as he stood up and began rearranging his clothes. When he was finished he turned back to Veshca. “I have changed my mind,” he said. “The deal is off. Leave Dixie alone.”

“I cannot,” Veshca replied even more startled. “The bargain has been made, payment accepted. I could no more leave her alone than you could stop your heart.”

“What payment?”

“This. Here. Now. Payment is made. I must take Terri into my fold. You knew enough to summon me, so you know enough to know that the bargain cannot be unmade.”

Bob started towards Veshca with violence in his eyes. He wasn’t sure he could harm Veshca but he planned on trying. But as soon as he touched Veshca she evaporated into the smoke from which she came. Bob started towards his desk. He had some hard thinking and research to do. But he stopped in mid-stride.

“Bitch!” He exclaimed out loud.

There in the middle of the floor lay Allison’s clothes.

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