Dylan’s Solo Trip Ch. 03

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Big Dick

Ch.02 in brief:

[ Making up my mind to continue the trip, I woke up next day and started to leave when I found Eva at the door. She asked for a goodbye kiss. Soon I found myself on my knees. No sooner did I behold her throbbing bulge in my face, than the thoughts of resuming the trip vanished. She continued ramming her cock into my throat mercilessly and paused only to Slap me. This continued for hours until she spun her fuck toy around to find another hole to ravage. Shortly the 7 inches were going in and out of me while I growled, in pain and pleasure, mostly in pleasure. The banging on my backdoor continued until she shot her milk inside me, which I ended up gorbing from the floor]


In next few days I was fucked in positions I never knew existed. She could write a book on the other 64 positions.

There was no corner left in the house where I wasn’t drilled. The first time she’d fucked me, I dubbed it brutal one. But now when I come to think of it, that is probably the most gentle treatment I’ve ever received. There were times when I (read my mouth and ass ) was pounded for 7 straight hours.

There hasn’t been an instance where her cum hasn’t been consumed. Be her ejaculating on my face or in my ass, She has made sure that her cum is ingested. There were instances when she’d masturbate at work, retain her cum in a jar and get it back later at night to

pour it on my face or

splash it on the floor and have me clean it with my tongue or

make me spread it on a slice of bread and eat it.

On the usual days she’d make no delay in stowing her flagpole in my me as soon as she’s back from work. Wrapping my wet lips around her lustrous pink head would how it’d to start and turn into diabolical facefucking in every possible way. The soft moans would start turning into groaning and soon I’d find myself mewling in impotence.

At times, She would abruptly spit in my plate while having dinner and helpless, I would do nothing but just continue to eat. I have discharged gallons of fluid while being spitroasted. I have spewed out milk and swilled it back from the floor for her amusement. I have even been rendered unconscious after being ruthlessly mauled by her for hours.

Still. Still, I’ve implored her to victimise me.

Still, here I am, sitting with a receptacle in my hand, eagerly waiting for her to come home and maraud me, while I write this story to you.

Coming back to the Day 2 of my Solo Trip:

Swallowing every bit of her cum as she dictated, I looked up at her. Scornfully looking at me, she spit on my face and left the room. Abashed, I sat there buck-naked with spittle on my face, Standing up, I grabbed my clothes scattered around the room. Bare-assed, covered in gooey liquid all over my body, I picked my bag and walked upstairs to my small room, thinking could I be more humiliated.

Day 3:

Next day, I woke up early and I knew there was no force that could keep me from leaving. I realised how demeaning I had felt yesterday and didn’t wanna see myself that way ever again. I made sure to leave early so as not to be even noticed. At the break of the dawn, I walked downstairs steadily to the main door. Anxious, I turned the knob, praying no one hears the click. I opened the door just enough to let myself out, exactly when I heard a noise. Damn! My cellphone had just slipped out of my pocket. Luckily, it didn’t wake her up. Grabbing it back, I slid myself out of the partially open door. Turning the knob slowly, I shut the door and released it.

A huge sigh of relief! I turned around to witness nature, the plants, the trees, the garden across the street, that I hadn’t seen since two days. Boy, could I feel more refreshing. I felt so positive, especially after the two days of darkness. With smile on my face, zeal in my eyes, my thumbs under the straps of my backpack, I started walking towards the highway. I got a bus to the next town. I sat comfortably, staring out the window as if I was someone who had just got his vision back. In a few minutes, I dozed off.

The image of Eva grabbing my hair from behind flashed, waking me up all of a sudden. I jerked forward opening my eyes wide only to realise it was just a dream and I was totally safe: sitting in a public transport. A couple of passengers glimpsed at me in surprise, a few frowning, and then got back to their business. I still couldn’t recollect as to what had just happened and I turned back in fear to assure that she wasn’t around. I saw an old lady who smiled at me. I smiled back with a sigh of relief to finally comprehend that it was just a dream and closed my eyes again.

Image of my face resting on the table with my eyeballs rolled up to my forehead while her pelvis smacking my ass zoomed, awakening me again.

That’s it, I’m not sleeping anymore!

Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I live a very organised life. I have a daily time table that I follow. Yes. Daily. I don’t miss any of the tasks I plan. And to date, I have never kocaeli escort let anyone disturb that discipline; There’s been only one exception, the one you’re reading. People always advise me that I learn to let go sometimes, to have a relaxed stretch for sometime. Sometimes I do get carried away but within hours I convince myself to come back to my usual self. Sometimes, I wanna let go of everything but then quickly hold back and with time I have happened to master the art of holding back. And I have always been proud of my self-discipline. But why is all this important, right now? You’ll know soon.

Even with my eyes wide open, a series of her pictures continued zooming. Fear in my eyes, My throat dry! Clumsily Twisting and turning, reclining and straightening my seat, I was trying to pull myself together. The procession of images didn’t stop. Vision of her fucking my spit wrenched face on the table elapsed my mind. I was making every attempt to distract myself. I started looking at the forest out the window, but that played against my purpose. It reminded me of how I’d offered a stranger my mouth to ravage in those woods. A bead of sweat ran down the back my neck. Anxiety increased and to my disbelief, something else too, in my pants. I had started craving her unknowingly. Actually a part of me was craving for her all along, but my conscience had overpowered every thought until just then.

Remember, the self-discipline and the art of holding back, I was talking about?

This is where that trait of mine plays a significant role. When you hold something back, you don’t get rid of it. You just store that block inside your chest. The more you hold back, the more blocks you continue stacking. That part of you always wants to come out but you hinder yourself from all. But, the bubble’s got to burst one day. My entire life has been about self-control, but a part of me always wanted to let go of that control and do something roguish, something reckless, something that was totally off from the mundane self-disciplined life of mine. As it turns out, that part of me had always wanted to lose the control from myself to give in to someone else’s.

My moral sense had started giving up. That subjugation! Giving in to someone’s control! I sought her command. There was a distinct restlessness in my head. I felt as if I were confined in a coop and longing for her to release me. Ironical as it may sound,

only her subjugation could liberate me.

“Do you need more hints to go back!!!” Someone in my head shouted.

Mesmerised, Getting down at the next stop, I walked to catch a bus back to her town. Another one hour, and I was right at her door step.

Swinging the door open, I entered the hallway to reach the living area.

“Well! Well! Look, who’s back??” I heard a voice from the back.

“Mr. Solo Traveller,” She said in air quotes, walking towards me.

“What brings you here, Mister? Shouldn’t you be somewhere in the mountains, riding solo?” She said mockingly.

“Let me guess. You wanna ride but not solo, anymore” She said, still sounding mordacious.

“I…I just, you know, thought I’d see you,” I said. I was too nervous to speak.

In surprise she walked to me and said “Ohh! Well, then. Haven’t you seen me now? You may leave,” pointing at the door, her voice turning bold.

I had no response to that. Obviously, It was much more than ‘Just seeing her.’

I just stood there.

Sniggering, she ran her fingers down my face, “Look at you. You speechless cocksucker”, patting me cheeks.

It was all blurry to me as well as to why was I back here. The moment her image had flashed in the bus, I’d got a desire that just wouldn’t stop.

Snapping her fingers right in front of my eyes, She broke the chain of my thoughts, saying “You want my cock in your mouth again, don’t you??”

“You travelled 50 miles all the way back to have my hard-on in your mouth!”

Still dumbstruck, I just gulped out of nervousness.

“yeah? You think you deserve a reward for that, honey? ” She asked softly patting my cheeks.

“You’ll get one baby. You’ll get a trophy. A big thick trophy.” She said shaking her fist.

She pulled my hand and guiding to touch her cock and said, “So tell me baby, where’d you want this trophy?”

I looked completely nonplussed.

“In your mouth or your ass?” She smirked.

I was tongue-tied. Clearing my throat, I opened my mouth to speak but no words could come out.

I realised my hand was still on her cock.

“I have got a medicine for your throat. Lets see if that works.” She leered.

I smiled reluctantly, as I was still contemplating on my decision of discontinuing the trip, the entire reason I had stepped out of my home.

“Don’t worry baby. You’ve made the right choice. You’re overthinking.”

Did she just read my thoughts??

I realised that I’d descended to my knees, like submission to this organ was just kocaeli escort bayan some primal instinct I couldn’t fight.

In front of my eyes, was a barrel of meat embossed underneath the black yoga pants. The salivary glands opened up seeing her hard-on twitching in her tight pants. Gazing, I let my fingers skim across her bulge, admiring the ‘natural’ beauty. The desirous thoughts of breathing in the scent of her scrotum, pecking all over her genitals, planting a wet kiss on her shaft, and finally having it slide inside my mouth ran inside my head, making me all jittery. Fondling her sack, I started kissing the meat languidly through her pants. I pulled her shorts down to reveal the chef-d’œuvre that’d driven me miles. The lustrous, the silky, the juicy dish of meat. Holding it in my fist, I touched her mushroom-head to my forehead and sat still with my eyes closed, sensing the warmth of her lingus.

The worship had begun.

Her genitals emitted a distinct warm scent, an essence you would dislike initially but hate to like eventually. With my nose on top of her pink knob, I inhaled, scraping my stretched nose slowly to the bottom of her shaft and then onto her scrotum. Lifting her ballsack with my fingers, I advanced to her perineum and stayed there with my nose engulfed. The musky aroma, the sensation of my face submerged in her groin was so relieving.

Quite nervous to look her in the eye because of all the sarcasm and the questions she had been imposing, I held my gaze at her cock.

“Take your time baby. Get comfortable.” She said gently.

I liked how she’d get all accommodating when I needed.

This was her humane alter ego, which was rare to witness.

Greedily, I started planting short kisses all over her shaft, balls and the sweaty region between her genitals and the inner thighs while She caressed my hair. I started french kissing all over her shaft from the base to just below her tip, feeling the thick pulsating vein along the length and the girth.

I gazed upon the scrumptious juicy mound again. Appetising! My mouth felt dry as I ran my tongue over my lips. I had no control over it as it opened slid her glossy head inside. Wrapping my lips around, I let out a short moan as my eyes closed. I continued frolicking with her head, smooth as a glass.

The sensation of her perfect ring on my lips, of her frenulum on my tongue was delectable. I fancied to admire what I could have missed had I not taken the bus back. I could find some free time later to visit the smokey mountains. But then given a chance I would still spend that ‘free time’ relishing on her meat, my mind argued as my mouth started letting out soft moans.

“Yes, baby. Keep playing with it. Its all yours.” She said as I fondled with her nut basket.

I rotated my mouth in every direction to have my lips feel the entire outline of her ring that was getting finer with time in my mouth as she continued indurating. Looking into her eyes, with her head in my mouth I pulled her shorts slowly, getting them off her. I started playing with her peehole by sticking the tip of my tongue out, tickling the tip of her head and then suck her back in. Taking her out of my mouth, I kissed her frenulum repeatedly, having her groan.

Going down to her sack, I pressed them to my face as a starving bloke in the desert. I sniffed, kissed, licked and worshipped all over those juicy plums. I carefully fed them into my mouth one-by-one. I started making loud noises as I continued eating them until I marinated both of her spheroids in my saliva. Gulping all the saliva in my mouth, I gazed at her meat and licked her all the way up to the head.

Thick globule of precum popped out from her peehole, Precum as viscid as my cum. “Go ahead. Do what you love. Sip on your energy drink,” She smirked. I laid my tongue flat and slowly touched her tip, having the gelatinous blob slowly slide on my tongue. Closing my mouth, I savoured it before swallowing her meat again. The one tiny droplet had set the mood.

Running my fingers on her thighs, Slowly I advanced deeper with smaller gags. Again, encountered a bigger one, but didn’t withdraw this time. I gagged and gargled over it. Spit had started drooling down my lips. Looking at her with my tearful eyes, I continued further, until my nose touched her abdomen. Letting go of her thighs, my hands inadvertently reached the hem of her top to pull it up just enough to remove the only layer between my face and her body.

“Well done, boy!” She said, but I wasn’t ready to celebrate yet.

She was dazzled seeing me struggle with my tongue to ingest her ball sack. Thrusting my head, I moved an inch further and soon her scrotum was resting on my tongue. My face had turned blue. I looked up at her to maffle “All the way in”

“Holy fuck! You are obsessed with it, aren’t you?”

My nostrils were open just enough for me to breathe. Clamping and releasing my throat muscles, I had my throat suck escort kocaeli her cock head exclusively. Her groans got louder. Her grip on my hair got stronger. Though she didn’t say anything, I could tell she was impressed for sure. She seemed to never wanna let go. I stayed put clutching and releasing my throat on her cock head to continue gratifying her.

A monstrous EXPLODE of gag! followed by a humongous spatter which left her cock, her ball sack, her abdomen, and not to mention my face covered in a filthy colossal of fluid I’d discharged.

Slowly I pulled back unveiling the large cascade of spittle, strings taping her cock and my mouth. Gaping at the spit strings, I broke them with my fingers letting them hang loose from both my lips and her cock.

I collected the spit dangling from her cock in the palm of my hands and wrapping them around the cock, I started stroking it slowly with both the hands (as One hand was obviously not enough), while I left the strings still drooping from my lower lip.

Swirling my tongue around her pink tip, I resumed blowing her slowly, the ropes swaying under my chin.

Pulling out smacking my lips, I looked up at her, opening my mouth wide, my tongue vaguely out. The gesture was quite evident. Salivating with her pouted lips, forcibly, she ejected a thick gob right into my mouth. I started playing her spit in my mouth. I swirled it around to have a taste. Closing my mouth, I let a small amount spill out. With a loud slurp, I drew it back, looking at her in amusement.

Sitting on my heels, I continued looking at her while I played making bubbles of her saliva. I made a bigger one and maffled, “Wanna break it??”

“By all means,” She simpered.

Holding the back of my head with both hands, she leaned me closer, around an inch away from her cock. She steadily brought herself closer to have her shiny glans touch the bubble from my mouth, while I observed in exhilaration. Holding her shaft in her hand, She grazed her sopping head on to the bubble, adhering the bubble to her wet glans. As she moved her cock away, the bubble stretched before jiggling back to normal. Chuckling, she did that again. I smiled back, just enough to keep the bubble from bursting. Grabbing the sides of my head, She steadily advanced, having her moist glans poke the bubble burst finally, specking the fizz all over my eyes. Her rod proceeded into my swamped mouth thereafter.

I looked into her eyes and slowly taking my hands off her thighs, folded them back, cueing her to take the charge.

“You got it, baby” She said grinning.

Having the cock slowly pump in and out of my mouth, I bubbled with the froth forming around my lips. Steadily the strokes increased. To assist her fuck me faster, I relinquished the grip of my lips on her shaft removing the only friction.

With a handful of my hair, she tugged me out with force, leaving me slabbering. I took a second to gasp, when with a deceitful look, she thumped her palm on my cheek. I yelped as my face twitched. She shoved my face back on her pole and continued pounding. Yanking me out again, she planted a tight slap. I yelped again as she hammered her rod back in. For another few minutes, She enjoyed jackhammering my throat while yanking me out and slapping me at regular intervals. A distinct rhythmic pattern of sound echoed around the utter silence of the big mansion. There was a staccato of my ordeal in the order of Mouth-fucking, Gasping, Slurping, and Slapping.

Gluck,Gluck, Gasp, Slurp, Slap!

Gluck,Gluck, Gasp, Slurp, Slap!

I kept my teary eyes fixed at her’s. Blows became harder, and so did the slaps, while I sat quivering at every slap.

That grip, that rough mouthfuck, that being used as if I were a lifeless creature while I gazed up at her virile face with teary eyes somehow made my soul feel safe around her, though I ran the risk of rupturing all my holes.

Yanking me out, she let go of my hair.

From my mouth, emerged a thick shaft glistening with a grotesque mess of spittle, precum and cum.

Opening her mouth she pouted producing some saliva. Unfolding my hands, I leaned forward with open mouth. She driveled slowly while I struggled to position my tongue. I soon sensed the cold string on my tongue. I noticed her salivating again. Bringing my face closer, I closed my mouth and my eyes and waited for her to drench me in her saliva. I flinched as the colossus fell on my left eye and cheek. Another was exuded that splotched on my lips and nose. With my eyes closed, the feeling of getting spit on by a woman was tranquil. Every part of my face was drenched with spittle, thick stream hanging through my chin.

I slowly opened my eyes witnessing the thick film of spit on my left eye, which I didn’t wanna wipe.

On my knees, the view of a woman with a cock, seen through a thick film of the filthy mixture of cum and saliva was a sight not to miss.

With grimace on her face she said,

“Look at you, CockSucker. Travelling miles and running back to suck a cock.”

“Your face. Drenched in spit. “

Grabbing my cheeks between her fingers, In repugnance, she said “Your mouth. Deluged in cum.”

“Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Gasping, I gave her a blank look.

Scowling, She pushed my face down her cock and started working back and forth again.

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