Finding Her Secret Emails Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Our sex life continues as before and I’m very happy about it. Occasionally Carol lies on her back and asks me to mount her or suggests we do it doggy fashion with her kneeling and me taking her from behind. This usually coincides with my badminton night so I assume she’s pretending that it’s Mr Police Person fucking her. If I’m behind her I pretend to be all macho, grunting and pawing at her tits in a rough, out of control way. I’m deliberately behaving like her uniformed visitor might. For her part Carol is a lot more submissive in her behaviour. She allows me to give her bottom an occasional slap even saying thank you afterwards. She seems to like it best if I don’t speak. We never discuss it but both of us enjoy this occasional role reversal.

With things going so well in our relationship there’s no reason for me to spy on the emails between her and her mum. I am tempted though even though I feel so guilty about deceiving her. Weeks go by with me resisting looking at them until a conversation with Carol tips the balance so that suddenly I’m unable to avoid taking a peek.

“Richard sweetie, mummy is in England because Bradley is making another film over here. She gets a bit bored hanging around the set so she’s coming to stay with us for a spell. It’ll be an opportunity for you and her to get to know each other better.”

“Okay dear. Which day will she be here?” I’m trying to sound casual but Carol notices the expression on my face.

“Don’t be worried, I can always tell when you’re nervous about something. I know you and her got off to a bad start. She thought I was making a big mistake marrying you but she now realises how happy you make me. She’s so pleased our marriage is working out so well and I’m sure she’ll tell you that when she arrives. I’ve a feeling that you two are going to get on like a house on fire. She’ll be here at the weekend.”

“But you’ve got to admit she can be bossy, can’t she?”

“I thought you were turned on by bossy women?”

“Well, it’s true, I can’t deny it. But she’s a bit wild isn’t she? I’m not sure if I can cope with her around the house especially if you’re at work. To tell you the truth I’m a bit scared of her. How long is she staying?”

“She’s not said. I don’t expect she’ll be here for long. You’ve got used to me ordering you around. It won’t be too different having two women telling you what to do. You might even enjoy it.” Carol looks into my eyes and grins mischievously. I suddenly get a suspicion that the two of them will be cooking something up between them. Carol notices my serious look but relaxes when I nod my head and smile back at her.

On Friday, my day off, I open her emails whilst she’s at work. As usual they share all their secret thoughts with each other though much of it is boring and humdrum. Carol is still having chats with her police employee. He made his move on her a few weeks ago and she rebuffed him telling him she loves me and has no intention of cheating on me. She even warned him she would report him to The Force if he tried anything again. He stopped coming round for a while but their meetings have restarted although less frequently. I’m pleased in a way and proud of my Carol. It’s obvious from what she says to her mother that she fancies the pants off him but has a strong moral code. I suppose becoming a cuckold will have to remain a fantasy for me. I’m not too disappointed. I’ll still read the stories on the internet of course but will have to content myself with that.

I finally work my way to their conversation about Julie’s trip to England and her decision to stay with us for part of the time.


What will little Dickie have to say about me living at your house?


I expect he’ll be a bit worried but as you know I don’t have to ask his permission, he’d be astonished if I did for that matter. Whilst you’re here he’ll be dressing as a man all the time. He doesn’t know that you know about his little fetish.


Make sure he still wears the panties underneath though won’t you? He’s been going to work in them hasn’t he?


Yes. I’ve thrown out all his male underwear.


Doesn’t he play sports and end up in the showers with a load of other men. Blokes like to strip off in front of each other don’t they?


Yes they do. But no, he doesn’t do energetic sports. He enjoys a game of Scrabble on his tablet. Most of his opponents are women I think. He’s never had to strip in front of other men.


I might challenge him to a game. I bet I’ll be the winner nine times out of ten.


He won’t mind that, he’s not very competitive.


He’s such a wimp isn’t he dear? Pathetic isn’t he, the way he takes on all those household chores whilst you sit with your feet up? All wives should have submissive husbands like him just as long as they have a big strong he-man to give them a good seeing to regularly.


Now, now mummy, you know I wouldn’t take a lover. It’s nice to fantasise yalova escort though. Sometimes I get Edward to take me from behind. It leaves me free to pretend. He’s such a lovely man, he always plays along. I just wish he’d slap my arse a bit harder.


All women have a submissive side, even me. Are you okay with me teasing sissy boy Dickie a bit whilst I’m staying with you? Actually I think of her as a little girl. Has she got a feminine name yet?


Not yet,no. I was wondering if he/she might like Dorothy. What do you think? As for the teasing, I might enjoy that, but make sure that whatever you do you discuss it with me first. I’ve been looking for a reason to spank him again but he’s so perfect and compliant. I know he fancies you but at the same time is a bit scared of you. What sort of thing did you have in mind?


I don’t know—maybe sitting a bit carelessly when he’s in a seat opposite me. Having a bath and walking through with nothing but a towel around me. You know, that sort of thing. Men can’t help getting an erection in situations like that. Would a hard on count as a reason for a spanking? Actually I’d love to see you beating him. I used to do that to my first husband and I enjoyed it. My Bradley’s a sweetie but he won’t let me go that far with him.


You mean you’d flash your panties in a short dress or skirt? Perhaps you could leave your bra off and give him a look at your boobs. I know he’d enjoy that. Men love unexpected glimpses of bare flesh.


A half cup bra would give him the chance to see my nipples. Of course I’d have to be subtle about it. He mustn’t think I’m trying to seduce him.


Don’t worry about Richard. He’d never dare to make a pass. He’d better not, there’d be hell to pay.


It’s a pity I can’t see him en femme. Can’t you persuade him to dress up for me? I wouldn’t laugh you know. I think I’d find it quite arousing. And I’d love to see him getting a spanking.


Oh mum! What are you like? I’m sure he’d never agree to anything like that. Even though I know he has a bit of a thing for you. Perhaps I’ll try him out on the subject but the answer is certainly going to be ‘No’.

Carol finishes her email conversation there. I’m both astonished and turned on by what they wrote to each other. She’s quite right, if Carol had broached the subject out of the blue it would have been out of the question. But as I dropped my trousers around my ankles and started pulling on my rock hard cock reading through the words a second time the whole idea seems very tempting. I am thinking about lying across Carol’s lap with my skirt pulled up and panties around my ankles whilst Julie sits nearby, her legs wide apart feverishly fingering herself towards a climax. It would be wonderfully embarrassing for me to be dressed as a woman in front of Julie or even for her to be checking me out as I set off to work to make sure I had panties on. But the exciting humiliation I’d experience if she watched Carol spank me would be at another level entirely.

As it gets closer to Julie’s arrival there’s more of a charged sexual atmosphere between us. Carol is demanding sex every night and I’m enjoying it.

We’re lying in bed together on the Thursday night after yet another session of Carol on top sex when I pluck up the courage to bring up the subject that’s on my mind.

“You and your mum share lots of secrets together don’t you darling?”

“You know we do. What makes you ask?”

“Well it stands to reason that you’ve told her about my cross dressing. I’d be surprised if you haven’t.”

“Yes, she knows. And she’s asked me if you’ll let her see you en femme. What’s your answer?” Carol pulls back the covers to expose my cock. Despite my recent orgasm she watches, fascinated, as it begins to rise. “It looks like you’ve already given me your reply sweetie.”

“I don’t know why because it scares me but it also excites me.”

“Okay sweetie, I told her you’d say ‘No’ so we’ll give her a nice surprise. Put you men’s clothing on for when she first arrives then you can dress up later on. She’s not seen a transvestite in her full regalia. She’ll be thrilled. We’ll see how you feel but you may end up in a skirt around the house for the duration of her stay. That would be nice wouldn’t it sweetie?”

“We’ll see.”

“You’ll need a sissy name won’t you sweetie now you’re getting used to being girly more often.” Carol looks at my cock noticing it jerk a little.

“How about Dorothy?”

“Whatever you say dear.” I can’t deny the evidence between my legs as my cock rears up even higher.

Carol starts pulling on my penis talking to me quietly and firmly.

“I want you to be on your best behaviour whilst mummy is staying Dorothy sweetie. You will be a good girl at all times. You will do exactly as she says, no arguments. If she even hints that you’ve behaved out of line you will end up with a red and very edirne escort sore bottom. Is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I say humbly, spurting my seed on to the bed clothes.

They say looking forward to something happening is always better than the actual event but in this case there is no anticlimax. Julie arrives in a taxi with three suitcases and a broad smile. I get a kiss and a hug and she’s bought me a bunch of flowers (nothing for Carol). I’d cooked us a nice meal and after we’ve eaten it Carol announces;

“Edward’s got a surprise for you mummy, I’m sure you’ll like it.”

I leave the room to change into my female attire and put on make-up and a wig. I decide a suspender belt and dark stockings might be suitable for the occasion under a short black dress.

As agreed I make Carol’s mobile ring three times to let her know I am ready.

“We’ve got a new guest here for the evening mummy. I hope you’re going to like her. Come in Dorothy dear.”

Julie stands up as I enter the room and kisses me again. I can see she’s delighted to get what she wanted.

“Hello Dorothy, I’ve heard a lot about you. Carol told me you were beautiful but she didn’t mention your shapely legs. Raise your dress a little, let me see more of them.” Julie’s face colours up a little as she says this and I realise that I’m blushing too. I pull the dress up, enough to show my stocking tops, holding it in place rather longer than necessary.

We’ve all had a few glasses of wine with the meal, and as the evening progresses more alcohol is consumed so the atmosphere is very relaxed. I purposely sit opposite Julie and, as she gets more intoxicated, her skirt rides up her legs and she does nothing to stop it.

“Don’t you think you’re showing rather a lot of leg mummy.” Carol says although there’s quite a twinkle in her eye.

“Am I? We’re all girls together aren’t we? You don’t mind me showing you my underclothes do you Dorothy darling?” As she says this she deliberate lifts the front of her skirt and opens her legs a little enabling me to see her shocking pink panties. She’s also wearing stockings and suspenders.

“NNo, I don’t mind.” I manage to splutter.

“Come over here Dorothy, there’s a good girl, sit next to me on the settee. I want to get to know you better. Carol you go and fill the dish washer whilst us two girls have a little chat.”

After she’s left the room Julie cuddles up to me on the settee and puts her hand on my leg.

“I can see you’re getting a little bit overexcited aren’t you, you naughty girl.” She’s looking down at my lap where my dress is tenting with the pressure of my hard cock.

“I’m sorry Julie, I can’t help it.” I tell her, feeling pathetic.

“Why don’t you go to the bathroom and pull on your little dickie until you spurt then you can come back and tell me what you were thinking about. I know, why don’t you close your eyes and pretend it’s my hand on your cock. I won’t tell Carol on you. You’d love to feel my hand on your cock wouldn’t you?”

I’m already under Julie’s spell and feel unable to resist complying with her request. I even find myself nodding in answer to her question.

“There’s a good girl.” I hear her say as I leave the room.

I lock the bathroom door and beat my meat with a will. It doesn’t take me long to splatter semen onto the floor. Returning to the living room after I’ve cleaned up the mess I find Julie still on her own.

“Carol’s gone off to bed, she’s tired and more than a little inebriated. Sit here next to me like you did before. Did you accomplish your mission?”


“Were you imagining me wanking you off.”


“Naughty girl. You’re disgusting aren’t you?”


“You’re going to do everything I tell you to do whilst I’m here like a good little sissy aren’t you?”


“Carol said you would be obedient. We’re going to have such fun.” Julie says giggling. She allows me plenty of glimpses of her breasts and nipples. In spite of having spurted earlier my cock hardens as I sneak glances down her cleavage. I can tell she has noticed by the way she looks at the bulge then makes eye contact, giving a low sexy chuckle that is almost inaudible.

I stay up with her for another hour or so. We drink more wine and play a game of scrabble. Julie wins of course.

Carol wakes up when I climb into bed. She turns her back on me and I assume she just wants to go back to sleep until her hand reaches for my cock under the bed clothes. I realise what she wants when she moves her position to lie face down, legs wide apart. Pulling my night dress over my head I silently climb aboard slipping into her cunt from the rear. She’s already wet and I assume she’s already masturbated. It takes me a long time to climax, my horny wife experiencing two further orgasms in the process.

The next day the three of us visit a country house in the morning. Julie is wearing slacks and a cream coloured blouse. It starts to rain erzurum escort at lunchtime so we go back to the house. I’ve been in my male clothes all morning but, back inside, I switch to a skirt and strappy top. I notice that Julie has unfastened two of her blouse buttons. She’s flirting with me again and finding reasons to lean over, showing off her ample cleavage. Her half cup bra leaves nothing to the imagination, her nipples fully visible when she bends over. I enjoy the view and sit upright in my chair hoping to hide my erection. Carol is finding the situation amusing.

“Dorothy darling, be a dear and make us all a cup of tea.” Carol is saying this on purpose to embarrass me. The effect is to make me stiffer than before. I stand quickly trying to turn away from them both but aware they can’t miss the tent shape at the front of my thin skirt. As I enter the kitchen I can hear giggling behind me.

We eat in that evening. Julie has changed into a mini skirt and throughout the evening I’m treated to further up skirts. I try not to look but find it impossible not to. Amusingly Julie changes her panties each time she visits the toilet. This does nothing to dampen my ardour. Carol seems to have been turned on by her mother’s behaviour as I am given a good seeing to when we get into bed that night.

“I’ll be late home from work tomorrow night darling.” Carol says as we snuggle together in post coital bliss. “I don’t want you falling out with mummy whilst the two of you are here together without me. You will remember to do everything she tells you won’t you?”

“Yes dear, of course. Has she got something particular in mind?” I’m still not sure what Julie will do next but know I would not be able to resist her even if I wanted to.

“She’s not said anything to me but you never know with my mother.”

The next day I return from work at 5pm. Julie is in the living room. The TV is on but she seems to be asleep on the sofa in front of it. I walk through to the kitchen and start preparing the evening meal. A few minutes later Julie comes through. I’m peeling potatoes. She looks angry.

“You bastard, you gave me a fright. I thought you were a burglar. What do you mean creeping about the house like that?”

“I wasn’t creeping. I thought you were asleep, I..”

“Shut the fuck up. Don’t you contradict me. I heard a noise in here and didn’t know what to think. I must have closed my eyes for a minute.”

“I’m sorry Julie, I…”

“Don’t call me Julie. From now on when Carol’s not here it’s ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ‘No, ma’am’ is that quite clear?”

“Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am.”

“That’s better. Now put down your potato peeler. I want you to strip off all your clothes for me. Come on, quick about it. I’d like to inspect that pathetic body of yours. I need to know what sort of physical specimen my Carol’s got for a husband. Take your panties off as well, that’s right. Well, I have to admit I’m slightly impressed, the willy is a teeny bit smaller than average isn’t it? But I was expecting a really small one. You’re quite big for a sissy aren’t you Dorothy?”

“Thank you ma’am, I didn’t know.”

“It helps that you’re fully aroused of course. You are fully aroused aren’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“It pleases me to have you naked around the house so you can stay like that whilst you make my meal. You’d better wear an apron whilst you’re in the kitchen. You can wear the flowery one in those girly pastel shades. I expect Carol bought that one for you did she?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I put on the apron and continue making the meal. A few minutes later Julie shouts from the living room.

“Dorothy, bring me a glass of white wine. There’s a bottle in the fridge.”

“Yes ma’am.” I bring her the wine executing a kind of curtsy as I put it by her seat.

She smiles approvingly. “Thank you sweetie. Did you know it was me who put the idea of getting you feminised to your wifey?”

“I thought it might have been something you said.”

“You’re a natural submissive aren’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She pulls her skirt all the way up to her waist and, still sitting on the settee, wriggles out of her silk panties drawing them down over her ankles and feet and holding them out to me.

“Put these on for me. I want to see if they suit you.” I do as she asks. I notice she hasn’t pulled down her skirt. Her neatly trimmed cunt is fully exposed to me. She opens her legs a bit wider.

“Very nice. Now kneel down and do what sissies do best. You like to serve don’t you? You want to make me happy. Am I right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Her smell is more pungent than Carol’s but I’m not put off. I’m taking pleasure giving pleasure and, as I lick her cunt lovingly I relish the taste of her. Her juices are flowing and I slurp them up willingly, getting my tongue deep inside, drawing back and gently nudging her clitoris with the tip of my tongue then diving deep into her cunt again. She’s urging me on appreciating my expertise.

The front door opens and Carol walks in. She drops her briefcase then stares at the scene in front of her. Julie has her hands behind my head so I can’t pull back but I stop what I’m doing.

“Don’t stop on my account. You’d better finish what you started don’t you think?” Carol says. She looks annoyed. I’m not sure what to do. I realise I’m in trouble.

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