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From the darkened corner I watched as the truck pulled into the bay and knew you were coming. I must confess I didn’t care about the rule I was shattering and longed to see you in all your glory, sweaty, soot covered and bathed in smoke … such a tantalizing image.

Hoards of manly men leaped from the truck, jostling for supremacy, cracking jokes and doing what men do best. I watched as small groups headed for the stairs at the opposite end of the expansive bay and my stormy eyes flitted across each face, looking for you. You are the reason I’d risk so much.

As the last man retreated, I stepped out from behind the decommissioned truck, ears perked for any sound and my heart leaped when I heard your booted feet. I knew you well … your sounds … your scent … and trusted my instincts. I casually drummed my nails against the antique paint … click,click,click … attempting to get your attention without making too much of a scene and was rewarded when you rounded the back end of the fire engine seeking the source of the unfamiliar noise.

I couldn’t help but smile, my eyes darkening lustily with the image of you. I leaned against the wheel well, the black leather trench coat spilling over my shoulders and tied loosely at my waist, stocking legs peeking out of the bottom and feet wrapped in heels with multiple straps and glittering buckles. I waited for you to say something … anything. I could see the surprise etched on your face. You didn’t expect me … didn’t dare … but here I was. I shifted my weight, hips swaying gently, my heart beginning to race in my chest as your eyes met mine.

You whispered, almost harshly across the space between us, “What are you doing here, Kay?”

I expected this reaction and didn’t let the tone detour me from my plan. My crimson lips curled even more, taking on a sinful countenance, my ever hungry tongue slithered forth before whispering, “Surprised to see me, I see.”

You strode across the space, stopping just inches away from me, your eyes locked on mine, “Yes, you could say that. You’re not supposed to be here and you know it.”

I felt small as you towered over me but I drew up to my full parallels izle height, the heels helping and boldly ran my hands over your covered chest. I leaned in even closer, my lips barely grazing the shell of your ear as I purred hotly, “I want you to fuck me … hard … mercilessly … right here … right now.” Your proximity and unique scent mixed with the heady aroma of wood smoke were overwhelming and I could feel my body ignite.

I stepped back just far enough to let nimble fingers glide over the tie and tug, releasing the loose knot and unveiling what I’d been hiding. I let the leather pool on the floor and simply stood before you. I watched as your eyes crawled from my encased feet, up my stocking legs, to the clasp of the garter…following the garter straps up and noticing the frame job is was doing to my immaculately bare cunt. I couldn’t help but shiver as you took in the “landing strip” that I refuse to get rid of. You could tell just how excited I was by my swollen glistening pussy lips and clit peeking out from under its protective hood. Your eyes pulled away reluctantly, to continue the sight-seeing journey they started.

You took in my taut stomach and heaving tits, which were barely contained in half cups of lace. My nipples obvious as your eyes found them, causing them to excite even more and practically pierce their meager confinements.

You followed the line of my delicate neck ever upward until, once more, our eyes met. What I saw there made my heart skip a beat. Gone was the selfless man that risked his own life to save strangers. He was transformed into a predator … and I his prey. The smile that my face sported grew with a devilish delight. Finally … finally I get to experience the animal … the beast you so valiantly claim to be.

Whispering huskily, “I do believe you have a second fire to put out, baby.”

I had no time to react as you stepped close, pushing me back against the truck with a resounding grunt, your hands moving to the lace barely covering my tits and tugged the flimsy material down. I gasped, not out of fear, but intense delight as you began to capture your prey. My paul t goldman izle tits fully exposed now with the prickly lace under the tender flesh, my nipples extended and aching. You used this moment to exert your prowess, as strong fingers captured the taut buds, pinching, rolling and tugging them until you heard a familiar moan.

You lips quickly and fiercely covered mine in a consuming kiss, your tongue forcing its way into my mouth, finding my own and battling with it. I knew the demanding kiss was intended to keep me as quiet as possible but I couldn’t help but return it with equal urgency and demand. I wanted this as much as you did.

I felt one of your hands release my aching nipple and slither down to my fiery cunt. Your fingers rough as they worked between the slick folds and against my erect clit. I cried out, your mouth the only thing keeping the sound to a minimum, as my hips bucked against your questing fingers. I ached for those same fingers to worm their way into my seeping hole and give me the slightest moment of relief, but no … that was not your plan at all.

My own hands were not still, as the nails of my left hand raked harshly against your shoulder, while my right hand found the buttons of your jeans and tore at them. I needed just as much as you did and was rewarded with little “pops” as the buttons released. I fished my hand behind the boxers seeking what I’d hoped was your throbbing cock and was again rewarded as my fingers wrapped around the steely member and began to stroke.

You broke the kiss, panting heavily, nostrils flaring and I saw the darkness in your eyes deepening. Your fingers still danced between my thighs and my own hand continued to stroke your hot cock all the while I dared to whisper, “Baby, send me home, freshly fucked, battered and bruised.” With each word spilling from swollen lips, I squeezed your cock in exclamation. There was no doubting my words or purpose.

You needed no other prompting as you pulled your hands from my needy body and worked the rough jeans and boxers down just past your ass, your beautiful cock sprang into full view now, swollen,

pre-cum midnight at the pera palace izle glistening at the deep red tip and though I longed to tongue bathe that precious organ, you again decided the outcome of this particular adventure.

Your hands cupped my ass, lifting me and I wrapped my legs around your waist, my back hard against the truck, my left hand clutching at you while my right positioning your cock at my seeping fuck hole. Your eyes never left mine as you thrust, burying it easily into the lava-like cavern. Pulling my hand free and finding purchase on the wheel well as you set up a pounding, vicious rhythm. I tucked my bottom lip between my teeth and bit down, wanting so badly to cry out in pure pleasure as you quite literally took me. Each thrust was more powerful then the last and I knew that I’d most definitely be bruised and battered.

Your fingers curled painfully into the flesh of my ass, holding me tightly as you roughly drove your meaty member into my spasming cunt. It didn’t surprise me when I felt the index fingers of your hands work their way to wicked hole and pry before pushing them inside the sinful star. You were determined to break and consume your prey.

I bit down harder on my lip, tasting blood but managing to squelch the whorish moan that threatened to burst forth. You worked your fingers in deeper and though I tried, I couldn’t gain enough purchase to meet your pounding thrusts. You pulled back just far enough that the swollen tip rubbed the hidden bundle of nerves within me and sent me flying over the edge.

You saw how my eyes widened, how my own nostrils flared and knew I was about to cum. Your mouth covered mine possessively again, drinking in the scream of utter bliss and complete orgasmic delight. My cunt rippled down your length, pulling your own release from you.

My hand left your shoulder and found your head, pulling your mouth tightly to mine. It was my turn to devour your guttural growl and devour I did. I drank your pleasure down as your cock spit your precious seed deep into my cunt, painting me.

It all happened so fast with an urgency born of intense need. As your cock slipped free of my hot cunt and fingers from my ass, I looked into your eyes. The beast was still there, but one I knew I could handle. I smiled and whispered, “Baby, you really need to let that beast out more often.”

I looked down over my body … yes I was bruised, but would wear them like badges of honor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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