Homelands Pt. 05 Ch. 06

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Author’s note

Previously, some other author’s story was posted instead of chapter six. I’m not sure how that happened. I apologize for making you all wait for the conclusion to Part Five.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.


After tracking Patty across worlds, finding Gabriela took hardly any effort.

Picking up on a signal was the easy part. Blocking out all the noise was more of a challenge. It was like there was an endless supply of information out there that he’d never realized was open to him, but most of it was useless. Not unlike the experience he’d had when he’d first logged onto the internet. But once he learned a few tricks for filtering out what he didn’t need, it was surprisingly easy to find exactly what he was looking for.

They found Gabriela and Eric on House Moody’s private island, outside what used to be the beach house but was now a modern villa. They sat on a terrace above the pool, drinking cocktails and looking awfully damned relaxed for people who were on the king’s hit list.

Upon seeing them, Gabriela stood up so quickly that she knocked her chair on its back. Without bothering to pick it back up, she rushed over to them and pulled Patty into a hug.

A few minutes later, they all sat at the table, drinking their preferred beverages.

It all felt too good to be true. Too quiet. Things had been so crazy ever since they’d officially joined the First Court of Summer a few days ago. Or a few hours ago, depending upon whose perspective you took. Either way, Nick’s experience with the Homelands made it hard to believe that they could just sit there and relax, without a care in the world.

Of course, things had changed a lot since they’d first arrived in Summer. Even since they’d left to go get Patty. There was a new king, for one thing.

But, in a way, that only added to Nick’s sense that this was all a bit too much like a fairy tale. The evil king was slain, and the good king, their very own father, now sat the throne. The sun was shining, birds were in the sky, their home was rebuilt, and the damsel was no longer in distress. A perfect storybook ending.

Except that it wasn’t.

Step-mothers were supposed to be wicked, not beautiful and brave and caring. The hero was supposed to slay the dragon, not be a dragon. And guys like Wes weren’t supposed to die. Especially not while trying to rescue a son who wasn’t even in any danger.

The inevitable conclusion was that their father had flat-out lied to them.

Yes, Gabriela insisted that Hank might simply have been mistaken. And Eric seemed almost convinced of his mother’s interpretation of events. But he was probably just unwilling to disagree with her publicly. And she saw what she wanted to see in the man she still carried something of a torch for. As far as Nick was concerned, things had worked out a bit too conveniently for a man who, according to Eric, ascended the throne ever so reluctantly.

Eric had apparently considered claiming the throne for himself. But he’d ultimate concluded that commanding the respect of the other houses would take someone older, stronger, and with a larger family at his back. If he hadn’t done as much growing up in the last few days as it sounded like he had, though, would their father really have stepped aside?

Nick doubted it. And if he had, he’d probably immediately have set to work on a plan to depose his son. All while claiming to be his most fervent supporter.

Nobody seemed to want to hear his reservations about how happy their happy ending was though. Perhaps Veronica would have been open to hearing what he had to say, if the two of them were alone. But the Moodys were not, and when that became clear, even his sister encouraged him to back off. So Nick held his tongue.

Instead, he marveled at the sword that had been returned to House Moody by the aunt none of them had realized they had, and made the obligatory jokes about how large and impressive it was. Everyone found that nice and amusing. Then he listened politely as Patty described the Eternal Garden of the Sun for Eric and her mother. Finally, Nick told Eric and Patty about the grandmother and grandfather they barely remembered and wouldn’t recognize, insisting that they let him and Veronica take them to their grandparents’ cabin and reintroduce everyone to one another.

Patty was quick enough to agree to that, but, upon noticing the utter lack of enthusiasm Gabriela expressed for spending quality time with her ex-wife and her parents, Eric mumbled something noncommittal. And no one seemed to pick up on the fact that Nick hadn’t been proposing that they do so at some unspecified time in the future.

Perhaps that was just as well though.

They all needed time to decompress. And Patty probably wasn’t in any hurry to meet anyone’s grandparents again anytime soon. Nick and Veronica could try to assure her that Flori and yalova escort Randy were as nice as accepting as could be, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Not so soon after her experience with Kurt’s grandfather.

In the meantime, Nick called his grandmother to fill her in on what had happened. If you could actually say that what he did was “call” her. Though he had held his phone up to his ear, doing so was as much a means of focusing his effort as anything. Whatever it was that allowed him to speak to his grandmother, it wasn’t a cellular network. And there was undoubtedly a reason that he “got better reception” than Veronica, who didn’t seem to be able to use her cell phone here for much besides keeping time.

Turned out that his grandparents already knew about Hank, seeing as he’d paid them a visit. And when he had, apparently, Annie had left with him. Nick wasn’t sure how he felt about that. And neither was his grandmother. Especially after he explained that Patty and Kurt had never been in any danger. That Hank had almost certainly lied to them. For a moment there, his grandmother considered paying Hank a visit, but she thought better of it in the end. The threat wasn’t that Hank was going to hurt her so much as that he’d try to turn her into a pawn. He’d only be more likely to succeed in that endeavor if they allowed him to turn Annie’s family into the bad guys. Which they would be, if they treated her like a child who couldn’t decide for herself whom to trust and whom not to. So, for the time being, there was nothing for them to do but hope that Annie saw through his charm.

By the time Nick got off the phone with his grandmother, the others had finished their mostly full drinks and started on another round. They were pouring pretty generously too.

As a result, their conversation started to take a racier turn.

Part of Nick wanted to push back against the trend. Wanted to insist that they had a lot of serious shit on their plates that they ought to be focusing on.

But there wasn’t anything they could do about any of it anyway. Not Annie, not Kurt, and most definitely not poor Uncle Wes.

Besides, he had the same urges as the rest of them. He was tired of worrying. Tired of pushing himself to the breaking point, trying to learn how to use his talents in new ways. And he was dying to show Patty how glad he was to have her back.

So Nick gulped down the rest of his drink, put his arm around Veronica, and allowed himself to relax. Gradually, he felt his concerns fading into the background and his sex drive slipping into high gear.

All three of the women looked amazing. He’d almost forgotten that it was possible for women other than Veronica to turn him on. That he’d once thought, and probably still did, that Gabriela had the best body he’d ever seen.

Now that he took the time to notice her again, he remembered how huge and perfect her breasts were. How absurdly small her waist was relative to her broad hips. And how much fun it had been when he and Eric had sucked milk from those divine beauties. He’d even forgotten how pretty she was. Nick preferred brunettes to blondes, and brown eyes to blue, but any man who denied that Gabriela was beautiful needed to have his eyes checked.

Patty had the same blonde hair and blue eyes, but she was even less his type than her mother was, given that her breasts were a bit too small to be paired with that glorious ass of hers. Even so, she was more than a little enticing. Her lower body was about as attractive as any Nick had ever seen. And though her breasts might not have been proportional to her figure, they certainly weren’t small. The skimpy bikini she wore was doing a helluva job making it impossible for anyone to overlook them too. And though she wasn’t as pretty as either her mother or Veronica, she was definitely cute. She had round cheeks, a pointy little chin, and a button nose.

The last time he’d been with Patty had been in a threesome, as was true of her mother. But Nick had shared her with Veronica, not Erica. His two sisters had impressive chemistry together, even though Vee wasn’t all that into women.

Nick smiled at the thought that he might get to recreate both of those memories.


Gabriela was of two minds about the looks her sons were giving her daughter.

On the one hand, the raw lust she found there was positively contagious. Everyone had sex on their minds, and that would have made it impossible for Gabriela to think about anything else herself if she hadn’t been already. As it was, it was taking her from aroused to desperately in need of a good dick.

Yet she also found herself jealous of Patty.

She knew that she shouldn’t have been. That it was only natural, after fearing that they might never see her again, that Nick and Eric would be a bit more fixated on Patty than anyone else. Besides, Patty had, for all intents and purposes, just broken up with Kurt. Gabriela had Eric and Veronica had edirne escort Nick, but Patty had no one. Though they all had each other, in a sense, they all knew that their kind tended to form strong bonds, very much akin to traditional relationships. A good mother would be comfortable sharing with her daughter given those particular circumstances.

And she was.

For the most part.

If Eric decided to split himself in two so that Gabriela didn’t actually have to share in order for Patty to get a piece of her brother, well, that would be just fine with Gabriela. She didn’t want to suggest it though. He should just know that the situation called for that.

And, much to her satisfaction, he did. Took him a little longer than it perhaps should have, but he got there in the end.

“I just keep going back to how strange it is that it’s only been a few hours for you,” Eric had said to Patty. “Shit, it’s only been a few days for us, but that still feels like forever.”

“That definitely is strange,” Patty had replied. “Sometimes I still don’t quite believe this is all real. Summer, the Eternal Garden, the whole damn Homelands. It’s crazy.”

“Sure is,” Veronica had agreed.

“I mean, it really feels like I haven’t seen you in the longest time,” Eric then said, placing a hand on his sister’s thigh. “Or felt your sweet lips against mine.”

As he said that, a second Eric stood up from his chair and came around behind Gabriela to give her a back rub. She sighed as his strong hands doggedly chased the tension away.

Her son was really getting to be good with his hands. And everything else. Under her watchful eye, he was blossoming into as fine a man as Gabriela had ever dreamed of.

She closed her eyes and pictured him trading blows with Phil. Busy as she’d been fending off the king herself, she’d hardly caught a glimpse of their duel. But her mind’s eye filled in the details. She watched her son’s muscles ripple and bulge as he guided that massive sword through graceful arcs, casually deflecting Phil’s clumsy blows. When Gabriela pictured Eric running the king through, she shuddered.

It was Hank who slew Phil. But in her mind, Eric was the kingslayer.

He’d been right to refuse the throne. For now. But she was more certain than ever that one day he’d wear the crown. Immortals would come from every isle to kneel before him and kiss his feet. How many women could say they’d given birth to royalty?

Eric bent down and kissed her back and shoulders a few times. His lips barely brushed her skin, but still they sent shivers down her spine. The feel of his warm breath against her neck made other parts of her tingle as well. The anticipation was almost more than she could bear, and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

There’d been a time when he’d had only one setting. She still treasured his passion, but Gabriela was also pleased to see her son learning the art of seduction.

Of course, just as she started to think such things, he jerked her chair back sharply. Thus did her son remind her of the explosive power that forever lurked just beneath his surface.

She started to ask what he was doing, but forced herself to wait and see.

Now that her legs were no longer safely tucked under the table, there was room for her son to get down on his knees and worship her properly. With a soft sigh, Gabriela spread her legs for him. Eric flicked a nail lightly against her bathing suit and the one-piece went up in smoke, leaving her completely naked. Sitting on his haunches, still as a statue, her son stared between her legs.

With a nervous laugh, Gabriela ran her hands through his beautiful blonde hair. “Well?” she asked. “Everything in order, doc?”

“Sorry,” he said. “You’re just so beautiful,” he said.

She blushed, fighting the temptation to close her legs. What did he even mean by that? What went through a man’s mind as he stared at a vagina? What exactly differentiated a beautiful one from an ugly one? Was there such a thing?

Glancing down to her son’s groin, though, she found such concerns sliding away. The glorious sight she found there made her forget all about the inscrutable male mind. Whatever it was that he’d meant when he’d said her pussy was beautiful, he clearly did mean it. He was already as hard as a rock.

The sight of his huge penis fighting to break free from the confines of his shorts had Gabriela’s pussy juices flowing freely and her nipples hard. It pleased her to know that she was the one responsible for her son’s erection. Made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman in all the Homelands. The knowing smile her son gave her made her condition even worse. She needed his attention desperately. If he didn’t stop staring at her and start pleasuring her soon, she just might have a heart attack.

The moment his lips met her thighs, waves of ecstasy crashed into her. By the time he got to his destination, which took him quite a while, erzurum escort she was almost ready to cum. The way he looked up at her, blue eyes wide and full of unspoken promises, she knew that there was nothing her son wouldn’t do for her. Just as there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. They belonged together, as surely as any couple ever had.

And that was what they were. A couple.

Damn the stupid rules. She couldn’t bear the thought of having to pair up with another man for an entire year. Nor would she have to do so. Her former husband, who’d given her the greatest gift of her life in the form of their beautiful son, could change all that for her. Could change the court customs, or let those who were most loyal to him ignore them. It was in his power to allow her to fully enjoy the gift he’d given her.

First thing tomorrow, she would go to him.

Hank hadn’t always done right by her, but he wasn’t a monster. And he’d have to be to deny her the right to be with her son. Eric was simply too perfect.

She smiled to herself as she ran her hands through her son’s thick, shiny hair.

Gabriela hardly lasted two minutes before she exploded. The warm tongue and nimble fingers knew exactly where to touch her.

As ever, her son allowed her energy to pass into him, but refrained from truly exploiting her moment of vulnerability.

He then guided her through a second, slow-burning orgasm. She felt the beginnings of it in her labia, her nipples, her fingers and her toes. The tension increased ever so slowly, and her whole body began to tingle. There wasn’t air enough in all the world. The pleasure was almost — almost — more than she could take. At last, that sweet release came, and it hit her like a ton of bricks. Her whole body started spasming, and she sprayed ejaculate from between her legs. Then, as the aftershocks slowly faded away, she found herself adrift in a sea of bliss, weightless and free of all negative thoughts and feelings.

“Mmm, that was nice,” she said.

Her voice sounded breezy to her ears. Like she was stoned out of her mind.

Eric kissed her inner thigh once, twice, thrice, then stood up and offered her a hand. She waited a few moments before taking it, for fear that her legs would betray her if she tried to stand up too soon. The world was still spinning, but it was doing so less frantically. She reached out and took hold of her son’s strong hand.

He pulled hard, yanking her up suddenly.

So suddenly, in fact, that she kept right on going, heading straight for the table. Which, apparently, was the point. Moving faster than any man could move, Eric slipped up behind her, put one hand on her hip and one on her shoulder, and guided her into position. Bent over the table, ready to be taken from behind.

Gabriela trembled in anticipation.

Her wet pussy was still throbbing from the wonderful orgasms her son’s talented mouth had allowed her to experience. It was almost overwhelming. Her poor little girl could only handle so much of her son’s loving.

All the same, Gabriela was more than glad to put herself in her son’s hands. To let herself go completely and trust that exquisite pleasures awaited her.

As soon as her son put his huge cock against her opening, she whimpered. But, for some reason, Eric didn’t continue.

Why would he do that? To torture her?

“You’re so goddamn sexy, Mom,” he said. His powerful hands played with her ass, massaging and squeezing her cheeks. Each time his grip tightened, he let out a little whimper. “It’s almost hard to believe that any woman could look this good.”

Hearing her son compliment her was never an unwelcome turn of events, but just then, Gabriela didn’t want to hear his sweet words echoing softly inside her mind. She wanted to feel his hard cock thrusting firmly inside her hot cunt. She could almost feel the heat emanating from her son’s cock. Why wasn’t it inside her yet? Didn’t he realize what he was doing to her by making her wait like this?

“Please,” she moaned.

Eric surprised her once again. The glorious slab of meat that had been poised at her entrance went away, and, a moment later, she felt her son’s warm breath on her pussy lips. The pleasurable sensation made her squirm.

Was he really going to go down on her again?

She felt her son’s mouth press against her moist lips as he gave her a loud kiss. But then his mouth too abandoned her poor neglected womanhood. Gabriela was about ready to her scream at the top of her lungs.

“Had to do it, Mom,” Eric said. “I just can’t get enough of your pussy.”

Breathing heavy, Gabriela replied, “She loves you too, you know. But if you don’t quit torturing your mother, you’re going to be grounded until the end of time.”

Eric chuckled at the idle threat before finally showing her some mercy.

Her walls instinctively resisted him at first, but it was futile. He was too big, too strong, too insistent. And too perfect. She opened up for him, taking his throbbing cock all the way inside its rightful home.

As her son ravaged her the way a man should, Gabriela watched the other Eric and one of the two Nicks team up on Patty while the other Nick knelt between Veronica’s legs. It was a beautiful sight. Her whole family, what remained of it anyway, pleasuring one another.

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