Hot Cabin Fever

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My wife and I up until recently had shared a very boring uneventful sex life during our 16 years of marriage. Julie never appeared to enjoy sex or desire any type of sexual activity. She was raised in a large Catholic family and was conservative in everything she did. I could have counted on one hand the times I had seen her naked in all those 16 years. Sex was quick and strictly vaginal missionary intercourse. Any time I tried to introduce any other activity, oral, toys or a different position she would get angry and that ended that night’s escapade. Outside Julie was never seen in anything above her knees. Over the years I grew disinterested in sex and we could go 3-4 months between any sexual activities. Julie and I met in college and married while she was 19 and I was 21. Now at 36 Julie was still as beautiful as the day we married, she stands 5’6″ and weighs 109lbs. She keeps herself in great shape and has the most incredible ass I have ever seen. Her pussy is well trimmed and still very tight. Her breasts have great nipples and are on the small side with an A cup. She is light skinned with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and a fantastic smile. Julie is hot and sexy looking from the top of her head down to her small size 5 feet. She continues to turn men’s heads anywhere she goes.

Several months ago all that changed for the better. After several encounters with different men Julie had become a slut. In October after I thought she couldn’t surprise or shock me anymore she planned a trip back to her small hometown in Indiana to visit her family. Julie’s Dad owned a small secluded cabin on a private lake on several thousand acres he owned and raised cattle on. Julie announced we would be staying there for the time we were up there. I thought it was a great opportunity to get away from everything and maybe spend some time doing some fishing in the lake her Dad kept stocked.

After several weeks of planning Julie dressed in her old conservative clothing and we headed for Indiana with the car packed. We arrived at the cabin and found the key still under a log in the front. As we entered the cabin it looked as nothing had changed and the cabin had not been used in a long time. We settled in and cleaned up a little. Our first night was uneventful, we cooked a small dinner, sat outside on the porch looking at the stars and went in and went to bed before 10:00 PM. The next morning after breakfast Julie told me that her two sisters were coming to visit us today so they could get reacquainted. Her first sister, Betty is slightly older at 42 and her younger sister, Jeanie is 24 both had recently been divorced and the three of them had not seen each other in at least five years. I complained slightly at the thought of them coming to visit as we shared nothing in common and I wanted to spend the day fishing and just relaxing. But it was to no avail. Around 1:00 Betty and Jeanie arrived, we exchanged hellos and I left the girls in the cabin hugging and talking over old times. I excused myself and journeyed around the lake to find a spot to fish and just sit back away from everything.

I returned to the cabin around 5:30 hoping to find Julie alone, when I approached I could see all three sisters out on the lake floating on floats. There adana escort were two empty bottles of vodka at the side of the lake with several other food and drink items. It took several minutes before they realized I was there; they approached on their floats and inquired about how the fishing went. I stood mesmerized by the beauty all three of these sister had. I had never seen any of them in anything at all revealing before. Now all three sat in front of me not wearing enough to cover even one of them. Julie had bought her string bikini along but I did not think she would wear it while we were here. Both her sisters also were sporting string bikinis. Betty was short at only 5’0″” and 90lbs. She had small A cup breasts and a gorgeous ass just like her sister. Her legs were fantastic and you could not see a hair anywhere except her head. She had long black hair half way down her back which was tied up. Jeanie was startling at 5’6″ and 126lbs. She had 36D breasts and an ass that men would die for. Her hair was cut short and was blonde. She too did not present a hair on her body. All three were obviously feeling the effects of their drinking and were giggly. Julie invited me to cool off with them, but I knew with the hardon I had under my jeans I better not. I told them that I was going inside to clean the fish and start our dinner. Jeanie asked if I would bring out the bottle of rum on the table and the coconut juice before I began. I brought them the items they asked and went back inside.

As I grilled the fish on the back deck I could hear the girls getting louder and giggling and splashing around. I finally brought the fish and a salad out and set them on the picnic table out front by the lake. The girls got out of the water and came up and sat to eat. During the dinner they continued their laughing and taking about all different things. I sat and cold not help but stare at the three beauties that were hiding nothing in front of me. I was so hard I thought I would burst by the time dinner was over. The warm day had quickly changed as we sat brining that chill of an October evening as the sun set. All three of the girls did not feel the effects due to their state of intoxication but their nipples had responded and all of them were sticking out of the flimsy little suits they wore. As they got up to go in and change I stood up to clear the table trying to adjust for the bulge in my pants that was aching and throbbing. I figured Julie would get really upset if she knew I was getting turned on by her sisters. As I finished up the last of the dishes all three girls emerged from the one bedroom clad in silk teddies. I joined them in the living room with my drink as we all sat around and talked as we drank. I couldn’t wait for Betty and Jeanie to finally leave so Julie and I could fuck the night away.

My hopes were quickly smashed as Julie told me that they were to drunk to return home and would be staying with us in the two room cabin. I was feeling the effects of the alcohol by now and had to get some relief from my throbbing cock that had been engorged for the past three hours. I put on a pair of swim trunks and walked outside; the air was cold and quickly shrank my hardon as I jumped into the eskişehir escort warm lake water. I got out after about 15 minutes and determined I was going to get drunk. I took several belts of the bottle of vodka left on the deck and went inside to change. Once inside and dry I changed into a pair of baggy silk shorts and a muscle shirt and made my way back to the couch. Julie stared at me and licked her lips as I sat down. The girls had continued drinking and were really toasted by now. The decided to play a game of spin the bottle. Jeanie drained the rest of the bottle of vodka that sat between them in one quick gulp. She spun the bottle first and it landed facing Betty. Betty choose truth and Jeanie asked about what her ex-husbands best attribute was.

Betty stated that he was a master pussy eater. I could not believe my ears nor could I believe I was sitting here in this situation. Betty spun the bottle and it pointed to Julie. Julie I am sure to avoid an embarrassing question in front of me choose dare. Betty to my surprise ordered Julie to remove her top. Julie complied and was soon sitting among her two sisters with her tits sticking straight into the air. After several rounds al l the girls were sitting bare chested and I was ordered to remove my shirt by Jeanie. I looked to Julie for approval and she remarked “play the game”. I removed my shirt and spun the bottle to point to Jeanie. I ordered her to remove her panties and without hesitation she did. Her pussy was shaven slick, I could see her lips sticking out and swollen. After a few more rounds with the bottle and a few drink rounds Julie was the last one to remove her panties and we were all naked. The chatter dealt in all manner of sexual things at this point. I noticed Betty rubbing her hand against her pussy and could tell she was wet. All three girls’ nipples were erect and rock hard and so was I.

I got the next dare and Betty dared me to take a mouth full of 190 grain alcohol and deposit it into Jeanie’s pussy without letting anything leak out. I took as big a gulp as I could into my mouth and then with Jeanie laying on her back and legs up and spread placed my mouth against her swollen cunt lips. Her pussy was soaking wet and the smell of her sex was overpowering, I deposited the 190 into her cunt and then raised her legs up over her head to keep the contents in as directed. The view of her puckered ass hole and pussy was almost more than I could stand. Jeanie reported a terrific buzz and I was instructed to do the same on Betty and Julie. The sight of all three sisters on their backs with their legs up in the air exposing their tight little puckered cunts and wrinkled little ass holes was tremendous.

The girls were getting super wasted with the alcohol entering the blood stream in their pussy and now they forgot about the bottle. I just being given orders and they each wanted a shot up their butt hole too. I first went to Jeanie and licked on her ass hole before sticking my tongue into her. I felt her have an orgasm as my tongue entered her. I then took a swig of 190 and placed another shot into her swollen cunt and one into her ass as she squirmed with delight. I repeated the same on Julie and then Betty. sakarya escort Within 5 minutes all three girls appeared to be in a frenzy of lust. Julie took my head and pressed it into her hot wet cunt and I began to eat her out and she immediately began riding a wave of orgasms. Betty crawled underneath my stomach and took my throbbing cock into her hot mouth and began to deep throat me while Jeanie got behind me and tongued my ass hole. I soon shot a huge load of pent up sperm deep into Betty’s receiving mouth. Jeanie deposited a shot of 190 up my ass and I in turn gave each girl another shot up their cunts.

Julie said they wanted to give me a treat that I would not forget and all three girls lined up and got on all fours with their heads and shoulders down on the ground raised their ass high into the air side by side. I quickly mounted Jeanie who was on the end and fucked her tight pussy rocking her ass cheeks and tits into a wave as she cried out in orgasm after orgasm. I grabbed her hips and drove into her as hard as I could and dumped another hot load of jism deep into her. As I sat back she got up and said “oh no you don’t your not done until all three of us are serviced. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me back to life and then guided my cock into Julie’s waiting cunt. Julie took Jeanie’s hand and began rubbing her clit with it as I fucked her silly.

In moments Julie was cumming hard. I pumped her hard as she contracted her vaginal muscles around my cock in a milking effect before shooting my load deep into her womb. Now she and Jeanie both sucked me back to full attention and guided me into Betty’s incredibly tight small pussy. I began pumping slowly as Julie began fingering my ass hole and Jeanie began sucking and pulling on my balls. After about 5 minutes Julie inserted another mouthful of 190 into my ass hole and the sensation caused me to explode into Betty. Betty tightened down around my cock as she shuddered in orgasm and would not release me. I stayed inside her until I went soft and was able to withdraw. The shots of 190 had me feeling with a buzz that I have never experienced before and feeling incredibly horny although I had already cum four time tonight. The girls were feeling the same effect. We continued to give each other shots and to fuck and suck the rest of the night. Before morning I had fucked and cum in each girls mouth, pussy and asshole.

The girls ended up staying with us at the cabin for the next five days while we were there. We never did get dressed during that entire time and I fucked each one of them individually and together several times each day all five days. The last day we were there I lay in a hammock outside while all three girls sucked me and teased me all day. Each time they would bring me to the point of orgasm they would collect my seed into a large jar they had. That last night after dinner they all three lay in the bed which had a plastic sheet over it and had me to dump the spooge all over all three of them. They then began to massage the cum into each other covering each of their bodies while I joined in. Betty did not have enough to cover her hair and Julie and Jeanie sucked my balls and played with my asshole until I was able to shoot a load directly onto her head. As I then ate each one’s pussy and assholes out one last time they all three cleaned each other off with their tongues.

The next morning we all got dressed and ready to leave. We promised to all get together in December and to spend a week sailing together on our 40′ foot sail boat in the Keys. Those stories still to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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