In Love With Her

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It all began when she saw her for the very first time. There she stood all 5ft 7inches of curvy goodness. She put an hourglass to shame with her body. Her emerald green eyes and fluffy sienna brown hair that hugged her shoulders in a somewhat cloudy performance. Kaya had brought home a friend and introduced her to us. Her name was Ash, a friend from school who would be coming over, to help with a class project that they had. She was the most polite individual I have ever met, our mom fell in love with her immediately. Ash was thoroughly welcomed into the family and that very same day she even helped mom cook dinner.

When she came over she would have a little conversation with us before going up to Kaya’s room to hang out. I admired her from top to bottom and inside out, or at least I thought it was admiration until I felt my heart skip a bit whenever she would kiss my forehead when she came over. It was a customary thing for her to do. She would come over hug my mom, kiss my forehead, have a conversation with us about her day and ask mom and I about ours before going up to Kaya’s room. Anytime she gave me a hug or paid attention to me I would feel my heart skip a bit or flutter and I found myself wondering what it would be like to kiss her. That’s when I realised, I had a crush on my sister’s friend.


On this particular day, no one was home except for Kaya and Ash. She figured that out because their shoes were near the staircase. She quickly put away her school stuff and her shoes, she needed to talk to Kaya. She needed a dress for a party that was going on later that night and she didn’t wanna wear her own clothes. She followed the sounds of giggles upstairs, the door was slightly open. Her mouth opened in shock as she saw her sister passionately locked in a deep kiss with Ash. Kaya’s arms wrapped around her tightly like she might fall if she let go. A soft mew like sound emitted from the kiss. Lia’s head spun as different things popped up in her head.

She always thought that they were really close, she was one of the only friends allowed to come over, she was basically family by now. Nothing made sense, yet everything did. The way they seemed to glow around each other or how Ash seemed to be a tad bit protective of Kaya or even how she never seemed to see anyone else except for Kaya when they went out.

Her heart sank as her thoughts spiralled out of control. She turned to leave, she should probably give them some privacy and come to terms with this new information.

“Lia,” Kaya’s voice rang out, shaking her from her thoughts.

“Why are you just standing there not saying anything?”

Ash looked unfazed as she grabbed a bath towel from the shelf and headed towards the bathroom.

“Lia,” she said calmly stopping to place a kiss on my forehead before leaving the room.

“So,” Lia said slowly making her way to the bed and sitting down. She watched her sister watch her through the bedroom mirror while she combed out her unruly hair.

“You and Ash..” she trailed off.

“yes Lia,” Kaya sighed softly. “We’re together.’

“We’re you gonna tell me?”

“Yea, eventually.”

“oh, okay,” she paused. ” I, uh, actually came to borrow one of your dresses for the party tonight.”

“Go ahead,” she said motioning towards the closet. ” Take anything you want.”

Lia’s eyes shone bright with excitement as she realised the rare opportunity awarded to her by her sister. She threw her arms around Kaya and kissed her cheek.

“Love you, Kaya,” she said happily as she made a dash towards the closet.

“Yea Yea, love you too,” she said as she finally finished taming her fluffy chocolate brown hair into a high puff. She applied mascara and some lipgloss while Lia rummaged through her closet for the perfect dress. A small squeal sounded the successful retrieval of the perfect dress followed by a “Thank you, Kaya.” As she rushed towards the door.

Ash walked back in as Lia left with one of her sister’s favourite dresses in hand. Lia blushed crimson as she watched the water drip from Ash’s long eyelashes onto her cheeks. Her lips pouty and her cheeks flushed from the warm water she had bathed in. Ash stared istanbul travesti down at Lia.

“Oh, you’re still here, did you get what you wanted?”

“Ah, yes,” Lia said showing her the little red number in her hands. Lia’s eyes following a stray droplet rushing down towards the dip between her breasts.

Ash chuckled. “Take a picture it will last longer.”

Kaya giggled and quickly cleared her throat. She knew the type of effect Ash had on other people including her it couldn’t be helped.

“Ash, stop teasing the damn girl, you know very well that she has a crush on you.”

Lia’s eyes opened wide as she looked between them both.

“Y-y-you knew?”

Ash raised her hand awkwardly scratching her head, slowly turning the colour of a beet.

She pointed towards the wall. “Uh, thin walls.”

“Hard not to know, when you’re moaning my name like that.” Ash eyed her and then shook her hair trying to cover her burning face accidentally wetting them both as she did so.

Lia ran out of the room the colour of a bleeding tomato followed by the sound of a slamming door.


“Ash,” Kaya said getting up from the chair and pulling Ash towards her.

“You shouldn’t have said that, you’ve embarrassed the both of you.” She moved Ash’s hair away from her face and sighed. “Neither of you will be able to act indifferent and momma’s gonna ask what’s wrong.”

“Sorry,” she mumbled resting her head against Kaya’s shoulder.

“Come on, you did this to yourself, stop dripping water all over my floors with that amount of hair.” She flicked a puff resulting in an onslaught of droplets falling onto her shirt.

“Yep, go do something about that cloud.” she swats at Ash’s butt with her hand.

The pair get ready in comfortable silence as they think about the day’s events.

“So, Lia finally found out,”

“Yea took her 2 years tho.”

“What about your parents?”

“I’ll tell them after we move out.”

They silently hugged for a while before leaving.


The party was in full swing when they got there, half the people were already drunk as expected of Jamie, the party mascot.

“Look who’s here everybody!” he half yelled half slurred.

“It’s Ash and Kaya!”

A loud “WOOOOO!” was heard before to red glasses were shoved into their hands.




“Drink!” the voices echoed together before a loud shout was heard as they threw back the contents of their cup.

Initiation drink, no one was allowed to enter the party without drinking before entering.

Kaya spotted Lia across the room who nodded to her before turning back to her friends. They never intermingled when they were out partying. Lia stuck with her crew and Kaya stuck with her people. Just a few random nods and eye catches to make sure that they were alright and then they continued on their way.


A few hours and one too many drinks later, Lia stumbled about searching for a bathroom that wasn’t occupied with half-dressed, drunk or couples making out. She sighed in relief as she entered a bedroom that was empty and seems to have a bathroom in it.

Finally! She screamed mentally as she rushed in and went about her business. Making sure she wasn’t to drunk to incapacitate herself. She opened the door to go back out to the party and was greeted by two bodies intertwined with each other on the bed.

She could either sneak past them or wait it out. Despite the light coming from the bathroom door, the couple seemed oblivious to everything but themselves. She turned towards the bedroom door to make her escape when she heard a loud moan.

“Fuck, Ash, not here.” The person moaned breathlessly.

Lia’s head whipped towards the bed to see her sister’s massive brown curls falling around her face, her face flushed while she tried to dislodge Ashe’s face from between her legs.

“But baby you taste so sweet,” Ash murmured flicking her clit with her tongue.

Lia let out a squeak in embarrassment, causing Lia and Ash istanbul travestileri to turn in her direction.

“Lia?” Kaya said in disbelief before burying her head in Ash’s shoulder.

Lia rushed towards the door.

“Don’t stop because of me,” Her face burning in embarrassment. “I-I was just leaving.” She slammed the door behind her leaving a mortified Kaya and a clearly horny Ash in bed.

She gazed at the retreating figure before the door slammed shut. Ash got up and sat beside her.

“Twice in a row huh, I feel like we have some bad luck around Lia today.”

Kaya sighed dropping her head into her hands.

“Ash, just hug me okay?” Kaya mumbled.

Ash pulled Kaya into her arms resting her head on her chest.

“I think it’s time to go home,” Kaya said softly. “Now, who knows who else could be in here watching or accidentally walk in on us again.”

Ash nodded before holding her steady and guided her out of the room and through the drunken crowd.

“Aw! going home so soon?” Jamie said in nearly comprehensible English.

“Yep!” Ash said taking the lead. “See Lia anywhere?” He nodded toward the tall slim figure sitting on the sofa looking completely uninterested in what her current companion had to say to her.


Her mind wandered to the scene that had unfolded before her eyes as her sister’s moans echoed in her mind. She shuddered in disgust, there should be nothing erotic about watching her sister be intimate, it wasn’t as if she was watching on purpose either she just happened to stumble upon them. She looked up and saw Ash watching her, a small trace of colour hit her cheeks as they flushed in guilt. Ash nodded towards the door, her hand planted firmly around a clearly intoxicated Kaya.

She got up and quickly headed towards the Ash. She wished Jaime a good night and gave him a hug before slipping her arm around Kaya’s waist and helping Ash manoeuvre her through the people outside. They finally reached the car and she helped Ash put her in the backseat and buckle her in before Lia entered the front and buckled in herself as well. There was silence as Ash got in and started the car. The single thud of the car door closing and the soft purr of the engine warming up. Ash started driving out of the parking lot looking deep in thought. Lia sat quietly.

“Sorry about tonight,” she paused “and this afternoon.” she softly chuckled to herself before turning her head slightly towards Lia. Ash’s green eyes shone slightly in the darkness as a street light illuminated it.

“You’re a really pretty girl, I-” she gave her a small smile and turned her head back to the road.

“I hope you can find someone to love you for all that you are,” she began “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like I was leading you on as well.” She sighed, rubbing her hand on her forehead.

“I really love your sister and I consider you my little sister in the retrospect.”

“Your mom treats me like family, I wouldn’t want to destroy that.” she sighed as she pulled into the driveway.

“I understand,” Lia says as she unbuckles and gets out of the vehicle to help Kaya out. Kaya had fallen asleep in the back seat. Together they carried her towards the house and into her room and plopped her down on the bed.


“Thank you, by the way,” she said as she left the room, “Means a lot to me.” Lia could feel the tears welling up under her eyelids. In two strides Ash pulled her into her arms and gave her a tight hug.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled into Lia’s hair before giving her a kiss on her forehead and letting her go. The door closed, leaving Kaya and Ash alone. Ash slumped down into the bed finally feeling sad. Kaya drunkenly pulled Ash into her arms.

“Kiss?” she said as she pulled Ash’s face towards hers. Ash smiled as she held KAya’s face and started planting tiny little kisses all over her face before landing the final one on her lips. All her worries and sadness melted away as she deepened her kiss pulling Kaya’s soft, curvy body into her arms. Her heartbeat quickened as Kaya’s little content moans filled Ash’s ears and travesti istanbul vibrated throughout her body. She slowly kissed her cheek, going slowly towards her chin, then her neck nibbling on her sweet spot between her neck and her shoulder.

Kaya let out a small squeal and started to giggle. Ash slowly removed Kaya’s clothes one by one. “I love you,” Ash murmured as she kissed Kaya’s supple breasts, gently caressing and kneading her size Ds. She moaned as the penny-sized nipples got harder in her mouth, she smiled against Kaya’s breasts as Kaya emitted little mewls of excitement.

She raised herself up to Kaya’s lips and kissed them harshly while palming and kneading her bare breasts. Kaya’s body arched towards her as she gasped, moulding perfectly against Ash’s body.

“Ash,” she said breathlessly. Ash descended slowly toward her belly button flicking the silver and green navel ring, as it sat daintily against her skin. She continued on her way as she kissed her soft mound, the tension grew as Kaya held her breath awaiting what would happen next. Ash finished undressing Kaya, kissing her hips and her legs as she did so. A shout ‘thud’ was heard as the clothes hit the floor and Kaya’s naked body lay beneath her.


“So beautiful,” she whispered as she took in the sight of her beautiful girlfriend laying all flushed and vulnerable in front of her. She placed herself between Kaya’s legs and dipped her tongue between her folds making Kaya gasp and tighten her legs around Ash’s head.

Ash gently pried Kaya’s legs apart as she licked and suckled the swollen nub between her legs. She ate her out like she was starving and Kaya was her last meal. She moaned as Kaya became wetter and wetter dousing her lips with sweet nectar. Kaya grinded against Ash’s face as she tongue fucked her tightness.

Smiled as Kaya came on her face, writhing in pleasure and moaning her name. There was no stopping as she religiously licked and sucked Kaya’s dripping wet pussy.

As she lapped away at the overflowing juices, she stuck her fingers inside her; rubbing against her swollen and ready G-spot. She moved her fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion while caressing Kaya’s body with the other hand. Her mouth still connected to Kaya’s pussy like it was her last breath of life. She continued to suckle on Kaya’s erected nub.

Her face was now covered in Kaya’s juices as she gyrated her hips against her face. Ash moaned into her pussy as she started tightening around her fingers. Ash removed her fingers and placed them into Kaya’s lips, groaning as Kaya took them into her mouth sucking them in delight and passion. Ash began to slide her tongue between her folds applying pressure to her already sensitive clit. Kaya’s warm lips wrapped around her fingers as Ash tongued fucked Kaya’s soaking wet pussy was also making her very wet.

She removed her fingers from inside’s Kaya’s mouth and placed them between her own thighs, feeling her own slick wetness pouring out of her. She moaned as she felt her own pussy tightening around her fingers. Her free hand she used to pinch and caress Kaya’s stiff nipples, while continuously sucking on and kissing Kaya’s very aroused and very sensitive pussy. Each pinch and lick resulted in a jerk and loud moans from Kaya. She pumped her fingers harder and faster inside her own pussy. Kaya was close to climaxing again and Ash could feel it. She wanted to come together with her as she rode her own fingers, roughly palming her clit as she thrust in and out of herself. Kaya’s legs wrapped tightly around Ash’s neck. “Ash,” she moaned loudly. “Oh, fuck Ash!” she shouted as she tangled her fingers into Ashe’s hair. With every breathless moan, Ash felt herself slowly getting closer to where she needed to be. Kaya forcefully rubbed her pussy against Ash’s tongue and lips. Ash moaned as Kaya came hard into her mouth. She licked her lips in satisfaction her fingers still going inside her. She kissed her mound of wet quivering mess before capturing Kaya’s lips in hers. She moaned as Kaya’s tongue caressed the roof of her mouth and tangling with her tongue.

“I fucking love you,” she moaned as she came apart in her hands. She licked her fingers clean before forcefully kissing Kaya again. The taste of both of them on their lips drove them crazy as they hungrily kissed like there was no tomorrow.

“I love you too,” came the reply. They melted into each other’s arms thinking about nothing else except the taste of their love.

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