Loving Janice

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Educational opportunities for girls in the North of Scotland began to improve in the 1960s when schools were encouraged to allow them access to all academic subjects. This laudable aim was however fraught with difficulties, not least because of inbuilt prejudices. Girls were still considered as stupid and only capable of being domestics, housewives, and mothers. Any girl trying to do advanced study was looked down upon, trivialized and openly derided by boys in class and even had a hard time from some girls, who considered them as ‘boyish’ and betraying their female role. These difficulties were often exaggerated by the attitudes of male staff who thought it a waste of their time to teach soppy girls. Girls had to be determined, thick-skinned and very hard working to overcome these challenges.

My parents were crofters. As their only daughter, I had significant responsibilities for running of the house and in caring for my brothers. It was anticipated that as soon as I could legitimately do so, I’d leave school and take a job as a domestic or shopworker to earn money to supplement the family income. My parents weren’t uncaring, and my position wasn’t extreme or unusual for that area. All girls faced the same scenario and most accepted their fate.

I watched as older friends left school, went into dead-end jobs, got married and become slaves burdened down by large families; to have ten or more kids wasn’t that uncommon for women of the time. I knew that this was not for me, I wanted to have a proper job, a career even, to be independent and in control of my life but the available options were limited. My family needed an extra income. Luck was, however, to be on my side. A new store in town wanted to open in the evenings but had problems finding the staff to work the late hours. They were taken aback when I approached them about a job but agreed to give me a four-week trial, which then became permanent.

My folks were wonderful. Secretly, they’d always hoped I could finish my schooling and supported me in this new approach. They knew that with school and a job my days would be very long and tiring so relieved me of most of my chores. To my brothers’ chagrin, they were made to take over many of my household duties.

For the next four years, my life revolved around, school, and work. I had to be very organized to keep up with my studies, mainly as several teachers were ready to put the boot in if there was any slip in my standards. However, Mr. Jones was my savior, he took me under his wing, imbued me with his interest in and enthusiasm for the sciences and helped me get high enough grades to go to the university. I was the first girl from the school to do so, much to the dismay of several golden boys who had wanted to go to the university but didn’t make an effort to do the work.

Once at the university I kept up this strict regime of work and study at the exclusion of anything else. I was a recluse in a sea of people, determined to get a high-grade degree even at the expense of social life. Although I’m sure that I was a crashing bore and hated by fellow students, the strategy worked, and I had top grades in my first three years.

I’d planned to spend the first few weeks of the summer break at home with my family and friends before going back to my job full-time to build up funds for the coming year. These arrangements went out of the window as soon as I received a call from my friend Jenny. Her grandfather Sandy had been in the hospital and was now due to come home to convalesce.

“I’m abroad for the next three weeks. I know that it’s a big ask but would you be willing to look after grandpa until I get back. He’s independent and self-sufficient, so it is just to keep an eye on him, deal with any problems and provide some company.”

Jenny was one of my few good friends, I owed her a lot, and I knew Sandy, having met him once during a visit to her home. After a little hesitation, I agreed. That afternoon I went to the hospital to see Sandy and made the necessary arrangements for him to return home on the following day.

Sandy was sixty-five, looked frail but was cheery and talkative and delighted to see me. “Thank you for stepping into the breach. I thought I’d be here for another three weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well looked after, but it’s not like being at home.”

“I know what you mean, and I’m happy to help. If you give me your keys, I’ll go around to the flat tomorrow morning and make sure that everything is ready for you to come home in the afternoon.”

Sandy had a two-bedroom ground floor flat five blocks away from my student residence. I packed a bag of essentials and headed off to there the next morning. I gave the apartment a makeover and stocked up with food items from the local shop.

I was stopped by a lady on my way back to the flat. “Who are you, what are you doing here? Sandy isn’t around right now.”

“I’m Janice, a friend of his grand-daughter. Sandy is coming home from the hospital this afternoon, and eryaman escort I’m going to look after him until Jenny returns from her trip.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to have questioned you. I hope Sandy will be well again soon. Don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you need.”

“No problem at all, you can’t be too careful these days.” I noticed the woman peering out from behind her curtains when the taxi brought Sandy to the door. Clearly, she had to know everything that was going on.

Sandy and I sat and chatted for a while. I’d wondered how I could hold a conversation with him but no worries, he was very talkative, and I just had to listen. I got a snapshot of his life. He and his sweetheart Maggie married at twenty, had thirty happy years together and raised three daughters. Sandy went to live with one of his daughters, Jenny’s mum after Maggie passed away and became Jenny’s guardian when her mother sadly passed on. He raised Jenny through the awkward teen years, and they’d moved into the present flat when she started at the university.

We shared a light evening meal, and soon Sandy decided to go off to bed. After tidying up in the kitchen, I went to check that he had everything he needed for the night. I’d forgotten how tiring a hospital stay can be, so was a little surprised to find that he was already fast asleep. Ah, the wonders of being in your own comfy bed.

Sandy slept all the way through to mid-day but then got up full of energy and life. After lunch, we went for a walk around the local area where we bumped into a few of his friends, including the woman from the previous day. I soon realized how unfit I’d become, I was struggling to keep up with a spritely sixty-five-year-old.

That evening we had a meal together, watched some television and both headed off to bed at around nine o’clock. I was getting settled down when I had a sense that something was not quite right. I got up and went through to Sandy’s room, to find him sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing.”

“What’s wrong, what’s the matter?”

“Don’t fret lass, I’m just feeling lonely, missing Maggie. I know that I have my family, but it’s not the same. She was my soulmate and rock for so many happy years.”

I embraced Sandy, and he rested his head on my shoulder. I tousled his hair and said, “Shush now, it’ll be okay. I’ll help you through this.”

It was then that I had a surreal experience. In my head I said, “come on let’s get you to bed” but the words that came out were, “come to bed.”

We sat staring at each other, stunned at what I’d just said but being a believer that things happen for a reason I followed through, slipped out of my nightgown and into Sandy’s bed. He was in shock, staring at me in silence, but then the sight of my pert lady bits peering over the duvet triggered the male imperative, he practically tore off his pajamas, got in beside me and pulled me close, squashing my boobs against his chest. His youth now reawakened, Sandy kissed me intensely on the lips and then began to work his way down my shoulders before latching his hands and lips on to my boobs. I was already in rapture, in bed with a man for the first time. Now laying under him I felt his balls drop between my legs when I spread to get more comfortable. His cock engorged and seemed to take a life of its own. The tip nuzzled its way amongst my bush, as though hunting for its lair, and on finding its target immediately pushed in between the lips.

I sighed at this blissful intrusion, and my snatch became moist. Sandy’s cock, tremored as my wetness engulfed its head, triggering beautiful sensations and responses in my pussy lips. I’d swear that they were trying to clamp themselves around the head to be sure it couldn’t escape. Sensing this, Sandy pushed further into me, there was a burst of pain as my hymen popped, and then an ever-increasing sense of fullness as the tip sniffed its way deeper and deeper into me, stretching me in every direction. My snatch was squirming and pulsing, striving to accommodate this massive invader. I was struggling to cope when joy upon joy my fanny responded as nature intended; muscles relaxed, juices flooded in, and my tunnel adjusted to form a tight but comfortable cocoon around the shaft.

Sandy’s rod started to move back and fore inside me, each stroke getting progressively longer. This was not the wham bam sex often portrayed in novels, but slow and gentle loving by an expert. As Sandy’s tool pillaged my fud, it hit sweet spot after sweet spot. The building sensations were overwhelming, my snatch went into a frenzy and I tremored in orgasm, not a screamer but a satisfying one. Sandy, keep plundering me slowly, and my twat was again close to ecstasy when his cock went rock hard and warmth rapidly built up around its tip as his hot spunk flooded into me.

Sandy and I cuddled together, shared a gentle kiss, and soon he was asleep. With my head nestled in his chest, I lay there savoring the moment before also falling into that blissful deep eryaman escort bayan sleep of the just after. I awoke early next morning, to find myself in a wet patch. Of course, what goes up there must come down, and by the look of things, Sandy’s deposit had been generous indeed. I wriggled out of the dampness, closer to the still sleeping Sandy and lay across his chest. With my head rising and falling to Sandy’s every breath, I looked down at his now flaccid willy. At that moment, his cock didn’t look as if it could do much damage, but my ravaged and sated fud could testify to the contrary. Sandy may have been frail, but his manhood was more than fit for purpose.

I lay there until around mid-day when I got up to prepare a meal. A bleary-eyed Sandy soon appeared in the kitchen, we shared a lingering kiss and then had lunch together. Later, while huddled together on the living room sofa, Sandy kissed me on the brow, slipped his hand into my housecoat and began to tease a breast.

“Janice, lass, that was that your first time wasn’t it? Did you enjoy it?”

“Wow, it was breathtaking. I’m so happy, no longer a girl, now a woman.”

“Yes and no. You are now womanly, but there is much still to learn. Yesterday, I used you for my pleasure. Many women accept this submissive role, never realizing the joys to be had from shared love. When a man and woman give and take pleasure in equal measure the sex is unbelievable and the satisfaction out of this world. For that, you need to know and understand your sexuality and feminine desires, and I want to help you explore them.”

Ever slow on the uptake I didn’t think that Sandy meant there and then. After all, old men need a few latent days before rising to the challenge again don’t they. Not so, at least not for love-hungry Sandy. He took me by the hand to his bedroom, took off my robe, clasped my breasts in his hands and began suckling on their nipples like a hungry baby. I was already breathing heavily when his lips started to work their way down past my belly button and onto my fud, where they soon latched onto my lower lips and gently sucked on them. Sandy then slid his tongue between the lips and probed my love hole with gusto. I couldn’t hold back and went into a gushing climax that left Sandy soaked in my nectar.

Sandy got up beside me on the bed. Now it was my turn. I kissed his shoulders and neck before starting to suck on his nipples. When I moved further downwards, I found out that he enjoyed being kissed and tongued around the belly button. After lingering there for a while, I kissed the tip of his cock and took the flaccid shaft in my mouth while licking the underside with my tongue. That awakened the beast, which soon filled me up. I couldn’t gobble the full length without gagging, so sucked as much of it as I could, all the while stroking his perineum.

I felt Sandy’s tool twitch and go even harder.

“Stop, don’t make me cum, the rabbit wants to be in its burrow.”

Sandy turned me over on my back, parted my legs, and then hooked them together behind his back. This left my wet pussy fully exposed, quivering with anticipation, almost begging to be filled. Sandy duly obliged, nearly blowing me away with the first strokes. The penetration was phenomenal. His cock burst through to the very depths of my twat and began pulsing wildly as its head eagerly pillaged and trashed these new-found lands. Wave after wave of new sensations coursed through me, I was tremoring and close to orgasm, but Sandy slowed almost to a stop and allowed this acute ardor to cool. He then restarted with faster and stronger strokes and soon had me on edge again. Then, with three rough thrusts, he drove my fanny into convulsions, and I came to a shrieking climax just as his weapon released its load and filled my snatch’s ravished depths with masses of soothing spunk. The earth did move for us that day. Sandy had used his experience to control my arousal so that we had a dual orgasm. My first lesson in that art. My pussy trembled, and I smiled at the thought of how much practice I’d need to get it just right.

We slipped into bed and cuddled together enjoying our euphoria.

“Oh wow, that was awesome, I’m well and truly shagged, you’re an excellent tutor.”

“No, you’re are a responsive pupil. You’ve taught me new things as well. We can continue tomorrow if you want?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, please!” We then fell into a deep and contented slumber.

Next morning, I felt Sandy shake me. “Wake up lazybones. It’s a new day.” I was still trying to recover from our previous exertions while he was up and about. How could my sixty-five-year-old lover be so chipper and cheerful while I was exhausted? This said a great deal about his zest and stamina. It must have been around twenty years since Stan last shared his bed. Had I rekindled his lusty youth? If so, this would be a memorable stay.

I got up, showered, pampered myself and then shared a meal with Sandy. No sooner had we finished and tidied escort eryaman up than he was leading me back to bed. After a good night’s rest Sandy was randy and eager for more action, and wow, the sex was fantastic, his cock played my pussy like a pinball machine, driving me to the edge again and again before allowing me to climax. From that day we made love each morning, rested for a couple of hours and then rushed around madly doing our chores in the afternoons.

I was tired most of the time but not complaining, I was satisfied beyond my dreams. I did worry that Sandy was overdoing it. He looked fit and chirpy, but you never know. I didn’t want to be responsible for him having a heart attack, but he always took the lead, and I didn’t want to disappoint. Any fears were dispelled when Sandy went to the doctor for his check-up.

“I don’t know what routine this young lady has got you on but keep it up, you’re in better shape than for a long time.”

“I’m just making sure he’s getting plenty of exercises.”

“It’s certainly helping, his heart is strong.”

Next morning during the ecstasy of the just after I burst out laughing. “Who’d believe it, we’re just following the doctors’ orders.”

Too soon the three weeks were over, and Jenny was home. I worried about how Sandy would cope in my absence. Going from regular sex to abstinence in one fell swoop would dampen anyone’s spirit, but Jenny assured me that he was keeping healthy and chipper. Of course, she never knew that Sandy and I still met up for whole body workouts on the two mornings during the week that Jenny had work, but I did not. In truth, I now needed him as much as he wanted me. Our liaisons were as rampant as ever, if anything, the few days of abstinence made the sex even better.

Sandy, Jenny and his daughters had many intense discussions in the weeks leading up to the start of the next semester. Like me, Jenny was going into what would be a challenging final year at the university. The consensus view was that Sandy should stay with one of his daughters over this time so that Jenny didn’t have the additional worry of looking after him. Sandy wasn’t happy with this plan but eventually agreed to it. My heart sank at this news, but we continued to see each other up to the end, our last morning together was particularly vigorous and poignant.

From the start of term, I reverted to my regimen of hard work and study but, unlike before, I wasn’t a total workaholic, I had a limited social life. I would occasionally go to parties with friends and even had a few dates which sadly never got to first base. It was too soon; those poor lads couldn’t compete with my caviar memories of Sandy. So, despite my efforts, my frosty knickers image perpetuated.

My college friends organized a party to celebrate the end of a tough semester. I wasn’t keen to go, I just wanted to chill out on my own, but they eventually persuaded me to attend.

The festivities were already in full swing when I arrived. I mingled, found some close friends, chatted, danced and shared some wine with them. As the evening wore on, they drifted off to spend quality time with their significant others, and I was left sitting by the bar people watching.

A cheeky young student came over and started chatting with me. He was fit and personable, and I was flattered by the attention, so I let my guard slip and accepted a glass of wine from him. We talked for a while and flirted, but then I started to feel woozy and dizzy. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up in bed with two strange men. I was naked, wracked in pain, and covered in who knows what. Clearly, these brutes had used me most horribly, what else would they do to me? I’ve never been so scared in my life, I had to escape.

Fortunately, the men were fast asleep, having exhausted themselves on me. I quietly slipped off the bed and searched frantically for my clothes. I gathered them and stumbled out of the bedroom, planning to redress in the living area. My heart sank when I found two more men asleep in there. I was almost sick. Had I been taken by all of them?

Still naked, I went out of the front door into a hallway. Fortuitously, there was no-one around, so I redressed as best I could. This took forever, I was all fingers and thumbs. I was finally tidying myself down when I heard a loud voice.

“Where is she? I want to shag her again.”

My heart began pounding, terrified of being caught again I fled from the building, running as fast and as far as I could. I was staggering and gasping for breath when I bumped into a man and woman taking their pet dog for a walk.

“Are you okay, what’s wrong, do you need help?”

I told a white lie. “Some men tried to assault me, but I got free and ran away from them.”

“Do you need to go to the hospital or see the police?”

“No, I’ll be okay. I just want to go home, where can I get a taxi?”

The couple took me to a phone kiosk, I called a nearby service, and a cab arrived within minutes.

I’ve no idea how I looked at the time, but it must’ve been horrendous. The driver said, “You’ve had plenty of action tonight, haven’t you lass. I envy you, I never get any from the missus.” Too stunned to comment, I just nodded.

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