Mistress Melanie’s Face Slave

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She didn’t shave her pussy. She, however, kept it beautifully manicured. Better said, he kept it precisely trimmed and shaped. He did do daily as part of the bathing ritual she’d taught him. Following her bath he dried and fluffed her golden-brown public hair. Then with a fine, handmade bone comb and a small pair of grooming scissors he’d kneel between her legs in the bathroom before a floor to ceiling mirror (so she could watch him work) and carefully ensure every hair was even, boundaries were perfectly straight . He enjoyed the process and it often showed. Tonight his enjoyment in attending her was evidenced by a long, unbroken, clear string of pre-cum that ran from the slit at the tip of his erect penis to the white marble floor. She, too, was a little more excited than usual. He could see that her pussy was dripping wet despite his most recent attention with a terrycloth towel. Thick, clear fluid oozed from between her labia. Her clit was beginning to extend itself from beneath its hood.

“Hunter, I’m horny tonight. I want to do something different with you. How long have you been attending me?” She reached out as she spoke to run her fingers through his gray-blonde brush cut. The caress was tender, a true caress.

He looked up into her face, knowing it would be okay. Experience had taught him he was allowed to look into her face when this kind of verbal exchange was in play. “About three months Mistress, three really special months. The best time of my life.” Hunter meant every word of his short declaration. As he shared his inner feelings, his anal sphincter contracted around the circular rib of the butt-plug he’d worked into his own ass, at her command, bursa escort well over an hour ago.

“I think it is time we took you just a little further down the path of your servitude. You’ve taken such good care of my bush tonight; you’ve made me want to be real nasty. I want to be plain dirty. Cover my cunt-hole with your open mouth. I’m going to piss down your throat.” With this command she brought her left hand to the back of his head and tucked his chin well below her patch, dragging his nose through the short-hairs he just created. Hunter was beyond objecting. His cock exuded an ever-thicker stream of pre-cum as it danced freely between his quivering legs.

Melanie was giving soft-spoken directions. A new approach that excited him and generated anticipation of the first-time experience just beginning for him. “Now, Baby, push your tongue deep in my hole. But, keep it soft. Don’t stab at me, swab my cunt.” As she spoke, she held his head where she wanted it, applying just enough force for him to know he was in her control. She rotated her hips in undulating circles, working his tongue as much as he was.

“Now, withdraw your tongue from my canal, find my pee-hole. Stiffen your tongue, work the tip of your tongue into the hole. Find the right pressure. Feel my body respond. Connect with me and you’ll know what’s working. Work on Mama, Cunter. Make me pee.” As he listen to her voice, he found a connection with her body, sensed the pleasure his tongue was creating in her urethra. He felt a pulsing begin at the tip of her tube. He knew he was meeting her needs as he heard her hoarsely grunt, “Motherfucker!”

“Get ready you Fucker. I’m gon’na çanakkale escort pee in your mouth. If you let a drop escape, you won’t cum for a week. Understand? Don’t stop drinking me.” With a forward thrust of her hips, her hands pulled his head tight against her belly. She rolled her hips and he tasted the front-end of her golden stream. A strong, steady stream of pee beat against the back of his throat. The acrid taste worked for him. The thought of serving her worked more. He was enjoying the act and thought to grab his cock. It was as if she could read his mind.

“Don’t you touch your cock. Serve me. Reach behind me. Spread my ass-cheeks with your left hand and work the tip of your right fuck-finger into my asshole. Don’t go deep, spread my hole wide. Feel the next couple of squirts and rotate your finger in-between each squirt. You’ll know what I mean.” On cue, the steady stream of piss broke and he gulped to swallow and for air. He hands relaxed on the back of his head. Then they immediately tightened again.

“Now, make me feel good, Hunter. Right after I squirt. Roll your finger-tip in my ass slowly, Stretch my butt-hole.” With that she let go a strong short burst of pee. As it subsided Hunter stabbed his tongue upward at her clit and rolled his middle finger in a manner that was nastier than he thought possible. Her rubbery asshole open and closed around his digit and it slid in deeper, well past the second knuckle. Mistress Melanie moaned, “”Oh yeah, I like that, again!” She passed another squirt of her golden fluid into her mouth. As it ended he worked the deeper magic of his finger in her asshole. She squirted six more times didim escort and by the sixth time, the two middle fingers of his right hand were buried deep in her ass, to the palm. She was grunting and pushing down on those fingers by deeply bending her knees. All the while she held tightly to the back of his head.

She came in an un-Mistress-like manner. “Baby, Nasty Mama’s cumming. Let me lie down, but don’t let your fingers leave my asshole.” She rolled as she collapsed to the cold white marble floor, ending up on her belly with her impelled ass grinding up and down against his fingers. Melanie breathed in deep sighs as her orgasm subsided.

“Oh, Cunter, such a good job. Better than I expected from a novice. You deserve a reward. You may remove your fingers slowly and then jack-off into the open hole left behind. You can not penetrate me, but you can squirt as deep inside me as my open hole allows. Do you understand?” Hunter withdrew his fingers and was amazed by the opening left behind. He could see deep into her anal canal. He wanted to see his white cum in that pink hole.

“Yes, Mistress!” He was three excited strokes into complying and shooting copious white globs of his cum into her butt-hole as he spoke. It looked so nasty as he watch it drip into one of her holes rather than out. Another new experience.

“How does it look, my Face-Slave? Do you like looking at your Mistress’s asshole. Did you like shooting your cum in it?”

His hand still pumping at his softening cock, he spoke in a husky voice. “Very much, Cum in your hole. Looks great.”

“Good. Now suck your cum out of my ass. Show me you really will do what I want.” Three months ago in a Portland bar his journey began. Tonight with pleasure it continued into new territory. He dropped his nose into the crack of her ass, made a circle of his lips, placed them around the open pucker rim and sucked hard. Her moan told him he was doing his job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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