My Supervisor Seduced Me

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‘Royal Ascot,’ in the middle of June, meant a week’s agency work on ‘silver service.’

As a uni student it was a lucrative week. But it meant getting up very early, being dropped off in town at 5.30am, by ‘understanding’ parents, to catch the agency minibus for the three hour drive south to Ascot racecourse.

The second year I’d signed up for the job, Brenda was our supervisor. She was a slightly overweight blonde woman, in her late forties, who, I found out was divorced with a daughter the same age as me.

Brenda was an old hand at the agency, and stood no nonsense from the mainly young agency workers. During the working day our team worked hard, but the ‘punters’ were generous with tips, probably because of the constant champagne.

By the time it came to the minibus journey home we were all totally exhausted, and most of us fell asleep during the three hour trip.

Brenda and I had got along really well on the first couple of days, probably because of the similarity of age between myself and her daughter. On the second evening’s journey we sat together chatting in the very back seat.

After about an hour, everyone was either listening to their music through headphones, or were nodding off.

My eyes were half closing as Brenda’s head tilted towards me, as she fell asleep. It ended up resting on my shoulder.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. Whether to wake her, or move her head, which would wake her anyway, or just let it rest there. I decided on the latter. In any case it was quite pleasant, the soft perfume from her hair, and open necked blouse, and I was sure that she’d be a little embarrassed if she had realised her relaxed position.

I relaxed too, drifting off, but then waking when Brenda shifted slightly in her seat.

How long had passed I’m not sure, but I opened my eyes when I felt Brenda move again. Her head was still on my shoulder; she was half turned towards me, but held upright by the seatbelt. However, her hand was now resting on my thigh just above my knee. What should I do now?

Should I just place it back in her lap, hoping that it wouldn’t wake her? Or just leave it, as it wasn’t a big deal really? I left it, and drifted back to a fitful sleep.

When I next woke up, I was aware of the traffic being slow, and when we drove over a pot hole Brenda shifted again, seeming to snuggle closer into my neck.

Fortunately everyone else sitting further forward on the minibus were either asleep, or almost asleep.

I was feeling a little more awkward though.

Brenda, in moving, had now placed her hand further up my thigh, much closer to my crotch. I really was ready to move it now, whether she woke up, or not. The stupid thing was that with me being half asleep, and Brenda’s perfume filling my nostrils, my cock was playing tricks with me, and was starting to stiffen.

I had to do something, or otherwise things might have become awkward. But just before I was about to pick up her hand, it slid inexorably up over my crotch, and squeezed my cock.

“Don’t say anything please.” Brenda’s whispered request was close to my ear. Briefly pendik escort as she said it, her lips kissed the side of my neck, and I felt the whole of my body tingle.

As her hand slowly began to massage my cock, it became harder, and harder, confined tightly in my trousers.

I opened my mouth to start to say something, and she added, “Just don’t move.”

Sexual pleasure took over, and I was now fully awake, my eyes surveying the minibus to see if we were being observed.

Brenda continued the massage, but there was one inevitable outcome, and it was going to be messy.

“Brenda, you’re going to make me cum, for goodness sake,” I whispered, ” And I can’t last long if you don’t stop.”

The only response was a quiet chuckle, and then the sound of her unfastening her seatbelt.

With both hands free, she deftly unzipped me, sliding one set of fingers inside, and releasing my cock. I was panicking slightly in case anyone could see, but the only possibility would have been an overtaking lorry driver looking down into our rear window.

And then she lowered her head, and I felt her warm, wet mouth take my cock inside.

As her head started to move slowly up and down, her blonde hair spread over my lap. I had one hand on her back, my other hand was gripping the armrest as I started to cum. I leaned forward slightly, whispering, “I’m cumming,” and warning her of the inevitable.

Brenda kept on, and I suppressed a moan, as my cock started pumping spunk, one spurt after another, into her mouth. She swallowed, and sucked every last drop, and finally raised her head. There was a broad smile, and a tiny dribble of my semen in the corner of her lips.

I wiped it away with my finger, which Brenda grabbed, and licked the drop into her mouth.

“For god’s sake don’t say anything Nick, I could get the sack if anyone found out what just happened. I don’t know what made me do it.”

Brenda looked a bit downcast, a bit guilty.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up, I went along with it. It was exciting…and it felt bloody good.”

We were nearly back in our home town, and I was looking at Brenda through different eyes. Just before we pulled into the agency gate, she whispered, “Bring a change of clothes tomorrow, and stop over at mine tomorrow night, but only if you want to?”

“I’d love to, yes, if you want me to? I will be discreet, don’t worry.”

And so I got my lift home with dad, and told mum I’d had a good day, and that I’d be stopping over ‘in town’ the next night, with one of the other staff.

Wednesday came, another super summers’ day, hard work, but good tips. The journey home in the minibus, which was full to capacity, meant that, unfortunately, Brenda and I were sitting separately. She just had enough time before we got on, to say, “Hang around when we get back, until the others have gone.”

And that’s how it worked out.

Brenda’s flat was only five minutes walk from the agency. The walk seemed slightly awkward, but once we were inside the mood relaxed.

“Wine or beer?” Brenda asked, as rus escort she kicked off her shoes.

“Wine with you, if that’s ok?”

“Tell you what, you go, and have a shower,” she said, “while I open a bottle.”

Brenda directed me to the en suite, passing me a towel on the way.

The cool water was welcome, it was still hot outside, and the flat wasn’t air conditioned. I luxuriated in the perfumed soapy shower gel.

Then the bathroom door opened, and Brenda appeared naked, towel in hand. “I thought I’d join you, shame to waste the water,” and she chuckled.

Her body was ample, but in a very sexy way. She was more than twice my age, but everything about her excited me. Stepping into the shower, she began to run her hands over my soapy chest, and transfer the suds to her own body.

Very soon we were kissing, and the whole feeling of cascading water, sliding flesh, and deep kissing, brought my desire to the very obvious erection.

Brenda rubbed my cock at first with her soapy fingers, and then her soapy, very large, breasts.

“Let’s dry off, and go to bed,” which seemed a very good idea.

It didn’t take long to use the towels and find our way to the bed.

Brenda wanted to take control, and I was happy to let her. As I lay back on the bed, she knelt, and bent over me, and I felt that familiar mouth take my cock, and start to suck it slowly.

I wanted to pleasure her, and so using my strength I lifted her hips and placed her astride my chest so that I could feast on her pussy.

Well, I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got.

Brenda released my cock and sat up, pressing her pussy down on my face. My tongue was deep into her cunt, and it seemed to envelope me. I eventually lifted her up slightly, enough to find her clit, and take it between my lips.

The room was full of Brenda’s cries of pleasure. She kept shouting, “Nick, Nick, don’t stop, that’s it, go on, go on.”

I wasn’t about to stop, and when she suddenly started to cum, it was something that I’d not experienced before. Brenda’s juices began to squirt, making me gasp, and wonder what was happening. She rolled to one side, slightly embarrassed, and knowing that this was new to me.

“Oh god Nick, that’s not happened in a long time. Sometimes I get so excited, and if the guy is good at what he’s doing that happens. I’m sorry if I shocked you.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, but before I could reply Brenda was leading me into her daughter’s bedroom, and kissing me once more.

This time it was me who was in control. Laying her on the bed, her ample breasts splayed out, either side of her body. I began to suck each nipple in turn, while I felt myself lowering my body between her thighs.

My cock was still hard, and within a few seconds it had found its way inside her.

“Oh fuck,” groaned Brenda, “It’s been so long, please fuck me Nick, I want you to fuck me long and hard, empty yourself into me.”

And so it began. That night I fucked Brenda three times. She was insatiable, I lost count of the number of times she came.

We sancaktepe escort only slept briefly, dropping off for a while after each exertion.

In the morning, Brenda hurriedly changed her bedding, and with just a slice of toast, we made our separate ways to the agency for Thursday’s shift.

Whether it was a good or bad idea, I wasn’t sure, but I agreed to stay the night again. It was to lead to a huge surprise.

Thursday was a nightmare. I was working on automatic pilot, but I got through it, and so did Brenda. We both slept all the way back to the agency, just catching up on sleep.

After showering, we were both hungry for each other. It was as though we couldn’t get enough sex. Again we were so noisy that I did wonder how the neighbours put up with it. Every time Brenda came it was like an eruption. She cried out, she yelped, she groaned, she screamed.

After we had fucked the second time, I felt her body suddenly freeze.

“I think I can hear somebody in the kitchen, Quiet.”

We listened, and sure enough there was the sound of a kettle heating up.

“Oh fucking hell, I think it’s Katie, I think my daughter’s come home a night early from uni. Wait here.”

I wasn’t about to go anywhere, I was knackered. I listened, and sure enough I heard the slightly embarrassed conversation.

“Mum you’re absolutely awful, my god, you were at it like a rabbit. Who have you got in there, poor guy.”

“Katie, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be home before the weekend, I’m so sorry, you weren’t meant to hear.”

Brenda came back into the bedroom clearly embarrassed.

“It’s my daughter, Katie. I wasn’t expecting her back. I think I’ve shocked her. Anyway she knows I’ve had men friends, so she must realise I’m human.”

I wondered if I ought to leave, to avoid family conflict, but Brenda said there was no need. It was nearly midnight, and we had to be up at 4.30am.

Standing on tiptoe, she kissed me, and slipped her dressing gown off. We both quietly went back to bed. Kissing naked, we were both trying to settle down to sleep, knowing that we had an early start, and we couldn’t make a lot of noise.

Side by side our kissing went on, my cock was still active, and Brenda still wanted more. She turned her back to me, and lifted one leg so that my cock entered her from behind. Both of us tried desperately to fuck in silence, but what we couldn’t prevent was the creaking bed.

If I took it slow, it was ok, but as Brenda got closer to orgasm she got more animated, and with a few creaking sounds she forgot herself, and with a stifled, “God,” she shuddered to a climax.

Unselfishly, Brenda rolled back over, and started to suck me. I was close, and silently, I emptied myself down her throat.

Sleep came in a hurry, and when the alarm sounded I washed, and dressed, and left the en suite to Brenda.

In the kitchen I boiled the kettle, making a cuppa for us both.

Turning, expecting to see Brenda, the shock was palpable. There, sleepily in pyjamas was Katie, Brenda’s daughter. But it wasn’t just her daughter, it was Katie Woods, one of my tutor group from school.

All I could say was, “Bloody hell, Katie, I really had no idea.”

“Oh my god, Nick Brooks, you’ve been fucking my mum. For fucks sake!”

Brenda stood at the kitchen door. She knew by both Katie and my expression, that I’d also fucked her daughter.

TBC? …

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