Naughty Tiff

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I always say ‘you meet the nicest people in the strangest places’ and that is true about Tiff. The story that follows was sparked by our conversation and is based on events as she described them to me. I freely admit as a writer I may have embellished a ‘few’ details but have tried to remain true to the actual story.


Tiff sat in the food court of the local mall and could feel her heart beating in her chest like a frantic bird trying to escape its cage.

“Don’t worry,” said the calm voice in her ear, “Everything will be fine, just open your knees and let everyone get a good look and we will see what happens.”

The voice in her ear was David, her guide, her mentor, her muse, the one that led her to where she sat today.

They had met, well talked as they had never met face to face, on a phone chat site a few months before. Tiff was bored and had wanted some thrills and certainly got them that night. After they had chatted for a brief time through the anonymous on-site system, David had given her his number and, on a whim, Tiff decided to phone him. That night David had charmed her, bedazzled her and embedded himself deeply into her brain and soul. In addition, he gave her a couple of amazing orgasms, as he described in vivid detail sexual scenarios, he would love to see her in.

From there they chatted daily and after a few weeks of close and intimate conversations, he suggested the exhibition game. At first, Tiff was reluctant but David reassured her that if she started in a public place then she could check out the person in safety and only had to go as far as she wanted.

At 24 Tiff still had the fresh flush of youth and with her freckled face and button nose, she looked younger than she was. She lost count the number of times she was asked for ID, to the point that she would put her driver’s license on the counter of the bar every time she ordered a drink. If she pulled her long black hair into two ponytails the effect coupled with her diminutive 5’3″ frame and 32B breasts would cause the bartender to view the license with concerns as to its authenticity.

David’s voice sounded in her ear, “So has anyone noticed yet?”

Tiff knew little about David apart from the facts that he was older than her at 38, was recently divorced, had a professional occupation and lived in another state. He never said which state but he made it very clear they would not meet; in fact, it was not what he desired. Tiff remembered when she had bluntly asked him what he wanted expecting perhaps pictures or a meet and his response had both surprised her and thrilled her at the same time.

“I want you to exhibit that lovely body you have described to me” he had said, “and all the time you are doing it talk to me on the phone describing to me what is happening and what you are feeling.”

At first Tiff had thought it all sounded a bit weird but the more she thought about it the hotter it sounded, so picking out a mall a few miles away she dressed in the short skirt, tiny thong and tight tank top David had instructed to her wear and positioned herself on a table that could be viewed by a lot of other diners.

“Pretty quiet so far,” Tiff said almost sadly and then her voice changed, “Hang on there is a guy checking me out I am sure.”

A few tables across a middle-aged man was sitting with his wife and two young sons and he was trying to discretely check out Tiff.

“Open your knees further,” said David in her ear and as Tiff obliged the man stared and a small bead of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“He has noticed me now,” laughed Tiff down the phone.

“Good, now finger yourself.”

Tiff paused for a brief second on hearing David’s words but the fire burning through her body meant her pause was brief. Sliding her hand under the table Tiff opened her legs wider and slipping a finger inside the very brief material pushed it deeper causing her to let out a little moan.

“Good girl,” said David in her ear, “No doubt he will be getting hard at what he is seeing.” Sure enough, no sooner had David said it the man shuffled in his seat and reached down to readjust himself.

Shifting her gaze from Mr Married Tiff looked around at the other tables and to her joy realized that others were enjoying the show.

“Oh, wow there are a few checking me out,” Tiff breathed heavily into the phone as she started to move her finger in and out of her wetness. The heat that had built up inside her had become too much and leaping up from the table Tiff rushed to the ladies leaving a few disappointed faces in the food court. Moving into a vacant stall Tiff almost tore her thong off as she fingered and rubbed herself frantically as she thought about what she had just done.

David’s voice was in her ear, “Next time you will suck one of them or they will fuck you but for now finger that juicy cunt harder.”

Tiff screamed in orgasm not caring who heard as her body jerked and writhed as she flooded onto the three fingers embedded deeply into her pussy. Then slumping onto the seat, her chest heaving, Tiff tried to get her breath erzurum escort back before adjusting her clothing and driving slowly home.


“Are you dressed as we discussed,” David said softly in Tiff’s ear as she parked her car at the Mall.

Today she had a blue tooth earpiece in allowing her hands-free and she spoke hoarsely, “Yes of course David exactly as you told me.”

“Describe yourself.”

Tiff took a deep breath, “I have a white blouse with no bra of course, not that I need one,” she giggled. “The skirt is red plaid and so short you can almost see my white cotton panties.”

“Good girl, go on.”

“I have white socks with black penny loafers.”

“Your hair?” David interrupted.

“Drawn into pigtails either side of my head and of course no make-up.”

Although she was 24, when Tiff had looked at herself in the mirror before leaving her apartment, she knew looked barely 18 and was worried she might have even got stopped by the cops for being too young to drive.

Making her way to the large Home Depot store she began to wander the aisles and every so often stopped at a display before bending down straight legged to inspect whatever was on the bottom shelf. Acting like she was talking to herself Tiff started to get into her role play act and at the same time David was talking steadily in her ear.

“Oh I don’t know what to get Daddy for Fathers day,” she sighed loudly and theatrically, picking up and putting down a large drill set.

“Anyone nearby?”

“If only there was someone who knew about these things who could help me,” Tiff said loudly enough so that the large heavy-set bearded man nearby heard her.

“Are you OK there little Miss?” The large grizzled man said and felt his cock stir in his pants as he saw the rear end of Tiff who had bent over and was searching the bottom shelf. Her white cotton panties were on clear display and the man could make out the outline of her pussy lips as she stood with her legs apart.

“He is watching you,” David said quietly.

“OH, you gave me a fright,” giggled Tiff as she stood up and turned around, her small breasts heaving as her hard nipples pressed against the thin material.

The man could feel the sweat on his spine as he felt his cock start to swell even further and he tried to admonish himself that he shouldn’t be having such thoughts about one so young.

Before he could get his thoughts back in order Tiff looked at him as she weighed the drill in her hand, “This one looks so big, guess it would take a real man to handle it.”

“Oh my god that is so corny,” David laughed in Tiff’s ear.

“How much do you have to spend?” The bearded man asked.

“Just $50,” Tiff said looking crestfallen, and I don’t know where to get the rest of the money to buy this drill.”

The man looked at the drill and saw the price tag of $150 and his brain clicked into overdrive as he hatched a plan. “I get a great discount here,” he said, “why don’t I buy it and then you can meet me in that red truck in the parking lot and you can give me your 50 bucks for it.”

When Tiff looked a little doubtful, he went on, “Don’t worry we won’t leave the parking lot, you just have to be nice to Uncle Ted.”

The man watched as Tiff nodded her head and handed over the drill set before turning and walking down the aisle, her ass wiggling from side to side. As Tiff made her way over to his truck the man almost ran to the checkout and thrust a $150 to the cashier before leaving the store.

As Tiff watched the man paying David whispered in her ear, “so how far are you going to go?”

“As far as I can,” Tiff whispered before smiling at Ted who was hastily unlocking his truck before they both climbed in.

“Here ya go,” said Ted beaming and holding up the drill, “just 50 bucks to you pretty lady as promised.”

“How can I ever say thank you enough,” husked Tiff and then leaning overran her nails over the front of Ted’s jeans that were pulled taught by his raging erection. “Oooo what do you have in here?”

“Have you ever touched a man’s cock before?” Ted asked cautiously.

Tiff had to stifle her giggles as she was sure he would have been shocked if he knew how many she had touched, wanked and sucked in her young life already.

“He thinks you are underage,” said David smoothly in her ear.

“Never seen one that big,” Tiff cooed as she unzipped Ted letting his cock spring free. “I do so want to say thank you and you promise you won’t tell anyone will you?” and then before Ted could speak, she bent over and took him into her warm willing mouth.

Ted’s head was spinning as he looked down and saw the pigtailed head bobbing up and down sucking him like he had never been sucked before. His wife wasn’t very keen on oral sex and on the very odd occasions she used to condescend she would spend so much time in the bathroom afterwards gargling and rinsing that Ted had stopped asking her. There were no such reservations with this young hottie who was sucking him so powerfully his toes were curling. bodrum escort

“I’m cumming,” he groaned expecting her to pull away but instead to his delight she took him even deeper, gagging as he touched the back of her throat.

Tiff couldn’t speak but David could hear everything and was encouraging Tiff, “take his cock deep, swallow all his lovely cum, I want to hear you gag on his cock.”

Tiff duly obliged, albeit involuntarily, as the thick jets of seed that spurted from Ted’s engorged member hit her throat with such force, she couldn’t help but gag. Her choking wasn’t helped by the fact that Ted was gripping her head hard as he thrust up from the car seat and filled her mouth with his seed.

Sitting up Tiff looked at Ted and adopted her best innocent pose that was perhaps a little bit spoilt by the think dribble of cum that was hanging from her chin. “Oooo a bit that got away,” Tiff said in her best schoolgirl voice and collecting it with her finger sucked it dry while watching Ted’s face, which a pure picture of guilt mixed with lust.

“That was amazing,” Ted stammered, “but are you… you know…age wise.” He trailed off blushing deeply, scared to know the answer to the question roaring in his brain about her age.

Tiff knew immediately what he was asking and put a finger to her bottom lip, pouting theatrically. If she had been standing, she would have been bent over with her ass sticking out in the classic Betty Boop pose. In her ear she could hear David laughing, “Well are you going to let him off the hook or not?”

“Don’t worry,” Tiff giggled, “you won’t go to jail.” and with that got out of the truck and walked over to her car.

As she drove back to her apartment she could talk freely with David.

“That was so fucking hot,” Tiff panted as she recalled the way the man had looked at her and then licked her lips, still tasting his cum.

“Next time we will get you laid,” David chuckled.


“So who do you fancy at work?”

Tiff laughed as she heard David’s voice come out of the speaker in her car as she drove to her job as a retail assistant in a well-known department store in the junior wear section. They often had conversations on hands-free and Tiff loved how she could gaze at passing cars with a look of innocence as the lewdest and graphic conversations took place.

Since the time of sucking Ted off in the car park Tiff and David had developed a nice routine where they would chat on the way to the mall getting her hot and sexy. Then as he whispered in her ear she would stand as instructed flashing herself at men until finally, one would pluck up the courage to talk to her. From there they would often go back to his place or her apartment and there they would screw like rabbits as David talked to her on the phone. Afterwards, when they were alone David and Tiff would relive the experience as they both masturbated thousands of miles apart.

“Has to be Billy Jones.” Tiff laughed as she pictured the confident young kid who only started a few months ago and worked in menswear.

“Describe him.”

Tiff thought for a moment, “He is just 19 and has curly dark hair and gorgeous brown eyes. He rides a pushbike so is very fit and when he is in his tight lycra it shows how well muscled he is, without being a bodybuilder.”

“No doubt it shows of his cock as well.” David laughed.

Tiff giggled as she recalled the vision of his well-defined package which when she had ‘accidentally’ bumped into him a few times she had eyed with anticipation.

“Anything happened yet?” David asked.

“Not had the chance,” Tiff said and then smiled broadly at David’s response.

“Well, today that needs to change.”

A few hours later Tiff went to lunch as late as she could with the hope that Billy would be there. The breakroom was quite small and, in an effort, to give a more relaxed feel the small Formica tables had been covered with table clothes making it seem like a café. The place was packed but to Tiff’s joy, a space appeared next to Billy who was sitting quietly reading a bike magazine.

Sitting down Tiff smiled at the young man as she said, “Wow it’s packed in here, thought I was going to have to sit on someone’s lap.”

Billy smiled at her in a way that made her pussy flip and David’s voice said in her ear, “soon you will be sitting on his lap and bouncing on that fat cock.”

Tiff had to suppress a moan as she felt herself get wet at the thought and sitting down next to him, she unwrapped a sandwich and began to eat. Their thighs were pressed together and David’s voice whispered in her ear, “put your hand on his thigh under the cloth and wait.”

Not turning her head Tiff placed her hand on Billy’s muscular thigh while concentrating on her phone like so many others in the breakroom. Billy didn’t flinch or even acknowledge Tiff’s action but simply reached under the table and picked up her hand by the wrist. Tiff thought for one horrible moment he was going to reject her instead Billy placed her hand on the sizeable bulge in his work trousers. eskişehir escort Concealed by the table cloth Tiff began to rub, feeling the bulge get bigger and start to strain against the material.

Tiff was unable to speak and knowing this David started giving commentary and instructions in her ear.

“Are you rubbing his cock through his pants.” Tiff was able to utter a small sound of agreement causing the middle-aged man opposite to look up from his paper and tut disapprovingly. “Unzip and take out his cock.”

Tiff carefully unzipped Billy and had to suppress a squeal of joy as the beast sprang free of its confines and bounced in her hand like a rod of steel covered velvet.

“Work him slowly.”

Tiff rubbed her thumb over his slit and then worked the foreskin down as she manipulated his cock up and down. Her small hand gripped as much of his member as she could and her actions forced a groan from Billy. The man opposite looked up again from his paper and with a disapproving look stood and left the breakroom. The room was starting to clear out until there was just Billy, Tiff and two women who were sitting in silence on either side of the room, staring at their phones like the wisdom of the world was contained within them.

Tiff had removed her panties earlier at David’s command and could feel her pussy bubbling as she got wetter and wetter as she worked Billy’s cock.

“Just you, me and the two hooked on their phones,” Tiff said quietly to Billy but more for David’s benefit.

“Yes” muttered Billy trying to concentrate on not spilling his seed as this pretty young girl whose name he only knew vaguely worked his throbbing meat.

“Ride him!”

Tiff couldn’t believe what she heard but she had agreed with David that she would do as she was told so she laughed, “yes Billy had there not been enough room when I came in then I would have had to sit on your lap like this.”

With those words, Tiff lifted herself off the seat and swinging her leg over Billy’s thighs sank quickly down onto his cock. Her skirt fell down helping to conceal her actions and the table cloth completed the concealment. Tiff looked down at Billy who was sweating as she gripped and relaxed her pussy muscles giggling as the waves of pleasure visibly ran across his face.

Sitting perfectly still with Billy embedded deep inside her Tiff giggled, “Hope I’m not too heavy. I could always sit the other way round if you prefer.”

“Noooo,” Billy managed to croak, “this is fine just the way it is and you fit perfectly.”

As they looked at each in silence Tiff heard the scraping of chairs as the two women left the break room leaving the couple on their own.

“Ride him hard,” David said in Tiff’s ear

The door to the break room hadn’t even stopped swinging closed when Tiff lifted up and drove herself back down onto Billy’s rampant cock. Billy held her skirt up and out of the way as Tiff bounced up and down. Frustrated at the lack of leverage Tiff lifted her feet until she could get them onto the edge of the chair seat. Then bent double like a jockey riding the Kentucky Derby winner she bounced on Billy’s cock with the frantic speed of that final furlong in the race. Billy gave her encouragement by slapping her ass every so often, the ringing sound echoing through the room that could have someone enter at any moment. Tiff knew that anyone coming into the room would see her naked ass bouncing on Billy’s fat cock as her ass was facing the door and from that angle, everything would have been in full view.

Tiff was close to cumming, when she heard voices outside the room but she knew it was too late to stop as Billy grunted and arching up off the chair spurted deep inside her. The feel of hot seed jetting inside sent Tiff wild and almost leaving his cock bucked and writhed in orgasmic bliss as she slammed up and down milking his orgasm as much as she could.

The people outside the room were still in conversation and at the point where one had even started to open the door but was looking down the corridor at the person he was talking to. Climbing off Billy, Tiff let her skirt fall down covering her nakedness which allowed Billy to cover himself with the table cloth.

As Tiff stood there feeling the cum start to dribble down her inner thighs the man finally entered the break room to see Tiff standing next to the table where Billy sat.

“There you are Billy, come on break is just about over and you are needed back on the shop floor. No time to sit around chatting”

“Yes Mr Wilkins,” Billy said having managed to zip himself up under the cover of the table cloth.

“See you later Tiff,” Billy smiled at Tiff as he followed the man out of the room.

“Was that nice?” David said in her ear.

“Yes,” Tiff giggled, “but I am so full I need to use the bathroom before I go back to work.”

“Use your fingers and your mouth,”

Complying with David’s instructions Tiff reached under her skirt and took scoop after scoop of the warm seed that she licked from her fingers. The more she licked the more turned on Tiff became and found herself tweaking her clit as she searched for more seed to swallow. When she was satisfied that there was no more to come out, she waddled back to the shop floor with a wonderful glow between her thighs and fingers that were still slightly sticky.

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