Night Games Pt. 02

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I stripped down to my boxer briefs, turned off the light and joined the two of them on my bed.

I lay there for a second, processing everything. It had been a while since I had shared my bed with anyone. Much less two people. Much less two other guys. It was a lot to take in. I could feel the heat we were generating under the thin sheet that covered us.

The Christmas lights in the bedroom windows cast a gingerbread glow across the room and our half naked bodies.

So there we were, the three of us in my bed. Brandon was between Miles and me. I could hear them whispering.

Was I really in bed with two other guys? Were we really just going to go to sleep? I didn’t have to long to wait for an answer to either of those questions.

I felt Brandon’s hand brush against my outer thigh. My cock twitched. I felt him slide his fingers slowly up and across my thigh until they were resting on my crotch. He felt my cock, sliding along the length of it. He gave it a squeeze as if to confirm I was hard…I wanted to play.

I was. I did, but I didn’t have to say a word. My cock was doing all the talking for me.

Brandon removed his hand and turned onto his side with his back to me. He was facing Miles and pressing his ass towards me. I rolled onto my side and pulled him to me until we were spooning. He and Miles began kissing as Brandon gently pushed back against my hardness.

I was at full attention now, mostly from that cute ass grinding into me.

I could feel a wet spot forming on my boxer briefs. I instinctually put my arm around him and pulled him into my body. Brandon took my hand and placed it on his cock, which was small but hard. I squeezed it and he began rocking against my cock, taking longer breaks into pulling away from me.

Miles was now kissing Brandon’s neck and nipples. His free hand found my hip and he massaged me gently.

There was no turning back now. The three of us were hard and grinding into one another. The scent of man sex hung in the air.

I kissed Brandon’s neck. He smelled sweet like a girl. He turned and we faced each other. He smiled and licked his lips. Our mouths met in a sensuous French kiss.

Miles slid up behind Brandon and pressed between his smooth round cheeks.

Brandon pulled away from me and whispered, “Wouldn’t this be a lot better without clothes on?”

We all laughed and took a break to strip out of our underwear.


It had been a few months since that first sleepover in which Miles and I had taken our friendship to a whole new level.

In that time Miles and I had regular sleep overs at my place or his. Those times were usually spent doing the same thing and although that sounds like we were falling into some sort of routine, I can promise you, nothing about what we were doing was routine.

Our sleepovers usually went something like this: there would be casual chit chat and then one of us would reach out and feel the hardness in the other’s pants. Sometimes all it took was a certain look to light the fuse. Sometimes there would just be a quick kiss at the front door and then we would run to the bedroom, stripping off our clothes along the way.

This was followed by mutual stroking and massaging. We would explore each other’s bodies. I was constantly fascinated and aroused by the sight of our white and black skin together.

We would kiss. We would lick and suck. Fingers would probe secret places. Naughty things would be said. We would shower together, either before or after or both. We would tenderly wash each other, pressing our soapy bodies together.

I liked shower time. I would push back into Miles and feel his cock slide up between my cheeks. I would grind into him, teasing him like some wanton little slut.

Miles would do the same to me but it was usually he who was behind me. I wondered why that was but didn’t question it.

After what ever sexual adventures we would engage in we would collapse onto one another and go to sleep. In the morning as sunlight streamed through the blinds and washed across our bodies, spooned together, in each other’s arms, we would wake each other with a kiss and a stroke.

Early morning blow jobs were a common thing. Nothing like waking up with someone sucking your cock. Better than a cup of coffee!

One morning, I had come over to Miles’ place after a workout at the gym. He pretty much had the house to himself now. His sister was in college across the country. His beylikdüzü escort mother was seeing someone and spending a lot of time at his house.

I had a good workout and was drenched in sweat. I was also horny as Hell .

Luckily, and, no surprise, so was Miles. He could barely close the door to his basement when I was pulling down the small shorts he was wearing and taking his cock into my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled myself onto his entire length. I bobbed up and down it, tasting every inch. He held my head and fed me his beautiful cock.

After a minute or two, Miles pulled away from me and told me I needed to shower.

He took me by the hand to the downstairs shower. We stripped and our cocks pointed to the ceiling. He grabbed mine and pulled me into the shower with him.

We soaped our bodies. We kissed. We massaged and we probed. I turned my back to him and he pressed into me. I loved that. I loved feeling him take control like that. I threw my head back and he kissed me. The head of his cock slipped in between my soapy cheeks.

He whispered we should continue upstairs. I reluctantly pulled off his aching cock and we went upstairs.

We dried ourselves and ran to his bedroom naked, letting our wet towels fall to the floor. Once in his room we kissed. Our cocks so hot they almost welded together.

Miles took hold of my cock and led me to the bed where we got into a steamy 69 position. We were like animals, grunting and moaning as we sucked each other off.

At one point during our kissing and mutual cock sucking, Miles offered me a finger. He pressed it against my lips. I licked it. I kissed it.

This was something new.

He offered me another finger. I wet it and the first with saliva. I made a joke about hoping them not being the only thing he was going to stick in my mouth and he smiled. He kissed me and then told me to lie on my stomach. He gave me a pillow. I obeyed. I found my ass was now raised a little. I lay my head on the bed.

I felt Miles’ strong ass massaging my ass. He parted my cheeks.

OH MY GOD. Was this it?

Miles circled a finger around my virgin pucker. I could feel the cold and wet of it. Then he added the second finger. Then he slipped one inside me.

I gasped.

Then he added the other. I moaned but didn’t tell him stop.

Miles down and kissed one cheek and then the other. I felt his breath on my trembling skin. He leaned down and kissed my asshole. He licked at it and then let a large drop of spit fall onto it.

He stretched me and the spit covered his fingers. He slipped them back inside me, wetting me, making me slick. He was preparing me.


Miles was gentle, whispering that he loved me and that I was going to love what he was about to do to me. I told me he couldn’t wait to be inside me.

He added more kisses, two more fingers and more spit.

He was stretching me more now. I positioned myself better on the pillow so he could more easily enter me.

I felt Miles reposition himself on the bed behind me. I felt his skin touch mine. I had never felt so vulnerable but yet so safe. I was exactly where I belonged.

I felt the head of his cock push against my tender, virgin ring. Miles was whispering for me to relax. He told me to let him in, to push out.

I did. I pushed out and he slid inside me. He paused. He was so gentle with me and waited for me to adjust to his cock.

It was a beautiful, tender moment I will never forget.

After a few minutes. I adjusted to the size of his cock. I wanted more. I pushed back against it. I pushed out harder and his cock slid inside me.

Miles began rocking into me. His cock sliding in and out almost out of me slowly. He was touching parts of me which had lie dormant all my life.

I could feel his heavy balls fall into me.

He was gripping my ass in both hands. He was pulling me onto as much of his black cock as he could.

My head was thrown back in ecstasy but as Miles began to increase his thrusts I pressed my face into the mattress.

I was being fucked. I was being fucked by my best friend’s black cock, which at the moment felt like black lightning.




I gasped, “Fuck me, Miles. fuck me please.”

With a grunt, Miles pounded into me, making me his.


Snow was still bolu escort falling outside. I could see Brandon’s silhouette. He was standing on the bed between us. His petite frame highlighted by the glow of Christmas lights.

He was wearing what I can only describe as girl’s panties. They were pink and white striped and clung perfectly to his small package and that sublimely round ass of his.

You would have thought I’d be freaked out by the sight of a pretty guy standing over me in panties, but the truth is I didn’t mind at all. Brandon had a slender build and his cute little bubble butt looked amazing in those tight little teasers.

Miles smiled as he kissed my neck and said, “My little pantyboy.”


In the course of our sexual explorations, Miles and I had watched a lot of videos and looked through a lot of magazines.

Our favorites were the ones that featured black men and white men together but, really, as long as there were photos or scenes of hot men sucking and fucking each other, we didn’t care.

Sometimes we would read to one another as we lie in bed. One of us would read from a well-worn paperback or the reader’s letter section of one of our favorite gay men’s mags.

The other one would be stroking his own cock, his lips wrapped around the cock of the reader. We would read and suck or stroke and lick and massage until it all got too much and the book was tossed to the side in favor of more physical interaction.

Miles had a few well-watched videos.

Our favorite was the one in which the nerdy little white dude was tutoring the black football player and…well…you can imagine the rest, I’m sure.

We seemed to navigate towards materials which featured black and white men and young men together. The sight of sweaty black and white skin is a wondrous thing.

We also liked scenarios in which the black men were taking the dominant role.

Miles was certainly the dominant in our relationship. I have no explanation for why that was. Maybe it was simply that his cock was bigger than mine and that implied some sort of superiority. Maybe I just wanted to be submissive to him…to his black cock.

Now that I think about it, I was submissive to him most times we played.

I always sucked his cock first. My underwear was always more soaked with precum than his. I always seemed to turn my back to him, press myself into him and offer myself to him. I would grind into him. I would feel his hands on me, his lips on me and his cock pressing against me.

I don’t think Miles thought of himself as superior. He was a generous lover and gave as good as he got.

I had always loved him. He was my best friend. The fact that I loved sucking his cock or him sucking mine hadn’t changed any of that.

He was certainly more adventurous than I was.

He was the one who suggested we go to an adult bookstore and buy some toys for mutual play and for the times we couldn’t be together.

He was the one who also suggested that while we were in said bookstore, we should go back to movie booths and either go into the same booth and allow someone to watch us or go into adjoining booths and suck each other offer through the glory hole and let someone see us.

I chickened out. I was worried someone would see. Plus, whatever this was between the two of us, was private. I wanted it to be our secret and he was okay with that. He didn’t press the issue or pout when I said no.

Miles did go to the bookstore on his own and he bought me a present. It was our six month anniversary of being fuck buddies he said. When I opened the bag I discovered a seven inch black silicone cock and some lube. He told me to use it and think of him. It was very realistic.

We used it that night.

This new avenue of exploration led to Miles showing me a magazine in which a well-built black man with an ebony baseball bat swinging between his legs was being serviced by a very boyish, very fem twink.

The younger white male was dressed in panties, a girl’s top and school girl skirt. He was adorable and there was something magical about his almost girlish body and face. He had very small breasts, just two small rounds really, and a tiny cock. Everything else about him was elfin.

In the story he is supposed to be a trap tease who is caught and punished by the older black man who might have been a teacher or neighbor. It really didn’t matter.

The little fem boy is reprimanded, bursa escort spanked while lying over the man’s lap and as an apology sucks the man’s monster cock and offers his beautiful bottom to him.

Miles seemed to respond to the story and photos and I swear his cock grew an inch longer as we turned the pages. He was also a little more aggressive when we stopped the video and decided to release some pent up sexual tension.

I pulled off his impressive black cock for a second. I squeezed his shaft hard and told him if he expected me to wear panties and skirt, he was barking up the wrong tree. I looked as though I was going to bite his veiny shaft, opening my mouth and resting my teeth on it, but then grinned and slid my lips back over his mushroom head and pushed onward and downward.

Miles laughed and said he didn’t expect me to do that at all even though he imagined I might look pretty hot.

I have to confess there was something about that photo story which made me hard too.


Brandon did a slow, seductive striptease as he stood over us, trying not to lose his balance.

He slid those sexy little teasers down his smooth legs and then kicked them across the room. This reveal confirmed my earlier suspicions. Brandon shaved his balls and around his small cock. His legs and butt were shaved as well. He also had very little hair under his arms. This gave him a boyish, almost girlish appearance, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I also noticed he had a little pink butterfly on his right hip.

For a second my mind imagined him in a school girl skirt asking me to spank him and then let him suck my cock.

Brandon’s cock was at full attention. It was small but perfect. He gyrated his hips and looked at us seductively. He turned his back to us and bent over slightly. He put both hands on his cheeks and pulled them apart.

Miles slid closer to me. Our sides pressed together and his hand found its way to my crotch. He rested it there, feeling the hardness and tracing up and down the length.

He leaned in and kissed my ear, then my neck. I turned to face him and we pressed our lips together as my hand found his cock. We stared into each other’s eyes as we French kissed.

Brandon whined, “Hey! I’m up here! Hellooo?”

Miles broke his kiss with me and grabbed Brandon’s hand, pulling him down onto the bed between us. The two of them kissed passionately.

Brandon’s ass was in the air. I could see the smooth little velvet bag between his legs. I reached out and massaged his smooth ass. He arched his back, offering more of those two smooth globes.

After a minute or two, Brandon turned his attention to me. He kissed my stomach and then gave my cock a kiss and a lick for good measure.

Then he helped Miles and I out of our underwear. He tossed the clothing aside, letting them fall where they would.

We were now all naked and hard and horny as fuck. We lay there quietly, admiring our naked bodies. Fingertips touched nipples. Lips brushed against lips. Cocks leaked cum and balls ached for release.

Miles and I got into a 69 position taking each other’s cock into our mouths. We slid down the lengths of each others cocks and then slowly pulled back at the same time. Old maneuvers were coming back to me. I licked down to the base of his cock and then took each ball and bathed it with kisses.

Brandon watched, slowly pumping his cock and licking his lips.

I took my mouth off of Miles’ cock long enough to say to him, “There’s plenty for you too.”

He leaned down and the two of us worked on Mile’s eight inches together.

In between licks and kisses, Brandon and I pressed our mouths together, our tongues entwining. We studied Miles’ black beauty. The veins running along his thick shaft and the purplish pink mushroom head.

Brandon worked his lips around Miles cock head as I went back to work on his heavy balls.

Miles placed a hand on each of our heads.

He approved.

Brandon and I switched places and I slid my mouth down Miles’s cock about three inches. Old memories of high school sleepovers rushed back to me. I pushed forward and then pulled back. Slowly at first but soon picked up speed.

Mile’s slid a hand in between Brandon’s pink cheeks and I heard the pretty younger man sigh. Miles must have pressed the magic button. From the corner of my eye I saw Brandon raise his hips, offering himself for Miles’ exploration.

Our bodies were writhing on the bed. We were drenched in sweat and the scent of sex hung in the air.

I was sucking Miles’ cock. Brandon was kissing Miles’ nipples. Miles was sliding three fingers in and out of Brandon’s ass.

Then we switched positions.

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