Overdraft Protection

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When I ventured into the bank to open my checking account it was late in the afternoon and Mrs. Fletcher herself helped me with the paperwork. She was the branch manager and was an older woman, dressed professionally in a dark pants suit. But her attire could not conceal her exaggerated hourglass figure. Her bust was enormous as were her hips and behind. She sat in her leather chair behind her massive desk with perfect posture which made me feel small and insignificant in her presence.

When I’d finished the application for a checking account, she looked it over and after complimenting my handwriting, she let her eyes wander over me with a grin on her face. That day I wore snug-fitting, light-colored jeans, a button-up shirt that felt tailored for my thin body. On my feet, I wore my old leather boat shoes. All in all, I thought I looked pretty good. A bit juvenile due to my small stature and thin figure. But cute, for sure.

Before processing my account, Mrs. Fletcher suggested, “Kelly, we do have a very exclusive type of account which I will be signing you for. It offers the same interest rate and ATM privileges as the bank’s normal checking account. But this account offers a very special form of overdraft protection.”

I was terribly intimidated by her supreme confidence and beauty. I bit my lower lip while managing to summon the courage to make eye contact, I asked, “What sort of protection?”

She grinned while her eyes wandered over me sitting across the desk from her. “Our typical checking account offers up to $250 of overdraft protection. Your account will cover the reduced amount of $100. And on the occasions that you overspend, an appointment will be made for you to meet with me in this office.”

Whimpering softly, I asked, “Why would I have to meet with you?”

She rose up from her chair and slowly walked around her desk. She stepped right in front of me and leaned back against the edge of her desk. She was so much taller than I expected her to be. I felt small before, but sitting there while she stood just in front of me had me feeling like a child. She crossed her arms under her bosom and that movement drew my attention. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her huge breasts. Sitting in front of her, quivering with intimidation, staring up at her chest, while she grinned down at me, I wasn’t surprised when my small penis quickly stiffened in my underwear.

That grin remained on her face when she said, “You’ll need to report to my office so I can give you the spanking you deserve.”

Biting my lip while my penis throbbed, I whispered, “You’re going to spank me?”

She moved her arms away from her breasts and set them on her wide hips. “Yes, and the severity of the spanking will depend on the amount of the overdraft. The more you overspend, the more severe your punishment will be.”

Utterly stunned and unsure what I should say, I blurted out, “My mom used to spank me.”

Reaching out with one hand, she touched my cheek and said in a soft, understanding tone, “I’m sure she did. And that is why you’re such a well-behaved and polite young man.”

I blushed and squirmed in my seat, while she moved back behind her desk. She spoke in a firm tone, “Now Kelly, Sweetheart, you need to sign these documents so we can open your special account.” She passed several sheets of paper across her massive desk and indicated with her perfectly manicured fingernail where I should sign and initial.

Taking the signed paperwork, she glanced over each page before walking across the room to a wall safe. She blocked my view of the safe while spinning the dial and opening the heavy metal door. After laying the original documents inside that safe, she closed the door and spun the lock.

Walking to my side, she reached out and offered me her hand. I bit my lower lip while laying my small, soft hand in hers. Once I was standing beside her, she led me out into the lobby and guided me toward a bank teller sitting behind a counter.

Mrs. Fletcher spoke with purpose, “Hello Sally, this young man is Kelly. He has just opened a checking account with us, a very special checking account with our exclusive form of overdraft protection.”

The young woman behind the counter looked to be a few years older than I and stared into my eyes as a scary smile formed on her face. In a condescending tone, she asked, “Is that so?”

Mrs. Fletcher squeezed my shoulders and I squeaked, “Yes, ma’am.”

Sally looked at Mrs. Fletcher and said, “I’ll take care of his deposit and get an ATM card and few checks if he needs them.”

Mrs. Fletcher let her hands slide off my shoulders, down my arms and briefly rested on my hips. With a pat on my bottom, she answered, “That will be very helpful. Thank you, Sally.” She then excused herself to return to her office.

While Sally processed my deposit and got my ATM card ready, she had a difficult time not glancing at me from time to time. When our business was complete, she grinned at me and said, mardin escort “Kelly, I can’t wait until I find out that you’ve over-drafted your account. Promise you won’t make me wait too long.”

Not even a month had passed before my groceries cost more than I expected. Sally, that same teller, called me and I could hear the condescension in her voice while she explained that I’d used my overdraft protection. She didn’t wait for me to respond, “Kelly, you need to meet with Mrs. Fletcher this afternoon at 5:00 pm sharp. And Sweetie, don’t be late. Mrs. Fletcher does not like to be kept waiting.”

My heart was pounding in my chest as the call came to an end. I would soon be reporting to Mrs. Fletcher’s office for a spanking! Mrs. Fletcher, that tall, full-figured woman was going to punish me for overspending. I was frightened and curious at the same time. And my silly, little penis was throbbing in my underpants!

I’d never been one to be late for appointments. And after learning that Mrs. Fletcher didn’t tolerate tardiness, I arrived at the bank 15 minutes early. When Sally saw me, she grinned from behind the counter and wagged her finger in my direction. Biting my lower lip and dropping my chin, I slowly crossed the room until I stood across a counter from Sally.

“Kelly, Mrs. Fletcher is on a call. Why don’t you have a seat over there.” She indicated to a few chairs and a small couch that were arranged in the lobby, “I’ll let Mrs. Fletcher know you’ve arrived. She’ll come to get you as soon as she’s finished on the phone.”

Glancing up to look at Sally, I whimpered softly, “Okay. Thank you.” I then lowered my chin and slowly crossed the room to have a seat. While I nervously waited, I watched as the tellers closed up their stations, gathered their belongings and left for the day. Sally was the last to leave and she paused on her way out. “Mrs. Fletcher will be right out to get you. She’s off the phone and preparing a few things for your… meeting.”

Squirming in my chair, I bit my lower lip hard and fought back the tears that wanted to roll down my cheeks. In a squeaky voice, I said, “Thank you, Sally.”

She tossed her purse onto her shoulder, smiled back at me and said, “You’re welcome, Sweetie.” She then turned and opened the door. While locking the door from the outside, she smiled and waved at me one last time before walking to her car and driving away.

I wasn’t kept waiting much longer. Mrs. Fletcher walked into the lobby with purpose, her enormous chest bounced slightly with each step she took. She was once again wearing a dark pants suit and looked every bit the professional woman. Her gaze fell upon me and said in a no-nonsense tone, “Come with me, young man.”

The first tears of the day rolled down my cheeks as I stood up and followed Mrs. Fletcher’s wide hips and big bottom down a hallway. As we arrived in her office, she shut the door behind me. Indicating to a pair of chairs sitting opposite her desk, she stated, “Have a seat, Kelly.”

My lower lip was trembling and I was about to lose control of my emotions at any moment. Mrs. Fletcher sat down in her enormous leather chair and gave me a few moments to calm down. More tears rolled down my cheeks, but I did manage to stop myself from all-out bawling.

While she waited, she brought up my account on her computer. When I’d calmed down enough, she turned the monitor so I could see it. With her long, manicured fingernail, she pointed to my current balance, -$43.18. Raising one eyebrow, she asked in her superior tone, “Would you care to explain this?”

More tears rolled down my cheeks as I sobbed, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Fletcher! It won’t happen again!”

Her expression was stern when she said, “I’m sure it will happen again. After looking at your spending habits, I’m sure you’ll be visiting my office quite regularly.” She scanned through the record of my account and quizzed me about several of the stores I’d spent money at. One of them was a ladies clothing store, I’d bought my mother a birthday gift. Another was a copayment for a physical to my new doctor’s office. Mrs. Fletcher happened to be good friends with my new doctor.

After pointing out the amount I spent at the grocery store and my lack of restaurant visits, she asked, “Kelly, do you do all your own cooking?”

Biting my lower lip, I whimpered softly, “Yes, ma’am.”

A thin smile appeared on her face, “I knew you were a good boy.” The grin faded when she continued, “But that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve overspent. And Kelly, you know what is going to happen now, don’t you?”

My voice cracked as my chin trembled wildly. I kept my hands folded in my lap and stared at them while I squeaked, “Yes, ma’am. You’re going to spank me.”

She was deadly serious when she said, “That is correct. Now I need you to remove all of your clothes.”

My mouth fell open and l looked at Mrs. Fletcher, completely stunned, “Take off my clothes? Like naked?”

She looked nevşehir escort away from me and clicked a few times with her mouse. The document I’d signed during my first visit to her office appeared on the screen. She scrolled to the second page and zoomed in on the clause I’d initialed which clearly stated that I would be nude for all of my punishments.

Nibbling on my lower lip, I whimpered, “But I didn’t read that! I didn’t know that was part of this! I can’t get naked in front of you!”

Gazing at me from across her desk with that patronizing sparkle in her eyes, “Perhaps this will be a lesson for you. From now on, you should always read a document before signing it.” Her eyes scanned over my thin, trembling body, “Kelly, remove all of your clothing, right now.”

Nibbling on my lip, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I leaned forward and untied my shoes. After slipping them off my small feet, I removed my socks and tucked them into my shoes. When I stood up and began undoing the buttons on my shirt, I glanced up and saw Mrs. Fletcher was watching me closely.

“Kelly, you’ve never been naked in front of anyone before, have you?”

I kept working on the buttons, but my hands were shaking and I was having a difficult time with it. “No, well, just my doctor. She’s the only one.” After I’d thought about it for a second, I added, “Oh, and my neighbor. She peeks in my windows sometimes.”

“Kelly, have you ever had a girlfriend?”

Whimpering softly, “No ma’am. Not ever.”

She smiled as I slid my shirt off my narrow, pale shoulders, exposing my hairless chest with its visible ribs and collarbones. After folding my shirt neatly, I set it down on the chair I’d been sitting on. When I reached for the button on my pants, I hesitated. Mrs. Fletcher got a stern look on her face and lowered her chin slightly. I turned away from her and opened the button and zipper on my pants. Taking a deep breath, I then lowered my pants until they fell around my ankles. I stood in front of the manager of my bank in only my underpants! My skinny, little penis was as stiff as a pencil and poking out lewdly against my cotton briefs. The light blonde, wispy hair on my skinny legs was sparse enough to give the appearance that I shaved them.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I was breathing heavily and the warm office air seemed to emphasize the fact that I was nearly naked in a bank! Squatting down, I picked up my pants, folded them neatly and set them on top of the shirt I’d already removed. While being careful to keep the front of myself hidden from Mrs. Fletcher, I took another moment to gather my courage.

From over my shoulder, Mrs. Fletcher stated, “Underpants too. Take them off.”

Looking back at her, I bit my lower lip while hooking my thumbs under the waistband of my underpants. Squatting down, I lowered them to my ankles before stepping out of the last article of clothing I wore. Standing up, with my underpants dangling from one hand, I folded them and set them between the pants and shirt I’d been wearing.

I shivered with shame as I looked over my shoulder, both of my hands were cupped over my rigid penis and I couldn’t stop my hips from grinding around in vulgar circles. Mrs. Fletcher still sat in her huge leather chair. She didn’t smile, grin or frown. She was expressionless when she flatly stated, “Good boy. Now turn around and face me.”

My chin began to violently tremble and tears freely rolled down my cheeks. I’d been raised to do as I’d been told, especially if it was a woman telling me to do something. Biting my lower lip, I slowly turned my bare bubble butt away from her until I stood completely naked, facing the manager of my bank. My hands remained clutched over my fully erect penis. But my skinny, pale legs along with my bare and basically hairless stomach, chest and shoulders were on display.

I knew what she was going to say before she even opened her mouth. Her voice was stern when she said, “Hands at your sides, young man.”

My legs felt as if they’d turned into jelly. Whimpering softly as I sniffled my nose, I bit my lower lip hard and closed my eyes. Very slowly, I lowered my hands away from my pale, thin and petite erection. I kept my eyes squeezed shut until Mrs. Fletcher spoke with a raspy voice, “Kelly, come around my desk.”

Taking tiny steps on my bare tiptoes, I made my way slowly toward her. When I got close, she pushed her chair well away from her desk. Looking up into my eyes, she said, “Young man, you’ve spent $43.18 more than you had in your account. Because of this, I’m going to take you over my lap and spank your skinny little ass. After I’ve finished with your punishment, you’ll rise up off my lap and stand with your nose in the corner of this office until I say otherwise. Do you understand me?”

Tears were freely flowing and I was breathing in gasps. My whole body trembled while I stood naked before the mature, confident manager of my bank. My voice cracked niğde escort as I sobbed, “Y-Y-Yes ma’am. I’m-I’m-I’m so sorry!”

She spoke in that no-nonsense way, “I’m sure you are sorry.” Glancing down at my throbbing and leaking penis, she frowned before reaching to the bottom, left drawer of her desk. She pulled out a bright, white hand towel. While laying it over her lap, she grinned at me, “I have a feeling that little penis of yours doesn’t understand that this is a punishment.”

I didn’t miss her reference to my penis as being little. She wasn’t lying. It was small and thin, just like the rest of me.

Reaching out, she took hold of my hand and pulled me closer to her before laying me across her broad lap. I whined, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Fletcher!”

She ignored me while pinning my arm closest to her between my body and hers. She took a firm hold of my other wrist and twisted it behind my back. Mrs. Fletcher laid her warm, open palm on my bare bottom. She rubbed circles with that massive palm across both of my naked butt cheeks. It was the first time anyone had touched me like that and my penis was throbbing wildly against her lap.

Without any warning, her palm left my flesh and at the same time, she pinned my arm farther up my back. That open palm slammed down against the unprotected flesh of my bottom with more force than my mother had been capable of inflicting. I screamed at the impact and began bawling uncontrollably. Her hand rose up again and slammed against my butt cheeks once more. She established a rhythm, her hand seemed to slap against my naked behind with every other of my heartbeats. Each time her hand crashed against me, my screams gradually changed to crying and pleas for mercy.

I lost count after she’d slapped my naked bottom a dozen times. My tears and drool fell to the carpeted floor of her office. My legs were kicking around wildly, but I was nowhere near strong enough to escape her grasp. She held me firmly in place with my arm pinned behind my back.

Mrs. Fletcher paused at one point to rest her hand. While she did, I fought to regain some control over my emotions. I didn’t realize what I was doing until she rested her hand on my tender bottom and followed the movement of my hips as I humped my petite erection against her wide, soft lap.

She spoke with a deep, raspy voice, “Oh my! You are a special one. Aren’t you, Sweetheart?”

Through my sobs and gasps for air, I squeaked, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Fletcher!! I’m so sorry!!” But even as I whined, I didn’t stop humping myself against her lap.

Her hand began to guide the speed of my humping by pressing down and relaxing on my punished butt cheeks. While my behind still stung from the spanking I’d received, my silly penis was growing very close to squirting. I sobbed and gasped as I humped myself shamelessly against her lap.

I began to chant, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Fletcher! I’m sorry, Mrs. Fletcher! I’m sorry, Mrs. Fletcher!”

And then it happened. Every muscle in my body went tense. My butt cheeks clenched together tightly under Mrs. Fletcher’s hand. My toes and fingers curled up tightly. And as I squealed in an odd high pitch, I heard Mrs. Fletcher moan above me. My penis erupted sending all of my creamy love into the towel across the lap I laid across.

Mrs. Fletcher didn’t even wait for my orgasm to finish before she raised her arm again and began punishing my behind with renewed vigor. While still in the throes of my orgasm, I began screaming and crying once more. The conflicting emotions and feelings of my orgasm and punishment occurring at the same time were too much for my young, inexperienced body to deal with. Even when my orgasm had completed, I continued to shamelessly hump my still erect penis into the slippery mess in her lap. At the same time, she beat my tender and abused bottom and upper thighs with her large, open palm.

Her arm eventually grew tired and the pace of my beating slowed. The last slap to my cheeks that she delivered was by far, the hardest. By then, I was too worn out to scream. I whimpered and sobbed while slowly humping my rigid penis against her lap.

After resting for a brief moment with her open palm on my very tender cheeks, she uttered through her heavy breathing, “That’s enough for today, Kelly. Go stand in the corner until I call for you.”

As I rose up off of her lap, we both saw the creamy mess I’d left behind. Mrs. Fletcher didn’t say a word. She folded the towel and then wrapped one arm around my narrow waist to hold me in place. With a gentle touch, she used the towel to wipe the cream from my penis, pubic area, and tummy. I’d never had anyone touch me there before and I couldn’t stop my hips from humping into her touch.

Once I was wiped clean, she looked up into my eyes and said, “Okay, go put your nose in the corner until you’re told the punishment is over.”

Wiping the tears from my cheeks with the back of my hand, I bit my lower lip before turning toward the corner she’d indicated. Without a shred of clothing on, I tiptoed across the room. On the way, I reached back and felt my very warm bottom with my hands. As I stepped into the corner, Mrs. Fletcher said, “Lace your fingers behind your head and keep your nose against the wall.”

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