Secret No Longer Ch. 09

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[ Dear Readers:

Many thanks for all of your encouraging comments.

If you prefer to read episodes of this series without their predecessors, that’s fine and I hope you enjoy them that way. Just a heads-up, though: It’s not meant to be an anthology. All the episodes (except the first) build on those before them, so you’ll probably conclude some things differently from what was intended.

Some of our readers’ public and private comments touch on unmentioned matters, just a few of which are safe sex, STDs and common real-world consequences of things and events in the story.

Two chief rules in theatre are, first, everything on stage must have a reason to be there, second, everything that the action requires must be present, whether explicitly or implicitly. It’s not much different in written fiction. By the second rule, if a story does not get into some particular issue explicitly or implicitly (for example, indirectly through consequences) then it is irrelevant because the author deems it so and asks the reader to consider that issue adequately handled without mention. Sometimes action may be simplified a little from what is actually meant for the sake of smoothness and avoiding distracting details unnecessary for understanding the scene. A good author has respect for the reader’s intelligence and imagination and does not feel compelled to paint every scene with photographic detail.

In short, if it ain’t there, it don’t matter. Please remember that this is a story, not a case study or the news.]


Chapter 09

Surrender Completed, and the Decadent Period Begins

There was now no turning back, and I did look back. The young man’s cock thrusting into my body had found a permanent welcome there and no concerns or reservations would interfere with the pleasure I hungrily drew from it. With the strength of youth, Jason lifted and moved my body despite the disadvantage to him of our position. His hands ventured over every part of my body they could reach, and I particularly responded to the feel of them and his lips upon my breasts and nipples. The soft, warm cocoon which enclosed our minds and shut out the world left our senses completely open to the physical sensations of passion which filled our hearts, our minds and our souls.

“This way, Mom,” Jason whispered between his frantic breaths, lifting and positioning me on the floor for some doggy-style time. Once again I felt his young member touch my labia and find its goal, and he was now even deeper inside me than before. A thrill passed through and through me to hear him freely call me Mom and realize that I felt nothing but more excitement at the sound.

Presently we were back on the bed, in the good old missionary position. The springs creaked loudly with the explosive force of our rhythm as my loving son gave his all to his mother’s ecstasy and took hers in return. My hips were rocking and thrusting madly, voraciously devouring every tiny impulse of pleasure his cock was delivering to my entranced senses with every movement. Gazing lovingly into his eyes hovering above me I saw all the love of a child for his mother unimpeded, but then, right beside it, the love of a man for a woman. For all the fireworks our bodies ignited before our senses, the fires in our hearts glowing through those eyes, from each of us to the other, was even more precious, and served to make the physical pleasure many, many times over more sweet and powerful.

Time passed thus in the throes of passion; how much time, I neither know nor care. The number of orgasms I had felt ticked upward over and over, until I lost interest in counting.

Finally his own time was spent.

“I’m coming, Mom…” Jason gasped.

“Yes, Son, do…do that…come in me…now!” These words, the mere thought of which would have shocked and terrified me so recently, were now a blessed chant of destiny, a gift that had been held in wait for so long and now had been delivered.

Jason’s body tensed and his rhythm accelerated. Automatically my body responded, matching his own energy. A groan of pleasure emerged from him, it seemed, from deep within him, and at the sound and his movements I reached yet another orgasm of my own. Our brains drove the timeless oscillation of our viscera in climax, consuming us in the ultimate pleasure, onward until the fever slowly and gradually subsided. Sweetly exhausted, we rested.

Our eyes met again, each of us momentarily fearful that our return to reality might trigger a spasm of remorse. Yet we found nothing of the kind there, only acceptance and gratitude for the joy we had found–and would, we knew, find again. My still-hazy senses remained in our cocoon and I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into the soft, feathery clouds. I relaxed and my head nestled against his shoulder, and I began to dream…

The following day was a Friday, but Jason didn’t bother going to class. From the time we had awakened from the ending of our shared incestuous virginity, we had drifted freely and easily from sex to various masaj porno simple activities and back again, coupling bodies spontaneously whenever the impulse struck us. We never bothered to dress, and I delighted in the feeling of remaining naked, my son and I nude and open to each other all of the time.

I was drunk with sex and wickedness, in an altered state that seemed would never pass, though deep down I knew that the reasons for it and its persistence were more complex than my mind was willing to accept. For now, though, it was only the good, the exciting and pleasurable, and I meant to make the most of every moment.

“Mom, I think it would be fun if we agree to stay naked until at least Sunday night,” Jason said with a big grin.

“Ooh, I like that idea! So, how’s this? We hereby vow to wear no clothing, of any kind, from this moment until midnight, Monday.”

We laughed crazily. I felt like a newlywed again.

The first challenge to our pact came that evening, when Jannie called.

“Hey, Linda, Baby! I need you over here for a minute,” she said. She still knew nothing of what had happened.

“I’d love to, Jannie, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. You see, I’m…” Then I stopped short, as yet another wicked impulse struck me. “Oh, no, wait a moment… OK, no problem, I’ll see you right away.” I set the phone down.

“Hey, Mom, heading over to Jannie’s?” Jason said.

“Yes, she needs my help.”

“Then why don’t you…?” he began. I touched my finger to his lips.

“Shh, Son, I’m way ahead of you.” Jason grinned very widely and he opened the back-patio door for me.

The night air upon my naked body was a bit chilly, but just a bit, not enough to cause any real discomfort. I hummed a tune as I walked to her own back door, looking forward to her reaction. I stopped in the shadows for a moment until I saw her through the window facing away from the back door, then strode quickly to it and opened, entering the house and closing it before she turned around.

“Thanks, Lin, I really need…”

It was a huge kick to see that I could hand Jannie a shock for once; she had so often done that to me. Her head titled and brows rose and fell as her face telegraphed the amazement within, trying to interpret the so out-of-place sight before her. Though not nearly as exciting as Jason’s reaction had been, it was a great thrill nonetheless. Finally she came back to earth and returned my evil grin with one of her own.

“Now, now, young lady,” she said in a mock tone of censure. “Didn’t your mother teach you better than to traipse all over the neighborhood in your birthday suit like that?”

“She may have; right now I just can’t seem to remember,” I laughed back. “But also….” I said, more slowly and confidentially, and a bit more seriously, “there’s someone else whose mother taught him so, but who isn’t any more concerned about it now than I am.”

A moment or two passed until the meaning came clear. I saw her smile and turn away quickly toward the little project which had been the reason for her asking me there. As well as I knew her, I didn’t realize that she had forced the smile and was actually looking away for the time she needed to accept this new intelligence without her worry showing.

“Hold on a sec, Lin,” she called out and went to her garage for an item we would need for our project. A few minutes passed and then she returned, smiling wide and sincerely now. She set down the item.

“So, you’ve taken the plunge, have you?”

“Yes, Jannie. We have. Now it’s time to see what happens because of it.”

“Well, everything should be OK, then,” she said, mostly because it was the only thing she could say. She was perking up, though, now accepting what had happened as fait accompli, and intending to make the most of it herself. “Did it live up to your expectations?”

“Oh, more than that, much more than that!” I cried.

“That’s great, Lin!” she replied. She suddenly called out, loudly, “SAMMY! Come here; there’s someone I need you to meet!”

“Jannie,” I gasped, amazed, but strangely, not concerned. In fact, now that the idea had been planted in my mind, I wanted it. My pervasive intoxication with sex made this all the sweeter.

“Just a second…” I heard his voice approaching from wherever he had been. “Hello, who am I…?” he said, then stopped dead in his tracks.

For the third time I had the pleasure of provoking a stunned, disbelieving reaction to my body. His reaction added yet another thrill to this pageant of wickedness. There he stood, incredulous, eyes wide, disbelief yielding quickly to a smile of pleasure.

“Linda!” he cried, opening his arms for an embrace but delicately giving me the option to accept the invitation or not. “You look marvelous!” I did accept his embrace and felt my nude body pressing against his clothed one, and his hands pressing against my back, resisting the impulse, I knew, to venture to more intimate zones.

“Like this ensemble?” I teased, breaking away from his embrace.

“The best I’ve ever seen meet suck and fuck porno on you,” he replied, chuckling. “But…” he whispered confidentially, “I think you ought to know that Jannie has the same outfit.”

We all got a kick out of that. I turned to give Jannie a hug and Sammy a kiss on the cheek before I left.

“Hey, Lin, you gonna keep all the good stuff to yourself?” she asked, nudging my shoulder. It took a moment or two to figure it out.

“Oh, how could I have been so forgetful?” I gushed. “Just a moment…” I picked up the phone and quickly asked Jason to come over. He headed over so quickly that I got the impression he had been waiting for the invitation. In a few moments, he entered the door. He didn’t expect Sammy to be there, but when he realized that he was, he found it to his liking.

“Well, Sammy, looks like you’re finally getting the up-front view of what you’ve only seen from those nasty little pictures, eh?” he said.

“Sure enough, and I can say that the pictures don’t come close to doing your mother justice…in fact,” he continued, turning his eyes toward Jannie and me, “either of you.” Jannie and I were pleased to acknowledge the compliment. All of us politely pretended not to notice the onset of an erection as Jason enjoyed the sexual atmosphere and openness, as did we all. I’m sure Sammy would have been sporting a nice one of his own were his clothes not concealing it.

Under other circumstances this might have been a splendid opportunity for yet another sexual adventure, with the four of us. But no, this was not the time, and for more than a few reasons, not the least of which was the one I then refused to consciously acknowledge, the one which forbade me to consider sex with Jannie’s husband when my own was not there to grant his approval, and, presumably, participate, one which, despite all that had been happening, I would still never have violated. Still, it had been thrilling for me to display my nude body to Sammy and disclose our secret to him and Jannie this way. We joshed and chatted a little longer, then Jason and I returned home. Barely had we passed the door before we feverishly grappled for each other, and I led Jason to the guest-room bed and, without ceremony, we devoured each others’ sex yet again.

Wildness and wantonness were our guides for those three days. I wanted to run into the streets and shout my joy at our defiance of our great taboo and all the pleasure that had brought, though just having Jannie and Sammy as representatives of the great world for the purpose was thrilling enough. By mutual consent we allowed exceptions to the no-clothing rule so I could put on some of my other sexy outfits for Jason, some of which I’d never worn for Jannie in our affair and which, therefore, he had never seen. The payoffs, in the form of Jason’s reactions, were lavishly thrilling.

A number of days passed, during which we freely gave ourselves to each other while rather reluctantly allowing real life to slowly return to our lives, as it always must. That intoxication with sex was no longer blinding me, but enough remained to cloud my mental vision considerably. That led to a near-disaster that was avoided only by a remarkable coincidence.

Jason was returning from class. As you know, I never really seem to know when, but it didn’t matter; he would be arriving some time in the next hour or two. I went about my usual occupations until I heard the sound of his car parking in front of the house. Quickly, I darted into the garage, doffed all of my clothes and then put on my tightest, form-fitting jeans, which, according to the men in my life, are second only to those black pants you’ve heard so much about in flattering my features. The clothing-free weekend we had enjoyed was long past and we were dressing in a normal, typical fashion these days, so I knew he’d get a real kick out of it when I greeted him topless and in those jeans. Through the barely-opened door to the garage I heard the front door open, and strode out, speaking casually at first.

“Hello, Son, how were your classes to…” Then, suddenly, my words died in my throat as I stopped short in abject horror.

There he was, all right, but beside him was Timmy, his closest friend! Jason had had no reason to expect me to dress in any way out of the ordinary and my own sex-dazed mind had failed to consider the very natural possibility that he might bring a friend into the house. There was no way to pretend that this had been an accident; I had unmistakably been about to greet my son half-naked. I saw Timmy’s eyes turn wide, with that deer-in-the-headlights look which, I’m sure, was a perfect mirror of my own. This time, though, it was not pleasure; it was fear, as he instantly realized that this was not meant to be and that I was suddenly terrified myself. Petrified, I stared for what seemed like hours, and then, crying out my pain and terror, I sprinted for the bedroom door and collapsed on the bed.

Oh, God, now comes the mighty hand of justice, the price of sin, I thought, milf porno a million ancillary thoughts flying by like escorts of that once central nightmare. Our secret was out, known beyond ourselves and our trusted friends next door. Where will the information go from there? Timmy is a very sweet and decent boy, whom once I babysat and took for outings now and then as a friend to his parents, but still, how would he take this, and how well could he keep it to himself? And now this fact, one which Jason and I, and Sammy and Jannie, had learned to accept, was now propagating–who knows how far, and how fast?–through a world that held it in league with the very worst of sins.

I don’t know how long I remained there, my cries and wails of pain not abating in the least, before I felt the weight of Jason’s body as he sat beside me on the bed.

“Not now, Jason. I need to be alone,” I blubbered between fits of tears.


“Not now, Jason!”

“Yes, now, Mother!” he said, not loudly, but forcefully, momentarily interrupting my self-absorption. Still sobbing quietly, I waited and listened.

“Sit up, Mom. Please,” he said, helping me rise, both the strength and the will for which I lacked without assistance. I knew he wanted me to listen to him, but now that he was present and I was upright I couldn’t keep quiet.

“Well, there goes our nice little secret!” I cried, caustic bitterness punching a sharp, piercing accent into each word. “Now the whole damn world will know that dear, sweet Linda fucks Fred when he’s home and her own son when he’s not. Linda, goody two-shoes, Linda, the moral hypocrite, the perv…”

“Mom! Shut up for a minute and listen!” He wasn’t really angry, just trying to snap me out of my hysteria. Fortunately, it worked. I turned my tear-streaked face to his, then lowered my eyes in shame.

“Mother,” he whispered slowly and soothingly. “that might well have been a disaster. But it isn’t.”

“What do you mean, Jason?”

“Well, you know I have a lot of friends,” he replied. It was true; Jason was exceptionally gregarious and his social circle was very wide. “Now, Mom, hear this: You don’t think we’re the only people on the planet doing these things, do you?”

My eyes rose again to his, surprise and disbelief blaring forth from them.

“Timmy? Shirley? They…”

“Yes, Mom, they do. Unbelievable as it may be, it so happens that this little mistake on your part isn’t going to go anywhere their own secret wouldn’t go.”

I shook my head in wonder.

“I can’t believe it. Shirley, good old Shirley, church-going, prim-and-proper Shirley, is having sex with Timmy?”

“Yes; in fact, Carla and Timmy do it too,” he disclosed. Carla is Timmy’s twenty-two-year-old sister. Even in the knowledge of what Jason and I had done, I was incredulous.

“Did you tell them about…us?” I asked, warily.

“No, of course not, Mom,” he replied gently. “You know I’d never disclose this to anyone on earth except people we both want to tell, like Sammy and Jannie. Of course…” He paused a moment. “I suppose that in this case it’s a moot point now. I’d like to know if you’re OK with me talking about it with Timmy anyway.”

“Yes. I can’t see any problem with that. Now now.” I murmured.

Jason’s disclosure was, as you might imagine, an enormous relief, but the sting of fear had left behind a residue that persisted long after the reason for it had been shown to be groundless. Jason and I kept to chastity for some days before the black clouds finally dissipated. As they did, very gradually, a positive effect was taking the place the negative one had vacated. Now there was another couple, another family in fact, engaging in incest and, apparently, suffering no great heartache because of it. It was enormously reassuring to discover that we were not alone in this, much more so since, in this case, it was people we knew well, which made it quite a bit better than even Jannie’s story of her experiences with Mark and Maria–whatever their real names are. Someday, I decided, I would get Shirley over for coffee and confab and get her own take on the whole subject.

This unintended breach of the wall of secrecy, once I had come to accept it, was pulling the cover off of something else within me, something at first too vague to recognize. It was the wild child in me, the girl of my youth who never dared cut loose for fear of a bad reputation, and worse, her own self-condemnation. I have never regretted begin raised with good values, but there were times when it seemed to me that perfectly decent women were kicking up their heels in ways I’d never have imagined any respectable woman would back in those younger days, and I’d get a wistful little twinge of regret at having lost the opportunity forever. I’ll cite one case as an example, something on TV showing a well-known, mainstream actress coming out of a trendy club in Hollywood in a shockingly sheer black dress. Even censored for prime time, it was clearly giving everyone within sight a nice, clear view of her mammalian details, and I’m pretty sure that a lot more could be seen by eyes not impaired by the limits of the video cameras and the vagaries of the network censors. That had shaken up my own criteria of respectability. Still, I was happily married and easily relegated any thoughts about my own behavior to my own mental dustbin.

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