Stiletto Club

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If there is any better feeling than being in love, I haven’t found it.

If there is any better feeling than making love to the person you love, it must be beyond imagining.

If you’re lucky enough to be loved by TWO special people, you’ve been blessed.

I consider myself a lucky, lucky girl. I found two people that I love with all my heart and who love me back. The fact that they’re both women is irrelevant.

My name is Racquel and you might remember my lover, Zara, talking about me once before. I live with her and my other lover, Danielle – “Dani” – in a very happy, very sexy, very kinky three-way relationship.

Prior to meeting Dani, I was a Cocktail Waitress in Vegas. Dani came there on a holiday with a group of her friends. They were partying, hard, and she came into the place I worked. One look at her and I fell. HARD.

My Dani is a tall, hot, leggy blonde that makes me hot by just breathing. We shared a brief date and a night of lesbian sex that blew both our minds. When it came time for Dani to go home, it broke both our hearts. We didn’t want to be apart, so I settled things up with my roommate, Tobi, and came here to live with my Dani.

A lot of people thought we were just roomies, both of us still dated guys. I like older, sensual men who treat me well, know how to caress and fondle a girl, treat her like a Princess. Dani likes the jock type, hard and muscular and studly, with great big cocks.


OUCH! Dani, you bitch, that HURT!

Okay, back to the story. After living with my baby for a while, she insisted I become friends with Zara. She thought Zara was a little threatened by me, they’d been friends since High School. It isn’t hard to adore Zars, she’s a sweetie. Not only that, she makes the BEST pastry.

I found out my baby had a bit of an ulterior motive one night. We were in bed one night, after having had a long, sensual session of shower-sex. Dani had put on my favorite white-silk teddy and the matching stilettos, I was in a blue baby-doll with a new pair of patterned blue spikes I just had to have. Dani was feasting on my cunt and tits and I was squirming, she knows just what buttons to push. She’d had a previous lez-fling [ a secret she kept from Zara ] but she told me that loving me made her eager to please. She licked my pussy, all the way, up and down. I was cumming all over her tongue and she lapped it up, eagerly.

After I came down from my climax, I cuddled my long-legged love close and ran my fingers through her long, blonde hair. I love her hair and love to brush it and play with it. I even love the blonde hair on her pussy and love to keep it trim. Not that those gorgeous tits or long legs are hard to take.

Dani let out a loud sigh. After being with her, I knew that sigh meant she had something on her mind. I kissed her on the lips and said “Out with it, girl. What’s bugging you?”

She readily confessed that, although she loved me dearly, lately, she’d been having fantasies about making love with Zara.

“I think of her in a sexy little mini — or a catsuit — or a body-stocking with stilettos, or a bikini, or … ROWRRR!!” Dani said excitedly.

“So, go for it.”

Dani just turned and looked at me like she’d been hit by a baseball bat. “You wouldn’t mind?”

I rubbed her sweet pussy with the palm of my hand and heard that throaty purr of hers. “Baby, we’re not exclusive — we both fuck men — why shouldn’t you make it with someone you care so much about?”

Dani whimpered a bit and squirmed under my caress. “Actually — I’d kinda like to see the two of YOU together as well!”

I have to admit, that did catch me by surprise, but I pride myself on adapting quickly. Zara’s got that lean, lanky body and that sexy voice — those eyes — all of a sudden, I wanted her too. A lot.

“Baby, her birthday’s coming up. Why don’t BOTH of us take her out for a magical evening and seduce her? Both of us can do her, at once, separately, we’ll buy her those stilettos she’s been harping on and … “

Dani hunched her pussy against my hand as I rubbed her. “Oh sweetie, I’d love that. I’d love to see you and her making it — oooh, then I could fuck you with that strap-on we just bought.”

We agreed that we’d make our fantasy come true and hopefully create a few new memories along the way. We fell into a very nice sixty-nine and licked each other until we fell apart, exhausted, and into a deep slumber.

If you read Zara’s story, you know we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams — and we had some pretty WILD dreams.

The first time I ate Zara’s sweet little pussy — oh my goodness, I could see why Dani wanted her so much. She had the prettiest little pussy, I told her that. I ate her slowly at first, but she was so yummy, I couldn’t control myself. I really began eating her out, licking her clit and using my fingers and tongue to make sure the little vixen got off! She was a noisy little bitch too, she screamed and carried on — which only got me and Dani hotter than hell!

Dani took her second — she aydın escort was too nervous to go first. By that time, my lover was hornier than I’d ever seen her and she practically attacked Zara when she ate her. Zara was squealing with pleasure as Dani fingerfucked her, she was screaming “Ohhh, fuckkkk, eat my pussy, eat my fucking cunt, lick me, you bitch!”

We confessed to Zara later on that we’d been thinking about her, that we loved having her in bed with us. Zara was a natural lez, she ate pussy as good as anyone who’s ever tasted me.

Later on, Zara took took turns with us, using our sex toys. She wielded a dildo like a pro and fucked both of us senseless.

Since then, Zara’s moved in with us and we sleep together in a big, comfortable bed. We make sweet love almost every night, aside from when Dani or I have a date with a man. Zara will usually find a playmate for nights like that, that’s how she found Denyce.

Zara suggested we form the “Stiletto Club”, a kind-of-fun activity we all indulge in once or twice a week. The only rules of “Stiletto Club” are to have fun and we MUST wear stilettos at these get-togethers. We’ve added a few new members, thanks to the surprising kinkiness of our Zara.

It started when my former roommate, Tobi, came out here from Vegas for a visit. Until she showed up, I hadn’t realized how much I missed her.

How to describe Tobi? Total hottie. She wasn’t my first lesbian experience, but until I moved here and began my relationship with Dani and Zara, she was the best. She’s Asian, and extremely tall for an Asian girl at 5’10”. She’s got the most gorgeous apple-sized tits and a body that’s sleek and well-defined. Great legs and a sweet pussy that she always kept bare for me. Her hair goes all the way down past her butt, which is round and scrumptious — the perfect little “bubble butt”.

Dani’d already met her, of course, but Zara hadn’t. She was immediately smitten, she was practically drooling to get Tobi into our bed for a night of debauchery. She also noticed that Tobi shared her — well, now OUR — passion for sexy footwear. She was wearing the sexiest little crop-top, leaving her smooth tummy bare. Tobi had also worn the white miniskirt I’d given her for her birthday and it wasn’t clear if she was wearing panties. She also had on the sexiest white GoGo boots with a stiletto tip.

Zara followed her around that first day like a lost puppy. Dani and I had to admit, it was kind of cute to see Zara having her first girl-crush. We left them alone, ostensibly to go “shopping” for dinner. Both of us knew what we’d likely find when we got home.

Our little firecracker didn’t disappoint us. Zara and Tobi were in our custom-made bed, sixty-nining like they were the hottest little sluts in existence. Zara was working her magic tongue all over the smooth planes of Tobi’s tight, perfect pussy, while Tobi’s talented fingers were sluicing in and out of Zara’s hot cunt. Both girls still had on their sexiest footwear and their bodies were illuminated only by the small lamp in the bedroom.

Dinner was forgotten for a while, as Dani stripped out of her clothes and I followed immediately after. She got out our favorite dildo and fucked Tobi with it while I let Zara ride my face until she spilled her juices all over me.

The four of us fucked until nearly midnight, we decided not to cook dinner and ordered pizza instead. Once our appetites had been sated, we went into the living room and did a Daisy Chain, dressed in stockings and heels. I ate Tobi who ate Zara who ate Dani who was eating me. Licks and slurps, fingers and tongues — we were exhausted.

When we finally got our asses out of bed the next day, Zara had an inspiration. “We should form a special club, just for us girls. Invitation only!” she exclaimed.

Tobi lay beside her, fingers idly toying with Zara’s pussy. “Oh, and what would this club be about, pray tell?” she cooed as Dani began sucking on her dark, stiff nipples.

“We all like sexy shoes and sex with girls who wear sexy shoes. Why not call it the Stiletto Club?”

Well, being total lezzie-sluts, we all thought that was a terrific idea. To celebrate, the first thing we did is share a hot, intimate shower for four, soaping and fondling each other, playing until the water turned cold.

The next thing we did, Tobi’s treat, was all of us went out and bought a new pair of hot, fucky stilettos and stockings to match. I flirted shamelessly with the salesgirl at the shoe store — a really cute little thing named Jennifer — and the girls were in hysterics as we left.

“Did you find us another member already, Racquel?” Zara purred as we walked into our apartment.

“Hmm — maybe!” I teased as the girls began undressing me and each other. “She sure was cute.” I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I was smitten with Jennifer. And why not? She was an adorable strawberry-blonde, with the sweetest smile and gorgeous green-grey eyes. She’d been wearing this cute pink sweater that was tight and it was obvious from the tiny little bullets peeking at me that the little nymph wasn’t wearing a bra. She had on a cute, tiny plaid skirt and heels, I could’ve just eaten her up there and then. My best girlfriends sure as hell noticed.

As I got into bed, I felt my former lover slide our favorite dildo into the recesses of my cunt while my current lover presented her pussy for my consumption. I could see Zara moving behind Tobi and slithering her talented little tongue all over Tobi’s golden, sexy body, concentrating on her cunt and asshole, Tobi’s erogenous zones. The images excited me to no end, my body arched upwards as I felt the dildo pumping in and out of my hot, excited snatch.

“You gorgeous bitches, oooh, this is the best!” I screeched as the girls took turns pleasuring me. I came gangbusters that afternoon, but from time to time, my thoughts turned to Jenny and wondered what she’d taste like. Would she be noisy in bed? What did her adorable little face look like when she was cumming? Yep, I was smitten indeed.

The next day, around closing time, I found myself back at the shoe store. Jennifer was working again, looking delectable again. This time, she was in a tight powder-blue sweater and tight, white slacks. She still wore heels and gave me a bright smile when she saw me enter the store.

“Hi! You’re back, how nice. Did you decide to buy those hot black stilettos you were looking at yesterday after all?”

I sighed. They were wayyyyy out of my reach, real Italian leather. Hottest shoes I’d seen so far, but they weren’t as hot as adorable, sexy Jennifer.

“No, still can’t justify the expense. I came back to see if you wanted to go for coffee — or a drink — or something …. ” I let my voice drop at the “something”.

Jenny beamed at me, god, she was sweet. “Oh wow, that sounds great. Sure, I could use a cup of coffee. I can close up now, it’s been dead all day. Give me about ten minutes?”

The ten minutes waiting for this sexy angel seemed like an eternity, but when I saw her leave the store, my heart skipped a beat. She had the sexiest little “swish” to her walk and the cutest rump — I had to get her into bed, I just had to!

I would never have thought of myself as a “Predatory Lesbian”, but that’s exactly the way I was acting. Over coffee and a few decadent pastries — me, having chocolate Mousse cake, her having Carrot Cake and sharing bites of each other’s — Jennifer told me her story. She was 20, in University in Theatre Arts, single, her boyfriend was an immature jerk, she worked in the store to pay her rent. She lived alone.

That was the best part. Alone. Where no one could disturb us were I lucky enough to get her into my bed.

“So, do you want to stop all this courtship and take me home and get me into bed?”

I just about choked on my coffee. Jennifer’s forward statement had shocked the hell out of me.

“Wha —?”

“I’m not a total idiot, Racquel. You were flirting with me yesterday, you came back to the store today. You keep staring at my nipples through this sweater and there’s this look on your face … “

“Have you ever …?”

“Been with a girl? No. But since I met you, it’s all I can think of. I want to feel your skin against mine, your pussy against mine. I want us to do things to each other. Does that make me a total slut?”

I smiled at her, placing my hand on top of hers. “Darling, if it does, you’re my kind of slut. Let’s go back to your place and I promise to make your first time with a girl something you’ll remember always.”

We walked back to her place, holding hands and not saying much. I love my Dani, but she wasn’t in my mind at this point. All I could think about was seeing Jenny naked and teaching her the arts of lesbian love.

Once at her place, the bold little minx stood on tiptoe and kissed me, hard. She was a good kisser, with an agile tongue and her tiny, sweet breasts pressed against me. I cupped the cheeks of that gorgeous ass as we embraced and found she wore no panties.

“Why, you horny little bitch!” I laughed at her.

“Uh-huh. I like the friction against my pussy. After you left yesterday, I was nearly cumming. I hoped you’d come back, I really did.” Jennifer scampered over to her plush bed, knocking off a menagerie of stuffed animals. Winking at me, she removed the tight blue sweater. As expected, her breasts were exquisite little buds, with the pinkest, tiny nipples. Her pants came next, as she shimmied out of them, I saw her pussy for the first time. Yummy, with just a sparse covering of hair, a plump little mound of Venus I could not wait to devour.

Jennifer jumped up on the bed and held out her arms to me. I removed my shiny gold top and tight black jeans, but kept on my stilettos. Jennifer smiled at that.

“I kind of have a thing for hot shoes!” I told her.

“Me too! Want me to put mine back on?”

I nodded and she did as asked, hers white, mine black, both with the silver tip. I slid against her, breast to breast, and we shared a kiss as our bodies rubbed together. The heat was palpable. I moved against Jennifer, felt our pussies grind together, her clit stimulating mine.

“Oh fuckkkkk, that feels good!” Jennifer moaned. Hearing her say “fuck” was an immense turn-on. That sweet little face with those bee-stung lips, saying such an erotic word — man, was I turned on!

I pussy-fucked Jennifer as my tongue tasted her lips, her ears, her neck, her nipples. With every dab of my tongue or nibble of my teeth, Jennifer let out a husky little groan. My fingertips continued to caress her pussy, she was getting wet and hot. I slipped two fingers into her and I could feel the twitching of her cunt against them.

“Fuck me, Racquel. Oh baby, put your fingers into my cunt!”

With every profanity that came out of this cutie’s mouth, I got hotter and hotter. She was delicious, delightful, delectable, an adorable little pixie. A wild little nymphet. I wanted to eat her alive, to make her cum, over and over again, so she’d keep want to doing these naughty things with me. From her yelps and squeals, I was succeeding.

“Oh, you fucking dyke, suck my cunt. Eat it, eat it, you lezzie bitch!” Jenny howled. I obliged her with all the skill at my command, my tongue now lapping furiously at her wet pussy. Suddenly, she arched her petite body upwards and climaxed all over my waiting tongue.

“My turn. I want to do things to you Racquel, please? Show me, I want to learn. That was amazing, I want to make you feel good!”

Jennifer’s eagerness and her glowing face warmed my heart. I showed her where to lick, the spots on my body that turned me on — including the one behind the knee that only Dani and Zara know about — and as she licked my pussy and fingered my ass, I came gangbusters. Despite her innocent appearance, Jennifer was as wild as any woman I had been with in the past.

I spent the entire night in Jenny’s bed, teaching her the secrets of lesbian play. She learned fast, she was an apt pupil who seemed to delight in arousing me. She put on the cutest little teddy and another pair of heels and did a little GoGo dance for me until I couldn’t take her teasing and pulled her on to the couch with me. I nearly tore the teddy off her tiny body, I was that hot to get at her puss again and taste her sweet muff. She didn’t put up much of a fight.

The next morning, I told her about Dani and Zara and the Stiletto Club. I wanted her to join, I knew she’d fit in and the others would love her. I wanted to see her and my tall, gorgeous Dani eating each other, my baby would love her, I knew that. Zara and Jennifer, so slender and beautiful, would look oh-so-sensual in a lover’s embrace. I could feel my heart beating as I waited for her answer.

“Are you kidding? A chance to spend time with girls equally as hot as you? Where do I sign up?” Jenny responded enthusiastically.

So, we added our first new recruit. Tobi sent regrets that she couldn’t stay and meet her, but she had to fly back to her job in Vegas. As I expected, Jennifer and Dani looked so exquisite in each other’s arms. Slender Zara and Jennifer were two of the most sensual sights I have ever seen in my life. Jenny fit right into our little group.

I love my Dani very much and Zara is adored too. But Jenny and I, we’re so simpatico. It’s like I have a new best friend — only with naughty benefits.

For example, Jennifer got this really crazy, kinky idea a while back. She dressed in a demure little skirt and her pink sweater — with a bra this time — and went to a nearby, high-class bar. Danielle, Zara and I “trashed” it up and came into the bar, teasing and fooling around with this “innocent” girl, trying to pick her up. The lezzie sluts left with the sweet little girl, much to the astonishment of the exotic-looking, black bartender.

We then took Jennifer home, where I fucked her hard with our newest vibe while she ate Dani’s cunt, while Danielle was feasting on Zara’s pussy with equal abandon. I lost count of how many times I came, but I was so thrilled that our little Jenny had such a perverse mind.

Later on that evening, Zara went back to the bar and gave the pretty bartender a card with her name and number on it. The next day, Zara’s cell rang. She and the bartender spent the afternoon getting intimately acquainted, Zara treating Denyce to her first female-induced orgasm.

Denyce is our newest love, a tall, sensual bitch with 34C nipples that get oh, so hard when you suck ’em. She loves oral and her tongue is so long and licky, she can make you cum just by kissing you. She has these gorgeous, long, powerful legs that can wrap around you while you’re eating her out, and her thighs are smooth as silk. I love the contrast between her dark skin and my Dani’s cool blondness. She looks great in a mini and we love the fact she wears heels now too.

Denyce calls herself “Zara’s bitch” now too, it’s so cute. Sometimes she follows Zara around like a puppy, she adores Zara. Watching them cuddled up, watching TV or just slowly playing with each other’s pussies — it’s sexy and heart-warming too. We’ve considered having Denyce and Jennifer move in with us too, but it’d be kind-of cramped -although lots of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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