Stoned Submission Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: … A Thousand Words


Comfortably naked, I moved through my apartment, stretching opulently in post-orgasmic bliss, and poured myself a glass of red wine. I brought the rim to my lips, sipping contemplatively as I watched the steady rise and fall of Annika’s chest, her breathing slow and deep in exhausted sleep.

My eyes ravished her body just as my cunt had; greedily, possessively. Her skin was late summer warm and smooth, the juncture between her thighs and breasts just shades lighter than the rest of her compact body. Those expressive eyes were hidden from me now, but I saw in my imagination the bright blue of them, darkened grey with submission.

I topped up my wine and wandered back to the couch, sitting hip-to-hip with Annika’s inverted form, tracing a pattern around her navel, the movement making her nipples harden and lips soften in a sleepy smile. And felt my heart roll over in my chest.


Snatching my hand back as if burned, I took another gulp of wine and recalled the conversation I’d had with my friends the night before at a bar along Crown’s stormy waterfront.

Despite the rain, we were sitting alfresco, warmly sheltered, while behind us, locals and tourists alike scurried along the Yarra, darting in and out of shop fronts, spreading the wet. Opposite me sat Tiana and Brooklyn, who were still basking in the honeymoon phase six months after marrying, and next to them, Brian and Mieko, who were on the verge of engagement.

I shifted in my seat and tried to behave nonchalantly, but my pussy was still tingling from my toilet time with Annika the hour before.

Fuck that woman was hot. And I couldn’t help but smile, revealing a secret kept.

“You’re looking mighty proud of yourself,” Ti said, her burnt dulce de leche fingertips stroking the back of her wife’s hand, subconsciously playing with the plain gold band on her fourth finger. “Work’s good?”

My smile grew bigger at being caught before I hid it behind a long slurp of the icy, fruity cocktail in front of me. I swallowed and shrugged.

“Not work. A new conquest maybe?” Brooklyn, asked, flipping long red hair over her shoulder.

“You could say that,” I said slyly, feeling again a tightening in my pussy.

“Your neighbour?” she guessed.

“Fuck, no,” Brian said, his clear blue eyes scrutinising me. “Not another straight girl, Luce.”

I shrugged again, tapping booted foot under the table, swirling my straw around the ice, catching the eye of a leggy brunette across the room. I smiled, lifting my glass in salute before saying, “Not another lecture, Bri.”

“You always do this,” Brooklyn continued, fingers interlocking with Ti’s, a silent symbol of superiority that they had their shit together, and that I, alas, did not. “Always fall for unavailable women.”

I rolled my eyes. “I do not always fall for unavailable women,” I said defensively, leaning back in my chair, a subconscious movement of retreat.

“We just remember last time, that’s all,” Mieko said quietly, ever the voice of compassion and reason.

I took another sip of my cocktail, shrugged.

“It’s nothing like last time. First, she has a boyfriend. Who knows and… I’m happy,” I said finally, eyes following the brunette as she made her way to the bar. Leaned over, sticking her ass out, subtly glancing back to ensure I was watching.

“We just don’t want to see you hurt again,” Mieko said softly, her slanted almond eyes filled with concern.

“I’ll be fine,” I said, standing. “Another round?”

I’d let that brunette take me home. Let her worship me with her mouth, let her fall a little in love with me as I finally made her come, her eyes begging me to never stop. To never leave. But leave I did, like a thief in the night, with no more than a lipstick kiss pressed to the mirror in her bedroom.

Looking down Annika’s shapely body, head hanging over the back of the ottoman, legs splayed limply over the couch. I knew she’d give everything I asked. The devoted ones always do. She’d proven that already, I thought, eyes falling to the crop on the floor.

She wouldn’t twist her way inside me, making me yearn for more. She came with clear boundaries and communicated them well.

I liked that.

Remembering the feeling of striking her – giving her the dark pleasure of pain – and seeing the pink welts between her legs, I felt myself stir. I leaned over and placed my wine on the coffee table before bringing my face to her pussy.

Nika, she called it.

Nothing sexier than a woman who understands and empowers the personality of her pussy.

With my chin pressing against her mons, I kissed the fleshy underside of her pussy and heard her sigh in sleep behind me. I smiled against her flesh, relishing the prospect of taking advantage of her unconscious form. Just as I had when she was consciously high with lust.

I extended my tongue to softly taste the skin at balıkesir escort the crease of her thigh, sticky with come and sweat, and her leg twitched. I pulled back as to not to wake her, letting her settle in her dream before pressing my mouth to her bald mons, my hand gently extending her right leg out, her movements languid and fatigued.

I blew softly on her exposed flesh, enjoying the bubbling response along her skin. Caressing the warmth of her inner thigh, I extended my tongue, wriggling it gently between her folds, the thick taste of pussy dancing on my tastebuds.

Annika sighed again, her head rolling, nipples hardening.

I wish I knew what she dreamed.

My lips and tongue continued to tease her, her body shifting subtly with the erotic vision playing behind her closed eyes. I flattened my tongue, swiping it along her clit, half hidden in retreat from my earlier assault.

I stroked a hand along her inner thigh, softly caressing in time with my tongue, now rolled in a cylinder to coax the length of her clit out to play. Annika sucked in a breath and jerked, forcing me to pull back quickly, assessing the depth of her slumber.

Her hand moved down to her pussy and she rubbed crudely over her slit but her eyes remained closed.

I smiled, knowing she was on the verge of waking fully, and split her puffy lips wide open with my left hand. I took in the bright, blooming skin, engorged with blood, before lowering my mouth again to drink from her core.

I wriggled my face truly against her flesh, my chin rubbing against her clit, and extended my tongue to push against her pliant core. I moaned as I felt her tight tunnel grip me, as her hips rolled in growing lucidity.

And then she sighed his name, breaking the spell.

I pulled back, head swimming with the taste and scent of cunt, heart thundering in my chest. I heard Mieko’s voice float between my ears. We just don’t want to see you hurt again… I narrowed my eyes, determined not to be, and brought my hand down with a crack against Nika.

She gasped, eyes popping open and darting around the darkening room with confusion.

“Lucille?” she said, voice dripping with confused desire, husky with sleep.

I rubbed my entire palm through her silky cleft, the heel of my hand bumping over her clit.

“Yes, baby doll?”

She sighed again – my name this time – and tilted her pelvis to my hand.

“I was dreaming,” she murmured, bringing her hands up to massage her breasts.

“Were you?” I asked conversationally, my middle finger sinking into her velvet core. The warmth of her made my own cunt ache with want. She bit her lip and nodded. “What about?”

“I’m not sure exactly,” she said, rolling her nipples around thumb and forefinger. “I was floating. Like I was high in my dream. All disconnected and… apart from myself, you know?”

I nodded, allowing my ring finger to be pulled into her depths. I gently thrust into her, enjoying the suction of her pussy, its moisture and heat.

“And as I was floating,” she continued, stretching her right leg along the couch, giving me unfettered access to Nika, “over a lake. And there was this butterfly dancing over my eyes. Bright green and gold. And it was you. Like, in my dream, I knew the butterfly was you.”

“Uh huh…” I encouraged, adding my index finger and increasing the pressure of my thrusts.

“And… this is where it gets weird,” she said, laughter dancing behind her voice.

“It’s not already?” I teased, stilling my fingers and pressing the heel of my hand across the bump of her clit. Supressing my own moan as her cunt contracted firmly around me in response.

“Grady was there, watching us float away. He had a net or something and was trying to catch me. Or you. Us,” she shrugged. “And then, I don’t know. There was a bang. Like a motorbike starting or something. And I woke up.”

“Interesting,” I said as I recommenced my internal explorations. “I’m sure Freud would have a field day with that one.”

She sucked in a breath as fiercely as her cunt sucked my fingers. “Probably,” she exhaled, tugging her nipples and rolling her hips.

I brought my feet to the couch, letting my legs splay out in a wide V, the responding grip of her cunt singing up my arm. Her eyes were locked on my pussy, her pout mouth parted and glistening, freshly licked. She brought her elbows to the ottoman, holding herself up so she could see. I rubbed my free hand through my open folds, loving the way her pussy subconsciously responded to my self-pleasure.

I smiled at her. “You like that?” I whispered, sinking a middle finger into my needy hole, touching myself in the same manner in which I touched her.

She licked her lips again and nodded, cupping her breasts again, tweaking her nipples between fore and middle fingers. Tugging that sexy barbell.

I hummed at the back of my throat, adding a second, then third, finger to my hole, the heel of my palm moving over my clit, mimicking the ministrations I was making in her. So she could see what I was doing and feel the echoes ripple through Nika.

Her sleepily flushed face deepened and a light sheen of sweat glistened on her brow. She bit her lip as her core muscles gripped me, pulling me in hard.

She was close.

So was I.

I rolled my hips lewdly, thighs splayed wide, fighting off a grimace as a small shudder worked through my body. Seeing my pleasure, Annika sighed a quiet “yes”, urging me to the crescendo.

I shook my head. Not yet.

She whimpered when I withdrew both hands, rubbing my palms together, mixing our juices. I leaned over and rubbed my fingers over her lips and nose, and she eagerly extended her tongue, licking our sex from my fingertips.

“Nice?” I murmured.

“Mhmm,” she hummed, grasping my wrist, her tongue tickling across the palm of my hand. The corner of my mouth twitched as the rough feel of her tongue skidded up my arm to spread warmth at the back of my neck.

Eyes heavy and hooded with lust, Annika sucked my entire middle finger into her mouth, curling her tongue to cradle the digit. She slowly dragged her lips back up, nipping at the pad of my finger.

“Naughty girl,” I purred, and she nodded, tracing the shape of her lips with my fingertip. She then outlined the side of my forefinger and down the slope to my thumb before sucking firmly at the webbing between the two. My cunt throbbed watching her, easily transferring this image to my nether region.

I caressed her hot cheek with my three remaining fingers and she playfully bit me in response.

“Very naughty,” I laughed and she released my hand, sitting up so we were nose to nose. Her pussy hot breath fluttered across my lips and saliva pooled under my tongue.

“So,” she said huskily, “what now?”

I tilted my head to the side. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” she said, nails gently scratching along my thighs, “what now? Do I… go home?”

I grasped her hands, shaking my head as I pressed a kiss to her left palm, teeth scraping along her mount of Venus.

“No,” I said definitively. “We go out.”

* * *

Annika stood naked in the middle of my room, clothes strewn at her feet. With an exasperated sound, she put her hands to her hips and tapped a foot.

“Seriously, Lucille. I have clothes at home. Good clothes,” she qualified. “Great, even. There’s really no need for you to go to this trouble.”

I responded with a frustrated sound in kind, waving her objections away. There was every need to go to trouble. I loved nothing more than dressing my girls up all femme and gorgeous, knowing that beneath the veneer hid a sly submissive slut. Parading her around the club, showing her off to my friends and other conquests, worked me up to no end.

And it was finally Annika’s turn.

“Aha,” I muttered triumphantly, tossing her a bright copper mini-dress with a subtle geometric print. I could already see her in it: the gently ruffled skirt ending mid-thigh, the deep V neckline plunging down to her sternum, the sleeves bunched over her arms until tightening from elbow to wrist. With her hair loose and wavy, her eyes smoky and blue, she’d be a knock-out.

Just thinking about it kept me wet.

“Put this on,” I said turning around to see her holding it against her body, a dubious look on her face.

“Is it yours?”

“It is. You’ll look great in it,” I assured her.

She rolled her eyes, making me grin. “Yeah. With you easily being four inches taller than me. This’ll barely cover my ass.”

I walked over to her – as comfortably naked as she – and rested my hands on her shoulders. “Trust me,” I said. “It’ll be fine. I daresay I’ve had more success dressing women than you.”

Her eyes lit up at that, full of fun. “I daresay,” she mocked, making me want to smack her ass with my crop. To suppress the urge, my gaze lowered to the pink welts between her thighs and licked my lips.

“Just be a good girl,” I said, stepping back, “and wear it.”

Her blush at being called a “good girl” made my belly curl.

I stepped forward again to help her pull the dress over her hips – she was right; it’d barely cover her ass. Perfect – and adjusted the shoulders, hands smoothing down to cup and adjust her unfretted breasts inside.

I felt her heartbeat thud under my touch and nipples harden beneath my fingers, and looked up to see her eyes had clouded with desire. That her skin was still sexily flushed.

“You definitely won’t need a bra with this. It’s tight enough to keep everything in place,” I teased, my hands moving back up to her shoulders, down her arms, soothing.

She looked down at her ample cleavage. “I see what you did there,” she said, her gaze now bold and daring. I just grinned, and gently pushed her toward the bathroom.

“Use whatever – but play up those eyes – and then we’ll go. It won’t take me long to get ready.” I gave her ass a friendly slap and grinned at her yelp.

Tapping my bottom lip, I contemplated my messy wardrobe, smirking as I reached in for my favourite leather jacket. I paused midway through dressing, when Annika’s voice – clear and true – rang joyfully from my bathroom tile. That woman was just full of surprises.

I sat on the bed to lace my boots, brows raising in wonder as she hit the key changes in Beyoncé’s ‘Love on Top’. Which then wove into my imagination Annika wearing a black leotard, sheer stockings and top hat, trussed up in my playroom.

The ever-present throb in my pussy thudded hard at the thought.


A buzzing notification from my phone pulled me out of fantasy land, and opening Snapchat, I grinned seeing a text response from Grady.

G: Congratulations. I see you earned your Rag Doll Nika badge. It’s the best.

The next notification was a picture and I tapped to open. Grady’s evening was taking him to Beyond the Binary, a boutique strip-club hidden in Melbourne’s laneway scene. Perfect.

I tapped a quick response – never know, may run into you – and put my phone away as Annika walked back into the room. And Beyoncé died on her lips as she saw me.

“Wow, Lucille,” she breathed. “You look…” She shook her head. “Wow.”

I smiled and executed a poor pirouette. “What do you think?”

“I think punk-rock Tinkerbell was the last thing I expected from you,” she said, running a hand through her hair, deepening the side part.

I laughed. “Punk-rock Tinkerbell? That’s a first.”

“Well, come on. Fuck. The boots, the fishnets, the black tutu and… a long-sleeved leotard?” I nodded. “You look hot,” she finished.

“And even hotter with you on my arm,” I said, offering a bended elbow. “Shall we?”

* * *

With autumn approaching, hot days slapped against cool nights, so I pulled Annika closer to my side, breaking the breeze. The gesture made her wobble on her heels.

“You okay?” I asked, shortening my stride to accommodate her.

“Yeah, fine,” she slurred, her voice thick with weed. I smiled.

“Almost there,” I said, turning down a dimly lit laneway, the smooth footpath giving way to uneven cobblestone. The concrete walls throbbed with a deep base, drawing us in.

We approached a small shopfront; a lime neon light, Beyond the Binary, illuminated dark forest green doors with wrought iron details. Two tall men stood out front, dressed in black and wearing ear pieces.

“Tony! Chris!” I greeted the doormen as we approached, holding Annika closer when I felt her body shrink into itself.

“Lucy-Loo!” Tony’s megawatt-smile flashed bright against the lights and his dark cocoa skin. He pulled me into a fierce hug and I was enveloped in the dark, musky scent of man. “Long time no see.”

I slapped his broad back. “How’s Elke? The kids?”

Somehow that grin grew as he pulled out his phone, showing me the latest snaps of his happy family. I gripped Annika’s hand firmly, not giving her a chance to retreat as I made small talk. I sensed Chris taking in her form, from black heeled ankle boots, long shapely legs and curvaceous body.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“So, fellas,” I said. “Busy tonight?”

Chris nodded, checked his clipboard, flipped the page and grinned. “Villanelle is one happy Madam tonight.”

I licked my lips at the sound of her name, smiled slowly. “Great. When you’re on break, let me know. I’ll slip you a sneaky beer.”

Both grinned and Tony pushed the door open to usher us inside.

We were enveloped by a concrete stairwell, cold and a little dank, our footsteps echoing as we made our descent toward muted rose gold lights. The first level was decorated with deep aubergine walls, matte black and gold trimmings. Down on the second level, a semi-circular bar was situated in the middle of the space, backing to an elevated platform that held a grand piano; tonight, a jazz blues trio were putting it to use. I subconsciously timed my steps with the drummer’s raspy beat as I lead Annika across the room.

Topless servers in various stages of undress – some with skin tight black leather pants, others bare chested and bow tied – filled orders with competent, deft hands. There was a balcony railing, of sorts, where one could look down to the third, more exclusive floor. Smaller lounges were scattered around this space where one could pay for particular attention or enjoy the show with a decorum of privacy.

In my personal opinion, the pièce de résistance was the open second level overlooking the third, an area where one could watch and play the games people like to play.

Stopping, I turned to look at Annika, her skin shimmering gold, eyes big, taking it all in.

“Never been to a strip club before?” My lips brushed her ear as I learned in, my hot breath made her shiver. I couldn’t help but scrape my teeth along her earlobe.

“Not one like this,” she breathed.

“I think you’ll be in for a nice surprise,” I said, lifting her hand to my lips to kiss her knuckles. She sighed visibly relaxed, and smiled.

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