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**If you do not like the themes, you won’t like this story, so don’t bother reading. If you do find them to your likings though, I hope you will have a good time reading it. Note that this is my first story, and there may be some common beginner errors. Suggestions are always welcome**

There I was, lying on the beach, stranded on an island. I was recollecting recent
events which ultimately led to the situation I’m in.

It was a lovely summer morning, so I decided to go fishing at sea,
try my luck, and also get some free food, why not? After the last of
the preparations had been made, I put on my “lucky” shirt and set sail. It was very
warm, and I could feel the Sun massaging my skin. I finally found a nice spot, far from the shore where I thought should be plenty of fish.

I was fishing for about an hour with no success whatsoever, and started feeling sleepy, probably from the soothing sea air. I have no idea how long I was sleeping. Suddenly, a loud noise awoke me from my slumber. Still feeling dizzy from deep sleep, I barely realized that a big storm had begun. I tried to reach the navigating room, but a large wave hit my yacht, knocking me unconscious.

Finally, I woke up, finding myself stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. I took a deep breath and managed to gather strength to get up. So I started exploring the island. The beach was long and sandy, and there was a tropical forest, who knows how big, going towards the middle of the island.

As I went on, I spotted something strange. There was something washed ashore. I moved closer, feeling curious. To my surprise, it was a girl in her early twenties. Her long, black hair mixed with sand as she was lying on her back. Her clothes were wet, as we probably Elazığ Escort shared similar fate. She had a white t-shirt, and I could see through and noticed she wasn’t wearing any bra. Her boobs were quite decent c-cups. She also had short blue pants which revealed her shapely legs.

As I got near her, there was something strange. She was not moving at all. First I thought that she was unconscious. I checked her pulse, and to my surprise, there was none. I panicked a little and attempted CPR and heart massage, all in vain. Feeling hopeless, I lay on the sand beside the lifeless body of a beautiful young woman. But there was something even more strange.

The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t mind the whole situation. Suddenly, a thought of her naked flashed through my mind. I turned my head to the side and saw the woman’s nipples poking the wet t-shirt. Momentarily, I got up and managed to get the t-shirt off of her by lifting her arms up. I knew this was wrong, but I just kept getting more and more aroused.

Admiring the tits of this young, dead woman, I couldn’t resist grabbing them. They felt so soft and way better than my wife’s. Then I put my mouth on them and started licking and sucking on her nipples. They tasted salty because of the sea, but it felt really nice. When I was done sucking, I decided to go down and relieve her of those blue pants. They went off easier than the t-shirt. Her panties were pink with white details. They were also going off. Now she lay there completely naked. My cock throbbing in my pants by now, I decided it would be wise to also take my clothes off.

There was nobody there anyway. After that had been taken care of, I started slowly stroking my hard, by now pulsating cock, admiring Elazığ Escort Bayan the body in front of me. After a few minutes of bliss, I started going down on her. Now, she was below me, my hands and knees by her sides, I was looking at her beautiful, lifeless face. I then moved down to her pussy and started licking it, covering it in my saliva. I couldn’t believe it still tasted sweet.

When that was enough, I finally got over and spread her legs, positioning my cock at the entrance of her saliva covered pussy. As I entered her, I felt waves of pleasure coming from my cock and taking over my whole body. The feeling was immense. Pushing my cock in and out of her pussy, I watched her lifeless body bump with each of my thrusts. I lifted her legs in the air and held them in front of me as I continued fucking her. Her pussy wasn’t as warm as the live one, but it certainly felt good for me.

Watching her boobs bounce with my every thrust was driving me over the edge, I could feel cum building up inside me. After a few more strokes, I felt my cock launching waves of cum inside the dead woman’s pussy. The pleasure was so intense I barely managed to keep myself conscious. After taking a deep breath and resting for a few minutes, it seemed that my lust wasn’t going to get any weaker. My cock once again rose to it’s glory and demanded more.

I took the woman and turned her lying on her front. Her beautiful ass was now facing me as I admired it. It wasn’t too small nor too big, it was the perfect size. I got an idea. There was a large pyramid-like rock near me, so I took her body and dragged her to it, lifted and placed her on it so that her head was near the ground, and her ass was at the top. Perfect.

Before violating Escort Elazığ that sweet perfect ass of hers, I had to feel it with my hands. Although it looked firm, it was actually soft and really pleasant on touch. I moved closer, feeling her ass with one hand, and my cock in the other. Positioning my proud manhood at the entrance of her brown asshole, I pushed in slowly, going deep until my whole cock was buried in her. It went easier than I expected, because she couldn’t tense her butt muscles and provide resistance. I stood like that for a moment, enjoying every bit of it.

Then I started pulling my cock out, and when it was nearly at the exit, pushed it in again. As time passed, I picked up the pace and started pushing in and out faster and faster, her asshole lubed by my own cum. I could feel my second orgasm building up as I started getting more and more violent and I could feel her pussy and stomach grind against the rock, starting to bleed. I could see the blood pouring over the rock, but I couldn’t care less.

All that mattered to me now was getting as much pleasure as possible. As my pleasure reached its peak, for the second time, waves of cum started coming out of my cock and now filling the dead woman’s ass. Even though this was my second orgasm in a row, there was even more cum as I continued pounding her ass for a few more strokes. When I pulled my cock out of her, I could see my cum dripping out of her spread asshole. I lifted her by the hips and threw her on the sand beside the rock. She was on her back now, with arms spread. Her stomach and pussy were bloody and almost torn from all the grinding on the rock. Now, looking at her limp, lifeless body lying on the ground, I didn’t know whether to feel satisfied or disgusted by what I had done. One thing was certain, I had to find a way to survive on this island… THE END

Thank you for reading, I would appreciate constructive criticism since this is my first story. And don’t forget to vote!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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