Students Rule II Ch. 04

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Chapter Four — In This Corner . . .

It was shortly after her last class of the day on Thursday, two weeks since she surrendered herself to Brian Bitner, a student in her last period English Lit class. Miss Cori Goodman had made her way to Ms. Lee’s office where the two women were sitting around the Principal’s desk and discussing school matters. Without warning, Ms. Lee placed both hands on her desk, leaned forward and looked Cori in the eyes.

“You know,” she whispered so she wouldn’t be overheard by the secretaries in the outer office. “I can’t tell you how happy I am that you were so hard on the wrestlers in your classes.”

“What are you talking about?” Cori asked, a bemused look on her face.

Virginia smiled, reaching her hand out to rest on Cori’s atop the desk. “I mean, if you hadn’t been so hard on them, Brian wouldn’t have complained to me and our relationship might never have happened.”

There was a moment of silence before Cori withdrew her hand and leaned back in her chair. She looked Virginia straight in the eye before responding. “So you’re saying that you set this whole affair up because Brian — your Master — complained that I was being unfair on the wrestlers?”

“Of course,” Virginia responded. “Didn’t you know that?”

Cori rose to her feet and slowly paced across the floor, thinking as she circled the office. She’d always assumed Brian had made her do it. But now that she thought about it, that didn’t make any sense. How would he have known about her feelings for the Principal? Ms. Lee, on the other hand, had to have known. After all, she had been pretty obvious, hadn’t she?

Cori stopped suddenly, placed both hands on the desk and glared at Ms. Lee, speaking just a little louder than was wise. “So you sold me out! I mean Brian I can understand, but you? How could you?”

“Wait a minute!” Virginia shot back, reaching over and pushing the door closed. “Where do you get off with this holier than thou shit? You’ve loved every minute of it! And if I hadn’t said anything just now, you’d be at my house tonight letting him fuck your brains out again!”

“What does that matter!” the teacher shot back. “It was never your decision to make. You knew how I felt about you, and you knew you could do damn near anything to me and I’d take it willingly, just to be with you. You sold me out and put everything I’ve ever worked for in jeopardy.”

“Oh, give me a break,” Virginia retorted. “You gave yourself to him willingly. You were free to turn around and walk out at any time, but you chose to stay.”

She paused a moment to catch her breath before continuing. “I may have dealt the cards, Cori, but it was your decision to play.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it,” Cori shot back as she pulled the door open and started through. A moment later she disappeared around the corner, leaving an exasperated Ms. Lee to ponder what had just happened.

* * *

For the next week, Cori Goodman was in a constant state of anger. Unless absolutely necessary, she completely avoided Virginia Lee. In class, she not only didn’t avoid Brian Bitner, she laid it on him extra thick — singling him out in class and pouring on the homework. Even when young Mr. Bitner showed up at her home and demanded that his slave shape up, she challenged him, refusing to submit herself to his will. Finally, he’d had enough.

* * *

It was Friday, just after his last hour class with Miss Goodman ended. A couple of students had questions for the teacher, so the young man hung back and waited. Finally, after everyone had left, he rose to his feet and approached her desk.

“Yes, Mr. Bitner,” she said icily. “What can I do for you?”

He looked around quickly, reassuring himself that they were alone, and began. “Miss Goodman. For the last week, you have been an absolute bitch.”

At this point, Cori started to interrupt, but Brian slammed his hand firmly on the desk, startling the older woman.

“As I was saying,” he continued. “You’ve been an absolute bitch. You’ve made my life miserable and you’ve pissed off Ms. Lee, who in turn has also made my life miserable. It’s going to stop, and it’s going to stop now!”

He paused, almost as if waiting for her objection. But it didn’t come.

“I’ve already talked to Ms. Lee. You two are to be at my house tomorrow at 2:30 PM. And,” he paused, looking her coldly in the eyes, “if either of you doesn’t show up, your special pictures will be in the school superintendent’s hands first thing Monday morning. Are there any questions?”

The teacher opened her mouth to protest but, upon seeing the glare in her student’s eyes, thought better of it. She bit her tongue in an attempt control her anger and took a deep breath. Finally, her rage at least partially under control, she was able to respond.

“No, sir. There are no questions.”

“Good. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

* * *

The Bitner family lived in a remote corner of a ritzy Southern California bursa escort suburb. The house sat on almost three acres of land, two sides of which bordered a canyon. The nearest house was several hundred yards away. The fence-enclosed backyard, complete with swimming pool, hot tub and plenty of open lawn, was completely secluded. That and the fact that Brian’s parents had just left on a 10 day Caribbean cruise made it a perfect setting for what Brian — an only child — had in mind.

Cori pulled up in front of the house at 2:25 PM. Ms. Lee’s car was already there. She tried to control her anger as she climbed out of her car and made her way to the front door, but somehow the words ‘unfair’ and ‘conniving little bitch’ kept falling from her lips.

As she approached the front door, it swung open to reveal Brian, clad only in a pair of gym shorts and a tee-shirt. “Please come in,” he said simply.

Cori managed a weak smile as she slid past him and into the house. She came up short when she saw Ms. Lee standing by the great room entrance.

“Both of you, in there,” Brian ordered, pointing to the great room. There were some evil looks exchanged between the two ladies, but ultimately they complied.

The great room was a large room, combination living room and family room. There was a large stone fireplace on one wall and a sliding glass door — which was currently hidden by drawn drapes — on another. The kitchen adjoined the room in the back corner so that it, too, overlooked the backyard.

“Now, strip,” he ordered without further fanfare. “And I mean everything — including jewelry. You can lay your clothes on the sofa and put your jewelry on the coffee table.”

Both girls hesitated, but it was Virginia that spoke. “Is this really necessary?”

The icy look she got from Brian was all the answer she needed — or got.

The women began disrobing, their eyes never straying far from each other. It was several minutes later when the last piece of jewelry was finally removed.

Brian let the two women stand there for a full minute before finally bending over to pick up two bags from the floor. He tossed one bag to each woman.

“Put these on.”

“Bathing suits?” Cori questioned as she pulled the bikini from the bag.

“What are we supposed to do, drown each other?” Virginia chimed in, creating the first moment of levity between the two in a week. But the moment passed quickly.

“You’re supposed to do as you’re told,” Brian replied. “Now put them on.”

Once the suits were on, Brian looked the girls over carefully. The suits were identical, only Cori’s was red while Virginia’s was black. The skimpy tops hooked behind the back and tied behind the neck. They did a nice job of highlighting Cori’s ‘B’ cup breasts, but they struggled to adequately contain Virginia’s ‘D’s.’ The bottoms were also on the skimpy side, being only slightly more than thongs and leaving a large amount of cheek exposed. Slender cords came together in a bow on each side — a bow that could be easily untied.

Satisfied, Brian nodded his approval. “Now, here’s what we’re going to do. Since you two have been so hell bent ornery this past week, we’re going to settle things the only way I know how — on the mat.”

It took a second, but Virginia finally responded. “On the mat? You mean we’re going to fight?”

“More precisely,” Brian responded, “you’re going to wrestle.”

“But that’s crazy,” Virginia shot back. “What the hell will that prove, anyway?”

“Well, it may not prove anything, but it’ll give you two a chance to take your frustrations out on each other. Plus,” he added with a sly grin, “it’ll be fun to watch.”

Despite herself, Virginia couldn’t help letting a small smile curl her lips. ‘This,’ she thought to herself, ‘might actually turn out to be fun.’

Cori was also smiling. As mad as she was about everything, this might just prove the ideal solution. Besides, there was no way that that over-sized pin up girl could handle her. ‘Bring her on,’ she thought to herself.

“Two things I should tell you,” Brian continued. “First, since I have no earthly idea if the two of you are a fair match for each other, I’ve taken steps to equalize the odds. Second,” he said as he moved towards the drapes at the rear of the house, “you’ll have an audience.” As he finished that last sentence, he drew the drapes open.

The sliding glass doors at the rear of the room opened onto a beautiful back yard. The swimming pool was straight out from the door, separated by a patio that contained a good size seating area and abutted a large hot tub. Beautiful landscaping highlighted the area.

But as the drapes slid open, what caught the women’s eyes was not the beautiful back yard, but the five young men lounging around the patio, all dressed in gym shorts and tee-shirts, just like Brian.

Both women recognized the boys instantly — wrestlers. More precisely, they — along bursa escort bayan with Brian — made up the senior class of the wrestling team. Several of them were also in one or another of Miss Goodman’s classes.

Brian slid the doors open. “After you, ladies.” Both women hesitated momentarily, not quite sure how to deal with their audience. It was Cori who moved first — the chance to exact her revenge on Ms. Lee proving too powerful of an emotion to ignore. Reluctantly, the principal took a deep breath and followed.

Brian slid the door shut behind him and turned to face everyone. “I think everybody knows each other,” he said. Nobody said a word.

“Alright then,” he said, looking specifically at the women. “Let’s get started. This way, please.”

It wasn’t until the two women turned to follow their Master that they saw it — a 20′ by 30′ tarp spread out across the lawn, glistening with oil.

“Oh shit,” Virginia saidg softly, while Cori just stared, unable to say a word.

“Ladies, we’re waiting,” Brian said, breaking their reverie. Reluctantly, both women stepped over to the tarp, taking up positions on either side of Brian.

“The rules are quite simple,” Brian started out. “Kneeling is permitted, but standing is not. There will be no biting and no gouging with the fingers or fingernails. Any attempts to seriously hurt your opponent will not be tolerated. Other than that, anything goes.

“The fight will continue until such time that I decide someone is worthy of being declared victorious. And although I will give due consideration to the rules of wrestling, a pin will not necessarily end the match. Either contestant is free to surrender at any time. Whether or not I accept your surrender is another matter entirely.”

He stopped, looking carefully into each woman’s eyes. “Are there any questions?”

He gave the girls a brief moment to consider. When there were no questions, he pointed to the mat. “Very well. If you’ll kneel down and move onto the mat, we can begin.”

Both women hesitated, looking at the mat, at the guys spread out around the tarp, and at each other. Both were nervous now, very suspicious of the slippery surface before them.

Ms. Lee moved first, stepping gingerly onto the edge of the mat and lowering herself to her knees. Then, with a little grimace on her face, she eased onto the mat.

She’d moved only a few feet when it happened. Without warning, Cori dropped quickly to her knees and launched herself at the Principal. She tried to wrap her arms around the older woman’s waist, but miscalculated the slipperiness of the surface. So instead of a surprise attack that could have given Cori a distinct advantage, both women ended up on their backs, sliding across the tarp.

“You bitch!” Virginia screamed as she scrambled to her knees. But she didn’t let her words slow down her retaliation as she launched herself right back at Cori, who was still struggling to regain her knees.

Virginia’s shot was delivered with less speed than Cori’s, but a lot more control. The result was Cori being forced to the mat on her stomach with Virginia coming down hard on top of her and knocking the wind out of the teacher.

Virginia pressed her advantage, sliding up the slippery body to wrap her arm around her opponent’s neck. She leaned hard on Cori’s back, pushing her roughly into the tarp. But she failed to take precautions against the arms and hands that were flailing about wildly, searching for anything to grab hold of.

What the hands finally succeeded in latching onto was her hair. Virginia’s shriek was ear shattering as her head was pulled back from Cori’s neck. She instinctively released Cori’s neck as she tried to free her hair. And that was the break Cori needed.

The moment she felt the arms release her neck, Cori slid free and scampered away, seeking to calm her frazzled nerves. It had only taken one assault for Cori to realize that she’d badly misjudged her opponent. This was not going to be the walk in the park she’d originally figured, and if truth be told, she might very well lose.

She stopped her retreat and turned. Virginia was already on her knees, smiling at her. “What’s a matter, too much for you?” she teased.

The guys were stunned. Even Brian was having a difficult time accepting the ferocity of the initial stage of the fight. Despite all the talk and hype, none of them was truly prepared for the sight before them, two women — one their teacher, the other their Principal — covered with a glistening, oily sheen. Even their hair had managed to attract the oil, lying matted against their heads. And as the women struggled to catch their breath, the rising and falling of their bosoms did not escape the young men’s eyes.

The two women circled each other on their hands and knees, each seeking a weakness they could exploit. Finally, Virginia feigned an attack, forcing Cori to react. And when she moved, Virginia pounced.

Cori escort bursa hit the tarp with a thud, landing on her back and squirting across the slippery surface with Virginia atop her. Virginia quickly grabbed her opponent’s hands and pinned them to the mat above her head. But as she glared down at the teacher, Cori arched her back, rolling the older woman onto her back to score a quick reversal.

It didn’t take long, however, for Virginia to return the favor, and the women began a series of rolls across the tarp, neither able to establish control. Finally, a small crack occurred and Cori once again scrambled for freedom. But she didn’t scramble quite fast enough.

Virginia latched onto Cori’s ankle as she tried to escape and pulled, once again depositing the teacher onto her stomach. This time, however, instead of diving on top of her foe, Virginia swung her leg over Cori’s body and sat on her back. Before Cori realized how much trouble she was in, Virginia had unhooked her top and untied the bow behind her neck.

“No!” Cori screamed when she realized what Virginia was doing. She reached behind her back, frantically trying to grab the straps of her bathing suit and re-hook them. But before she came close to succeeding, she felt a hand take hold of her hair and pull. Instinctively, she lifted her chest from the tarp to lessen pain. And when she did, she felt her top disappear.

“You bitch!” she screamed as Virginia released her hair. But as she brought her arms tight against her body to protect her naked chest, she felt the ties being drawn on her bottoms.

Cori was in a state of absolute panic. Not only was she overmatched physically, now her top was gone and her bottom was untied. Even though she now knew she would ultimately lose the fight, she desperately needed to hang on to what little pride she had left. There was simply no way she could allow the students to see her so thoroughly beaten.

So, with a sudden surge of strength, she bucked Virginia from her back and scrambled to her hands and knees. But then, just when she thought she might reach freedom, she felt Virginia jerking the small garment from between her legs, causing her to lose her bottom and her balance in one fell swoop. Once again Cori was laid out flat on the tarp. This time, however, she was completely naked and Virginia and the boys were laughing and hooting up a storm.

In fact, if Cori hadn’t been so absorbed in protecting her modesty — a battle she knew she was destined to lose — she would have seen that this was her golden opportunity. Never would her opponent be more vulnerable than at that particular moment. But instead of capitalizing on Virginia’s temporary distraction, she lay curled up on the tarp, trying desperately to become invisible.

When Virginia finally turned her attention back to the matters at hand, Cori was still curled up on the tarp. “Okay boys,” she sang out. “It’s show time.” And she began to move towards her victim.

“No,” Cori cried out. “Please don’t.” But her pleading fell on deaf ears as Virginia kept on coming.

When she reached Cori, she stopped. For a moment she waited, allowing Cori’s fear to mount. Finally, she reached down and grabbed Cori’s right wrist with her right hand and twisted it behind her back. As Cori cried out, begging for mercy, Virginia grabbed hold of her hair with her left hand. And then, pulling on both the hair and the arm, she pulled the teacher to her knees.

Cori was a wreck, screaming out as the Principal slid her across the tarp for all to see. Finally, her screaming stopped, only to be replaced by tears as her free hand fell limply to her side. Her mind was swimming, trying unsuccessfully to fathom what was happening to her.

The next thing she knew, she was sliding across the tarp, this time the result of a solid and painful push from Ms. Lee. She scrambled to her knees, very much aware of the hoots and hollers coming from the guys. And although she couldn’t really tell what they were saying, she did know that they were all encouraging Ms. Lee to finish the job.

All, that is, except for one lone voice.

She tried to find it, that one encouraging voice. But before she could, Virginia pounced on her, flattening her face down on the tarp. Virginia then moved quickly to the side, trying to work her arm under Cori’s chest and roll her over. The slick tarp, however, made it impossible to get any leverage. Finally, she grabbed her opponent’s hair and pulled. When Cori reacted by lifting her head, Virginia slid her arm under her shoulder and rolled her onto her back.

Virginia pounced on Cori like a spider, arms and legs everywhere while she tried to pin her. For a moment, it looked like she might succeed. At the last minute, however, Cori found the strength slip the hold and slide out from under her oppressor’s body, successfully escaping the near fall.

She scurried away as quick as she could before finally tripping over her own arms and falling on her face. Exhausted, she rolled onto her back, making no attempt to either cover herself or escape. And then she heard it again, that one encouraging voice. And it was coming from Maurice Johnson.

Maurice was a big boy, wrestling in one of the heavier weight classes. He was bending over her, encouraging her. She struggled to hear his words.

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