The Abbeyway Bulley Turns

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Following on from The Abbeyway Revenge – the bully Jennifer shows her true colors by kidnapping Hilary and subjecting Caroline to a series of evil, messy games. Will she win her lover back or suffer humiliation and the ultimate mess?


Hilary sighed. Jennifer was standing before her having mucked out all of her horses, cleaned her tack and done all of her chores. This was such a reversal for the girl who had previously been a bully and had abused Hilary. It had taken Hilary’s friend and lover Caroline to trick her into a trap which had left them all tarred and feathered. The change had happened almost overnight, the newly bald Jennifer had apologized and seemed so eager to please her new mistress, her own phrase for Hilary. It seemed that she had been so humiliated and, in a strange and unexplained way, she had enjoyed it and it had touched a deeply suppressed nerve which had turned her from the ultimate bully to a pliable sub.

This was all well and good, but it had an unfortunate side-effect, namely that Caroline had turned almost visibly green with envy. It was clear that Hilary should receive attention only from her and the giggling, submissive Jennifer was displaying all the symptoms of a crush on Caroline’s girl. Hilary had tried to dissuade her, tell her that she was flattered but that she should look elsewhere, however nothing had seemed to work. Everytime that she pushed her away she seemed to bounce back like a puppy with puppy like affection in her eyes.

Caroline had snapped. She had grabbed Jennifer and threatened her, she would have beaten her if Hilary had not stumbled across them in an empty stable and stepped between them. “Look, please…” Hilary had pleaded. “Stop this… Caroline I only have eyes for you. Jennifer, you are sweet but please stop.”

Hilary had expected tantrums, arguments but not what had come next. Caroline had wailed, bursting into floods of tears followed in quick succession by Jennifer. Hilary had hugged them in turn.

“Look you are both lovely. But can we please get on together.” She paused. “I like you Jennifer, but I love Caroline.”

The two girls had ran from the stable leaving Hilary standing alone.


“Caroline…” Hilary grabbed her shoulder. “Wait!” Caroline stopped, turning slowly to face Hilary. “What’s wrong?”

Caroline smiled, grasping Hilary warmly. “You love me?” She beamed, wiping her eyes. “You really love me.” Hilary nodded. “Just..” Caroline stuttered. “I love you too…” They embraced shuddering with shared joyful tears.

From the shadows Jennifer watched. She ‘liked’ me. Jennifer snarled. Did she not see that she loved her? All she had done for her. She needed to be punished. So they liked to play messy games did they? Well it was time for one more game but this time to her own rules.


Hilary walked towards the last stable block. It was late, she was lonely but had a warm bed and even warmer lover to return to, a smile played across her face. The stable doors were bolted firmly, the horses had buckets of water and hay nets. All was well, until. She paused one of the stable doors was slightly ajar, she stepped towards it with a sense of foreboding. The stable was empty, which in itself was odd, there should be a horse inside. She opened the door and stepped inside, there was a sudden movement and then darkness.


Caroline had walked around the yard when Hilary had not come in, but had eventually decided that she must have gone to her own bed for the evening. She could not remember upsetting her, but…

Eventually she slipped off to sleep.


Caroline woke with a start, the bed beside her was cold and empty except for a note. A single sheet of paper, folded and lying on the empty pillow. She gingerly picked it up.

I have your little bitch. If you want her back you will come to the barn at lunchtime.

Caroline gasped. There was no signature but it was clear who had sent the note. The submissive worm had turned.


Hilary opened her eyes slowly, she felt dizzy and sick, her head was sore and it was clear that she had been hit hard which had caused her to black out. She tried to move but found that she could not. She panicked for a moment, was she paralyzed? Then it became slowly clear, slowly the pieces fell into place, she felt the rough rope cutting into her wrists and ankles. More had been lashed around her body and around a post so that she was left standing and immobile. She started to look around, her eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness, she realized where she was but this seemed to be too much for Caroline to concoct so who had left her here.


Time had rolled slowly while Caroline had mucked out and then taught lessons, but eventually it was lunchtime. She walked slowly to the barn and saw Jennifer standing outside. “You bitch!”

Caroline flew at her.

Jennifer laughed. “Stop it now you stupid cow!” She knocked Caroline back. “If you want your little friend back you had better do what I say.” She smiled. “Come on inside.” Jennifer pushed the barn door open, urfa escort directing Caroline into the darkness. Caroline nervously stepped forward. “Oh no… I have not set any clever traps. This is different.”

Caroline looked up and saw Hilary trussed up in the distance, she made to run towards her.

“Ah ah,…” Jennifer put a hand on her shoulder. “That would be a point to me…”

“What?” Caroline stared at her.

“You see, we are going to play some games for your little bitch. If.” She paused. “Sorry, when I win. She will be mine and you will leave this yard.”

“What the hell?” Caroline pushed her aside. “Just piss off you stupid bitch.”


Caroline turned around. Jennifer was holding the controller for an electric fence unit. “She is wired up.” Jennifer picked up a thin wire that led towards Hilary’s trussed body. “She is enjoying a nice dildo and butt plug, if you try to get her free and I will switch this on and she will get a nasty surprise. You can watch her dance.”

“What the… You’ll kill her.”

“Don’t be stupid. It will hurt like hell but she will not be injured. But do you really want to be the one that hurts her?” Jenifer watched Caroline carefully. “I thought not. So let’s play the game.”

“Okay…” Caroline shrugged. “Sorry HIlary. I will win this and kick her arse!”

“Oh very good. but I think you will find that I will be winning and when I do I will have your arse tied next to your girlfriend and you can both share the electricity.” Jennifer smiled. “Now, you seem to like messy play, so I think you will enjoy what I have in mind for you both.”


Jennifer lifted a thick blue tarpaulin revealing a collection of buckets, all of which had been covered with plastic bags, there were at least twenty buckets in total. “No wonder I could not find any water buckets.” Caroline tutted.

“Yeah, yeah… This is simple, you pick a bucket and pour it over yourself. Some are empty and others have stuff in.”


“You will see…” Jennifer smiled. “After you. The cleanest one wins”

“Hang on… You put these buckets out, you know what is in them, you are just going to pick empty buckets. How the hell is that fair?”

Jennifer smiled. “Fair… I don’t say this would be fair.”

“No!” Caroline snarled. “I don’t agree with this mad shit, but I am doing it for Hilary. But I do want a fair choice, I will pick the buckets for you.”

“You do realize that I will pick nasty ones for you then?”

“Yeah… But there is a chance that you will get messed up also. Not totally fair, but better than nothing.”

“Okay…” Jennifer smiled and grabbed a bucket. “Go on…”

Caroline picked up a bucket and pulled the cover off. She smiled. Jennifer approached her and lifted her bucket, Caroline was hit with a slimy ooze which ran over her head and down her shoulders. “Custard?” Caroline tasted the yellow slime as it dripped off her chest. “Is that the best you can do?”

“Messy… But I agree, I was being nice to you for starters.”

Caroline glanced into the bucket and smiled. “Okay… Here goes.” Caroline tipped the bucket and the first of what looked like fifty shelled eggs started to pour across Jennifer’s brown hair slicking it to her head. The yokes broke dripping gooey mess down the tip of her nose and across her polo shirt. Soon she was a shiny and yellow tinted mess standing in a puddle of scrambled eggs. She gasped and shook her head.

“Lucky guess.” She snarled before reaching down for a heavy bucket. “Take this bitch.” Jennifer lifted the bucket and slammed it down onto Caroline’s head. Her world went dark as a heavy mess engulfed her. She reached for the bucket which was jammed on her head, panicking to breath she forced it off and watched as thick white goo covered her features. Jennifer laughed.

“Oh God mayo?” Caroline spat out globs of the thick gunge. “Oh I hate this…” She wiped her eyes leaving handfuls of mayo. She shrugged before wiping her hands on the seat of her once black jodhpurs. She paused grabbing another bucket. “Okay… Here goes.” She flung the bucket at Jennifer. A spray of water hit her body washing some of the eggs from her.

“Thank you…” She smiled. “Helping me get clean now? Well I can assure you that I will not do the same for you.” She grabbed a bucket. “Sit down.”

“Piss off…” Caroline spat.

“Oh dear, diddums… Do you want to see Hil’s dance?” She picked up the controller.

“No!” Caroline sat down on a hay bale. “Please don’t hurt her.”

“Perhaps if you were to kneel down and beg to me?”

Caroline paused for a moment staring at HIlary, she knelt down. “Please, please don’t hurt her. I love her…”

“Oh shut up! Beg all you like… She is mine now!” Jennifer poured the bucket and Caroline was hit with a flow of golden syrup. The heavy liquid ran in rivulets down her face and seeped into her blouse. She shuddered as the syrup engulfed her, it’s warmth seeping into her bra and coating her rapidly hardening nipples. She gasped, balıkesir escort no she must not enjoy this! But her body was defying her as the mess coated her body. She looked up at Hilary who she could swear was smiling.

She snapped out of her trance and grabbed a bucket. Removing the lid she pulled open the front of Jennifer’s jodhpurs and poured the contents into the tight trousers. Jennifer squirmed and fought but was prevented from movement as Caroline grabbed her pony tail. Caroline could see from Jennifer’s reaction that the contents of the bucket were cold, melted ice cream in fact. Her panties were soon full, so Caroline started to massage the chilly paste down her legs and into her sex. She dropped the bucket leaving Jennifer falling to her knees. Seeing her chance she grabbed another bucket and grabbed it. She glanced at the contents. “Oh yes!” Caroline pulled out the seat of Jennifer’s jods and poured the bucket of baked beans onto her bum until the lycra bulged with dribbles of red juice showing. Caroline grabbed her shoulders and slammed her down. The beans forced their way into every knook and cranney joining the ice cream. Jennifer squirmed.

It was a minute or two before Jennifer stood up and silently selected two buckets. “Okay bitch, you want to play that game do you?” She stepped towards Caroline ripping her blouse open, the buttons pinging in every direction. Jennifer tipped the bucket and a stinking slime hit Caroline’s chest, she recoiled as the lumps of cat food covered her. She had never played with something so smelly and recoiled at the fishy stink.

Jennifer stepped back, smiling. “Wow, now you stink like your girlfriend.” Caroline leaped forward. “Now now…” She stopped as Jennifer fingered the controller. “Now bucket two.” She pulled open Caroline’s jodhpurs. “Just returning the favor. Hot for cold.” Caroline was confused as Jennifer poured in a thick red liquid into her pants and started to rub it in. It was a second or two before she realized what had happened as a burning heat surged through her loins. She yelped as Jennifer grabbed the back of her pants and wedgied her ensuring the bucket of chili sauce reached every sensitive part of her anatomy.

Caroline was in agony, writing on the floor as the chili burned her sex. “Oh god!” She looked up. “Please…”

Jennifer laughed. “Hot stuff eh?” She smiled. “This will help.” She grabbed a bucket and poured it into Caroline’s jodhpurs. Caroline’s face fell as itching joined the burning in her groin. “Oh… Whoops, some of your own itching powder. Well it will take your mind off the chili!”

“Oh you bitch…” Caroline writhed and squirmed pulling off her jodhpurs. Jennifer saw her chance and poured two more buckets over Caroline as she lay on the floor, first a flood of blue paint followed by a contrasting red. Caroline slowly stood up, thick gloss dripping from her body.

“Well, you are messier than me…” Jennifer smiled. “I win the first game…”

“Fuck you!” Caroline snarled.

“Boo hoo!” Jennifer laughed. “Look best of three.”


Jennifer walked Caroline. “You ready for the next game?” She smiled. “Remember when I win this one you will be mine, just like your girly friend.”

“Screw you!”

Jennifer laughed and led Caroline over to a deep paddling pool. Caroline gasped. “Oh I see you recognize this?” She smiled. “You dropped me in this pool last week when it was filled with tar. I won’t be that nasty to you, yet.” She smiled. “But you will get good and sticky.”

Caroline stared at what looked like a three foot deep pool of marshmallow fluff. “How the hell do you even do this?”

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know…” Jennifer smiled. “Let’s just say I have emptied the bank accounts of every yard I have worked at and when I have got you trapped I will do the same here, take everything of yours and set you both up so that the police arrest you for my crimes.”

“What the hell?”

“I will make sure I totally destroy you both when I win.” She paused picking up a rope which was lying across the fluff. “This is a simple tug of war. You against me. Loser ends up in the fluff.”

Caroline shrugged and walked over to the far side of the pool. She grabbed the end of the rope and started to tension as Jennifer took up the strain. “I will take you down you smug bitch!”

“Whatever.” She braced herself. “One… Two…” She started to pull quickly causing Caroline to lose her footing. She struggled for a moment before bracing again, swearing under her breath. Soon the two were evenly matched pulling against each other. Caroline smiled as she felt Jennifer slipping, but soon they were matched again, Caroline relaxed for a moment and as she did Jennifer yanked the rope. Caroline staggered forward, she was soon taking the tension again.

“Good try bitch!” Caroline suddenly stopped as she felt her feet slipping. She looked down and saw that the floor had been smeared with thick grease. “Shit!” She struggled and tried desperately to get a footing but found it was impossible. trabzon escort She yelled out as she felt her legs hit the side of the pool, she was catapulted into the pool, landing heavily in the gooey fluff. Caroline quickly sank into the deep, gluey fluff. She struggled, slipping and sliding in the mess trying to break free of the surface. Eventually she was able to stand up, struggling to breath. Looking down at her body she saw she was coated in stringy fluff which hung off her body like glue. She could not see, but could hear Jennifer laughing at the side of the pool.

“I win… I win… You are mine bitch!”

“Wait…” Caroline spluttered. “You cheated.”

Jennifer snorted. “And?”

“But…” Caroline waded slowly through the fluff. “Look… Your last game…”

“What about it?”

“Double or quits?” Caroline stuttered. “Look I can’t let you have Hilary I would do anything to stop you hurting her.”

“Double what?”

“Double whatever you want… Let her free, let me try to win her freedom for mine and you can do whatever you like to me if I do lose.”

“Anything?” Jennifer laughed. “Oh that is tempting. And I will win… Again!”


Caroline struggled from the grip of the sticky marshmallow fluff, she slumped over the edge of the pool and onto the floor before slithering to her feet. She followed Jennifer towards two deep barrels, she looked up and saw that there was a bucket hanging on a rig above each barrel. Jennifer smiled and pointed towards the barrels.

“The final game. You step into the barrel which is half filled with expanding foam, the catalyst is above your head, the foam will not expand until the catalyst is added but once it does it will expand massively and fill the barrel and of course trap you in there pretty much permanently. The winner is the one to get out of their barrel before the other person your prize is to tip the bucket and watch their fate.” She paused. “Your fate, I should say.”

“You seem very sure that you will win.” Caroline sneered.

“Because, bitch. I am better than you.” She stepped towards one of the barrels. “I will have this one.”

“No!” Caroline pushed her back. “You have the other one…”

Jennifer stuttered and swore but Caroline knocked her off her feet and climbed into the barrel. “No!” Jennifer yelled. “I won’t play… I want that one…”

“Okay, you don’t play. I win by default.”

“Fuck!” Jennifer stared at the barrel before slowly climbing inside. The liquid was up to her knees, she glanced up and saw the bucket above her head. “Okay… On the count of three.” Jennifer paused. “One… Two…” She started climbing, struggling to lift herself from the barrel but was struggling. Caroline easily grabbed the rim of the barrel lifting herself up, swinging her leg over the edge and onto the floor below while Jennifer was still trying to get out. Caroline looked at her barrel and saw that the edge had been liberally smeared with black grease.

“Oh dear…” Caroline smiled. “Was this supposed to be my barrel?” She laughed. “What’s up? Can’t get out?” Jennifer sighed. She looked up at the bucket. “Now I could be very nice to you and not tip that up.”

“Why?” Jennifer snorted. “I would have done it to you in a heartbeat. I still won you know…”

Caroline smiled. “Yeah… So will I.” She reached up and pulled the rope attached to the bucket. It slowly tipped pouring the clear catalyst fluid into the barrel. The foam started to react rapidly until it was soon pouring over the edge of the barrel. Jennifer was soon trapped up to her neck as the foam set solidly. Caroline reached down into the pool of marshmallow fluff and smeared a generous handful over Jennifer’s hair and face.

Caroline walked away from the barrel, she could hear Jennifer swearing and cursing in the background. Caroline stepped towards Hilary and gently released her gag. “Oh are you okay?”

“Better now!” She rubbed her wrists as Caroline started to untie her, soon she was standing in a pile of loose rope. “Well done for winning!” She smiled before embracing Caroline and kissing her deeply. “Oh you are all sticky!” She giggled, whispering in her ear “And I am sure it is not just the fluff!” Well you have saved me from the evil Jennifer and so now you can claim your prize” She stepped back. “Oh dear, you have got mess on my clothes?” She frowned. “Oh well…” She started a slow and sensual striptease, peeling off her jodhpurs and blouse before standing before

Caroline in her pretty pink bra and g-string. “Do you think she wanted me?” Hilary gestured towards Jennifer.

“I don’t care what the hell she thought!” Caroline snarled.

Hilary laughed. “Calm down, she won’t get anyone now… That foam is impossible to remove.” Hilary laughed. “But I guess she knew that when she set you up to be covered in it…” Hilary grabbed

Caroline and started to pull at her fluff covered clothes. Soon she was naked before her. Hilary gently caressed her nipples, before nibbling and sucking. Caroline moaned and writhed. “You see Jennifer, this is something you will never get!” Hilary pushed Caroline back until she was standing beside the pool full of sticky fluff. “Shall we give her a show?” Hilary whispered, stepping into the white ooze, which took her to her knees. Caroline stepped in also and they faced each other. Hilary pulled off her bra and panties and stood naked before her.

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