The Dance Teacher Pt. 01

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I never thought of myself as a lesbian. I thought of them as butchy and unfeminine. Besides, I was into two things when I was 18. Cute guys and ballet. That would all change when our studio got a new dance teacher.

Her name was Miss Sanders. She was about 26 and had had a brief career as a professional dancer. An injury had forced her to retire early and she was now going to graduate school. She taught ballet at our studio part time to help with bills.

Unlike the older retired dance teachers, she didn’t wear a skirt and just wore black tights and a black leotard. She still had the taught legs and body of a professional ballet dancer. Her upper thighs were beautifully rounded and developed and she walked with such confidence and grace when she taught class I soon found myself eagerly anticipating class. I always felt tingly and elated after class. Sometimes there was a sub that taught the same method, but I never felt the same after and couldn’t figure out why.

Our class was formal and we wore dark blue leotards and light pink tights and wore our hair in buns. Some girls hated it but I had a nice body and taught legs from ballet and I loved getting into costume and I loved how the soft, stretchy nylon felt on my body. Sometimes I would get turned on by how the tights and leotards were hiked up my rear, it would give me a subtle feeling of stimulation. Sometimes after moving around I would feel a little turned on after class, but I wondered if anyone else every thought that way but otherwise, I didn’t think anything about it.

Miss Sanders was very good at giving physical corrections. One day I felt her behind me adjusting my hips and her hand guided my leg into the right position. Her hand stayed there a little longer than a normal correctly and her eyes lingered on me accompanied by a gentle smile that made me feel both comfortable and excited, but I couldn’t figure out why…

As spring classes were coming to an end, Miss Sanders said how much she enjoyed teaching us but she probably wouldn’t’ be back next year because of a schedule conflict. My heart dropped. The class cleared out most of the girls were eager to get home but lingered until everyone had left.

There are times when it seems like your body or mind just take over and that’s what happened next. At first, I stood there for a few minutes and trembled. I didn’t know what i was doing or why but I felt compelled to talk to her.

“Miss Sanders” I said following her to the back office and teacher changing room. She was beginning to change but stopped.

She turned and looked at me. “Yes”.

I realized I didn’t know what to say. I quickly thought of an excuse. “I have a question about improving my turnout over the summer”. She smiled and said “give me a minute, I have kayseri escort to finish changing and went into a changing room. She came out again and placed her bag on the table. She was in soft black leggings and a bright, white crisp form fitting button shirt that hugged her curves and accented her breasts.

She hurried by and gently touched my shoulder.”I’ll be back in a minute I just forgot my phone in the studio. ”

“No rush” I giddily said as she rushed off.

She left her dance bag there with her sweaty leotard and pointe shoes. My eyes fixated on the leotard and before I knew it I was picking it up, stroking it and I brushed my cheek with it, i could smell her sweat and vaginal juices, and I was surprised how sweet it smelled and I hesitated but closed my eyes and sniffed. When I opened them she was standing there staring at me.

I quickly threw her leotard down. “Sorry” I quickly said. I was frightened and started to sweat. She looked at me and didn’t say anything, but her eyes penetrated me. “I-I was just curious about the material”

She gentle smiled and sensually closed her eyes. “Ok dear” She paused and stepped closer. “What else are you curious about?” she said, looking into my eyes. She was so close I could feel her warm breath mixed with mine she came closer as if she wanted to put her lips to mine. I quickly pushed her away.

“No! – I am not a lesbian” I said. But it was more a cry of desperation than anything else.

“Ok” she said and turned away and picked up her bags. I felt terrible at the thought of her leaving, but I couldn’t figure out why.

“Wait!” I couldn’t believe I said that! I didn’t know what to say as she turned and looked at me so again I repeated “I am not a lesbian” I was almost crying.

She stepped closer and caressed my cheek. “I know” I was trembling I didn’t know if it was fear or desire. She put her hand on my hip. She came closer. This time our lips met and I felt both her hands on my hips. A rush went through my body…but again I freaked out and tried to push her away, but this time she grabbed my hand and bought it down and kept kissing me. I resisted but not very sincerely, our fingers intertwined. It’s almost like she knew that barrier had to be broken.. my resistance stopped and my body relaxed and I closed my eyes and started enjoying it… I was shocked that she backed away.

She looked down at my crotch. “You’re pretty wet for a girl who isn’t a lesbian. I am going to go, but if you’re ever curious about anything else you know where to find me” she again turned away and I reflexively grabbed her hand. She stopped and turned around again. I was shaking all over. There was only a foot or two between us but it felt like a vast ocean I had to cross…I put my foot kıbrıs escort forward. I was still in ballet slippers, so it almost felt like a dance step, and I approached her with turned out feet.

My mouth was trembling as I leaned in and our lips met. From that moment it was all over. I felt a rush run through me and every bone and muscle and nerve in my body cried out for her, as I never had for a guy before. At that moment I knew I was in love with her. My sexuality was no longer in doubt and denial was the furthest thing from my mind at the moment.

Looking back I realize now that she could have just forced herself on me and I would not resisted but in coming forward, I acknowledged to myself that I wanted it. Despite all my fear and guilt, I wanted to be with her.

We passionately kissed for a few minutes as we glided to the couch. The kisses were not like you see in movies, exaggerated open mouths, we didn’t have to , ever one was sensual delicate, sometimes our tongues would touch then she would back away and look at me with loving eyes and we kissed again.

After a few more minutes she stopped and I was surprised. “There’s another teacher and class coming in twenty minutes, but my place isn’t far. Do you want to come?” I enthusiastically nodded yes.

She got up and grabbed her bag. I was no longer ashamed or afraid to look, and I admired her sensuous curves and way her tight leggings hiked up between her butt cheeks. I unconsciously licked my lips. The old part of me was going to try to self censor, but I wanted her so badly.

I slipped white jeans over my tights and put some street shoes on, grabbed my dance bag and followed.

The ride over was short but my desire for her grew and grew. I was also nervous and had no idea what to do or what to expect.

She opened the door to her apartment and both set our bags on the table by the kitchen. it was a small, tidy apartment. When I saw an open door to the bedroom my heart raced.

“So” she said smiling and approaching me. “Where were we”. We kissed again and again her hands went on my hips. Guys had done that before but it was never this gentle. Her hand felt electric on me. This time in the privacy of her home she didn’t hesitate and all my resistance was gone. She unbuttoned my jeans and it released the heat in between my legs and sensual aroma of being in heat. I felt my jeans slide past my hips and slip to the floor as I stepped out of them and my sneakers.

We kissed and hugged and I felt myself panting against her. I loved how our bodies felt together. I was hugging her and my hands dropped down to the small of her back and to her buttocks. They were firm but felt so soft in the stretchy material, I ran my finger along the panty line and cupped her konya escort ass with my hands and kissed her. I can tell she was a little surprised but liked it. It turned me on that I could please her.

Her hands were on my hips, but one of them slid around and stroked my stomach.

“Nice, firm, abs” she said as she felt them with her palm. She kissed me again and her hand slid down to pussy and she fingered it through my leotard and tights both of which were moist from sweat and vaginal juices. I was now in such a heat I was almost in a trance as i felt her hand guiding my to the bedroom.

I stood in front of the bed and looked at her. Her long luscious dark hair flowed over her shoulders and bright white shirt. She was pretty curvy for a dancer and that was emphasized by the soft, stretchy black tights she wore. I looked longingly in between her hips and realized I wanted to lick her pussy badly.

She unbuttoned the top of her shirt, approached me again and kissed me. I felt her hands working my leotard off and it slid down by body the soft stretchy material felt like a sensuous hand running down my body. I was now naked from the top up and we kissed again, my breasts against her soft, silky shirt. I undid a button and then another and her beautiful round breasts were exposed. She slid her shirt off and we glided down onto the bed as I lay she kissed me up and down, and fingered me both through and underneath my tights as I gently moaned in pleasure.

I felt both her hands grab the sides of my tights as they slid off, I smiled at her with half closed eyes I kissed her.. She lay on top of me and i helped her take off her panties and leggings and for the first time i felt her naked body fully against mine. The air was full of the aroma of two women in heat, as she kissed and caressed my breasts and slowly kissed further down my stomach. Her hair fell down on my body and giving it a fleeting tickling sensation.

Then her lips came to my pussy, and I felt her tongue begin to work inside me. I stroked her head and hair as I slowly began to buck and pant in passion. I involuntarily started to moan. In all of my years of masturbating, I had never felt anything like this. After awhile she kissed up my stomach and then we lay side by side. I started to kiss her breasts and and then her stomach, and smelled the sensual aroma coming from her pussy and slowly I slid in between her legs and started to lick her. I didn’t know what i was doing but sometimes her hands gently guided me or she would say moan ‘yes’ and I knew i was doing the right thing as I made her moan more and more it became even more satisfying then receiving oral sex. At one point, she bucked and I knew I had hit the right spot, and I grabbed both her legs and started to vigorously dart my tongue in her vagina. She started to buck like an animal in heat and moan in pleasure “Oh oh..OH OH OH” she moaned and then collapsed in pleasure beside me.

We were both sweaty and exhausted from the sex and I drifted off to sleep nestled in her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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