The Honey Bathtub – Fantasy Fiction

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We were submerged in honey up to our breasts…our bodies were two earthquakes…trembling hard as one…fucking each other to death, trying to get more and more from each other…

Outrageous as this may seem, it illustrates how far a person just might go to play with something they love. Maybe you’ve had a fantasy of something for which you would go to any length possible to actually enjoy it the way you’d like.

I had a special bathtub installed just for honey. Not only that, when you turn on the faucet, warm honey comes out. I know…you don’t have to tell me…it’s insane. An explanation of the honey bathtub system follows this blog entry.

Blue called to say she was on her way home from her meeting in town.

My pussy started throbbing. I turned on the faucet in our honey bathtub and bathwater-hot honey started filling the sunken tub. I sat on the edge, dangling my legs in the tub, letting my feet play in the honey…I reached down and dipped my fingers in, then brought them to my mouth and sucked them sloppily, letting lots of honey dribble luxuriously down my body.

Finally, the tub was full. I slid my body into the thick honey to wait for my baby…

Without touching myself, I began to tremble throughout my body. I came immediately…hard shudders taking control of me!

I leaned back and relaxed, catching my breath. I knew there many more orgasms to come for both Blue and I. I scooched my ass forward and leaned back farther, dipping all my hair in the honey, then leaned against the side, the honey coming up to just over my breasts. I idly played with my pussy and waited for Blue.

Fuck! My body felt soooooooo good immersed in the honey!

Fuck! I wanted Blue there so bad!

I lifted one leg straight up in the air and pointed my toes, watching the honey slide ever so hotly down my leg. I got on my knees and loved seeing it fall in looooooooong drips from my breasts. I dipped my hands in the honey and held my arms in the air, letting the honey fall on top of me.

Lying back against the side, I rubbed my slippery body all over full hd porno with my hands…I lifted my foot out of the honey and brought it to my hands, rubbing it all over and sliding my fingers between each of my toes.

I kept playing with my pussy…I could feel it throbbing throughout my body. I could have cum again any second, but I wanted to wait for Blue. Then, she showed up, already removing her clothes as she came in…

“Found you! Somehow, I knew you’d be in here! Hands up where I can see them!”

“Hi precious!”

I stood up so she could see my all-over dark-tanned body completely covered in a deliciously thick layer of honey…

“Like what you see, baby?”


I smiled and took her hands…

“Have a seat, my love, and kindly spread your legs for me…your slutty fucktoy is going to make you so happy to be home!”


Blue sat down on the edge of the tub, eagerly spreading her legs for me. I used both my hands to pour honey on her pussy, massaging it, pushing honey inside her…her body was already shaking…she leaned back on her hands, scooching her ass closer to the edge of the tub…

“Sunny…baby…please suck me…pleeeeeeease.”

Keeping the honey inside her pussy, I kept rubbing it and watching it swell…I could see it quivering for me, begging for my mouth…Blue grabbed my honey-filled hair and started to pull me between her legs…

“Sunny…suck me…you’re going to make me cum!”

I spread her legs more and buried my face between her beautiful thighs, pushing my mouth hard onto her pussy…my tongue slipped inside her and she screamed out loud…I sucked the honey from her…it was much hotter from being inside her…

Suddenly Blue’s ass raised in the air and she pulled my hair hard and screamed like an animal…her honey-cum flowing heavily into my mouth! She pulled hard on my hair to keep my mouth on her, and I sucked her hard, riding her orgasm with her pussy in my mouth…I swallowed and swallowed, hungrily gulping down all of gangbang porno her sweet cum her pussy could give me!

Breathlessly, Blue slumped over me, her arms around my neck with her cheek on top of my head. I had my arms around her ass…

“Come on into the honey tub, baby…it feels so good!”


Blue slid her ass to the edge and I held her hands while she slid in and stood up…

“Sunny, it’s so deep! If I sit down, will it be over my head?”

“Nope! That’s your end…the shallow end!

Blue lowered her beautiful body into the honey, sat down and leaned back against the edge…the honey went up to her shoulders…

“Oooooooohhhhhh…I love it! It’s so warm, thick and…gooey!”

“I know! Right?”

“Fuck…Sunny…this makes me wanna…do stuff to you…”

Blue spread her legs under the honey, and I slid between them on my ass…my hand slid between her legs…I massaged her still-swollen pussy, the honey making it feel so good beneath my hand…she started writhing, pushing her pussy against my hand, her eyes opened wide…

“Oh damn…I can’t believe how good that feels!”

All I could do was smile…I slid my finger inside her, the warm honey lubricating her perfectly…she looked at me with that hot-as-hell “fuck me” look with her bangs in her eyes…I slid my finger farther inside her, swirling it in circles…

Then, it happened soooooooo quickly…


A second finger inside her made her tuck her legs in and lean forward, her pussy sitting on my hand and fucking my fingers…her quaking body, submerged in honey, rode my fingers as she came hard with her arms on my shoulders to steady herself!

Then, she fell back against the tub…she pulled me on top of her and held my ass, kissing me sooooooo deeply, purring for me…I let her take my mouth, and she fucked my throat with her tongue…my tongue played with hers while I tucked my body more firmly between her wide-spread legs, rubbing her pussy with the lower part of genç porno my tummy.

Our bodies felt so fucking GOOD together under the honey!

I whimpered into her mouth and she slid her tongue all around the inside of mine…when she slid her fingers between my ass cheeks, I purred and broke our kiss, keeping my lips and my breath on her mouth…

“Oooooooooo…would my baby like to fuck my ass?”

She wriggled her pussy against my tummy, her lips touching mine when she spoke…

“My slutty playtoy…you know I will…you can cum that way, right?”

I smiled against her lips…

“Sure can…are you ready for all my cum, baby?”

We were both breathing harder now…


I slid up a little so she could reach me better…

“Give it to me, my hot Blue…”

I sank my lips back onto hers and she easily slid her finger into me…I screamed while attacking her lips with mine, my tongue roughly sliding all over the inside of her mouth…she sucked on my tongue and pushed her finger deeper…

“Yes! Deeper! Deeper! Make me your fucking whore!”

I shoved my thigh HARD against her pussy and she screamed back at me, now reaching her finger into my ass farther than ever!

My thigh fucked against her pussy while I fucked my ass back against her finger…she started fucking me in and out of my ass, burying her ENTIRE finger in me each time!


Blue used her other hand to hold my thigh against her pussy, fucking herself against me…


Our bodies were two earthquakes…trembling hard as one! We screamed into each others mouths and suddenly came together, fucking each other to death, trying to get more and more from each other…riding our orgasms…bucking hard and shaking!

After our FOREVER-lasting orgasm, I eased my body down beside my precious Blue…we leaned back against the tub and held each other, our bodies completely under the honey…our hands exploring…caressing…loving how wonderful our bodies felt together in the thick, warm, luscious honey.

“I love you sooooooo much, my Blue…”

“I love YOU, Sunny…now, since you have me in this thing, fuck me some more!”


The End.

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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